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Source : The Sun newspaper - June 21, 1999; Translated by Civic.

Cecilia Cheung as new Jade Girl??

After Vivian and Charlie retired, nobody took over the title of master Jade Girl. When Cecilia Cheung Pak Ji showed up, many decided that she is the 3rd generation of the Jade Girl. Most remember her in the "HI-C" ad. She has the look of Lam Ching Ha with the pure look of Vivian and surprised everyone. She has the deep voice of Charlie and that makes everyone think that she is the 3rd generation of the Jade Girl.

Note from Janice: It's nice to know that Vivian has basically set the 'industry standard' for all future Jade Girls..hehe. A star has to be pretty famous and successful in their career to set standards for others.

Source : The Sun newspaper - June 21, 1999; Translated by Civic

Jade Girl Formula

Being a Jade Girl is like doing math. There is a formula to calculate it, like knowing how to dress, knowing how to make money, being unexpectly sexy and finding a good guy.

Long hair:
When Vivian and Charlie were first in the entertainment business they both had long hair, big eyes and very white skin, and those are the basic Jade Girl guidelines.

Know how to make money:
Vivian entered the entertainment biz in '85 and retired in '97. In 12 years she made HK $20,000,000 and had a house in Happy Valley, now living in San Francisco. Charlie stayed in the business for 4 years and made HK$20,000,000, now living in Singapore and has a business of her own over there.

Suddenly sexy:
When Vivian made the "Wedding of Feelings" MTV she wore a sexy royal dress and shocked everyone. Also Charlie always wore a tank top.

Find a good guy:
Although there are many rumors about Vivian's boyfriend, she still stayed with Joe for many years. Charlie was also surrounded by rumors, but she still likes the same guy.

Source : Apple Daily newspaper - June 13, 1999; Translated by Civic.

Cecilia Cheung Pak Ji's 34A Lady Chest Going Against Amanda Lee's Guy Chest
(abridged version of actual article)

Years ago Vivian wore this 'royal style' dress for her MTV, which shows her figure.
Note from Janice: This picture again?? This is by far the most famous Vivian dress...perhaps this dress should be put in a celebrity museum or something...hehe.


Jade girl Cecilia Cheung Pak Ji last night attended the "Extra Smart Music Concert" as her first on stage peformance. Her tight royal style dress attracted everyone's attention. Her outfit reminded everyone of master Jade Girl Vivian's "Wedding of Feelings" MTV in which Vivian wore a similar outfit. Both girls can fit in the category of "SEA-WAVES" (bo tou houn youn). On the same stage Amanda Lee wore a low cut dress, but she gave a lot of male viewers the impression of a "lack of scenery" (mo ti tou).

Source : Singtao newspaper - March 30, 1999; (Translation posted 4/12/99) Translated by Bear.

James Wong Jim (Vivian's godfather) talks about Vivian and Joe (abridged version of actual article)
(abridged version of actual article)

Vivian and James Wong in the movie "The Romancing Star III" (1989).

James said, "Joe Ngai is a really clever person. He won't ask me things about relationships, but Vivian and Monica Chan asked me for advice often." He remembered that when he and Vivian were on the movie set of "Jing Jong Jui Lui Jai" (The Romancing Star III), Vivian liked to ask him for advice when she had trouble in her relationship.

James: "At that time I told her that if she really likes him, she should be patient. Just like dancing, you want to dance on the last song. There is an old song called 'Save The Last Dance For Me', and that's what it means. If you want to dance on the last dance, you have to wait and be patient. So, Vivian really waited and succeeded. You see, Mrs. Ngai finally got what she waited for."
(note: Don't believe everything you read. James might not be telling the truth about Viv being "Mrs. Ngai".... he might just be joking w/ the reporters.)

James said at the time when Vivian asked him for advice, Monica still wasn't around yet.

"Right now Vivian is really happy and became the receptionist for Joe. When I found him, she got the phone, and she sounds really happy," James said. James did ask Monica about how she was doing these days on her relationship. Monica said she is not dating anyone yet, and still needs some rest.

Source : Hong Kong Entertainment Daily - March 30, 1999; Translated by Civic.

James Wong Jim talks about the 'triangle love' between Vivian, Monica Chan Fat Yung, and Joe
Yesterday James Wong was interviewed by a reporter. When he talked about his friends, he brought up a topic about the love between Vivian and Joe and Monica Chan.

Back in those days when Miss Chow and Miss Chan experienced problems about love, they would go ask James for advice, if they can accept there are many girls around Joe, they better make some soup at home and wait for Joe to come back. If Joe likes her, he will come back and have dinner. If he doesn't come back, it's better to give up and separate.

James said Miss Chow doesn't find him [James] anymore right now, instead she became a 'receptionist' because every time when he called Joe, Vivian always answered the phone.

Source : Oriental Daily News - March 21, 1999; Translated by Civic and McGyver.

Girl goes to fame, while the boy goes downhill and loses at the end (very rough translation)
(abridged version of actual article)

Vivian and Thomas Chan (ex-boyfriend).


Vivian was so popular in the Jade Girl world, almost shining half of the sky, but Thomas Chan Dak Cheung was still "floating around" (meaning not popular) except for when he was in the music group Radias.

Source : Oriental Daily News - February 21, 1999; Translated by McGyver

Vivian flies to USA to meet Joe

Vivian flew to San Francisco quietly to meet Joe, and she's still in time to get a red envelope (lucky money) from her future father and mother in-law.


Two days ago Vivian flew back to San Francisco quietly, where she could meet Joe, and prove that the rumors about them already separating is a hoax. The flight would take at least 10 hours, but such actions already show that the relationship between Vivian and Joe is solid like a rock.

We heard from a reliable source who said Vivian would take the 10:45 flight to San Francisco. However, Vivian arrived at the airport at around 10:10, which was so late to get aboard. We heard it's because Vivian missed her mother so much and that Vivian would want to be with her mother for a few more minutes rather than going to the airport early. Vivian was surprised when she saw the reporters at the airport, but she remained calm. She returned a friendly smile to the reporters and then she rushed through the gate.

Being a good daughter
When Vivian came back to Hong Kong last October to be with her mother, it drew some bad rumors. Rumors said the couple (Vivian and Joe) already separated, and Joe was in love with Ruby Yiu, which made Vivian very sad, so she went back to Hong Kong. Being pressured by the media, Vivian stepped up and said that they never separated, and the relationship is still in good shape. In fact, Vivian came back to Hong Kong to be with her mom during the Chinese New Year, since Vivian's mom is more concerned with this holiday, and also her mom was left alone for a really long time, so Vivian has to leave Joe alone and be with her mother. A while ago, Joe came back to be with Vivian for sometime, which shows that they missed each other very much. Yet, Joe has to leave early, as he has to come back to San Francisco to be a good boy, too.

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