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Source : The Sun newspaper - August 4, 1999; Translated by McGyver and Civic
"Haan Mui" (thrifty girl) reappears at Happy Valley.
Vivian goes shopping in T-shirt and shorts.
The nickname "Haan Mui" (thrifty girl) is not given for no reason. Just walk home in order to save a few dollars. The thrifty convenience store is the first stop for "Haan Mui" to shop for items as they are cheap and good. The supermarket is the last stop for Vivian. After 20 minutes of staying there, Vivian came out with bags in her hands.

When the rumored part 2 of the TV classic "Greed of Man" is about to start, "Haan Mui", the memorable character in the show (played by Vivian) is already on the loose.

Vivian, wearing a T-shirt and short pants, went shopping in a thrifty convenience store and supermarket. Sure, those on-sale items are her first choice. After she finished, she didn't take the bus; instead, she walked back home where the road is going up-hill. The nickname "Haan Mui" is not given for no reason.

"Master Jade Girl" Vivian Chow did not appear for a while; yesterday evening she appeared all by herself at the Happy Valley area where she lives. She was wearing a white T-shirt, super mini shorts, with sunglasses, which really had a movie star style... plus "Master Jade Girl's" long silky hair really attracts many people's attention. She is really keeping her looks very good.

Dressed properly, making oneself pretty
In fact, Vivian always appeared in Happy Valley, since it's close to her home, and she could kill some time and save money on things. She's really a smart "Haan Mui".

Vivian appeared in the central Happy Valley at around 5:30 PM. She first went into a thrifty convenience store that had many items, from home appliances to accessories. Vivian stayed for around 10 minutes and bought a few things. Then she went to the nearby pet shop. Vivian, who is a dog lover, stayed there for around 10 minutes, and she really liked those pets in the store. Yet, she only bought some dog food.

After buying food for her dogs, Vivian went to buy food for herself. Vivian walked into the supermarket. She seems to be a regular customer there, since even though she was still wearing her sunglasses, she could locate the stuff she wanted.

Walking back home
Vivian had to go home after shopping. It would take around 7 to 8 minutes of walking time from the supermarket to Vivian's house, and it's all up-hill road. Yet, Vivian showed off the spirit of "Haan Mui". She walked home with all the bags, and ignored all those people who looked at her with perverted eyes. Maybe Vivian does this all the time so it seems so easy for her. No wonder after such a long time of resting, Vivian can still keep her breath-taking body in good shape.


Source : Apple Daily Newspaper - July 16, 1999; Translated by Bear.
Joe and Vivian are playing ball together, showing there is no problem between them.

Joe (to the reporters): "Go do something more meaningful."
Click image for more pictures of Vivian playing badminton.
Joe came back to Hong Kong quietly and showed up at an indoor gym. With him is his girlfriend of 9 years, Vivian Chow. Vivian, with her gained weight and happy look, dispelled rumors about her breaking up with Joe a while ago.

Joe and Vivian started the relationship in 1991 and suffered many ups and downs. There was news about them breaking up at the beginning of 1999, but in fact, their love relationship is not that delicate. Our reporters watched them playing badminton. Although their skills are just average, but they got the look.

At 9 PM the night before, we received a call saying Joe and Vivian are playing badminton with their friends in the gym. When the reporters arrived there, they were really looking at each other instead of playing. They should be beginners to the sport, especially Vivian who looked like she gained some weight these days. Sometimes she looks like she's holding a spatula ("wok chan"), and sometimes she looks like she's catching a butterfly. When she can't catch the ball, she just laughed out loud.

Joe and Vivian Playing Badminton
Within 5 minutes Joe spotted the reporters taking pictures, but that didn't decrease their joy on playing the game, and instead just acted more politely. But, Vivian's smile was gone. Joe and one of his friends left at around 10 PM. When he saw the reporters, he used the racket cover to cover his face. Before the reporters could ask any questions, he said "Why do you guys keep taking pictures? It's not polite, and if you are going to do it, please let me know first. Go do something more meaningful, kids!" Then they left for their car.

Vivian and her friend left at around 10:30 PM. Her friend requested the security guard to open the backdoor so they could leave from there. Vivian was wearing sunglasses and ignored the reporters who were taking pictures. They got into the car and went home.

Even a Typhoon Can't Break the Relationship Between Joe and Vivian
Engage:  1991, Joe started to date Vivian, and so is Canti Lau Sek Ming. Yet, this poor guy Canti got named "cancer Ming" (dok lau Ming) by Joe in his magazine (YES! magazine).

Broke Up: 1994, Joe and Vivian broke up. Joe and Monica Chan's relationship got unveiled, and Vivian admitted that she has a Japanese boyfriend.

Reunion: 1996, Vivian and Joe got spotted in San Francisco, a sign of them being reunited with each other. Monica admitted that she broke up with Joe.

