Vivian and Leon Lai Radio Drama Translation 4

THANKS to Allan Chow for all his help on translating some parts that I didn't understand.

Leon: I can't believe this. Our boss is actually my dream angel.
Co-worker: Leon, don't drink that much.
Leon: Don't worry, I won't get drunk. Besides, it's better to get drunk. You will forget everything.
Co-worker: Are you sure you are quitting?
Leon: Yeah, I am sure.
Co-worker: But the personnel department won't accept it.
Leon: Then I will ask to be transfered back to Peking.
Co-worker: Don't get too overly emotional Leon. That's how Miss Chow is like. I have worked for this company for many years and have only seen her a few times. Don't think about it too much.
Leon: Maybe it's okay for you, but I can't handle it.  If she respects people, then she shouldn't act this way.
Co-worker: I really don't understand.... I don't like her actions, but I don't feel negative towards her like you. How come your reaction is so strong?
Leon: You won't understand me.
Co-worker: I think it's not me that won't understand, but you just don't want to accept it.
Leon: What's there to accept?
Co-worker: Really, I think that girl you walked slowly on the beach with has already taken your heart away. Then you found out she is actually your boss and you just can't accept it.
Leon: You guessed wrong!

(At the beach)
Viv: Please don't blame me, don't leave me. What did I do wrong?
Leon: Nothing.
Viv: Leon?
Leon: Yes
Viv:  Please don't leave me.
Leon: Don't get mad. I am here next to you.
Viv: Come and sit with me.
Leon: mm (ok)
Viv: It's raining and windy. What are you doing at the beach?
Leon: I enjoyed my walk with that girl the other day here.
Viv: You think of her?
Leon: Yes, that's right. She is so calm, so naive, but...
Viv: But what?
Leon: But listening to her it seems like, she looks down on others.
Viv: And today?
Leon: Today she is so lonely and I feel sorry for her.
Viv:  Leon, I am just like any other girl.  I just have a lot of money from this inheritance.  At that time, she did not know anything.  God is fair by giving her money. But God took away her health.  She was born with this heart disease.  There are many times that I almost died from it.  My dad seems to feel sorry for me, so he gave me all his inheritance. His son doesn't know better.  Not only the bad people, but even her own brother wanted to get her. Ever since she was little, she did not  want to trust anyone or have any friends. She can't live like a normal girl. She has to combat with this disease everyday and fight with boredom. She became a very self-centered girl, but actually she is very weak. 
Leon: Money really means that much for her?
Viv: Money is not that important to her, but because she doesn't want to disappoint her father, she has to go on.
Leon: But that just means she will become a more lonely girl with that high of a position and means more pressure for her. She can't handle this pressure at all. No one cares for her even when she is sick.  After she goes to the doctor, she has to go back to work. With that kind of life style, she will never be happy.
Viv: So what do you think she should do?
Leon: She has to ask herself what's the most important, money? fame? health or happiness?
Viv: They are all important.
Leon: Can't have all, can only choose one.
Viv: I can't choose. I am always my father's daughter, no matter where I go.  Family burden is always here.  Health... frankly, the reason I want to work so hard is because I don't even know how long I can work. Doctors tell me I can die at any time.
Leon: Oh.. but...
Viv: That's why I don't want to think about the future, because I am afraid.
Leon: No, it won't happen ...
Viv: Happiness, my happiness, is given to a person who is going to leave me soon. I don't think I will be happy.
Leon: No, I will make you happy.
Viv: Really? You won't leave me?
Leon: This.. see I am just here for a visit. After the work is done, I will go back to Peking.
Viv: You tricked me again.
Leon: Are you cold?
Viv: No. Sit with me a little longer, okay?
Leon: Okay, as long as you want, I will be with you forever. 

Created by Janice Lo 
Copyright © Janice Lo 1997-1999. All Rights Reserved.
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