Vivian and Leon Lai Radio Drama Translation 3

THANKS to Garfield for all his help on translating some parts that I didn't understand.

coworker: "I see you are getting used to living in Hong Kong's lifestyle.
Leon: "How can you tell?"
coworker: "You are whistling, that's why."
Leon: "Yes, HK's lifestyle is very fast paced and busy a little. But everyone is full of energy."
coworker: "Yeah, except our boss."
Leon: "How come you suddenly talk about her? You tell me she was a 20 something year old lady and when she has meetings, she never faces us. It seems like she lacks energy. She seems kind of strange."
coworker: "I tell you I heard that she has a sickness."
Leon: "She's sick? Really?"
coworker: "Heard she has congenital heart sickness"
Leon: "Really? What a coincidence."
coworker: "Coincidence? Are you telling me you have this sickness as well?"
Leon: "Of course it's not me. I just met this new girl and she told me she has this sickness."
coworker: "Oh so you don't even tell me about your new girlfriend."
Leon: "What girlfriend? I don't know her name."
coworker: "What? you don't even know her name? But she told you she has this sickness? Hmm..this girl has a problem. I think she just wants some money from you."
Leon: "What are you saying? She is not like that. Besides it seems like she is pretty rich."
coworker: "How did you meet her?"
Leon: "It's like this....." 
(Leon told his coworker the whole story about how he and Viv met)

Leon: "I discovered HK beaches are beautiful"
coworker: "I see HK beaches aren't beautiful. It's your mood that's beautiful, so that's why whatever you see looks good, right?"
Leon: "Don't laugh at me."
Coworker: Is this girl really beautiful?"
Leon: "Very beautiful. People say girls look good up North (Peking), but I think Hong Kong girls are beautiful." 
coworker: "Aiy, being beautiful isn't useful. You don't even know what her name is. And you don't have her phone number either." 
Leon: "But I know she lives at street number 10"
coworker: "What's the use of that? You need to know there are thousands of houses that's numbered 10. You are not going to knock on everyone's door to find her."
Leon: "Don't worry about it. I believe if we have fate, then one day we will definitely see each other."

(telephone ringing)
Leon: "hello?"
coworker: "Leon, it's Siu Chen. Our boss told me to tell you to immediately go to the office to have a meeting.  Don't worry about it."
Leon: "Okay, what does this weird boss of ours want now?"

(in the office)
Little Red: "Please have a seat."
Leon: "Thank you."
Viv: "The paper says our company is being too conservative about our product. How do you see it?"
Leon: "I have only been here not too long so .."
Viv: "That's not a good excuse"
Leon: "Of course not. I just don't see how our customers can think that way."
Viv: "But stats have shown our sales have gone down."
Leon: "I think it's because this is a new product, so the company did not have enough time to mass produce it."
Viv: "Maybe. Eh, Little Red, I have a little headache, please massage."
Little Red: "Does that feel comfortable?"
Viv: "My neck is sore as well."
Little Red: "Let me give you a massage."
Leon: "Miss Chow, if there's nothing else, I will be going now."
Viv: "I'm not finished yet."
Leon: "Let's talk some other time."
Little Red: "Ms. Chow hasn't let you go yet. Just sit for a while."
Leon: "You are not saying I just stay here and watch you give a massage."
Little Red: "What are you talking about?"
Leon: "Each minute for the company is to earn money. I don't want to give my time to watch you two do this."
Little Red: "Eh, do you know what you're saying? With the way you're treating your boss like that, I can fire you."
Leon: "Do whatever you want. I was transferred here from Peking because of my skills."
Little Red: "Eh, you're too much!"
Leon: "No, not really. As a company worker, I respect the idea of having meetings, but you (Vivian) never face me and look at me."
Little Red: "Eh, you leave now. Hurry and leave!"
Leon: "Fine, I will leave."
Viv: "Don't leave. I didn't know you wanted to see how I look like. Okay then."
Leon/Viv: "It's you??!"
Little Red: "What? You two know each other?"
Viv: "It's you?"
Leon: "I didn't know either that you were.."
Little Red: "What, what is going on between you two?"
Leon: "I'm leaving now."
Viv: "You're not allowed to leave!"
Leon: "One minute ago you can boss me around, but now, it's too late."
Viv: "Don't leave."
Leon: "Bye."
Viv: "Don't...aiy"
Little Red: "Vivian...what? what?"
Viv: "My heart..
Little Red: "I will go and get the medicine."
Viv: "Don't let him leave. ..I need to talk to him to convince him to stay."
Little Red: "Okay I understand. Don't worry."

Created by Janice Lo 
Copyright © Janice Lo 1997-1999. All Rights Reserved.
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