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Source : Apple Daily newspaper - January 21, 1999 (Translated by Bear and J.Jack)
Saying Joe Ngai came back to stay w/ her,
Vivian dispels rumor about their separation
Vivian Chow, pointed by the red arrow, was shopping around a place in "Rainforest Cafe" which sells souvenirs. She said Joe Ngai recently came back to be with her.
Yesterday, Vivian and her best friend, Linda Wong, were having tea in a restaurant.
Vivian Chow, who was once rumored that she has broken up with Joe Ngai, had dinner with a few of her friends the day before. She even confirmed that her boyfriend came back to HK recently to be w/ her. However, Joe already went back to Canada.

The night before yesterday, Vivian went to a grand restaurant located in Kowloon, the "Rainforest Cafe" to have dinner with around 10 of her friends. She was saying that Joe had come back to Hong Kong to be with her, which dispels the rumor about their separation. Since there were so many people trying to get into the restaurant, Vivian and her friends had to wait in line to get in.

Vivian looks just like the girl next door these days. She dressed casually, wearing dark grey clothes, and she has light make-up. However, she still looks great and innocent.

Vivian and her friends finally started eating at around 10:00pm. Although the restaurant closed at 11:00, Vivian and her friends had their dinner till 11:30pm. They only left when the front door was half closed, and thus they were the last customers to leave the restaurant. Vivian's friends even brought a camera to take some photos, since it's hard to have everyone to be together these days.

Before leaving the restaurant, Vivian and her friends were shopping around the gift center inside the restaurant looking for souvenirs.

When reporters asked her when she would go back to Canada, she said, "I will be back to Canada before Chinese New Year. Recently, Joe came back to HK to be with me. But now he is back in Canada."

Also, Vivian and her buddy, Linda Wong went to "Black Rose Restaurant" for tea at around 4:00pm yesterday. Then, both of them went shopping at "Joyce" fashion boutique. Vivian looks relaxed, satisfied, and natural. As we see the happy face on Vivian, it seems like she's really enjoying her life after she retired from the entertainment industry.

January 19, 1999
More about the fan club meeting on 11/14/98

At the last (final) fan club meeting on 11/14/98, the fan club members received a notepad, paper, and envelope w/ Viv's picture on it, and it looks like this. The 5R pix on the left was taken on the day of the 12/20/97 fan club meeting...I cropped off a lot of empty space at the top of the pix. If you bought this pix from the fan club, then you should be receiving it soon! Sorry the scan is so small...but the actual pix is bigger though.

Source : Singtao newspaper - December 27, 1998 (Translated by Bear)
Vivian politely pointed out that the media made up the news

When Vivian came back to visit her mother, there was a rumor flying around which said she had already separated with Joe. The reporters went to Vivian's house and waited for her to confirm the news. Finally at about 3 PM Vivian came out in her red BMW. She drove the car far away after leaving the gate. The reporters just ran after it. After awhile, Vivian stopped in front of a meter, and said sorry to the reporters, "I can't find a meter."

After she stopped the car, she asked the reporters politely: "Is this all about that article?" (referring to the 'Sudden Weekly' magazine article) It seems like she already knew what the reporters were coming after. "I already denied this (separating with Joe) on that magazine, but they still could make up something else, it's a sad thing to the media."

The reporters asked Vivian where's Joe right now. "I can't tell, and I don't want to talk about it," Vivian said. As far as being asked when she will get married with Joe, Vivian, still keeping her friendly smile, replied, "I already said that on the newspapers, so I won't talk about it anymore." Then, she drove the car away ....

Source : Sudden Weekly magazine #178; December 26, 1998 (Translated by Civic, Bear, & J.Jack)
Separated with Joe, Vivian sadly back to HK.
Note: I suggest reading this only for entertainment purposes...this article is probably just another made up story..don't believe everything you read.

Last Sunday Vivian suddenly appeared at the art college in HK to watch her friend acting on stage. When the reporter asked her if she is coming back out to work, she smiled and replied "not anymore". Then the reporter asked her if she is married to Joe. She was embarrassed and said "No". But actually she is already separated with Joe for almost 2 months.

Since 1991 Joe and Vivian separated and got back together again for a few times... 2 years ago they are back together again. After getting together, Vivian decided to stay with Joe for the rest of her life. Unfortunately, Joe has his own mind, acting like a playboy and making Vivian feel like she does not have any protection.

1996 Vivian bought an additional house for HK$7 million. She was planning to live there with Joe, and that specific location is also close to her mom. Joe did not care about Vivian's idea, and at the beginning of this year he moved to Canada. This made Vivian very upset.

After moving to Canada, Joe did not change his Playboy style. This June, Joe published a book for Ruby Yiu Lok Bik and in the reference, he wrote a lot about her and caused people to question about their relationship. After this incident, Vivian was very unhappy and she thought she gave up so much for Joe, including her job and family. But Joe did not take good care of her and she felt very disappointed.

