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Source : Next Magazine # 512, 12/30/99 (Translated by Wolverine ; news posted on 01/23/00)
(abridged version of actual article)

^ The third annual Next TV Award winners Lau Ching Wan (first) and Vivian Chow Wai Man (third) won with "Greed of Man" (Daai Si Doi), while Dicky Cheung Wai Kin took second with "I Love Nga Chat So" (Ngo Oi Nga Chat So).
A Next TV Award victory could pretty much prove that his or her effort over the past year on television has been recognized and confirmed.
However, being out of Next TV awards actually meant an even better future. This week we will introduce to everyone past winners who have become the most popular out chart figures.


^ Vivian Chow Wai Man has already "retired". To see her classic performances one must check out reruns. SUDDEN WEEKLY PHOTO 

As a woman, popularity means nothing. The most important thing is to find a good home, like Teresa Mo Shun Kwan (First Annual) who is married to Au Ting Ping and even has a daughter. Vivian Chow Wai Man (Third Annual) continues to wait for Joe Ngai Jun.
Women can wait to wed, what can men do? Alex Man Chi Leung (First Annual) tells everyone with spirit that it is business. Now, Man Chi Leung's suits with his name on the label have already become a trendy Chinese fashion. He could not be richer.
Thus the above three are totally out of this business. To check out their performances, wait for reruns!


Source : Singtao Newspaper - January 14, 2000; Translated by Mac

The long awaited Vivian Chow

(Picture taken in '96)
If you pass by the East Kowloon Tunnel these days, you got to look at the billboard near the exit. There is Vivian's picture on it. Vivian is currently in a state of retirement. The billboard is an ad for the "Society for Abandoned Animals" . Vivian didn't have any changes to her face and looked really good; Vivian's fans should be very happy!

Source : Apple Daily Newspaper - January 11, 2000; Translated by Mac and Civic

The Pet Partner Passed Away
Vivian Cried Hard

The Sa-Pei dog which Vivian is holding died a week after the photo was taken.

(click on pix for newspaper scan) Vivian looked so "lum" while getting licked by the little dog.

The SAA billboard stands near the exit of the East Kowloon Tunnel.

(click on pix for newspaper scan) Vivian felt happy when she was playing with the pets while posing for the ad poster.

Vivian Chow, who is a pet lover, acted as the promoter for the "Society for Abandoned Animals" and made a set of promotion posters for them awhile ago (October). Although she tried to be as low key as possible, Vivian still looked beautiful after such a long time.

Doesn't mind getting messed up by the pets
In the ad, Vivian is not acting like a Jade Girl, but like a normal person. She didn't mind that the dog was sick or the cat was losing its hair.

Mark, the person in charge at SAA, said that on the day they took pictures, Vivian was partnered with three pets: a Terrier dog, a Chinese Sa-Pei dog (the one w/ wrinkles), and a cat. Vivian didn't mind getting messed up by these partners while the photo taking was in progress: the cat scratched her and the dogs left their saliva on her face.

Among these three pets, JJ, the female Chinese Sa-Pei, is the one which Vivian liked the most. Unfortunately, a week after taking these photos, JJ passed away due to sickness. Vivian cried hard after she learned about the news.

coroner: "The result of the autopsy shows that the cause of death is due to 'working while being sick'!"

Vivian: "I thought I am protecting animals. I didn't know I would kill that poor animal! .... woo ...woo ... (crying)"

<-- Drawing from Apple Daily

Source : Apple Daily Newspaper - January 9, 2000; Translated by Civic
Protect abandoned animals...
Vivian poses for an AD without any pay

Vivian made this AD for the "Society for Abandoned Animals" for free.

Vivian attended the "Jik Dak Fai Wong Live! Creative Person Concert" earlier (in October). James Wong is next to her.

Vivian came out for an AD after a long rest, not charging a single penny, doing it for the "Society for Abandoned Animals", which really shows love and kindness.

After Vivian left the entertainment business, she is living happily with Joe Ngai. Recently she came out and made an AD. Does this mean she is feeling really bored?

Recently, at the exit of the East Kowloon Tunnel, there is a huge billboard . In that AD Vivian is holding a puppy, posing for the "Society for Abandoned Animals". She posed for that AD for free and did not charge for anything.

Vivian is a member
Yesterday our reporter called the Society for Abandoned Animals, and the representative said Vivian was doing them a favor and did not ask for any money. The AD was made back in November and Vivian is a member of the association.

Always loves dogs
Vivian loves dogs for a long time, and she also owns 2 dogs. Vivian has a very nice personality. When she sees an abandoned dog, she will go over and take a look. She is a perfect example of a dog lover. "Society for Abandoned Animals" existed since June of 1997 and is a non profit organization. Members are people who love animals.
They also have a webpage:
Their headquarters is located in Happy Valley, where Vivian lives.

Source : YES! #454 - December 1999; Translated by Mac on December 30, 1999
Vivian Reappears
Save the abandoned animals with love
Kindness makes Vivian reappear in public
There should be a really good reason to make Vivian appear in public again. The reason is "Love/Kindness"! A group of volunteers used their energy and money to fight for the right of animals to live. With this simple reason, Vivian promised to fully support these people. She asked people to help the Society for Abandoned Animals, which has had financial problems in the past two years. She also hopes to help wake up the "kindness" of the human race, and to help these poor animals to fight for their lives!
Link to 'special' on YES! site
(Viv pix is located in the magazine...not online)

<--left picture provided by YES!

Note: since there was no name written at the end of the story, assume that Vivian is the one telling this story.
I have a friend who lives in Ching Sui Wan, and his neighbor has two dogs. One is called "Faan Mo" (don't know how to translate.. '?? Hair') and the other is called "Hak Jai" (Black Boy). One day, I saw Faan Mo's stomach was blown up like the size of a basketball. I told this to his owner, but he said, "So what?!" I asked him to bring it to see a doctor, but he asked me to bring it to the doctor instead, and he wouldn't pay for it. I was so angry then. How could a dog owner not care about his own dog who is sick? So a friend and I brought Faan Mo to see the doctor.

Since Faan Mo never rode in a car before, he was so scared that he peed and pooped inside the car. I was feeling some regret about why I had to do this, but thinking that Faan Mo was already in pain, and it's also alive, I couldn't let it die.

After the examination, the doctor said Faan Mo had cancer, and there was a malignant tumor inside his stomach. It needed to have surgery, and it would cost several thousand dollars. The good thing was that the surgery was succcessful and Faan Mo was saved. I sent him back to his owner after he fully recovered. The owner just said, "It recovered! Then that's good."

However, once Faan Mo was cured, it was Black Boy's turn. One day I saw Black Boy walk strangely. Then I found out that he got hit by a car, and the internal organs were all repositioned, which made the doctor unsure if he could save its life or not. Yet, the doctor decided to save its life since its situation was really poor. With a team of five vets and donations from some kind people, Black Boy underwent surgery, and he recovered fast.

After awhile, when Black Boy could walk without a stick, I sent him back to the owner. However, the owner yelled at me: "Why did it lose its tail?" I explained that the tail had to be cut because the situation was very serious, and it's lucky just to save its life. Since then, no one in the village liked Black Boy anymore. At the same time, there was construction work going on in the village, and a lot of strange faces were walking around. Black Boy would just bark when he saw strangers walk by. Since the folks didn't like Black Boy for a long time, they planned to kill him. When my friend knew about that, my friend immediately saved Black Boy and took care of it.

"The lives of animals are always decided by man's simple thought. Since there are so many people who don't want to take responsibilities, there exists the Society for Abandoned Animals."

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