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Source: Apple Daily Newspaper - October 26, 1998 (Translated by Bear and Civic)
Wearing a ring to show up for the school annual meeting.
Vivian said she didn't secretly marry Joe.

Last year Vivian met an Appledaily reporter while she was shopping. During that time, she was friendly and not wearing any ring.
Last night she returned to her high school for the 30 year anniversary. Small picture shows she was wearing a diamond ring.
(basically it said this is Vivian's old school and where it is)

As she resumes the relationship with Joe two years ago, Vivian stopped working, didn't appear in public that much, and is enjoying her life. She flew to Canada with Joe and didn't show up in public. However, Vivian appeared at her home school's 30th anniversary meeting two days ago. She told us the recent status of Joe and her.

At around 10:30 pm Vivian went to pick up her car with her old friends and some staff members from the party. Vivian drove the car, and when she arrived at the parking lot gate, the reporters closed in and hoped to get some news from Vivian. Vivian politely lowered the car window and talked with the reporters.

Vivian seems thinner
Vivian was wearing a dark green sweater with a grey dress. She looked good with light makeup, but she looks a bit thinner. She was wearing a diamond ring on her anonymous finger on her right hand. Is this showing that Vivian is already married to Joe?!

Vivian denied that and laughed, "Married? Of course not, No!" (So did Winnie and Edmond invite you to go to their wedding party?) "We haven't kept in touch." (Are you envious?) "Just wish them to have a good marriage!" When the reporters asked about her current status, she said, "Just doing fine, nothing special. I came back for quite some time. Right now I fly back and forth between Hong Kong and Canada because I miss my family. I am not living in Canada." After that she drove away.

Excited school mate
Vivian's home school is St. Stephens Church College. It held the 30th annual alumni meeting two days ago. Vivian arrived there at about 7:30 pm. Although she is trying to keep a low key, she still drew a little crowd. Some alumnis even asked for her signature and took pictures with her, and Vivian took care of all the requests. Vivian didn't sing on the stage and play games.

Vivian Chow International Fan Club letters - September 10, 1998 (Translated by Dawn and Bear)
Letter to the fans, by Vivian Chow.

Dear fans,

Since the last meeting, it's been a few months that I haven't seen you. Recently are you having a happy life? During this time period, I received a lot of letters from friends and know what they're doing recently. Certain letters asked how was my life. I would really like to thank you guys for caring about me. Right now I don't have work, so I'm traveling around, finding my style of life and testing myself. At least now I understand more of myself, care more about the things around me, and have more self confidence. Even though I'm not in HK, I'm still concerned about what happens in HK. Every day I go on the Internet to read newspapers and magazines, taking notice of the different news. It seems like this half of the year in HK has had many changes. There's a lot of upsetting things that are happening. You guys are still young, so you're not really affected. If you meet something that makes you not happy, do not be angry. Be brave and face it. Take the challenge. This is my attitude towards life for many years.

I'm sure everyone is wondering when we will have a meeting, but because I'm not living in HK for a long time and there currently aren't any plans for me to come back to HK, then for a short period I can't give you an answer. I'm very sorry. Hope you forgive me. I'm afraid this will affect the fan club by not having any activities. The chairman of the fan club will have to change something to get more active. If the chairman has any news about me, she will tell you. Please be patient and wait. Even though right now we can't see each other as often as before, but the many years of love will not be changed. Hope everyone will 'jun sik' (cherish?) everything they have, and everyone will make tomorrow beautiful.

'nim nim'! (thinking of?)

Wai Man Vivian
1998, June

(The next letter has been cut in certain areas)

Letter to the fans, by Carmen - chairperson of Vivian's fan club.

I am sorry that I didn't contact you guys since the last meeting. I believe that you have read the letter which was written by Vivian. Since she's still living in another country, she won't come back to Hong Kong in the meantime. After some meetings we decided to halt the operation of the fan club, but we will still keep our mailbox. From now on we won't take the membership fee. We hope to arrange another fan club meeting if Vivian comes back and stays for a longer time. A membership card is included as a gift. Our phone will be cut off soon, (** the phone was cut off last week) so if you have questions please send it to our mailbox and we will response ASAP. If we have news about Vivian in the future, we will let you know.

Membership Card

Source : Anonymous (but a VERY reliable source!) - September 2, 1998

How is Vivian's life now?

Viv is enjoying her time, especially when there are no reporters hounding her. She has learned to cook many Chinese dishes (such as melon soup and spicy tofu) and is getting good at it. She is also learning how to draw, design, and maybe even painting. Sometimes Viv goes back to HK to visit her mom. When she is in HK, she has to go everywhere secretly, hiding from reporters, people who may recognize her, and the paparazzi.

Viv is skinnier than before, but is healthy and doing fine. Viv cut her hair short so it is easier for her to do things, like cooking, drawing, and playing sports. But Viv now prefers her hair long. Even though her hair is short, she still has to take time to blow it straight, because when Viv's hair is curly, it is quite uncontrollable.

Created by Janice Lo (nickname Dawn)
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