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Hong Kong Premiere of Vivian's movie "Cafe.Waiting.Love"

Date: August 9, 2014 (Saturday)

There will only be ONE screening of "Cafe.Waiting.Love" on 8/9/14.

Time: 3:40PM
Place: Broadway Cinema, The ONE shopping center, Tsim Sha Tsui

Priority Booking for tickets starts on July 22 (Tuesday) at 5:00PM HK time.

Online Booking: Broadway Circuit website



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  It's been more than 10 years since Vivian Chow left her full-time singing and acting career in Hong Kong, but she's still famous in Asia and is well-known among the Chinese population who live overseas. In 2006, she held 3 concerts at the HK Coliseum which were completely sold out!!... this just goes to show that there are still lots of people who like her.

So why am I fan of Vivian? Well, I like Vivian's singing and acting. She has a sweet personality and is very down-to-earth. Her sweet voice, her kindness towards others, and her incomparable angel-like beauty are just a few other reasons why she's my favorite female idol. Nowadays, Vivian spends some of her time doing advertisements and charity work. I'll continue to support Vivian FOREVER!!! *^_^*

** December 20, 1997...one of my most HAPPIEST days of my entire life!!! You would think that going to see Vivian in concert is already great, but try going to her fan club meeting in HK!! ...and then sitting almost directly across from her at the table?! WAH!!! ...and better yet, having a little chat with her?!..oh my!!!! *^_^* If any of you have doubts as to how nice Vivian really is, let me tell you, she's one of the NICEST people I've met. Was she everything that I expected her to be in real life?....you bet! ..in fact, even better than I expected!! *^_^* Her sweet personality was present during the entire fan club meeting. Unlike some stars who seem to be cool towards their fans, Vivian is someone who you can actually talk to just like a friend. At the fan club meeting, I discovered that she REALLY cares about her fans...asking her fans (us ordinary people!) questions about how they've been doing since their last meeting. Here's more info about the meeting.

Vivian's Deep V.25 Concert DVD and Concert Blu-ray

Released 1/21/12

After waiting almost a year, Vivian's 2011 HK concert DVD is FINALLY releasing!! Includes the duet songs Viv sang with William So, Hins Cheung, Sammi Cheng, Hacken Lee, Leo Ku, and Yoshie Kashiwabara.

This is the first time for Vivian to be a DVD producer. She chose all the concert photos for the booklet, and she personally contacted the different record companies to obtain copyright permissions/pay royalties for all the songs in her concert DVD. The most amount of time was spent just waiting to get the copyright permissions, and Vivian had to constantly follow up with many different people. She also went to the factory where the concert DVD was being made, and she even put a couple of the DVD packages together, but she felt she didn't do a great job, so she autographed 2 of the DVD sets on the inside (10,000 DVD sets were made). If you're one of the lucky fans to find Vivian's autograph on the inside of the DVD set, take a photo of it and post it on Vivian's Official website, and you'll receive a surprise gift from Vivian!!

You can order this DVD set online at .

Vivian's DVD was the #1 top selling Chinese concert/music video at Yesasia.com for the last 7 days (as of 1/26/12) , and was the #1 top selling Chinese concert/music video at Yesasia.com for the last 30 days!! (from 2/17/12 - 3/2/12) Congratulations Vivian!!! *^_^*


Concert DVD poster
Thanks to Carmen for the image!

Released 3/7/12

Vivian's concert Blu-ray is a limited edition, with only 1,000 Blu-ray discs being released, so don't wait if you want to buy it! If you don't have a Blu-ray player now, but you're planning on buying one in the future and you want to see Vivian's concert on Blu-ray, then you should buy the concert Blu-ray now and save it for later.

** The 1st edition of this Blu-Ray disc is sold out and no longer available at Yesasia.com.

Vivian's Blu-ray was the #1 top selling Chinese concert/music video at Yesasia.com for the last 7 days! (as of 3/11/12) , and was the #1 top selling Chinese concert/music video at Yesasia.com for the last 30 days!! (from 3/29/12 - 4/16/12) Congratulations Vivian!!! *^_^*


Deep V.25 Concert (Blu-ray) (2nd Edition) - Released 4/20/12

This is the 2nd Edition for Vivian's concert Blu-Ray. The Blu-Ray disc content is the same as the 1st Edition, but the 2nd Edition includes 8 Vivian postcards!!...and the cover is different than the 1st Edition.

You can order this Blu-ray online at .

V Vision Workshop (Vivian's management company) has opened a
Facebook account for Vivian Chow.

Vivian Chow's Official Facebook Page
(Thanks to Carmen for the link!)

Suisse Programme Gigawhite Print Ad
(Posted 5/18/14)
Thanks to Vivian and Portia for the pix!

"Cafe.Waiting.Love" movie
Chinese title: "Deng Yi Ge Ren Ka Fei"
Cast: Vivian Chow, Megan Lai Ya Yan, Vivian Sung Yun Hua, Bruce Bu Lu Si,
Marcus Chang (Zhang Li Ang), Pauline Lan Xin Mei




Release Dates

Taiwan August 15, 2014
Hong Kong August 15, 2014
Malaysia August 28, 2014
Singapore September 4, 2014

"Marie Claire" magazine - July, 2014

(There are 2 different covers)

Click HERE for a preview of the article.


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