Precious Vivian Chow's Collection - Mandarin DVD 1998
Decca Records Taiwan, Ltd.
Ref. No. DVD-1003


1) Time 
2) Are You Serious About Me? 
3) Leaving Love Everywhere 
4) Best Friends 
5) After Feeling Depressed 
6) Look at My Eyes 
7) Protect 
8) Shyness 
9) Grateful 
10) Love You Many Years 
11) Nobody is as Foolish as Me 
12) Heart Full of Troubles 
13) I've Never Been to Me 
14) In Unspeakable Terms
15) When a Lover Becomes a Friend
16) Rumors
17) The Most Beautiful Tears 
1) 時間
2) 你對我是認真的嗎?
3) 處處留情
4) 知己
5) 離開憂鬱的習慣
6) 看著我的眼
7) 保護
8) 近情情怯
9) 感激
10) 愛你多年
11) 沒有人傻得像我
12) 心事重重
13) I've Never Been to Me 
14) 盡在不言中
15) 從情人變成朋友
16) 流言
17) 最美的淚水

Picture of some of the menus

Back cover of DVD

This DVD includes:
- 17 MTVs / Karaoke

- Vivian's profile

- photo gallery slideshow of 30 Viv pictures (w/ the song "Dancing in the Night" playing in the background)

- Vivian's World

        -behind the scenes in the making of some of her MTVs

        -clips from her HK '94 concert

        -clips from her Taiwan fan club

- all her Mandarin CD covers w/ the names of the songs included

        - pictures of her Cantonese CD covers

        - pictures of Viv's VHS, VCDs, DVD, and LD

- preview clips of the 17 MTVs

All of this is displayed on several different menus, with each menu having a different Viv pix and different background music!

I think any Viv fan would REALLY enjoy this DVD! (except for the fact that the lyrics can't be removed from the screen...ugh... I thought it was 'standard' that they would give you an option to hide the lyrics, but it's not for this DVD... on the Vivian PolyGram DVD "Best Friends," they let you hide the words from the screen, which was a great option!)  So don't be surprised when you can't remove the words from the screen. Other than that, this was a GREAT DVD!..just playing w/ the menu options was already fun....hehe...since the PolyGram DVD didn't have any menus whatsoever and only contained mtvs.


Created by Janice Lo
Created on March 2, 1999.
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