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Source : A letter to ?? (sorry, I can't say, but it's not me!) - July 3, 1998
What has Vivian been doing lately?

Viv is still enjoying her life outside of HK. She said the recent rumors about her have not affected her in any way. Right now, she's trying to gain weight..hehe. She likes cooking good food (hmm..I wonder what she's cooking...egg rolls? =P) . Viv cut her hair to shoulder length.

Source: Apple Daily newspaper - June 19, 1998 (Translated by Bear Bear)

In order to clear the rumor, Joe stopped his friendship with Yiu Lok Bik. Joe said, "I didn't take advantage of her!"
Vivian Chow
Joe called to state that he's just a friend of Ruby's, and he's doing fine with Vivian.

In order to clear the rumor between him and Ruby Yiu Lok Bik, Joe ended their friendship.

Is Joe feeling guilty, or does he have to tell Vivian that he has no relationship with Ruby? However, Joe's response already hurt Ruby's heart and made her cry during the phone interview.

Don't want to get into this mess
Yesterday Joe called the radio station. "It's snowing! I am framed!" Joe said it angrily. "I really care about this incident. Ruby has a husband, and I didn't think of having a relationship with her. I don't want to be friends with Ruby and don't want to get into the mess."

As for the controversial prologue, Joe said, "Of course I didn't mean to take advantage on her, not now, not in the future. We are just friends. If the prologue makes people think of something, I will take the responsibility. I am a writer, and the article is about worshipping her, and I intentionally made it sound extraordinary. It's just a fun article. Writers lie most of the time, and I will review it. However, it's just unacceptable on saying I am taking advantage of Ruby.

After reading the prologue, Joe was using all the kind words and really not like a funny article. If Joe really wants to make it look funny, it has a lack of humor; that's why people would take the wrong meaning of what he wrote.

Still doing good with Vivian
What about the relationship with Vivian? Joe said that they went over so many difficult events, and seperated before, so they really enjoy what they have now, and it's stable. "Me and Vivian read that article and we just laughed about it. Vivian had faced so many things so she knows what's real and what's fake.

So where's Vivian now? "She's not at Hong Kong." Joe said. "Have to run away from those reporters. We all like Hong Kong, but those dogs (reporters) are much meaner than tigers. Like everyone knows that Hacken Lee and Lo Suk Yee are a pair, but the reporters still follow them. So, they forced me to go to the United States."

Source: Sing Tao newspaper - June 19, 1998 (Translated by Bear Bear)

Joe got into the Quad-Love affair. "I am framed!"

Yesterday a weekly magazine reported that Joe is "falling in love" to this uptown woman who has a husband. Everyone knows that Joe has Vivian who he has known for over 10 years; as a result, another rumor spread out. Therefore, Joe, who just called to clear his wedding rumor a few days ago, had to call up this radio host again to clear this up. His first words are, "Is Hong Kong snowing now?" (what he meant is he got framed.)

Joe said when a man meets a man, one can't have any relationship with the other's wife. As he got into this mess, he would like to lose a friend rather than be framed. He stated that he is just a friend to Yiu Lok Bik. She invited him to write the prologue of her new book. As a writer and a man, it's no reason to blame the book, so he just wrote what he thought of and added something. Everyone knows that "most writers are liers", and this is just a fun article, and people who got the humor would laugh a bit; however, he just didn't expect that someone would take it so seriously.

Being Vivian really angry on this report? Joe said no one will be happy from this, but Vivian has faced so many incidents and that she would know what's real and what's fake, and she will forgive it. He asked the media not to wildly guess on the relationship btw him and Vivian; they seperated before and got back together now, so they are enjoying what they have now. He doesn't mind people are caring about him, and he doesn't want the unfriendly comment. They both still have love with Hong Kong, and want to develop their business there, but the media just messed things up and forced them to leave.

Joe kept saying that the relationship btw him and Vivian is really good now. They don't want to be low key like now, but the past bad experiences tell them that they have to be low key. Regarding lots of reports which treated Vivian unfairly, Joe said "She's the star and I am the sidekick. It's not fair on everything to just point to her." He even stood behind his girl friend, saying that Vivian is not in Hong Kong, but can't tell where she is. Yet, there is rumor that Vivian is taking a vacation with Joe at San Francisco.

Source: Taiwan newspaper - June 17, 1998 (Translated by Bear Bear)

Vivian In Love With a Man who Doesn't Want To Get Married?
Joe would want news about his death rather than getting married; another rumor about him dating with a Shanghai girl

Joe would like news about his death rather than him getting married.

According to a report from Sing Pao, Vivian had the wedding news again. After Vivian and Joe got back together, their wedding rumor had been around many times, and they all vanished after awhile. This time, Vivian's friend leak the news out so it become a big news again.

