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Source: Apple Daily newspaper - October 23, 1997 (Translated by Wolverine - HKSAR Film Top 10 Box Office)

Vivian Chow Wai Man and Ngai Jan will marry next month?

According to Apple Daily, Vivian Chow Wai Man in November will head to the U.S. with her boyfriend Joe Ngai Jan to get married and meet Ngai's father Ngai Hong. Her boyfriend Joe even took a few days off from his radio program at Commercial Radio; the report even pointed out Vivian plans to leave Hong Kong and immigrate to San Francisco, Ngai Jan's old home, to begin a new page in her life.

Vivian once revealed she hopes to marry before 30, which she will be on November 20th. It has been rumored that she will leave Hong Kong to wed aboard. Would she get her wish?

The Apple reporters ran into Vivian at her Happy Valley home. At the time Vivian was obviously surprised, then she asked the reporters to respect her and not to take any photos. Though Vivian agreed to talk.

Toward the news of a wedding, Vivian quickly denied, "In the short term I wouldn't get married."

When asked if she would immigrate, Vivian laughed and asked, "Who told you that?" and continued, "In the short term I wouldn't immigrate, but I wouldn't make any guarantees about the future. (Where would you choose if you immigrate?) I don't know, in the short term I wouldn't immigrate."

How would she spend her birthday with her boyfriend Joe? Vivian said, "I don't know. (Would she leave Hong Kong?) Possible."

Although Vivian has decided to leave the entertainment scene behind, she said the work on her hand hasn't been finished yet. "In December I have a concert series in Atlantic City, which will be my last assignment; because I made the promise in the beginning of the year, I couldn't just cancel. I have to complete it." She then expressed she is outside the circle now and bid farewell to the reporters.

As for Joe, he strongly denied he would immigrate.

Joe said, "In a word, this is an incorrect rumor. If I clarify this, that will spoil your habit of writing false news and ask me to clarify them. Then I would be very busy!"

Source: Apple Daily newspaper - October 7, 1997 (Translated by J. Jack)

Vivian's Retiring??
Vivian said that she is 80% not related to the entertaiment industry anymore. From her words, the day when she officially retires will not be very far away.

Yesterday, while being interviewed by Leo Ku on CR 903 HK, Vivian said that she is 80% not related to the HK entertaiment industry anymore! Moreover, she is considering not to record a new album (just feels like retiring from the entertaiment industry).

She said that she is currently learning computer complilation (something like melody programming). During her free time, she will cook some meals.
While asked by Leo whether she is living secretly (staying away from the public), she laughed and said, "Not exactly, since I am still photographed by reporters. Nowadays, I just don't act and sing only."

While asked whether she still considers herself as an artist in the HK entertaiment industry, she said, "I can't say that I am not related to the entertaiment industry. However 80% of my feeling tells me that I am a normal person."

Regarding to a recent report which said that songs have been selected for her new album, Vivian clarified, "I didn't even choose songs for my new album. I already adapted to a non-artist lifestyle. Everything is so quiet. If you want me to promote an album, I'm afraid I can't adapt to it. So, I am considering not to record a new album."

She added that now she really enjoys her "normal person's" lifestyle which she can do anything she wants to do.

Source: Apple Daily newspaper - August 30, 1997 (Translated by Michael Lee)

Vivian appears at Lisa Wong's Concert
We have not seen Vivian for a while... last night she left early before the concert ended. She still attended Lisa's concert even when there are lots of rumors around her.... she really gave "face" to "WONG".
Vivian visited the concert. When Lisa went to shake hands with fans, she spotted her, and shouted loudly 'Oh that's Vivian !!!' Vivian stood up and waved to the fans. She had been asked about the time of her marriage., she said 'Not so soon!!!' And about her next album release, she said, 'I am still on vacation, but I didn't think of retirement..... wait until X'mas or new years and see what happens...'

