Vivian and Leon Lai Radio Drama Translation 2

THANKS to Allan Chow for all his help on translating some parts that I didn't understand.

There is traffic on the road, and Leon was wondering what was going on and then he sees a woman (Vivian) on the street who looks like she's not feeling very good. (keep in mind that Leon has not seen how his boss (Vivian) looks like)

Leon: "Miss, are you feeling okay?"
Vivian: "My heart is beating really fast".
Leon: "Miss, I have a car. You should get off the road so you are not blocking traffic. I am a nice guy, not a bad person. Let me give you a ride home"
Vivian: "oh, okay."

(in the car)
Leon: "Miss, where do you want to go."
Vivian: "I just want to go home".

Viv tells him where the house is located.....
Leon: "Sorry, but I just came from Peking and I'm not familiar w/ the roads in HK."
Viv: "oh, I shouldn't have bothered you."
Leon: "that's okay. You were feeling sick. As long as you teach me how to get to your destination, then I can get there."

Viv tells him where to go..

Leon: "Miss, are you feeling okay? I look at your complexion and it doesn't look good."
Viv: "I'm feeling okay. Thank you."
Leon: "Oh I see it (Leon understood Viv's directions). Don't worry, just rest for a while and once we get to your home I will wake you."
Viv: "Oh thanks, I don't think I can sleep any ways."
Leon: "Just try. Close your eyes. Besides, your complexion doesn't look that good."
Viv: "Thanks, you are not a bad guy."
Leon: "I promise I am a good guy."
Vivian falls asleep, then wakes up.
Viv: "Where are you taking me? What do you want?"
Leon: "Miss, don't misunderstand. You just told me briefly where you lived (home #10), I just thought this is right."
Viv: "sorry, but why didn't you ask me? "
Leon: "I didn't want to wake you, since you fell asleep."
Viv: "I did?  Oh yeah, I must have, or else how would I have arrived here?"
Leon: "Here should be #10 right? (Viv's home)
Viv: "Yes, but my home isn't on this side of the road. It's on the other side."
Leon: "Oh I will take you there then."
Viv: "Please wait. I'd like to wait awhile. You don't mind, do you?"
Leon: "Whatever you like".
Viv: "I'd like to go on the that okay?"
Leon: "Just a while ago your body wasn't feeling good"
Viv: "I feel much better now"
Leon: "okay, then let's go"

(getting out of the car)

Viv: "ah, this feels very comfortable. The waves sound very good."
Leon: "I never imagined HK has such a beautiful beach."
Viv: "and I never imagined how beautiful it is."
Leon: "That's hard to believe since you live so close to here. You should come here all the time."
Viv: "My family doesn't let me come to the beach."
Leon: "Why's that?"
Viv: "They're afraid something will happen to me."
Leon: "What would happen to you?"
Viv: "I don't know.Maybe I will get sick or even get kidnapped."
Leon: "I know maybe you will get sick, but kidnapped?"
Viv: "I just got sick a minute ago, didn't I?"
Leon: "Yes, that's true."
Viv: "My heart is not centered."
Leon: "Everybody's heart is placed on the left side."
Viv: "I also have a hole in it.  I have congenital heart disease."
Leon: "Are you serious?"
Viv: "Yes, these 20 years I have to take drugs and get shots all the time. It's very painful."
Leon: "Have you seen a doctor?"
Viv: "I have seen the best doctors money can buy, so it's 100% true."
Leon: "Oh, but you are still young, and with the new technologies I am sure you will be fine."
Viv: "Are you sure?"
Leon: "Of course."
Viv: "eh, I tell you..."
Leon: "what?"
Viv: "I've never told anyone about this, not even my best friends."
Leon: "I thank you for telling me."
Viv: "Also, I've never slept in front of a stranger."
Leon: "Wow I am honored."
Viv: "Do I look scary when I sleep?"
Leon: "Oh yes."
Viv: "Really?"
Leon: "I mean you look so beautiful, you can scare anyone." (Hard to translate)

(Viv at home)

Little Red: "I was worried to death! How come you came home so late?"
Viv: "Late? It's only 3 am. It's not too late."
Little Red: "I almost called the police, do you know?"
Viv: "You are starting to act like my mother."
Little Red: "I was worried to death, and you laugh at me..tell me, where were you?"
Viv: "I was just around here. I was at the beach."
Little Red: "Around here? Everyone knows you around here. What if you get kidnapped or something?"
Viv: "I didn't go alone. I went with a friend."
Little Red: "Friend? Who's that?"
Viv: "It's..a very handsome man."
Little Red: "What's his name?"
Viv: "I don't know."
Little Red: "What does he do?"
Viv: "I don't know."
Little Red: "How can you be with a total stranger?"
Viv: "I felt sick again and couldn't drive, so he saw me and gave me a ride home."
Little Red: "Does he know who you are?"
Viv: "He didn't ask me."
Little Red: "If you tell him where you live, then he will know who you are."
Viv: "We said good-bye at the beach. I came home by myself."
Little Red: "Things can't just happen like that. I am sure he was sent by your brother or something."
Viv: " Little Red, please don't say any more. Ever since I was a little girl I have to live under supervision.  I can't go anywhere I want.."
Little Red: "You know you are Vivian (her mandarin name), the inherent of your dad (her dad's Chinese name) so everyone wants to have what you got."
Viv: "Yes, I know. Because I have money, because I am the daughter of Mr. Chow (her dad's name), that's why I don't have any friends."

Created by Janice Lo 
Copyright © Janice Lo 1997-1999. All Rights Reserved.
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