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Source : - April 27, 2001; Translated by Dawn, Mac, and Yoko on April 30, 2001

Jade Girl Master Vivian Chow

Vivian participated in the 1985 "4th New Talent Singing Awards" competition. Even though she didn't win any award, she was discovered by Radio Television HK (RTHK), and she participated in a DJ competition. After she received some training, she started working as a DJ, entering into the entertainment circle. Early in her career, she was the host of some youth programs, and gradually became known to people, giving her many chances of being the host for shows, such as for RTHK's television kid's program, and for TVB's "Jade Solid Gold."

Because the audience really liked Vivian, she soon started to act in movies and TV series. Her first movie was "Heart to Hearts" w/ DoDo (Carol) Cheng, George Lam (ah Lam), and other top stars. This movie was one of the top 10 grossing movies for that year. Vivian also started to act in TV series. "The Hunter's Prey" was Vivian's first 'historical' series where she played the leading actress. Vivian signed w/ SanCity Records, and in 1990, she released her first album. Vivian became the first to be a multi-talented singer, actress in movies, TV series, and DJ and was a "4-talent" artist.

Vivian's pure and kind image brought her a lot of support from her fans. During the idol trend period, Vivian's photos at the idol photo shops would often be the top selling photos. Because of Vivian's pure and innocent image, she was given the nickname as "Jade Girl Master."

Vivian was quite concerned about her singing career. Once there was a person who criticized her singing ability, but she didn't give up, and worked hard to learn how to sing from a teacher. Vivian composed her own songs as well as composed a song for her good friend Vivian Lai and for others. As for acting in movies, producers would often get Vivian to act in 'good girl' roles, but even though that was within its limitation, Vivian still had an opportunity to show her acting ability, such as in "Greed of Man" when she played the role of "Haan Mui" (Thrifty Girl), which has since left a deep impression on people.

But even w/ Vivian's pure and innocent image, it's unbelievable she had so many rumors and gossip. Past names that have been linked w/ Vivian include Canti Lau Sek Ming, Hacken Lee, Chris Wong, ah Lam, and others. The rumors w/ Joe Ngai were the most intense. But after separating from her first boyfriend (from the entertertainment circle) Thomas Chan Tak Cheung, she would not admit to any other relationships, up until 1994, when she was rumored that she had a Japanese boyfriend. The two separated, and in 1996, Vivian and Joe Ngai got back together. Afterwards, Vivian started to step back from the entertainment scene. In 1997, Vivian went to Atlantic City to perform in 2 concerts (note: she only had 1 concert in Atlantic City, and her last concert took place in Las Vegas), and then began her 'retirement' lifestyle, often flying back and forth between HK and Canada, being with Joe enjoying their 2-person world.

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Source : Ming Pao Weekly #1686 - March 3, 2001; Translated by Dawn on March 28, 2001

Vivian Chow's reason for coming out

In recent years, Vivian would seldom appear in public places. Every time she comes out, there is definitely a good reason. But when she appeared at a fashion show, she was only passing by the event, which made everyone a little disappointed.

Note: The reporter didn't find out where Vivian was going. This pix was taken on 2/24. If you've heard of the big entertainment events that happened at the end of February, then I think you can guess which event she was actually going to that evening.

Source : Mingpao newspaper - March 10, 2001; Translated by Dawn and Mac on March 11, 2001

Gou Ji Sam invites Vivian to be in a play

Yesterday night, Vivian went to watch
James Wong in "Lai Fa Wong Gung."

"Lai Fa Wong Gung"

In 2001, it's a new era for HK plays. At the beginning of the year there was the stage play "Yin Yue Hung Suen," then "Lai Fa Wong Gung," and continuing with "Geng Fa Yuen" and "Liu Jaai." Even Andy Lau invested in the stage play "Leung Juk." We can see that more and more HK people are liking the 'theatrical play' culture.

The producer of the play Gou Ji Sam said he invited Vivian to come out of retirement and be in a play. Last night (3/8), Vivian was invited by James Wong (her godfather) to watch Lydia Shum (Fei Fei), James, Francis Yip Lai Yi and others in the play "Lai Fa Wong Gung." Vivian enjoyed watching the play.

