Vivian Back For Love Concert 2006
HK Concert Pictures and Concert Review

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(This is not the concert poster)

THANKS to Vivian for the images!!

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Dates: May 25-27 (3 shows)
Place: Hong Kong Coliseum

Vivian is donating all of her concert earnings to the Non-Profit making Veterinary Service Society.

Fans Gathering ticket

Concert Review - 5/25
Concert Review - 5/26
Concert Review - 5/27

Pictures I took on May 25
Pictures I took on May 26
Pictures I took on May 27

Pictures I bought (May 25th show)
Pictures I bought (May 27th show)

Vivian's Picks for May 25th concert pictures (posted 12/21/06)
Vivian's Picks for May 26th concert pictures (posted 12/25/06)
Vivian's Picks for May 27th concert pictures (posted 12/25/06)

Vivian concert TV commercial!

Thanks to Vivian for the video clip!!

Download clip (1.85MB)


Message from Vivian!

To all friends,
Since the preparation of my concert until the completion of the 3 concert shows, I have felt a lot of love, which let me and all my working partners overcome all difficulties and achieving our ideal goal.

Here, I need to say thank-you to each friend who has supported me before. If there's luck, we'll see each other again.



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