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Source : Ta Kung Pao, Wen Wei Po, SingTao Daily, MingPao Daily newspapers, - March 14, 2008 ;
Translated by Dawn; Posted on August 3, 2008

Vivian Chow earning money to be the spokesperson for a body shaping center

(Picture from Ta Kung Pao)

Other people who want to be healthy and beautiful need to pay a price, but Vivian will be receiving a large sum of money to become slim. (Picture from Wen Wei Po)

Vivian is looking more and more fit, making many women envious. (Picture from MingPao Daily)


Yesterday (3/13), Vivian Chow officially signed a one-year contract to be the spokesperson for Elyze Intelligent Body Shaping, and she'll be paid a 7-figure salary. Vivian appeared at the press conference in Wan Chai wearing a silver shoulder-revealing mini skirt. She looked sexy and beautiful. Vivian accompanied a handsome male model to explain how body fat is broken down by demonstrating the concept through playing pool. But it's too bad Vivian didn't personally show off her pool playing skills, since she wanted to avoid accidental exposure while wearing her sexy dress. She revealed that she will be shooting 3 sets of print advertisements, and has invited the famous fashion designer Henry Lau to design some dresses for her. The dress she wore yesterday was one of his designs. A little later, he will be designing a red high-slit and back-revealing dress, which is also sexy.

Shooting advertisement and showing her sexiness
Vivian joked about herself weighing the most when she had just finished school and started working. She weighed 130 pounds at that time, and she would only go on a diet to lose weight, which made her health very poor. Now, she's trying hard to promote a healthy way to lose weight!

Vivian pointed out that she's very careful when choosing to be a spokesperson for a company. She doesn't advocate blindly going on a diet to lose weight. Vivian recently tried the Aging Fatty Tissue Break Down treatment from the body shaping center for 3 months. She felt her muscles became more firm and her body fat decreased, so that's why she didn't mind showing off her full figure in a dignified, healthy, and sexy manner. She also believed the 3 sexy dresses she's going to be wearing for the ads will be even sexier than the dress she was wearing that day. The reporter praised Vivian for having a very good body shape even before her treatment. Vivian said, "Actually my body fat is very mysterious. In addition, being skinny doesn't mean the figure is beautiful. It's just like 2 years ago when I was very thin weighing only 98 pounds, and I later gained weight and also became excessively round in certain places. So when talking about the body figure, what's most important is to have a proportional figure." She said that she was very happy to have the good fortune of being able to do these body treatments, and doing a job which helps to take care of her health and benefits her body and mind.Vivian also said, "I currently maintain a weight of 110 pounds. I did treatments on my waist, buttocks, and thigh area at the body shaping center. The results of the intelligent health analysis are that my muscles and bone proportion have increased, while my body fat was reduced." Reporters asked if her body measurements had changed. Vivian laughed saying she didn't measure herself. Reporters asked if her cup size increased or decreased. She thought for a second and then replied that it should be about the same size since she didn't do any treatment in that area.

She was asked if her boyfriend Joe Ngai Jan was satisfied with her current body shape. Vivian laughed saying he should be satisfied, because he had watched her body shape change from the beginning, but Joe didn't do any of the body shaping treatments, so he's surely envious of her. She will have a sexy look when shooting her advertisements. Did she have to get her boyfriend's approval in advance to do the photo shoot? Vivian believed there wouldn't be a problem, as long as the look is healthy. She's never had him look over the clothes she wears. Her boyfriend knows what her limits are, and her demands, so he has confidence in her.

Increased vigilance to guard against the flu
In addition, because the flu has become widespread, the government suddenly declared two nights ago that all schools are to suspend classes. Regarding this, Vivian said that she has her mother, who is more than 80 years old, living at home. She also has lots of cats and a dog at home. For these reasons, she and Joe have also increased their vigilance and paid close attention to hygiene, like when there was SARs a few years ago, and especially washed their hands frequently and did other measures of defense. Vivian was asked if she urged her elderly mother to avoid going to public places. She said that besides urging her mother get the flu shot, she has also reminded her mother to avoid going to crowded places, but the elderly can sometimes be rebellious and might not do what someone tells them to do.


