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Source : Oriental Sunday magazine (9/04/99); Translated by Civic and Bear on September 28, 1999
$1299 Sold out Vivian's Jade Girl wedding dress

Three years ago Vivian left the entertainment business. A while ago, rumors said that she will come out again and have a meeting with her fan club during October. But in the end, Joe Ngai confirmed that it is not true and lots of fans were disappointed. Recently Vivian sold all of her old clothes, not holding a single one. It seems like she is really leaving the entertainment business and does not look like there is a hope she will sing again!

Wants to get married a long time ago
Even though Vivian has a nick name of "Haan Mui" (Thrifty Girl), she owns lots of brand name clothes, like DKNY, JOYCE, Moschino... this time she sold all 400 items all at once and put it in a Jade Girl second hand clothing store "Fresh-ion Kit" for sale. Most of them are Vivian's rare collection. One of them is a wedding dress that Vivian kept for many years; it's a surprise that Vivian thought of getting married a long time ago. Although Vivian wore many wedding dresses in the past, she only kept this one.

It originally cost more than hundred thousand
Miss Wong Wai, the one in charge of Fresh-ion Kit, said: "This time Vivian brought 400 items out for sale. It originally cost more than 100,000, but we sold it for 70 to 80 % off. Most of the items are brand name. The Japan made clothes are possibly custom made, but of course the most rare is the wedding dress. If she did not like it back then, she wouldn't have bought it at all!"

Source : Express Weekly magazine (9/02/99); Translated by Bear and Civic on September 28, 1999
Wai Ga Fai is making a TV series to fight TVB. Urgently calling Vivian to play a role

Each scriptwriter loves to use certain actors and actresses in their work. Wong Ka Wai has Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung; Tang Dak Hei has To Dai Yu, Lam Bo Yee, and Chan Wai San; as for Wai Ga Fai, his "Greed Of Man" lets Vivian Chow perform her best show ever. "Haan Mui" (Thrifty Girl) should be her best role. Recently Wai, as an independent producer, is planning to make the sequel of the series, which could be aired on ATV instead of TVB. People are wondering would Vivian appear in the sequel?

The director ignored many times about picking the actresses
Wai Ga Fai is preparing to film "Greed of Man 2000". The thing people cared about the most is what big stars would stay by him to fight TVB. Wai confirmed that Lau Ching Wan and Cheng Siu Chau would be in it; only the female roles still don't have any confirmation. Carina Lau Ka Ling would be ok, and Nam Kit Ying is possible, but as for Vivian, Wai doesn't have anything to say.

"I didn't contact her directly." Wai said. So did he try to see if Vivian would plan to reappear on TV from any other source? Wai, who had the straight talk attitude during the interview, turned a bit ... all of a sudden, "I didn't talk with her directly at all."

In fact, not only the audience had a good impression of "Haan Mui", it's also Vivian's favorite character. She had an outstanding performance in the series as she was partnered with Lau Ching Wan and a good script from Wai. Right now Wai Ga Fai is planning to make the sequel, and Lau Ching Wan has sort of agreed to do it. Since this is the old gang, it should be able to convince Vivian to have another representation series before she gets married and retires.

"From the point of view of a writer, the creation part is very important. A good actor is also important to a series, but a good actor doesn't like a big cast. There's no need to write the script for a big cast, which would only limit your imagination. My habit is, first settle all the characters, and then find the right actors/actresses to portray the characters. That won't affect the creation part."

Suitable for Vivian. Only scared about Joe Ngai.
So far the "Greed of Man 2000" plot is still not finished yet. The role of the actors are still not decided yet. That's why Wai Ga Fai can't decide which actor he should choose.

"If there is a role suitable for Vivian, I will get in touch with her. If we want her to come out from retirement, the role in the movie must be very good, otherwise we wouldn't ask her at all. I really think about her when I make my plans."