Source: Sing Tao Daily newspaper - August 30, 1997 (Translated by Michael Lee)

... and asked about Vivian, Lisa said it was Vivian who wanted to buy the ticket to watch Lisa's concert. Lisa intended to give it to her for free, but Vivian said she would like to buy it herself. Lisa said she had no time to talk to her, and Vivian left early. Reporters wanted to interview her when she left, but she refused because she has nothing to say, and the security stopped them too.

Source: Apple Daily newspaper - August 29, 1997 (Translated by Ben Liu)

Vivian appears at Lisa Wong's Concert
Vivian went backstage to "ga yau" (add gas.... show support) for Lisa Wong. With this, one can tell their relationship is quite good.
The article basically said Vivian showed up at the concert and fans told her how pretty she was and she was happy.

Source: newspaper?? (Editorial translated by Michael Lee)

No longer Jade Girl Vivian Chow

It's been a long time since Vivian was seen in the media.

Recently 'The Greed of Man' was re-broadcasted and we can have a chance to review the great image of 'Haan Mui'.

Not a long time ago, she was the so-called "Jade Girl Master." But now, a good girl image is not useful.

I knew her when my friend told her to me. He is a die-hard fan of hers. At that time, she was still a DJ. Everytime she was on-air, he must be in front of the radio, including those midnight programs. Sometimes even if there was a test the day after, he would tape it and listen later. But the most superb is that he would rush back home to see her TV kid program, which she was the host and the piano player. It's a very long time ago.... My friend will be a father soon.

The time that I paid the most attention to her is surely the time that she wore that sexy 'palace' dress in the MTV (Wedding of Feelings). I think a lot of guys had their nose bleeding. Also at that time, we knew that she has a good body. So sad, it seems that that is the peak of her career. Except 'Haan Mui', it seems that no image remains in our mind.

Nevertheless, the time to be a Jade Girl is very short. If she is too old to be a Jade Girl but is still too young to be a Jade grandma, then what 'Jade' should she be?

Editorial written by: ??

Source: Sing Tao Daily - July 27, 1997 (Article translated by Michael Lee)

James Wong (Wong Jeem) said he met Joe and Viv a few days before. They were swimming together. James used a chinese phrase to describe it...'yin yeung hai sui' (two mandarin ducks playing in the water) ...usually used to describe lovers. She has learned to swim, so she is very 'fit' now. And about the marriage, he said the gossip should not be true. He said if they are going to marry, they must inform their 'Uncle' first, but it is not the case now. However, he dare not ask by himself, because it seems to be very old fashioned.

Source: Next Magazine, No. 385, July 24, 1997 (Article translated by Michael Lee)

Dining with Leo Ku . . . Vivian Refuses to Tell the Date
Vivian and Leo are not under the same record company, nor are they 'brother and sister'. If they are not spotted dining together, we will not know that they are good friends. 
After the dinner, Leo's caretaker Lorraine left w/ Vivian first. 
Leo left later. 
Vivian, who is escaping from the reporters these day, was under protection of Lorraine. It is known later that Lorraine is her former caretaker ('bo mo'). 

Vivian was in action again !!!

After she appeared in Lan Gwai Fong and buying ice-cream cake last month, she appeared again last Tuesday (22rd July), in which she had been spotted in the crowded Causeway Bay.

Same as the last time, she was going out to eat. But she was not buying ice-cream...nor was she going out with Joe Ngai or Hacken Lee. Surprisingly, she was going out with Leo Ku!!!

Eating Hotpot dinner very often.

About 8 pm, Vivian, without make up, and Leo Ku with his caretaker ('bo mo') Lorraine (former caretaker of Vivian) went into a restaurant in Times Square together. Vivian was ignoring the eyes from the surrounding, smiled all the time, and talked with Lorraine happily.