Still looking good, and going to watch James Wong's show
The always beautiful Vivian went with 3 of her friends to watch the show last night. When it was the rest period in the middle of the show, the reporter went to the front to ask Vivian if he can take her picture. Vivian agreed and said okay. She said she specifically came to the play to give James her support. The reporter asked how was the play? Vivian smiled and said, "It's very good to watch!" Reporter: "Do you have any interest in plays?" Vivian: "I feel watching a play is already very satisfying." Because Vivian has already retired from showbiz, she was very polite when telling the reporter that she didn't want to have an interview.

Yesterday the reporter contacted the play's producer Gou Ji Sam, and he said he would like to invite Vivian to return to showbiz and be in a play. He said, "Last night it was James Wong who invited Vivian to watch the show. In one way it was to show support for James, and in another way, I would like to invite Vivian to be in a play. When she sees the show, I'm hoping she can feel the atmosphere of being in a play."

He sees there is a market for musical plays
Gou Ji Sam said, "After 'Lai Fa Wong Gung' has ended, I will be working w/ Loletta Lee Lai Jan in a musical play called "Liu Jaai." Because he believed that musical plays would be getting more popular, he would like to find an artist who can sing, act, and dance, and Vivian is the best choice. He said, "If Vivian wanted to be in a play, I would definitely create a love story tailor-made for her. It would probably take a lot of talking to convince her. Actually, Gou Ji Sam was successful in getting Chan Bo Jue to return to showbiz to do plays. If he is successful this time w/ persuading Vivian, the Vivian fans who had been waiting so long will be very excited.

Source : Mingpao newspaper- March 10, 2001; Translated by Dawn on March 11, 2001

Vivian Chow, the artist with 5 skills

Steven Chiau and Vivian in the movie "Unmatchable Match."

Vivian has been called the "Master Jade Girl." In 1986, she participated in the RTHK DJ competition and then entered the entertainment circle. Because she looks pure, she was later discovered and worked at the 'front of the screen'. She started singing, acting in movies and TV series, commercials, and working as a DJ, and is therefore known as an artist with 5 skills.

In 1991, Vivian concentrated on her entertainment career. She stopped working as a DJ and then fully concentrated on her acting and singing career. She was very successful in her singing career, and it is clearly evident: having her solo concert at the HK Coliseum, getting awards at several of the big radio/TV station music award shows, and even going to Japan to release 2 singles.

Until 1997, Vivian started to not appear as much. Towards the end of that year, she went to Atlantic City to have a concert. During the concert, she announced she is stepping out of the entertainment circle. It seems to be her last performance. In recent years, her life was low-key, and she seldom appeared in public places. Her love life is what most people talk about.

Source : Apple Daily Newspaper - March 1, 2001; Translated by Dawn on March 4, 2001

Vivian is still skinny and disclaims her pregnancy

It's rumored that Vivian is pregnant, but yesterday Vivian disclaimed the rumors and said, "If you look at my body shape, you can see that no such thing happened!"

Vivian retired from showbiz for several years. She and her boyfriend Joe Ngai have always been very low-key. These recent years Vivian has been living in HK and Canada. During this time period, there was often rumored news about them being married and even having a baby. But both of them have denied this. However, yesterday there was rumored news that Vivian was 3 months pregnant.

In good shape
Yesterday reporters went to Vivian's home in Happy Valley to find out if this news was true. At sunset, Vivian returned to her house by taxi. The reporters stated why they were there. Vivian was very friendly when disclaiming the rumors and said, "Who said this? Look at my body shape. Does it look like I'm pregnant? I can tell you, no such thing happened."

Vivian was in a very good mood yesterday. She was in good shape and was wearing a sweater-like vest and a half-length skirt. Her body shape still looks good and doesn't seem to look different than before she retired from showbiz. Her face lights up with happiness. It's evident that her love life with Joe is very good.

Yesterday Vivian went shopping at Lane Crawford and then returned home. Her body shape still looks perfect, front and back.

Source : (Hong Kong Entertainment Daily) - March 1, 2001; Translated by Dawn on March 4, 2001

Vivian disclaims her pregnancy in person

Vivian has retired for several years, yet she still couldn't hide from reporters chasing her! There has always been rumors about her and Joe Ngai already getting married and Vivian being pregnant. Yesterday, she appeared in person, having a skinny body shape, proving that she is not an unmarried mother!

Vivian has always been low-key, and recently these years, she is often flying to and from Hong Kong and Canada. Yesterday night when Vivian faced the reporters, she was friendly when disclaiming the rumors and smiling all the time.

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