Vivian said being a little fat or being a little skinny isn't the most important. The most important is to have a proportional figure. (Picture from SingTao Daily)

(Picture from SingTao Daily)


Source : The Sun, Oriental Daily, and Apple Daily newspapers - March 14, 2008 ; Translated by Dawn; Posted on August 3, 2008

Custom-made high-slit, low-cut, back-revealing evening dress;
Vivian pockets more than HK$1 million to show off her figure

Vivian currently maintains a weight of 110 pounds and has kept a good body shape, which makes people envious of her. (Picture from The Sun)

Vivian revealed her shoulders, looking sexy and alluring. (Picture from Oriental Daily)



Yesterday (3/13), Vivian Chow wore a silver tube dress to attend the "Elyze Intelligent Body Shaping Spokesperson" event at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Wan Chai. She showed off her beautiful legs, shoulders, and smooth back! She revealed that later on she would be wearing a very sexy dress to shoot her Elyze ad, with the "Jade Girl Master" being reincarnated into "Sexy Master!"

Vivian has always not revealed too much skin and knows how to care for her skin. She didn't need to wear a swimsuit to the event yesterday, however, she was not cautious and revealed a little fat on her back. At the event, she wore a sexy dress designed by her good friend, famous fashion designer Henry Lau, and showed off her beautiful body shape. Vivian said she invited Henry to design some sexy evening dresses for her to be used in the Elyze advertisements. For one of the ads, she will be wearing a red dress that's high-slit, back-revealing, and low-cut to show off the beautiful curves of her arms, back, and legs. Yesterday, the organizers arranged for Vivian and a handsome male model to take pictures together. The male model even used playing pool as a way to demonstrate how the "Aging Fatty Tissue Break Down Technology" works.

Vivian currently weights 110 pounds. She revealed that she's being paid a 7-figure salary to be the Elyze spokesperson for one year. She'll be able to keep fit and also increase the size of her wallet. After she became the spokesperson, her figure has become more fit. She said, "My body fat decreased and my muscles became more firm!" The reporter asked, "For your next advertisement, is the dress going to have a higher slit?" She said, "It's ok! I will be telling Henry to be bold in his designs, as long as the dress looks dignified and sexy in a healthy manner. The reporter asked, "You have body fat?" She said, "My body fat used to be very mysterious. Now I'm pretty pleased with my figure. But being skinny doesn't necessarily mean the body figure looks good."

Boyfriend envious of her fit body
When asked about her body measurements, she laughed saying, "It's still 30something, 20something, 30something!" The reporter asked, "Did your upper body shrink or increase in cup size?" She said, "My upper body is about the same as before. I didn't do any treatments in that area (referring to her chest)." Vivian was asked if her boyfriend was satisfied with her body shape. She smiled sweetly and said, "I think that after he saw my transformation, he was envious, because there's very few male customers who do these treatments." The reporter asked Vivian what her boyfriend thought about her looking sexy. She said, "It's ok to look sexy in a healthy and dignified manner. He doesn't need to look over the dresses I'll be wearing. I believe he has confidence in me." She also shared her weight loss experience and said, "I don't advocate blindly losing weight, or going on a diet to become skinnier. The most important thing is to have a balanced meal."

Regarding the flu becoming widespread in HK and all primary schools, kindergartens, and special schools suspending classes, Vivian said she was also mindful of this and said, "My whole family has increased our vigilance. We would wash our hands more often and do basic defensive measures. I urged my mother to get the flu shot. She's 80something years old. I would tell her to be more careful when going out and to avoid going to crowded places and places with bad air circulation. But sometimes the elderly wouldn't do what we tell them to do and would be rebellious. I would clearly ask her where she's going."


Vivian was observing the male model's pool playing skills. (Picture from Apple Daily)

Vivian wore a tube dress and was not cautious, revealing a little fat on her back. (Picture from Apple Daily)

Source : Apple Daily newspaper - May 21, 2006 ; Translated by Dawn; Posted on August 3, 2008

Happy Master's way of thinking is new everyday;
Vivian will still give birth even if she's pregnant at age 50

Vivian hasn't been able to play pool with her boyfriend for a few months already, because she's been preparing for her concert.

Vivian's father passed away the same year she was born, so she was raised solely by her mother, which is why she has a very good relationship with her mother.

Vivian would often have dinner together with Joe's father, Ngai Hong, and mother.

Vivian loves animals the same way she loves her boyfriend. There's no difference.

