Vivian's Gossip Corner

Source : Apple Daily Newspaper - February 14, 2000; Translated by Mac.
Jade Girl Master reappears for charity
Vivian Chow still in good shape at age 32

1. Although Vivian faded out from the screen for a while, Vivian's attraction still hasn't faded away. Even a little girl rushed to take a photo with her.

2.Vivian extended her "Salt Pig Hand" (haam jue sau - basically meaning 'perverted hand') and hit the butt of a dog.

3.   Even though she's resting in recent years, Vivian still keeps her body in good shape.

4. Vivian left the mall under the guard of her friends, but Joe was not around.

5. While enjoying tea with her friends, Vivian and her female friend (Kenny) exchange words often.

6. After having tea, Vivian left the hotel with her friend (Kenny).

Created by Janice Lo
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