Vivian's Opinion About Joe Ngai

Here's a picture of Vivian and Joe at the opening of a YES! store.

Many people have wondered, "What's so good about Joe Ngai?" Well, watch what Vivian had to say on a 1993 TVB show called "The Enchanting Pin-Ups".

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Vivian talks about Joe
"The Enchanting Pin-Ups"
Posted on 4/11/00

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Translation below table

I've translated what Vivian said into English as best as I could.

Vivian says:
In the entertainment industry, there is a friend who is VERY important in my life, but now this person is not in the entertainment industry...this person is Joe... Ngai Jan.

Why is he so important? Well, he's one of my many good close friends, but most of them are my classmates, and so after I started working, I met him and he can be considered as someone who I can talk to about all kinds of things. If we have any problems, we can talk together about it.

I first met him in an RTHK (Hong Kong Radio) television program where he and I were the hosts of the show. In the beginning, I guess I had an assumption or misunderstanding that he was haughty (proud, conceited, arrogant).

Out of all my friends, he is the most intelligent...his mind spins the fastest... 'jui yau gin chit sing' (possessing the ability to come up with new ideas and methods) and he is the friend who really knows how to think. Whether I have a problem at work or a personal problem, or when I'm feeling sad, I will often look to him for solutions, because when a person needs to 'so foo' (open up your spilling your guts), you need to find a friend who has 'gin chit sing' to solve the problem and to make you feel better. And after talking on the phone with him, I will feel happier.

So that's why we often see each other and keep in touch. And we both care about each other.

I really admire him. Why? Because it's 'ho laan dak' (rare, not easily achieved) to be so young to start his own business by using his own hands and money.

People say that we are dating and then we separated and how do I see it?...well, I think that our good friendship won't be affected by rumors. (remember, this was said by Vivian back in '93)

In whatever way you say it, between us, we both 'ho wu seung gwaan sam' (really care and worry about each other) and 'wu seung jiu goo' (take care of each other). So at this moment, he is my most important male 'ji gei' (good close friend).

In the future, will Joe and I have a love relationship? one knows. I think anybody has a chance. 'Tin yi on paai' (Let fate plan it).

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