A radio host phoned Joe to ask about it, but in a surprising move, Joe asked the media not to spread his news about marriage; he even asked the media to spread the news of his death!

Joe said he's living with his father and sister in San Francisco now, and he really enjoys the life. He didn't think about getting married, and so he won't even do it at the end of this year. He suspected why there will be news about him getting married once in awhile. That makes him tired and frustrated as he had to explain it to his relatives, who believe such news rather than himself.

As for if Vivian is living with him, Joe, as usual, just kept it a secret and didn't say anything about it.

The delay of marriage hurt Vivian a lot. According to the record company, Vivian loves Joe so much. After taking Joe back from Chan Fat Yung, Vivian gave up her career in order to keep the relationship; even her manager couldn't talk her out of it. However, no one, even Vivian, can control this playboy Joe. Beside this rumor, another rumor said that Joe is dating with a Shanghai girl. However, as Joe is really concerned about his private life, and the media can't find Vivian as she faded out from the entertainment circle, there's no way to verify both rumors.

Source: Taiwan newspaper - June 17, 1998 (Translated by Bear Bear)

Vivian Wants to Get Married.. the Groom Denies It
Joe Break Up The Rumor From Oversea.. Vivian feel sad about it!!

Joe said "no" to the latest rumor which is about the wedding between him and Vivian!

A few days ago a Hong Kong magazine reported that Vivian will marry to Joe at the end of the year, and the wedding will be held in the United States. A radio host called Joe, who is at San Francisco, to confirm the news. Joe denied the news, and suggested that if the media keeps running his wedding rumor, why not make up another rumor about his death?!

Joe said he got the news on the net. He was suspected of it as there had been two times already about him getting married, but all are hoaxes. However, the rumor comes up again this year, "Let's write something about Nicolas Tse rather than me!" Joe joked.

Joe said he doesn't mind about the wedding rumor, but he has to explain it to his relatives everytime when rumors come up. The worst thing is that his relatives believe those reports rather than believe him, and that makes him frustrated.

Joe said he doesn't want to get married in the near future. In the entire interview, no matter how the host sweet talk to him, Joe didn't mention anything about Vivian, or if Vivian was beside him or not.

However, there are lots of affairs around Joe. Besides Vivian, Joe had affairs with Lee Ka Yan, Chan Fat Yung, and, the latest one, a girl in Shanghai. On the other hand, after she got Joe back, Vivian started to fade out from the entertainment circle naturally. When the media caught her and asked her questions, Vivian always returned a smile rather than answer the questions.

Vivian and Joe know each other before they got popular. They broke up awhile a long time ago. Only they know where they will end up at the end of the love road.

Source: Tao Kung Pao - June 17, 1998 (Translated by Bear Bear)

Joe Breaks up the Wedding Rumor

Recently the news about Joe and Vivian getting marred is spreading around again, and they will hold the wedding at the end of the year, and Vivian already told her friends about the good news.

A CR1 radio host interviewed Joe yesterday in a long distance call and asked about the rumor. Joe is with his father at the United States now, and he got the wedding news from the net. Their wedding news has spread around for many times. Last year around March and April, rumor said that they would get married in November, and this time it said they will get married at November. With so many rumors, the readers would get confused, and he's tired to mention it anymore.

Although he doesn't mind the media to have such news, but he's tired of explaining it to his relatives, as they believe those news rather than him.

So does he plan to marry Vivian? Joe said that won't happen in the near future. He feels good and happy about his life in San Francisco.

He doesn't mind the media to make up the news, but it just never becomes true each time. Therefore, he got used to such rumors. "Why don't they say 'Joe is dead?!'. They should get it right one time."

Source: Sing Tao newspaper - June 16, 1998 (Translated by Bear Bear)

There was a report which is about Joe and Vivian will get married at the end of the year, however, Joe cleared this rumor himself.

Joe made a long distance call to a radio host in Hong Kong to clear things up. He said that such kind of rumors have been around for awhile, and they made the readers confused, even his relatives believe those reports rather than him.

Joe said, "I haven't married yet, and I don't even think about it. I don't mind the media making up some incidents, but they always said I will marry soon and they always can't hit the jackpot. Why not say I am going to die?! That should be easier to become true!" Joe didn't mention Vivian's name in the entire interview.

Joe always denied the wedding news, is he dating with another woman?!

