1998: Thousands of Love 30 Songs

Ref. No. 565 190-2 (565 191-2 / 565 192-2)


Disc One

Song Name
C'est la Vie C'est la Vie
出嫁的清晨 The Morning of the Wedding
也許應該分手了 Maybe it's Time to Separate
只等這一季 Only Wait for One Season 
紅葉落索的時候 When the Red Leaf Falls
知己 Best Friends (Cantonese version) - duet w/ Samuel Toi
會錯意 Misunderstanding
紅顏知己 Best Friends (of the opposite sex)
要你喜歡我 Want You to Like Me
假裝 Pretend
感情的分禮 Wedding of Feelings
留戀 Keep Love
愛到最後 Love Until the End - duet w/ Leon Lai
自動自覺 Automatic Actions
動人黃昏 Touching Evening

Disc Two 

Song Name
天荒愛未老 A Long and Lasting Love
如果你知我苦衷 If You Knew My Real Reason
孤單的心痛 Lonely Heartache
自作多情 To Love Someone Who Doesn't Love You
冬日浪漫 Winter Romance
真愛在明天 There's True Love Tomorrow - duet w/ Leon Lai
愛你多過愛他 Love You More Than I Love Him
流言 Rumors - duet w/ Kevin Lam
最愛 Beloved
戀曲 Sha La La Love Song Sha La La
痴心換情深 Crazy Heart Changes to a Deeper Love
情未了 Endless Love - duet w/ Chris Wong
付出許多的愛情 To Give Out Lots of Love
怎可以沒有感情 How Could that be Without Feeling
萬千寵愛在一身 Thousands of Love All in One - duet w/ Hacken Lee


Created by Janice Lo