Heart to Hearts

(Saam Yan Sai Gaai)

Producer: Stephen Shin Gei Yin
Director: Stephen Shin Gei Yin
Screenwriter: Nip Wang Fung, Siu Kwok Wah, Gordon Chan Ka Seung, Kim Ip (Yip Kwong Kim)
Cast: George Lam Chi Cheung (ah Lam), Carol "DoDo" Cheng Yu Ling, Vivian Chow Wai Man, Rosamund Kwan Chi Lam
Approx. amount of Vivian time: 22 minutes
Voices are NOT dubbed in this movie.

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Doesn't Vivian look young??..hehe..


This is a romantic comedy movie and is Vivian's first ever movie. Peggy (Rosamund Kwan) decides she wants to move out of Alex's (George Lam) apartment after living w/ him for 3 years.  Peggy took practically everything from his apartment, such as the bathroom mirror, and even tried to take the toilet seat!  And the funny part is when Alex told Peggy, "You can take away our relationship, but you can't take away my toilet seat!" To take his mind off of Peggy, he decides to help his friend out by volunteering to teach a high school chorus class, but he has to deal w/ Vivian (Vivian Chow), a big trouble maker in the class. Alex made fun of Vivian by saying that her singing was extremely terrible.  Vivian got angry at Alex and later she and a friend spray painted Alex's car.  But Alex caught her in the act, and spray painted Vivian's nose instead of reporting her to the police.  Alex gave Vivian some private singing lessons, and since Alex works for an advertising company, he asked Vivian to sing a jingle for one of his ads.  Vivian's mom (DoDo Cheng) was very overprotective of Vivian and was afraid that Alex was trying to court Vivian, but it was all a misunderstanding.  Alex spent a lot of his spare time w/ Vivian and her mom and started to have feelings for Vivian's mom, but later Peggy wanted to get back together w/ Alex.  So who did Alex choose?  If you've seen the other 2 sequels to this movie, then you should already know.

This movie was actually a VERY popular Chinese movie here in L.A. during 1988.  I remember going to the Chinese movie theater (since my mom is big DoDo Cheng fan so I had to go watch it w/ her and my dad) and when I came out of the theater, there was a LONG line outside waiting to buy tickets to this movie...going almost around the building!  I was only around 10 years old when I saw this movie...and back then, I was paying more attention to DoDo in the movie than Vivian, since I didn't really know who Vivian was. But now I watch this movie again and again just to see Vivian. She looks so cute and innocent in the movie.  I've watched this movie more than 5 times, and I haven't gotten tired of it yet.  Every time DoDo screamed "Vivian!", I always laughed, cuz that usually meant Vivian got in trouble for something...hehe.  You'll get to see a very quick glimpse of Vivian playing tennis in this movie..hopefully Vivian's tennis skills have improved by now...hehe. This movie was the 7th highest grossing movie for 1988, so it's definitely worth seeing if you have the chance!

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August, 1999
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