Source: Apple Daily newspaper - June 16, 1998 (Translated by Bear Bear)

Vivian will marry to Joe, and the wedding will be held in the USA
Note from Janice : Please be reminded that this is only a RUMOR!! So don't believe all of it just yet! An inside source (ie. a close friend of Viv) says this news is not true. But then again, who knows who is really telling the truth??..I think all of us have heard of stars getting secret marriages, right? So take this news as a rumor, NOT a fact.

Rumor said that Vivian and Joe may get married at the end of this year.
Joe Ngai

A while ago rumor was that Vivian was already married to Joe, but recently, another rumor said that Vivian and Joe will get married at the end of this year, and Vivian is in the progress of preparing it.

Since Vivian is planning to immigrate to the USA, then the USA is the best place for her to have the wedding. The guest list is already done, and it includes Vivian's friends in the entertainment circle.

Also several of Vivian's close friends received her phone call these days, concerning the wedding news.

After last year's concert at Atlantic City, Vivian hasn't appeared in public for some time. In the concert she mentioned that that would be her last concert in her singing career. Therefore, people expected that Vivian will retire after she gets married.

Source: Apple Daily newspaper - June 7, 1998 (Translated by Bear Bear)

Vivian #4 on Apple Daily Online Most Beautiful Women Poll

Comments on why people voted for Vivian -
"pure, got the spirit, make people feel good, and the eyes won't stay away from her"
"the unreplaceable example among the actresses!"
"good looking"

Wow! about a close race! Vivian was ahead of Sammi by just 1 vote!! Final results of the poll are Michelle Lee at 1st place (1277 votes), then Gigi Leung (865), Faye Wong (676), Vivian Chow (514), and Sammi Cheng (513). Thanks to all those who voted for Vivian!
Source : A letter to ?? (sorry, I can't say, but it's not me!) - May 7, 1998
Where and what has Vivian been doing these few months?

Vivian's been out of the country for these past few months living a relaxing life. She often plays w/ the computer and reads books. She didn't mention if she was married yet or where she was currently staying.
Note from Janice : Nothing really new...I think most of us already guessed what she was doing lately.

May 1, 1998

Vivian #20 on People Online Poll

Vivian got to the top 20 in the People online Poll! (for a few minutes) She WAS at the #20 spot, but has now fallen in her standings. I think we all know the People poll is messed up and that Vivian wasn't supposed to be in such a high spot (since Leon had over 400 votes and was #29 before the People Online server broke down), but oh well, I can still say she made it to the top 20 spot at one point during the voting contest =P. See here for proof that Viv's name was in the #20 spot. Keep spreading the word to others to vote for Vivian!..otherwise we won't get to see her name on the poll again. Voting ends on May 8.

Source : East Weekly - March 1998 (Translated by Edmond Lam)

More proof that Vivian's in Canada?

A staff from a bank told the reporter that Vivian has opened an account there to handle her transactions to Canada somewhere.

Source : Newspaper in Singapore - March 1998 (Translated by Ellen Lim)

Vivian's already married??

Reportedly, Vivian's father-in-law Ngai Hong (Joe's father) says Vivian and Joe got married without his notice!
Note from Janice : This is only a rumor!!! Nothing has been proven yet!

December 20, 1997

Fan Club Meeting

Vivian had a fan club meeting today at Sunning Restaurant (near Lee Theatre). For pictures of the meeting, please go to Fan Club Pix and for details about the meeting, go here.

Source: Apple Daily newspaper - December 19, 1997 (Translated by Wolverine - HKSAR Film Top 10 Box Office)

Vivian Chow Wai Man stresses she hasn't retired yet

Vivian went shopping a few days ago, and you should know that she bought what she wanted by looking at those clothes she's holding.
Vivian is taking photos with her fans, but Linda Wong just wants to escape from the camera by standing far away.

Vivian Chow Wai Man and Linda Wong Hing Ping due to various sales at stores took the opportunity to shop in Admiralty. Vivian already said she has eased into retirement, and Linda since her contract with Polygram ended has disappeared from show business.

However, Linda was obviously more resistant to the reporters' cameras than Vivian, dodging left and right to avoid it. Toward her recent situation she kept saying, "No pictures please. I am still resting now, I still don't know what to do next."

As for Chow Wai Man, the record company has released her collection album "Wui Yik Chung Gum Teen Hoi Chee" (Lit: Memories Start From Today) on the 17th, yet Vivian knew nothing about it.

Vivian said, "I don't even know the record is out! Those songs are new; they are just Cantonese versions of my Japanese songs."

Then when will Vivian record the final album on her contract? "I can't come up with suitable songs. If there are good songs, then I will record them."

Vivian stressed she hasn't completely retired from show business. "I definitely won't renew my record contract, but I will still tour and perform in charity shows." Reportedly Vivian has already been known for shows in Vietnam during the Lunar New Year.

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