Two hours later, they were leaving. Vivian and Lorraine left first. The reporters went to meet them immediately, and they were surprised. Vivian whispered with Lorraine, and then changed their plan to use the escalator instead. Leo was not noticed, so he could not find them in the start. Three people waited for the elevator together in the lower floor, and Vivian started to talk with the reporters, with a happy smile.

R : Long time no see, how are you?
V : yes yes!...... I am fine!...... thank you for your concern......haha
R : Busy about the marriage ?
V : (still smiling) Don't ask me about this, I have nothing to say!
R : Will you work in the following months?
V : relaxing..... haha.... byebye!

She went into the elevator under the protection of Lorraine.

Source: Next Magazine, No. 379, June 13, 1997 (Article translated by Michael Lee)

Joe Drives Vivian's Car, Vivian Bought ice-Cream in Central (¤¤ Àô)
Perhaps Vivian is very scared about the media, why? Because the front of the ice-cream shop is a pathway and she still needs to look around, to see whether anyone is watching her. (Translated by Kenneth Chan) 
In "The Greed of Man", "Haan Mui" gave everything, even her life, to save her hushand. And in real life, Vivian considers her love with Joe more important than her career, too. Recently, she refused all interviews and promotion events, and the recording of her new album is on hold, too. It seems that she is enjoying a long holiday.

How did she enjoy her holiday in these few months? Now Vivian and Joe are living in their apartment at 金 山 花 園 in Happy Valley (跑 馬 地). They rarely go out. Even if they do, they will go out one followed by the other. It seems that they have very good communication.

Buying ice-cream alone

What is the best thing to do on a hot day? Vivian, who is in a full-relaxing status, chose to have a walk in Lan Gwai Fong. She also bought a ice-cream cake to enjoy at home.

After the sun had gone down, she was still wearing sunglasses and walking in the crowded street. Wearing sunglasses at night, everyone feels that she is a famous star. A saleswoman spotted her. When Vivian was shopping in a boutique, she ran to her immediately to identify her, and then ran back to report it to her co-worker and said " 'Haan Mui' is here!!! ".

Festival Dinner

On the day before the Mid-summer Festival, Vivian didn't go swimming, but instead, she and her mother went to a relative's house to have a festival dinner.

At 6 pm, they went out together. Strangely, Vivian didn't drive her car...they went to it by taxi. When her mother was catching the taxi, Vivian was hiding behind the tree. It seemed not wise to be spotted.

They went to a flat in 香港仔. After the dinner, about 9 pm, their relative drove them home.

Joe went back to his home.

Although 金 山 花 園 has no visitor's car park, Vivian has two apartments, so Joe can park his smarty Japanese car there. Sometimes, they drive out one followed by the other; sometimes, Joe drives Vivian's red BMW to his own house in 南 灣.

Source: Sing Tao Weekly, issue 162, May 18, 1997 (Translated by Wolverine)

Under the Lights - After the long road of love and a few cast changes Joe Ngai Jan & Vivian Chow Wai Man to be married in November

Vivian Chow Wai Man and Joe Ngai have long been linked by inside rumors as a couple. Finally it was confirmed by romantic photos of them at a San Francisco airport last December, and 6 days later the couple returned to Hong Kong holding hands and didn't deliberately avoid the press. Although they refused to talk about their affair, action spoke louder than words.

From then on, Vivian has been especially low key and rarely attended any promotion. Recent rumor has it that Vivian has filed for vacation time with her record label and plans to marry Joe in November.

Actually there are clues to their wedding as well. When Joe's "uncle" Chua Lam (Choi Lan) was asked about their wedding, he deliberately leaked the word, "He said not to tell anyone about it!"

On April 30th during the funeral of Wong Lau Man's mother, Joe also attended. When asked to confirm, he said, "I don't want to talk about marriage on other people's funeral." But still he has yet denied the rumor.

Years ago Vivian once publicly said her idol was a retired Japanese artist. She would marry before she is 30 and after that she would retire just like her idol.

