Vivian's visit to Laos with World Vision (May 7-May 10, 2007)


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Vivian went together with Hong Kong World Vision and a film crew to Laos to visit the impoverished children and to understand the World Vision development projects in Laos. She also immediately participated in the 'Child Sponsorship Program' and became a 'mother' of three local children.

THANKS to Vivian for these photos!! *^_^*

Vivian and her 10-year-old sponsored daughter, Mai.

Vivian and her 9-year-old sponsored daughter, Boala.

Vivian and her 3-year-old sponsored son, Salavath.

Vivian and Leo Ku's 9-year-old sponsored daughter, Khamuk.


TV program - World Vision Special: Child Sponsorship to End Poverty
TV program date - June 21, 2007

TV channel - TVB
Program hosted by Vivian Chow and Leo Ku


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