Vivian and Leon Lai Radio Drama Translation 1

THANKS to Allan Chow for all his help on translating some parts that I didn't understand.

Leon arrives at the HK airport after taking a flight from Peking. He meets his new co-worker at the airport and  apologizes for being late because the airplane was delayed.  The co-worker describes Leon's new boss (has a lot of money, success)..and Leon thinks the boss is a man, but the co-worker explains the boss is a young lady (Vivian). Leon and his co-worker go to the office to have a meeting...Leon talks w/ the secretary (called Little Red)..saying he's sorry he was a little late. Meanwhile, the co-worker is talking w/ Vivian in her office. 

Viv: "Every minute for our business has to earn're late one minute and you talk back to me?" 
Co-worker: "sorry, Leon is the new worker from Peking..and we tried to get to the office as fast as we could." 
Viv: "ok, ok, tell him to come in"

Leon and co-worker are whispering to each other ..
co-worker : "you have to wait."
Leon: "wait for what?"
co-worker: "wait for her to talk"
Leon: "she said waiting for one minute makes the company lose lots of money."
co-worker: "shshs"

Meanwhile, Viv is talking to her secretary.
Viv: "Little Red, tell them today I'm tired..we won't have a meeting. Tell them to leave."
Little Red (to Leon and co-worker): "she told me to tell you she is tired today..there will not be a meeting. You can leave now."
Leon: "What? now we won't have a meeting?" 
Little Red: "Eh, did you hear me? Why don't you leave?"
Leon/Co-worker: "Yes, yes."
Leon: "Just because she has money doesn't mean she can treat me like this."
Co-worker: "So strange..I see that she probably really was tired."

Leon and the co-worker then talked about the secretary, since it was her that told them the meeting was cancelled.  Leon was surprised how the secretary has so much power in the company.  According to his co-workers, Vivian trusts her secretary the most, even though the secretary doesn't have a top position, the secretary was in the same class as Vivian (..when they went to school they were "Study sisters"). That's why Vivian trusts her secretary the most.

Then they talked about Vivian's brother. Before Vivian came to the company, her brother had a very high position in the company but the minute Vivian came, she fired her brother.  According to Vivian, her brother was just wasting time and not doing his work, so Vivian had to fire him. Leon thought Vivian was so strict and tough at this point, and Leon also thought Vivian was kind of cold, firing her own brother like that.  But then Leon's co-worker told him that ever since Vivian came to the company, the company has been doing very well, and that kind of surprised Leon, since at that point, Leon had a bad impression of Vivian, like she has an attitude problem.

Created by Janice Lo 
Copyright © Janice Lo 1997-1999. All Rights Reserved.
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