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Source : Ming Pao newspaper - July 27, 1998 (Article translated by Bear)

Rumor said that Joe and Vivian will get married.

Rumor said that Joe and Vivian will get married; James Wong Jim (Viv's godfather) said that Vivian came back to HK awhile ago and had lunch with him but didn't mention anything about getting married, so he thinks the accuracy of the rumor is not that high. The reporter asked if James agrees on Viv and Joe living together... James replied with a naughty smile, "Really? I didn't hear about it."

Source : Next Magazine, # 436, July 17, 1998 (Article translated by Ken Tse & Bear)

Living together in Vancouver for a month.
Joe said, "I have never thought about marrying Vivian"

Vivian and Joe disappeared for almost half a year. Lots of people don't know where they have gone. Although there are lots of rumors about them, recently there is a rumor about him and Ruby Yiu and there is a rumor about Vivian being pregnant. But Joe just ignores everything, not showing up at all.

Joe and Vivian went to San Francisco to visit Joe's father. After that, they just stayed in Vancouver, living like a god, not caring about anything. Although there are rumors about Vivian and Joe, they just ignore it.
¡¶ Why is Vivian always looking down? Don't really understand, but all we know is everytime when they leave or go back home they are apart...from a distance, it looks like they don't know each other. Usually Vivian will walk behind Joe; this picture is a rare one because Vivian is walking in front of Joe.

Secret Living Place

Joe is in Vancouver, studying a class at U.B.C. (University of British Columbia). Before that he lived in a friend's house. But after Vivian arrived, they looked for a place of their own, building their own world. Joe is a very careful guy. That's why Joe loves to choose some quiet and open area which he can see everything clearly. In the end, they chose an apartment which is at the sea side and in a upper class area. The apartment has 2 rooms, 1 living room, and a balcony... monthly rent is around 2000 Canadian dollars plus, but they only signed for 2 months rent.

Although that place has very few HK people, Vivian and Joe are still very careful. Not only is the location of their apartment very secret, when they go out they always wear sunglasses and a hat, and they always walk apart from each other, never holding hands when they are going out.

Vivian cut her 10 year old, never changing, long hair and changed to a mushroom style haircut, with no make-up and wearing plain clothes. When they go out to have dinner, they only wear a long dress and t-shirt. Joe grew a moustache and is in a good mood, but he is still paying good attention around him.

Joe changed his personality. He used to be very bad tempered, but now he's very friendly, and finally he agreed to get into the car and talk about Vivian and him. He said, "Vivian and I have not worked for a long time. When I wake up I go on the Internet and read 8 newspapers. In the afternoon if it's good weather we go and play tennis, sometimes play with friends, sometimes play by ourselves. Recently I lost some weight and stopped roller blading." Joe said it in a very relaxed way.


¡¶ In the entertainment business, there is a rumor which said that Vivian is pregnant but Joe said, "We play tennis everyday. How can we play tennis everyday if Vivian is pregnant?" On that day, Joe and Vivian went to play tennis. ¡¶ Vivian is dressed in a t-shirt and shorts. Her figure is still very fit.

¡¶ Joe said he is a guy who pays very good attention. Everytime when they left their house, he always looked around first to see if there are any reporters around. On that day Miss Chow wanted to have a Japanese meal. They both wore sunglasses and wore a hat, worrying that somebody might recognize them.

¡¶ The place where Vivian and Joe live is a very quiet apartment. From the balcony you can see a harbor. Joe chose this place not only for the good scenery, the most important thing is you can see clearly what is happening down the street.

Not Pregnant

Next: Will you get married after you settle down?
Joe: I feel comfortable with the current state, but I'm still not settled down. I didn't intentionally think about getting married at this point as I feel good with my life right now.

Next: Is Vivian having a baby?
Joe: Do you think so? Having a baby and still able to play tennis? This rumor has been around for so long. (But it is spreading around again recently.) guys gotta write it as good as you can, don't mess things up and end up with "Vivian Chow still playing tennis while pregnant..." Haha...

Next: Did the Ruby incident affect the relationship between you and Vivian?
Joe: What do you think? I don't think so. In fact, I expected people to treat the prologue as a gaming article, but someone still wants to make bad things from it. I haven't gone back to Hong Kong for a half year already, and I didn't see Ruby in person as everything (writing the prologue) is all done by phone and fax. (You haven't contacted her after the news?) Yes, because I feel that it's important to stay away from that as she has a husband.

Next: If Vivian didn't get mad at you, why do you guys have to walk separately and one walking behind the other?
Joe: You think so? haha....I didn't even know that before you told me. (Are you used to doing that in Hong Kong?) Maybe, You know, I am quite alert as I want to keep my privacy. Sigh....I think I didn't shave for days and wearing a cap would make people not recognize me. Living here is because it's safe here: first, dead end; second, easy to spot things around, especially with the windows at the building on the other side so I can watch both sides of the street.....the bad part is I have to walk the hallway, and you know...hahaha.....

