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Source: Apple Daily Newspaper- December 22, 1998 (Translated by Bear)
After Vivian watched the opera, she left with Koi Ming Fei, and the "doggie team" (reporters) followed them. They went to have 'siu yeah' (late night meal) at Causeway Bay, and then back to her home at Happy Valley. When she arrived home, Vivian talked to the reporters, "Please don't follow me, I don't have anything to do, and I am really happy on enjoying my life."

Source: Mingpao Newspaper- December 21, 1998 (Translated by J.Jack)
Vivian Chow denied that she has married.
Though she didn't show up for quite sometime, she still looks superb and great.

Vivian Chow went to The Chinese Center of Performing Arts in HK alone to watch the stage performance, "Butterfly Lovers", performed by her good friend Koi Ming Fai.

Vivian Chow, who has not made a public appearance for quite sometime, went to watch a stage performance, "BUTTERFLY LOVERS", acted by her good friend KOI MING FAI. Her appearance caused a big surprise among the reporters. Suddenly, the situation became chaotic because there were about 40 - 50 reporters who tried to interview her, including some TV crew.

After two years of rest and maintainance, though vivian dressed normally with little make up, she still looks very gorgeous and superb. She still has a certain attraction. While observing her, reporters found that her body didn't change, still very fit. It is sure that she is not pregnant.

Yesterday night, Vivian was arranged to enter to the hall through the staff hallway. Though her trip to was kept secret, Vivian was still discovered by reporters and surrounded by them. Her relationship (marriage) with Joe Ngai was the main concern of the reporters. Vivian acted sportingly. Besides letting reporters take her photo, she also accepted reporter's short interviews. She emphasized that she didn't secretly marry to Joe Ngai. In fact, she didn't even register to marry or get engaged. So, she demanded the reporters not to simply guess.

Currently, Vivian is really enjoying her now-pleasure filled life. She has been in Hong Kong for two months. The main purpose in Hong Kong was to accompany her mom to travel around HK and have fun.

Source: Apple Daily & Singtao Newspaper- December 21, 1998 (Translated by Bear)
Vivian said she isn't married to Joe yet

Vivian denied that she was already married to Joe. (Picture from Apple Daily)
(Picture from Singtao)

Vivian was back in HK already for 2 months, and recently she went to watch an opera, ("Leung Jook" - Butterfly Lovers) which her friend Koi Ming Fai has a part in. As Vivian's a really special guest, the manager of the theater let her sit inside the viewing room which is used by the principal of the Performing School.

She seems prepared to face the reporters, so she can take on every question the reporters asked...

Q: Are you married to Joe?
A: No.

Q: Did Joe propose to marry you?
A: No!!

As for the purpose on coming back to HK, Vivian said she just came back to be with her mom and take her to walk around.

After a long time of refreshing, Vivian was just a bit thinner, but became more beautiful.

Source : East Week magazine #317; November 19, 1998 (Article translated by Bear)

Vivian secretly came back to Hong Kong

"Ha? You guys found me?"
As Vivian decided to marry Joe, she went to Canada and is trying to have a baby. However, my friend saw her at Happy Valley, and she is having tea not with Joe, but with a young fan. What a romantic scene, huh! Yet, my friend just told me the real thing. "That day she was wearing a black headband with no makeup, wearing jeans and walking around like a 'See Ni' (housewife) ..." This just broke all of the fans' imaginations! If you wanna see the new image of Vivian, go try your luck at "X Kee" in the Happy Valley market! woo.....

Article by: Lau Chi Wai

November 14, 1998

LAST Fan Club Meeting

Vivian had her LAST fan club meeting today at Kowloon Tong Club..too bad I couldn't go. =( This is a private club and is supposed to be really high class, but according to my e-mail pal, he said the food at the meeting was not very good. Instead of the fans going to Vivian's table to talk to her (like the previous meeting on 12/20/97), Vivian went to each table to talk to the fans this time. After talking to the fans, she took group photos w/ the fans. Viv didn't sing at the meeting. She says she didn't sing for a long time, so she can't sing. Last year, there was a lucky drawing to give some fans a free Vivian 88 compilation CD, but there was no drawing this year...instead all the fans received a free gift, which was a Vivian letter set (paper and envelope w/ Viv's picture on it). Thanks to Michael and his friend for a few pictures from the fan club meeting!

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