Vivian and Leon Lai Radio Drama Translation 6

THANKS to Allan Chow for all his help on translating some parts that I didn't understand.

Leon: Let's go swimming.
Vivian: I don't know how.
Leon: I will teach you.
Vivian: I am scared.
Leon: Don't be afraid. I will be next to you.
Vivian: okay
Leon: Are you having fun?
Vivian: mm (yes)
Leon: I will teach you how to swim, play ball, and ride a bicycle.
Vivian: Did you ride a bicycle in Peking?
Leon: Yes, because there are no motorcycles in Peking, so everyone rides bicycles.
Vivian: Tell me about Peking.
Leon: Peking? It's big and pretty. It also has a lot of Old China places, like North Sea park, Forbidden palace, Sky worship, a lot. More than I can put into words.
Vivian: Bring me there.
Leon: Sure, when?
Vivian: You say..
Leon: I have to check with my boss first, then I can bring you there.
Vivian: Okay, I'll allow you to go.
Leon: How long?
Vivian: How long do you think?
Leon: At least two weeks for visiting the relatives. Getting married will take longer... one month.
Vivian: Getting married?
Leon: Yes
Vivian: You are getting married?
Leon: Yes, when I go back to Peking, then I will get married.  Hmm.. I want to bring you back to my parents and tell them I want to get married to you. Okay?
Vivian: With me?
Leon: Are you not happy?
Vivian: No, I just can't believe my ears. We are really going to get married. Are we going to have any kids?
Leon: Sure we will. Vivian, will you marry me? I am proposing right now.
Vivian: Right now?  Where is the ring?
Leon: We can use this seaweed. It can be kept for a long time.
Vivian: This simple?
Leon: I will make it up to you later, okay?
Vivian: Okay. Eh, I don't have anything to give you.
Leon: It's okay, just give me your heart.
Vivian: But this heart is sick.
Leon: Don't worry, I will fix it.
Vivian: Really, you can?
Leon: Sure.
Vivian: Today is the happiest day of my life.
Leon: Mine too. We will have a lot of time together.
Vivian: May our love last forever.
Leon: Even a thousand miles apart
Vivian: A thousand miles is too far.. I want to be at your side every minute.
Leon: Yes, I also want to be at your side every minute.

Telephone ring
Leon: Hello?
Little Red: Leon, you have to come immediately.
Leon: What's wrong Little Red?
Little Red: Vivian is sick!
Leon: What? I'm coming right away! Oh no! God, don't let this happen... let her go. 

At the hospital
Little Red: Leon
Leon: Little Red, what happened?
Little Red: This morning Vivian's brother gave her a letter saying he is going to sue her for taking the family business. After she read it, her heart became very painful. When she got careless, she felt down the stairs.
Leon: Oh my god, where is she?
Little Red: In the room. The doctor has seen her already.
Leon: Vivian! Vivian! Doctor, how is she?
Doctor: She is in danger.
Leon: What are the chances?
Doctor: Let's hope it will be like last time. Miracles will happen.
Leon: Miracles will happen?
Vivian: Leon...
Leon: Vivian..I am here, don't be afraid.
Vivian: You have to believe me. I did not take the family business. It's because of my no-good brother. My dad hates him. 
Leon: I understand, don't explain.
Vivian: I already gave him 30% of the business, so he will feel better.
Leon: Don't say too much, rest.
Vivian: He hates me so much. He is my only relative.
Leon: No, that's not true. I'm not your relative? You said you would be married to me.
Vivian: True, and we said we are going to have kids and watch them grow up.
Leon: And wash clothing, cook, do housework
Vivian: I might not make it.
Leon: No, I won't let you say this. I came from Peking to HK and by fate I met you. I found this is not just by chance. You can't leave me.
Vivian: I told you I never got to choose anything in life.. happiness, health ...
Leon: No, you chose me, didn't you? We chose to be together, right?
Vivian: Leon, you are right.
Leon: Then be strong. You will be okay.
Vivian: If I don't see tomorrow, you are my last lover.
Leon: Don't worry about tomorrow. No matter what happens, you are the one I love the most.
Little Red: Leon, she is very weak. The doctor will take care of her.  Come, I'll bring you outside.
Leon: No, I said I won't leave her.
Doctor: Sorry, but you have to leave.
Little Red: Doctor, just let him stay.
Doctor: Okay.

Leon waking up from sleep
Leon: Tell me where is Vivian?!? How did I fall asleep?
Little Red: Leon, calm down.
Leon: Calm down, how can I at a time like this?? Where is she??
Vivian: I am here. When I woke up, I saw you were asleep, so I did not wake you.
Leon: Are you okay?
Little Red: There was a miracle.
Leon: There was? I am not dreaming.
Vivian: When I woke up, I saw the clouds and I knew I wouldn't die.
Leon: You can't die. I won't allow it.
Vivian: I will just have to learn how to be a good wife.
Leon: You will have a lot to learn. But as for now, learn how to calm me down.
All laughing ...

Created by Janice Lo 
Copyright © Janice Lo 1997-1999. All Rights Reserved.
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