Born in November 1967, Vivian would turn 30 this year. One of her close friends also revealed Vivian hopes to marry before her 30th birthday, so it would seem very likely the wedding would take place in November.

Vivian and Joe's relationship began around May of 1989. At the time Joe just broke up with Miss Hong Kong Michelle Reis (Lee Ka Yun) and joined Radio Hong Kong to host one of its shows. Joe's partner was usually Olivia Cheng Man Nga, but she only hosted one show and resigned, Radio Hong Kong in the short notice replaced her with Vivian.

At the time Vivian's boyfriend was the lead singer of the now defunct band Raidas Thomas Chan Tak Cheung, but the couple broke up because the distance between their notoriety grew greater and greater. Joe took the opportunity and went after Vivian and not long after Thomas Chan and Vivian broke up, Vivian and Joe began their underground affair.

That year Vivian was a up and coming star with a strong wind behind her sails. Because of fears that her personal life would affect her image, she never admitted her relationship with Joe and only claimed him to be a "good friend".

In 91, singer Canti Lau Shek Ming went after Vivian and was crowned "Poison Soar Ming" by Joe's youth magazine. With this deliberate attack, the Vivian/Joe relationship appeared to be more and more in the clear.

In 95, Vivian and Joe's relationship was endangered by the appearance of Monica Chan Fat Yung, as Vivian too was being courted by a Japanese man. Two years later, Vivian and Joe again appeared together holding hands and expressed their friendship has never ended.

With that straight out of Vivian's mouth, reportedly Monica was greatly affected and attempted suicide with sleeping pills, an allegation which Monica later denied. She even expressed breaking up with Joe before last December and wished Joe well.

Reportedly Vivian is now living with Joe in Happy Valley and is planning to be the bride in November.

Source: Sing Tao Daily - April 14, 1997 (Translated by Wolverine)

Vivian Chow Wai Man is rumored to be married soon

After the rumors of Vivian Chow Wai Man and Joe Ngai Jan reuniting and the photos of the two surfaced, Vivian has kept her mouth shut about her personal life, sometime even doing the disappearing act. All of her work has almost come to a complete stop. She is appearing less and less in public, giving off a feeling of a gradual retirement.

Recently friends of Vivian and Joe revealed they are planning to wed in August. Toward the marriage news, although it has yet to be confirmed by her personally, Vivian lately has been really low key and keeping distance even from her record company.

On the 13th Polygram sent 4 of its singers to Japan to promote a Cantonese mix album there. The four stars included Daniel Chan Hiu Tung, Ronald Cheng Chung Kei, Linda Wong Hing Ping and Vivian Chow Wai Man, but the former three flew together to Japan, then would be joined by Vivian. According to Polygram, contacts with Vivian have been through faxes. Polygram would fax work to her, if there is no problem, then she would fax her reply.

Lately many organizations have been contacting reporters saying Vivian has agreed to attend their events. When the PR company faxed the information to the press office, Vivian's name is on the list, but she has been canceling her appearances. Many feel she is turning down work because of her wedding plans. On top of that her contract with Polygram would be up soon and there is no indication either way. She has once said after marriage she would consider retiring, with her mysterious and low key trails, the rumors of her wedding might be possible.

Source: Hong Kong Fluff of the Week - March 1, 1997

Starlight: Vivian Chow Wai Man's new goal -- Marriage

Vivian Chow Wai Man recently has a new slang that she constantly uses, as long as you mention a certain person around her, she would say this slang, "Thanks for your concern!"

The person mentioned is the boyfriend she reconciled with, Joe Ngai Jan. Her usual policy would be to admit the relationship, but she wouldn't mention it much. Each time the relationship is mentioned, she would always smile and say, "Thank you for your concern."

Although she wouldn't talk about him with her mouth, her action speaks louder than words. She already has reduced her workload and concentrated on her own family life. Seeing Big V (her nickname) in public less and less last year, one would know she has switched the priority on things that are important in her life, as work no longer has top priority.

