KH - Tipsy (Drunken) Lover Concert '95

You will need RealPlayer 5.0 or above to listen to these audio clips. The sound clips on this page are copyrighted by Hit Radio 997. It is for your personal evaluation only. Commercial use of these recordings is strictly prohibited. Please ask me first before using any of these files on your web page and please don't link to the files. Thanks!

***Sorry, but there are breaks in some of the files, either for commercials and it got cut, or for flipping the tape over to the other side.

Special THANKS to Suifung Tam for sending me this concert!!

If you've downloaded and saved all the files for the "Tipsy Lover" concert onto your computer and would like to listen to the files w/o having to open each one individually and play the entire concert, then download this .ram file. Unzip this file into the same folder/directory that you saved all the concert .ra files. It won't work until AFTER you've saved all 15 .ra files (about 11.7 MEGS total)
Tipsy Lover Concert .RAM

Opening / To Love Somebody Who Doesn't Love You, Automatic Actions, Pretend
Download (1.17 MEG)

Vivian and Jacky Cheung
Download (888 KB)

When the Red Leaf Falls
Download (526 KB)
Vivian and Joyce Lee
Download (725 KB)

Vivian and Adam Cheng
Download (714 KB)
Vivian and Samuel Toi
Download (702 KB)

Download (569 KB)
My Newly Met, is Like My Old Lover
Download (566 KB)

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