Based on the information, it is not impossible that Vivian will make a TV series again. But the problem is what if Joe says: "I don't want you to work too hard." In Vivian's mind, that is more important than any movie script. Even though Wai Ga Fai tries very hard, maybe Vivian can't escape the power of love.

But if Wai Ga Fai can think of using Vivian, then he must think Vivian is very smart, because he does not want any stupid actor.

"When I design the story line, all the actors have to act out a complicated personality. If actors don't have a good understanding, it is impossible for them to act a complex role and the result would be really bad."

He said Wong Yat Wa's role in "Yi Bat Yung Ching" and Lau Ching Wan's role in "Greed of Man" and Cheng Siu Chau's role are still hard to find a replacement today, because nobody can act better in those roles.

Source : ??? one of the HK magazines (8/28/99); Translated by Civic on September 14, 1999
Joe and Vivian looking for furniture on HK Island

Last week somebody saw Vivian and Joe visiting a furniture warehouse on Hong Kong Island. They both were dressed in casual wear and were very close to each other. Vivian and Joe were pointing at several sofas, and they both tried it out to see how comfortable it was. They also tried out some beds. It really looks like a couple getting ready to get married and moving to a new house. They were really in love.

Source : Express Weekly magazine (8/26/99); Translated by Civic on September 14, 1999
Good things are getting close

Jade Girl Master Vivian is recently living a simple lifestyle. Once in a while we will see her go out to meet friends for dinner or play badminton. Last Friday she went out to HK island to shop for furniture with Joe. They were very close to each other; they were so romantic. After Joe immigrated, he already sold all of his property; therefore when he moved back to HK, he stayed at Vivian's house. Maybe this time they are redecorating their house and getting some new furniture. Some rumors said that 2 years ago, they already took some wedding pictures and the owner of the store, Lawrence Chan, took care of that by himself. Based on all of the information, it looks like Vivian and Joe are getting close to getting married.

Source : Taiwan newspaper (8/26/99); Translated by Bear on September 14, 1999.
Linda Wong's Chat Room (Article written by Linda Wong)
Vivian doesn't like brand name, but local stuff
When a super star: Still eating food on the street
When retired: Living happily

After 10 wonderful years in the entertainment business, Vivian is enjoying her life, which is plain and quiet.

One day I went shopping with Vivian, because she wanted to buy a pair of jeans. After trying on several brand name jeans, she looked good in all of them, but she didn't buy any. At last she tried the CK jeans, and she didn't buy it either. The reason? "Too expensive." It was only marked at HK$400 (US$52), and that's still expensive?

Finally when we went to a mall nearby, we found one jean with good cutting and was less expensive (HK$190; US$25). I said, "If I were you, I would have already bought that CK jean in the department store."

Vivian laughed. "If you just bought that, and you see this is much cheaper, would you get mad?" Just like any other customer, she's proud of being a "smart shopper."

Vivian really knows how to save! Yet, it's not selfish, but she knows how to save.

Vivian and I belonged to the same record company (PolyGram) when I started up as a singer. To handle all those promotions, the company would arrange each singer to have a hair stylist and a person to take care of the make-up. I saw that Vivian was able handle all these things by herself without any help. Some stylists didn't really like that. "She won't let anyone touch her!"

It seems like the record company provided these services for free, but we still had to pay for it. The record company would deduct the fee from the copyright money (the money a singer got from each CD sold). My heart felt so hurt after I found out I got deducted for HK$400,000 (US$51,746) within 3 months. Now I realize why Vivian would do the make-up by herself. In fact, an artist should be able to take care of their own image.

In these few years, Vivian taught me how to be a happy singer. Don't depend on promotions and care-takers too much; and no need to pick places while going out. Vivian thought that limiting her life style was a hard thing to do. So even when she was so popular, she still would go shopping in a store and eat on the street without wearing any makeup.

Because she knows how to adjust herself, now Vivian feels really happy in her life. If you see her these days, you will be like me: Feel happy for her.

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