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When Vivian first came out, she looked pure and innocent and had a good girl image which left a deep impression on people.


Vivian and Cheng Dan Sui (ah Daan) were the hosts of the first episodes of the show "Jade Solid Gold." Vivian said at that time ah Daan taught her many tips on how to be a host.


After entering RTHK to be a DJ and a host for youth programs, Vivian would often have the chance to bump into her boyfriend Thomas Chan Tak Cheung at work.


Vivian and Joe Ngai got to know each other by working at Radio Television HK (RTHK). It was rumored that Joe was interested in wooing Vivian.


Wilson Lam Chun Yin and Vivian got to know each other by working on a movie together. There was a rumor that Wilson had a secret crush on Vivian, but both denied this.


Lui Yue Yeung, Vivian, Lam San San, and Ho Ga Lai were the hosts of TVB's music program.


Thomas Chan was the only person that Vivian openly admitted to as being her boyfriend. The two would go to a movie premiere together.


When Vivian ended her DJ career, RTHK held a concert for her. Vivian was so touched that it made her cry.


Vivian's long hair and putting the hand under the chin became Vivian's standard Jade Girl look.


Vivian looks pure and innocent, and therefore, she often played a role as being a student.


This is one of Vivian's costumes in the TV series "The Hunter's Prey."


This is Vivian with George Lam (ah Lam), Lydia Sam (Fei Fei), Hui Siu Hung and director Sai Gei Yin working together in the movie "Perfect Match."

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