Vivian and Leo Ku are very good friends. Of course Vivian would show her support when Leo has a concert.


Vivian Chow is the first generation "Jade Girl Master." She's making a comeback to have a concert because of love, with plans to raise funds for the Non-Profit making Veterinary Service Society (NPV). She hopes that through her singing, she'll be able to get all social circles to take notice of NPV. Vivian said previously that she wouldn't get married and wouldn't have children. But actually when she was young, she also looked forward to getting married and having children, up until she met Joe Ngai Jan, and only then did she feel it wasn't necessary to depend on a marriage certificate to acknowledge each other's relationship. However, she said if she accidentally got pregnant, she would still give birth to the baby for Joe even if she was 50 years old.

The first generation "Jade Girl Master" Vivian is currently 38 years old. During the time when she was at her peak in her entertainment career, she had suddenly announced she was retiring, which made some people think that maybe Vivian was very silly to make such a decision, but right now, she's living happily compared to everyone else, because she's content with her situation. She said, "I have a pretty good partner, a pretty good group of friends, a group of well-behaved children (referring to her cats and dog), a mother who loves me, and even my boyfriend's parents also love me very much. All of them are connected as one in my heart and not divided between them and me. I don't aspire for materialistic things. If I suddenly passed away, I would be very content and wouldn't have any regrets, and as for myself, I wouldn't have any other requests."

Difficult childhood
Compared to the past, Vivian is really living happily now. Soon after she was born, her father died of heart disease and her mother solely had to use her own strength to support the family. When Vivian was around 5 or 6 years old, her mother had a serious illness and was in danger of dying at any time, which let Vivian to be aware that she could become an orphan at any time. Vivian said, "When I was little, my family was poor. My mother was always busy working and didn't have time to teach me about the reasoning on how a person should behave. But she taught me not to rely on anyone, so I had a stubborn characteristic ever since I was a child, and I understood that I would still have to continue living even if there was nobody beside me. Luckily I didn't become a bad child, and compared to most other children, I was considerate, and I never requested for materialistic things."

Won't rule out getting married
When Vivian was around 20 years old, she had thought about getting married and having children, but after she got to know Joe Ngai, she changed her point of view. Vivian said, "My way of thinking often changes. Right now, this state is quite comfortable. I've been with my boyfriend for so long. We've already gradually entered another stage. It's a harvesting time period. We don't have to especially accommodate to one another. We already know how to give up ourself for each other, and we give each other quite a large amount of space. For example, when he's writing articles, I would try as much as possible to be more quiet, and when I had to write my book, he would be very quiet. This would make each of us feel comfortable. We both know very well how to forgive each other. Since we've already reached such a reliable stage, we don't need a marriage certificate to acknowledge our status. Of course, I don't oppose getting married. I won't rule out that one day we suddenly have an impulse to get married."

Learning from Ngai Hong on how to handle the world
When talking about having a son to carry on the family name, Vivian said she decided long ago that she wouldn't have children. She said, "I like children, but it would entail strenuous effort for me to raise my children, and I would have a headache. However, I feel more confident in being successful when raising animals. I take good care of my pets, and I'm very happy. My cats and dog are my children. Their status isn't lower than children. I give my love to them, and they benefit from this. I'm already very happy. But if I accidentally get pregnant, I'll keep the child. Even if I became pregnant at 50 years old, I would still keep the child."

Vivian feels most gratified to have been favored by luck, in that both of their parents have also accepted their other half. Getting along with her boyfriend's father, Ngai Hong, is an incomparable happiness. She said, "Joe's parents are very independent and they're open-minded. Joe's dad is especially humorous, and would often do things the unconventional way! For instance, when he came back to HK this time, the media followed him just as much as they did with Joe and I. But he's not unaccustomed to it. When he saw that the reporters were following him during the whole journey, he thought that since he couldn't break away from them, then it would be better for him to ride in the reporter's vehicle to go around sight-seeing, so he changed the pressure of the reporter's following him into something else. Joe's dad is very open and is a superior man. I could use his way on myself. During a person's existence, you'll be faced with many variables. Being happy is something that can be controlled by yourself. Use your own wisdom and your experiences in life to reconcile and to adjust."

This picture of Vivian and Joe was provided by Vivian from her private collection.

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