Vivian and Leon Lai Radio Drama Translation 5

THANKS to Allan Chow for all his help on translating some parts that I didn't understand.

Co-worker: See I told you the company won't let you go.
Leon: It's not that, it's because I don't want to go.
Co-worker: What is it that made you stay?
Leon: Don't always stick your nose in other people's business.
Co-worker: Is it work, romance, or future?
Leon:  All of the above.
Co-worker: All, I don't think so. When you are in a relationship with her you won't have to worry about the future. Everyone in the company knows you are our boss's boyfriend.
Leon: What?
Co-worker: Just admit it.
Leon: How come rumors travel so fast?
Co-worker: Last time you had a fight with her and the whole company knew about it, but this time you came back, you got promoted three levels.  Everyone knows what that implies.
Leon: Promoted three levels? 
Co-worker: Don't tell me you don't know.
Leon: I really don't know.
Co-worker: Everyone of us got the message on our desk, look.
Leon: It's true, why, why did she do it? I have to go and have a talk with her.
Co-worker: Leon, where you going, where you going?
Leon: I'm going to get this clarified.

(at Vivian's office)
Leon: Vivian
Little Red (the secretary):  What are you doing here?
Leon: I want to look for Miss Chow.
Little Red: Ms. Chow is not feeling well.  She's seeing a doctor. What do you want?
Leon: I want to know why I got the promotion.
Little Red: Isn't that good?  Promotion... more money... everyone likes that.
Leon: True, everyone does like it, but it still has to be for a reason.  I just came from Peking. I did not do too much for this business. I don't think it's a good idea to promote me so fast. It won't be fair.
Little Red: That's Ms.Chow's idea. I think she wants to have a high position boyfriend.
Leon: What?  I think Ms. Chow should separate between business and personal life.
Little Red: That's what you want, isn't it? 
Leon: What kind of a person do you think I am?  Now I understand why Vivian told me she never had any friends. It's all because of you, you block everyone from her. You tell her not to believe anyone so you can be her most trusted person, right?
Little Red: Thanks for blaming me. I can see your feelings for Vivian are true.  Don't worry, it's my idea to promote you.
Leon: You?
Little Red: I just want to see your purpose of liking Vivian. Now I am truly satisified.
Vivian: See I told you Little Red, he is not that kind of person.
Leon: Vivian

Created by Janice Lo 
Copyright © Janice Lo 1997-1999. All Rights Reserved.
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