"Without any doubt I wouldn't put work first, instead health is most important, because I feel although my 10 years of performing life brought me a lot of fame and fortune, but at the same time I still lost my health. Recently I constantly have minor problems and catch cold easily. I would work as soon as my eyes opened, plus I would have to perform on stage, screen and television. For a long time I slept only three or four hours a day. One day I looked at the mirror, why am I pushing myself to this sad shape? I began to lighten up my load."

Vivian expressed she has calculated with cars and real estate, she isn't wealthy but isn't poor either. If she spends thriftily she wouldn't have to worry about the rest of her life. If she is fighting for money it would be unbelievable, if it was for fame, honestly she already had it once. Her goal isn't to become an international superstar, so she should chase after her personal life.

"Could this be the beginning of you easing out of the business?"

"Um, easing out aren't the right words, because I still am recording records, the time I spent is more than before, I even wrote more songs. I would be completely into it during promotion. So saying I am easing out isn't the reality, I only cancel the unnecessary work and select those I like."

For example, before when she recorded a song, she must turn off her pager so no one could find her, so she was known to be "the master of nervousness" in the studio. But now she would turn on the vibration, if it was family or good friends, she would take the time to call them back.

"Especially my mother is in poor health recently, I always worry." She is a well known good daughter in the business, as she always lived with her mother and they took care of each other.

"Although your past goals have been achieved, would your new goal be getting married?"

As soon as she learned the word marriage she smiled sweetly and answered, "Everything will take its natural course, it would be hard to say I am getting married and then get married right away. It isn't something one person could do. When the time is right, I would definitely tell everyone. I know you are all in a hurry for me, but I am in no rush!"

Vivian said she is happy about the current family life. It looks like she already treats her boyfriend as a part of her family. After all the twists and turns, she still feels he is the best.

-Ngai Yun

Source: Hong Kong Fluff of the Week - December 4, 1996

* Reportedly Vivian Chow Wai Man and Joe Ngai Jan has rekindled their love, as the press took photos of their secret meeting in the U.S., which shows them too close to be just friends. When asked to comment, Joe's girlfriend Monica Chan Fat Yung almost came to tears, as the three's love triangle has never been untangled. Apparently Vivian and Joe have returned to Hong Kong from the U.S., as they stepped into the airport holding hands like a pair of young lovers. Joe even privately expressed to friends that Vivian isn't the third person, Monica is the real third party between them. Vivian all along has never admitted her relationship with Joe, as a Japanese boyfriend even appeared by her side. On the opposite Monica has acknowledged Joe to be her boyfriend, so Monica being referred to as the third party sounds unreasonable. Since Vivian is home, nights ago part of the media waited by her residence, as some even visited Mother Chow, who refused to comment on her daughter's relationships. Later mother Chow complained to the building management about the disturbance and requested to call the police. The building security once even tried to remove the reporters' film. After a struggle, the building security didn't call the police, only asked the reporters to leave, and at the time allowing the reporters to keep their films.

- After the unveiling of Vivian Chow Wai Man and Joe's on again off again relationship, the reporters finally through different channels contacted the broken hearted Monica Chan Fat Yung. This "third party" who had no idea she was involved in a "love triangle" was overcome with sadness, only said to the reporters that she and Joe have indeed broken up, but who he dates has nothing to do with her and she would not comment further. Reporters found a close friend of hers hoping to find out more about this "love triangle" from her mouth. This friend expressed she knew Monica has broken up with Joe for over 5 months, because when Joe and Monica were dating, Joe has all along been with Chow Wai Man, keeping Monica in the dark. It was only half a year ago that she found out, at which point she immediately broke up with him. This close friend admires Monica's forced faced denial to recent rumor of she and Joe planning to marry. As for Joe's two timing methods, she has no comment.

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