C'est la Vie

artist: Vivian Chow Wai Mun Pz
album: Hot Kiss
track: 4

translation by: Frederick Siu
07.26.97 5:18p v.02a

Note: seems to be a small discrepancy between the CD lyrics, and karaoke
version, noted in the first line with the (?)=CD, this was brought
to my attention by Janice Lo.

*C'est la Vie, I (love?) need to love at the right time,
When fate departs, there is much meaning when you let go,
C'est la Vie, you cannot feel pain and cry over your loss,
Let the person go, let it go like the wind.
(for love which past, it is not necessary to engrave into memory...)

Dark black shades, cannot cover your your fatigue,
your greyish stare is like a needle, sewing what is in your heart,
hmm... yesterdays hot desires, have become the presents thorn,
now i can only, try to understand you, without making you unhappy.


Memories of past love, are no longer very meaningful,
Words written in letters have become useless paper, they are no longer poetic to me,
hmm... yesterdays hot desires, I believe they only happen once in a lifetime.
now i can only, try to understand you, changing it to happiness.