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Source : Apple Daily Newspaper - February 15, 2000; Translated by Mac on February 19, 2000
The place for Valentine's Day dinner was discovered;
Vivian and Joe's track turned into a mystery

Vivian and Joe live happily after Vivian's retirement.

Vivian and Joe are regular customers of the Sunning Restaurant.

Vivian helped raise funds for HKSAA (Hong Kong Society for Abandoned Animals), and there was news saying that after the event, Vivian and Joe would celebrate Valentine's Day together. Therefore, lots of reporters waited outside Vivian's house, but Vivian and Joe didn't show up.

Restaurant Regular
The news said Vivian and Joe had reserved a table at the Sunning Restaurant (same restaurant as the 1997 fan club meeting) in Causeway Bay. The reporters went there yesterday, hoping to see the couple there. The restaurant staff said Vivian is a regular customer, and she just ate there with her family 2 days ago. Valentine's dinner at this restaurant costs HK$300, which includes steak and comes with red or white wine.

Source : Show 8 website - February 14 , 2000; Translated by Mac on February 19, 2000
Vivian gives her hand to help raise funds for puppies

The dog also felt happy when it was hugged by Vivian.

The crowd got excited when they saw Vivian.

Vivian, a dog lover, likes to play with any kind of dogs.

Jade Girl Master Vivian has faded out from the entertainment circle, but today she appeared at the HKSAA (Hong Kong Society for Abandoned Animals) fund raising function which was held at Tsim Sha Tsui. The function was supposed to start at 2:30PM, but Vivian arrived there at 2PM. What an example of paying full respect to her own job.

When Vivian showed up at the booth, the once quiet mall suddenly turned crowded. Hundreds of people surrounded Vivian just to look at her. And if people were willing to donate HK$40, they could take a photo with Vivian, get an autograph, and shake hands with her. Therefore, there were lots of people waiting in line, and Vivian did whatever they requested.

Althought Vivian had not appeared in public for 3 years and already lived like a housewife after she faded out, yet, she still looks just as beautiful as before. Also, she still treats the media well, freeing 15 minutes to let the reporters ask questions and take photos.

Vivian said she lived well, and like other people, she would go online and read books when she has free time. The reason for coming back to Hong Kong is that she really missed her mother, and so she wanted to celebrate Chinese New Year with her. So did Joe Ngai come back with her? Vivian smiled and said it's a secret. How about when is she getting married? She also kept it a secret and didn't say anything about it. Moreover, Vivian said other than charity shows, she wouldn't consider performing in the near future.





Besides dogs, Vivian also likes kids. When will she have her own?

Vivian still has support from fans and made her hands tired after signing lots of autographs.

Vivian's beautiful face appears on the HKSAA posters.

Source : Apple Daily Newspaper - February 14 , 2000; Translated by Mac
Jade Girl Master reappears for charity
Vivian Chow still in good shape at age 32
Although Vivian faded out from the screen for a while, Vivian's attraction still hasn't faded away. Even a little girl rushed to take a photo with her.
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Vivian Chow appeared in public again yesterday. This time it's to help raise funds for HKSAA (Hong Kong Society for Abandoned Animals). Although she stood under the sun for 2 hours, Vivian, the Jade Girl Master at age 32, is still in good shape. Is this a reward for doing lots of good things and supporting charity?

Although Vivian, the Jade Girl Master, already faded out from the entertainment circle and is enjoying life with Joe, she still came to the mall at the New World Center to help raise funds for HKSAA. Vivian attracted several hundred people to HKSAA's booth. Other actors, such as Jessica Suen Huen, Wong Hei, Lau Dan, and Lam Siu Jam were also there to ask people to donate their money. In fact, awhile ago Vivian helped make a bulletin board ad for HKSAA, and she appeared in public to help raise funds. What a hard working girl.

Since last October after going to CR's "Live Concert" with James Wong, Vivian hasn't made any public appearances since then. As the reporters saw yesterday, Vivian is still in very good shape. Her tight clothes outlined her perfect body shape, just like when she was wearing the palace dress for the "Wedding of Feelings" MTV. When the reporters told Vivian that she kept her body well, Vivian said, "No, I eat a lot!"

Vivian said she is still resting in recent years. "I am doing well. I am still resting in the recent years, just going on the Internet when I have time. I would be in the US and Canada most of the time. I came back to HK just to celebrate Chinese New Year with my mother." When the reporters asked about her relationship with Joe Ngai, Vivian showed a sweet look on her face. When asked how she will celebrate Valentine's Day, Vivian said, "This is a secret." Vivian said, "Will I celebrate it with Joe? Don't know! Will I get married? I don't know! I guess I won't talk about such personal questions, and I won't talk about it publicly. Did I come back alone? I won't tell you since it's a secret."

Still In Resting Stage
Vivian arrived at the mall at around 2PM, and stayed until 4PM. Most people just came to see Vivian, and if they were willing to donate HK$40 (US$5), they could take a photo with Vivian (no limit! could have donated HK$400 and taken 10 photos w/ Vivian if you wanted). There were a lot of supporters, but Vivian was still not willing to go back to the entertainment circle. "I think I won't go back to the entertainment circle for the mean time," Vivian said. "However, if there is a need for me to help on raising money for a charity, I would do it." Vivian stood under the sun for 2 hours and did whatever the people requested, such as taking photos and signing autographs.

Looked Like a Housewife ('si naai')
Why is Vivian helping HKSAA so much? HKSAA is gathering funds in order to establish a foundation, which will fund a project on building a hospital for animals with 24 hour services. As a member of HKSAA, she would do her best to help. "On April 10th there will be a charity screening at the Trade Center at Wan Jai. If I am in Hong Kong at that time, I will be there. And whatever the activities they hold, I would try my best to help," Vivian said.

After the event, Vivian left the mall with two friends, and went to a coffee shop in a hotel. She talked and laughed with her friends, just like a lucky housewife. Vivian also read the booklets of some new cars. Is she planning to buy a new car?

Source : (Hong Kong Entertainment Daily) - February 14, 2000
Vivian looks really fit
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News about the HKSAA event! - posted February 13, 2000 (14th HK time)
Chinese only

[ Mingpao newspaper ] [ Hong Kong Entertainment Daily ]

Source : Vivian's e-mail - February 13, 2000
(some parts were cut out)
Vivian wrote:
    "I was so happy to work with other members of HKSAA. They are nice people with good heart and they really know how to show their love to the animals. Please help me to say thanks to all my fans who have donated money to the society and came for me."

Source : Vivian's e-mail - February 10, 2000
Vivian wrote:
    "I will attend the function of HKSAA (Hong Kong Society for Abandoned Animals) on the 13th of this month at New World Centre, Kowloon. Our booth will be located at the front of the U2 shop there. It's a fund raising activity to fulfill our goal--pets' public hospital. Please inform the fans if they want to visit.  Thanks!"
(starts at noon on Sunday)

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