Fade Out: 1997, Vivian held her farewell concert at Atlantic City (and Las Vegas), and left the circle business. She and Joe go to register for their marriage secretly (this wasn't proven).

Rumor: 1998, Joe wrote the Prologue in Ruby Yiu's new book. Since the content was somehow a bit nasty, the public thought they have some kind of relationship. Later on, the rumor of Vivian and Joe breaking up spread around again.

Stable: 1999, Joe came back to Hong Kong to stay with Vivian more frequently, a sign of their relationship being very stable and unchanged.

Source : Oriental Sunday Magazine - July 3, 1999; Translated by Civic on 8/5/99
Retired actress can't beat the loneliness....let's see what Vivian's doing in the afternoon.
Still looks the same for the past 10 years, Vivian always looks so young. But after she finished walking around the mall with her friend, she did not buy a single item. Maybe she is like "Haan Mui" (thrifty girl) in the movie 'Greed of Man'.
It is not necessary that most movie stars only come out during the night time. A lot of movie stars like to come out to have afternoon tea and walk around in the street. Like in Tai Goo shopping mall, Vivian and Lam Ching Ha always visit that mall for shopping. Even if you go to Lan Gwai Fong during the day time you also see many stars there, such as Christine Ng Wing Mei and her boyfriend who like to go there for afternoon tea. Maybe these retired stars have nothing to do and get bored staying at home, so that's why they love to go out to have afternoon tea to spend some time.

Vivian "Haan Mui" (thrifty girl) style likes window shopping
Vivian did not appear for quite a while; last weekend around 3 in the afternoon, she drove to Gam Jung for shopping. First when she was waiting for her friend to arrive, she walked around in the stores all by herself. She almost visited every single store, no matter if its underwear, T-shirts, or sportswear, she all looked at it. Even though she met her friend afterwards, both were just window shopping. Maybe Vivian is still thinking of herself as being "Haan Mui" in the movie "Greed of Man", and can't forget about leaving that character, so that's why she always has to calculate and think about it before she purchases anything.

Landed on which coast (meaning 'who did Vivian choose') : Joe Ngai Popular writer Ngai Hong's son was the publisher of the teenage magazine "Yes!". His rumors were one after the other; at the end he chose Vivian back. Earlier he sold his properties in HK and moved to Canada with Vivian, living in a simple and peaceful lifestyle.

Source : The Sun newspaper - June 21, 1999; Translated by Bear and Civic.
Vivian and Charlie Yeung
Retired, Having Tea and Shopping
Haven't seen Vivian for a long time... yesterday she was wearing see-through, shopping at Causeway Bay. 
Vivian walked with her friend to Sogo UCC to drink tea, very relaxing.
'Jade Girl master' Vivian and the second generation Jade Girl Charlie Yeung are living in a simple and relaxed life after they retired. During the weekend the reporter saw them separately in Causeway Bay and Tsim Sha Tsui shopping and having afternoon tea. 

Yesterday Vivian was wearing see-through and jeans shopping at IKEA, a furniture store in Causeway Bay. After looking around for a while, she decided to buy a HK$59 seating pad. Is she getting this for Joe? After checking out at the cashier, she went to the nearby coffee shop to have some snack and tea. Because it was a weekend afternoon there were many customers in the coffee shop, so she had to wait in line.

Vivian Refused to talk about Joe
Because she didn't have an interview for a long time, the reporter gave her a business card and asked if he could talk with her for a while. After Vivian looked at the card she said:

"Oh! A new newspaper!"

(reporter) "Have you read it before?" 

"I have seen this newspaper on the Internet, pretty interesting. I enjoy it.." 

Vivian said that with a sweet and cute voice, with a sweet smile. No wonder she is the Jade Girl master. But when the reporter talks about Joe and asks if they are married or not, she replied politely and said: "I don't want to talk about personal stuff." 

Vivian understood the job duty of the reporters, so she was happy to stand still and pose for the reporters to take pictures of her. Based on her look, she did not change much . Compared to the past, she really did a great job in keeping her youth and was still in good shape. 

On the same day in Tsim Sha Tsui, reporters met Charlie Yeung. Charlie just took her boyfriend to the airport and she's staying in HK with her parents for the father's day. She also went shopping at JOYCE. After that she met a few friends and had dinner in a Spanish restaurant.

Charlie refused to have an interview
Very surprising, both Jade Girls shared a similar personality. Charlie and Vivian both have long hair and don't wear any makeup. When the reporter met Charlie face to face, the reporter asked her if it's true that her boyfriend is a "dai nam yan" (a man who controls everything in the house). Charlie smiled and said : "This is my private moment ...I don't want to do an interview"...the reporter understood and left the restaurant.

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