Next: Will you settle down here?
Joe: It's important to find a place to settle down. I like several cities: Florida is the place I studied at previously, and my family is in San Francisco. I also like Hawaii. I lived here for a month already, and later I will go cruising with my friend and would stay here for awhile. Then I will go to live in Florida for three months, and then I will decide where I will settle down. Yet Vancover is quite good these days. I would think, one day if I can live at such a beautiful and comfortable place, then I will say I am so lucky. Life is just simple like this.

Next: When you will go back to Hong Kong?
Joe: Hong Kong is not bad, but the rhythm of life is really fast. I was summoned by Winnie Yu (the CEO of Commerical Radio) to do a radio show for three months. Why would I have to get up at 5 or 6 in the morning and read all the papers for the show right now? It's like that in Hong Kong, you can't refuse it. It would be busy, and that's why I like it here as it makes me feel comfortable.

During the interview Joe is joking around, and he asked the reporters if they took the picture of him dumping garbage in the morning. Yet, when the reporters asked to have an interview with Vivian, he refused that with a smile. It looks like both of them want to start over and live a new life at this place.


Joe's theory on courting girls and having a child

Joe has a strange theory on having children. He thinks that the parents bring the children to the world, and the parents "owe" the children (love and money) for life, and they have to give that unconditionally. That's why he doesn't want to have children. If he does want a child, he would adopt one instead, because the adopted child doesn't have parents, and it's just a "give away" as his/her adopted parents, and the child has no right to request for more.

Besides this, he also has a way to court girls. You have to focus and get on it completely and have to create surprise and romance (just inside the house.) No wonder Vivian still hangs around with Joe even when not going out with him.

¡¶ Why didn't Joe shave? Because he doesn't want people to recognize him.

Jade Girl's Bible

85-91    Vivian met Thomas Chan Tak Cheung in a singing contest. They went out for 6 years and then separated.
89     At that time Chris Wong Hoi Kan and Joe both wanted to ask Vivian to go out.
Joe and Michelle Lee were already separated.

   Many said Joe and Vivian are "golden boy and jade girl"

Joe and Michelle met because Joe always gave her a ride when she was in the Miss HK contest

Vivian of course has a lot of guys who want to go out with her. Chris Wong is one of those guys.
91       Somebody saw Vivian and Joe having dinner and rumor said that Canti Lau Sek Ming
kept fighting and not giving up for Vivian. That's why Joe is not happy about it and in
his magazine (YES! magazine), he named Canti as "cancer Ming" (duk lau Ming).                       
91       Leon and Vivian had 2 movies together ("Fun and Fury" & "Fruit Punch"), so that's why they have rumors.

   Leon and Vivian's rumors are just like fireworks. (means it only lasts a little while)
93       Rumor said Joe tried to go out with Athena Chu Yan, and ended the underground relationship.
At the same year Vivian and Joe opened a "YES! store".
94       Joe and Monica Chan are under the spotlight, both of them live together in "Ga Jau Garden" and at the same time rumor said Vivian had a Japanese boyfriend who always showed up to visit her when she is making a movie.
96        Joe and Vivian get back together, and a magazine took pictures of them visiting San Francisco, and Monica Chan admitted that she and Joe were separated for 5 months already.
97        Vivian doesn't want to stay in the entertainment business anymore. She's in HK living as a half retired lifestyle. Rumor said Vivian and Joe will go to the US at the end of the year and are planning to get married, and some said they received their invitation.
98        Jade Girl went to Atlantic City to have a concert in order to fulfill the contract. After that she refused all work, and recently some believed Vivian is pregnant and stayed in Canada with Joe.      

Source: Apple Daily newspaper - July 17, 1998 (Translated by Ken Tse)

Joe Denies Vivian is Pregnant

Joe and Vivian are living in Vancouver. Vivian is still in good shape. It looks like the rumors of Vivian being pregnant aren't true.

  Vivian is now living with her lover Joe in Canada. But she's still very fit, therefore there is no way she is pregnant. Recent rumors (Next Magazine) said that Vivian is having Joe's baby. They are living in Canada Vancouver and living a peaceful life. According to the picture, Vivian is still in good shape, not gaining any weight at all. It does not look like she is having a baby. According to Joe's own words, Vivian is not having a baby as he said, "If she is really having a baby, how can she play tennis with me everyday?!"

Enjoy the lifestyle of living together
Joe said they are really enjoying the lifestyle in Vancouver and said, "Right now I am not thinking of getting married. We are living happily." Joe said about the news of Ruby Yiu that the incident has not affected their relationship.

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