Missing Vivian Chow Items


If you know where I can find any of these Vivian items or you have any of these Vivian items and you don't want them, then please contact me. I'll pay you for it or trade you for another Vivian item.   Thanks!

Missing Vivian Super Gold YES! Idol Cards
(I'll trade you with other Vivian YES! idol cards, or I could pay you for it)

Looking for Vivian's TVB version of her music videos "Love You More than I Love Him,"
"Automatic Actions," "Beloved," and "Elope."

Any Vivian radio interviews and radio dramas (in Cantonese if possible).

Any TV commercials w/ Vivian (Sifone Shampoo, Canon printers, Wedding dress store, etc.)

Any TV shows w/ Vivian from Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, or HK.

Any Vivian magazines, photo books, photos, etc. you don't want.


Created by Janice Lo
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