Vivian asks not to publish that article
Finally this September, Vivian brought up the idea of separating with Joe when she was still in Canada. According to one of Vivian's friends, Joe had a few suggestions to Vivian and tried to settle this down, but Vivian did not accept it. Joe did not try hard to keep Vivian. Finally this September, Vivian secretly came back to HK by herself.

The reporter tried many times to get in touch with Vivian, but no response. Finally the reporter found one of Vivian's friends and tried to get in touch through her and confirm this rumor. In a surprise, Vivian tried to get in touch with the reporter and called them. She was very tense and said: "Where did you get this information? Somebody made it up, I am sure somebody made it up! There is no such thing." Vivian asked the magazine not to publish this article and stated that she is living happily.

Vivian is planning to go on stage
Ko Chi Sum: "It's no problem to write the script to fit her"

There is a hint of news of Vivian and Joe "breaking up" as after Vivian came back to Hong Kong secretly, she is pathing the road for her future. As to which direction she would go, rumors said that she may either go back to being a DJ or go on stage and do a play.

There is more of a chance that Vivian would be a part of a play. Before she went to watch "Leung Jok", which was starring her friend Koi Ming Fei, she contacted the production company. Although there was no deal reached, but this contact already showed what is in Vivian's heart.

We contacted Ko Chi Sum, the boss of the production company, to confirm the rumor. After he heard the question, he denied it with a big laugh, but didn't close the back door. "I won't rule out any possibility on working with Vivian. She has lots of acting experience. I feel she has the potential after we worked together on the movie 'Summer Lover'. She could attract lots of audience if she is willing to step on the stage. If she agrees to do that, I have a few scripts to let her look at, and of course, there would be no problem to write a new one just to fit her!" Sounds like it would be no problem if they want to make the deal.

Planned to go back to work as a DJ
On the other hand, Vivian's "best friend" Koi Ming Fei said because "she herself is so busy" so she doesn't know if Vivian will come back to show-business or not, but she is happy with it. "We do not know each other well," Koi said, "so you guys better go ask her for the details."

Yet, Vivian was also interested to work at the radio station again. She met with the CEO of Commercial Radio in October to talk about working there. It's still at an early stage, so they haven't talked about what kind of show Vivian will do. As they will keep in contact, with such good relationships, it's not hard for Vivian to sit in front of the mic!

Vivan secretly went back to HK to attend her home school's 30th anniversary meeting. She wore a diamond ring, but denied that she has married to Joe Ngai.

A Taiwan magazine successfully took a photograph of Vivian and Joe's high class apartment located near the beach of Vancouver. Their relationship was just like husband and wife.

While Vivian and Joe were in love, suddenly there was a rumor saying that Joe was trying to court Ruby Yiu Lok Bik, who is a famous woman in town, passionately. Furthermore, Joe even wrote the prologue for her new book. Joe and Ruby got to know each other in a 1997 beauty contest. Joe denied the rumor and stopped treating Ruby as a friend anymore.

Vivan bought a new house in HK worth HK$7,000,000 so that she can live together with Joe. During that time, she was in a good mood. Though reporters secretly took photos while she was buying ice cream, she wasn't bothered by this.

According to Vivian and Joe's best friend, Vivian and Joe are planning to marry in 1997.

Vivian and Joe were dating in San Francisco. When asked about this by reporters, both of them tried to avoid the question. However, Monica Chan admitted that she has broken up with Joe because of the existance of another girl.

Vivian denied that she has a Japanese boyfriend. She even said that she never admitted that Mr. Ho Quen is her boyfriend.

A newspaper article reported that Canti Lau Sek Ming said that he and Vivian have secretly developed their relationship in 1993. They broke up because Vivian was getting more famous and popular. Vivian firmly denied the rumor. After that, both Vivian and Canti Lau's record company and agency, together clarified that it was a rumor.

Joe and Monica Chan's relationship was known by the public. At the same time, Vivian also indirectly expressed that she has another lover who is a Japanese, named Mr.Ho Quen.

There was a rumor Joe was going after Athena Chu, and he has broken up with Vivian.

Vivian, together with Joe, had a traffic accident.This incident confirmed that they are still lovers.

There was a rumor that Joe and Vivian have broken up.

While the rumor of Vivian and Joe were in love was very hit and widely spreaded, a DJ, Cheh Sok Mui asked Vivian about her relationship with Joe . Vivian expressed that they are good friends. She said:" We know each other so well that there is no chance for our relationship to go further."

Vivian and Joe were spotted having dinner together, thus, discovered that they were in love.

1985 - 1991
Vivian and Thomas Chan Tak Cheung get to know each other in a 1985 singing contest. Due to the differences in their career development, they finally broke up in 1991.

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