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Source : - March 4, 2008 ; Translated by Dawn; Posted on June 14, 2008

Two generations of Jade Girls meet face to face on narrow path; Vivian Chow and Gigi Leung compete for popularity

Vivian Chow.


If two people met on a narrow road, then the brave one would win. In show biz, it would be if two people met on the same stage, then the most popular would win. Recently, Vivian Chow and Gigi Leung Wing Kei appeared at the same time at the Shanghai airport, and as chance would have it, they would be riding on the same airplane flying from Shanghai back to Hong Kong.

Even though both of them are called Jade Girls, on that day, both of their "treatments" were different. Vivian 'appeared to be by herself,' as there were no fans at the airport to see her off. When Vivian saw that someone was taking her picture, she would put on her sunglasses and was especially low-key. Maybe Vivian was already not accustomed to taking pictures with others or signing autographs, since she stepped out of the entertainment business for many years. As chance would have it, just when the older generation jade girl left to go to the airport hall to wait, the new generation jade girl, Gigi Leung arrived at the airport along with a group of her close fans. Gigi and her fans were walking and chatting side by side, up until Gigi had to enter the customs area, where Gigi was still reluctant to part with her fans and turned her head many times to say good-bye to them. The scene was very warm.


Source : Ta Kung Pao and Wen Wei Po newspapers, - March 4, 2008 ; Translated by Dawn; Posted on June 14, 2008

Vivian and Leo Ku filming short video and eating boxed lunches together
(abridged version of actual articles)

(Picture from Wen Wei Po)

Vivian is still a jade girl. (Picture from


Yesterday (3/3), Leo Ku Kui Kei and Vivian Chow were working together at Chater Garden in Central to shoot a promotional clip for the government, encouraging all citizens to eagerly vote. Vivian woke up at 5 in the morning to put on makeup and have her hair done. Her professional attitude was excellent. Yesterday, the weather was sunny and clear. When the two of them were waiting to shoot the scene, the crew held umbrellas over them to block the sun. The two of them even ate boxed lunches together, so besides work, they could also get together to talk, which made them really happy.

Vivian and Leo are very good friends, but this is the first time since many years ago that they were working together again. Vivian said she had worked together with Leo back in 1993 on the TV series "Justice Pao." At that time, she made a guest appearance on the drama acting as a princess. She praised Leo for being a very well-behaved and very righteous person, and she said that nowadays, they would often try to meet with each other for a meal. But they didn't expect that while working together this time, the both of them would be eating boxed lunches in a garden. This will most likely be an unforgettable moment for them. Vivian said it was a very good feeling to be working and eating boxed lunches together. Regarding Lydia Shum Din Ha's memorial service yesterday, Vivian said she was not able to attend, because she was in Shanghai for a charity event. At that charity event, Jet Li presented her with the "Most Influential Charitable Star" award. Vivian said she was very happy to receive the award and hoped to be able to make use of her popularity to influence people to do more charity work in the future. She said that nowadays, she no longer seeks materialistic enjoyment, and on the contrary, she really looks forward to participating in more charity work. She said it's her own good fortune to be able to do more good deeds.


Vivian wants to do more good deeds. (Picture from

Source : MingPao Daily newspaper, - March 4, 2008 ; Translated by Dawn; Posted on June 14, 2008

Vivian feels regret, having missed Lydia Shum's memorial service
(abridged version of actual articles)

Vivian said she enjoyed eating her boxed lunch with Leo. (Picture from MingPao Daily)


Yesterday (3/3), Vivian Chow and Leo Ku Kui Kei worked together in Central to shoot a promotional clip for the government. The last time the two of them worked together was 15 years ago when they were filming a TV series. Vivian said, "It's usually very difficult for us to find the time to meet. This time we're eating boxed lunches together at work, and the feeling is pretty good."

In the past, Vivian worked together with Lydia Shum Din Ha in the movie "Perfect Match." Although they seldom contacted each other after filming this movie, they would occasionally bump into each other at events and would chat. Vivian said, "Two days ago I was in Shanghai attending an event and missed going to Lydia's memorial service. I really couldn't help it." Vivian revealed that she received the "Most Influential Charitable Star" award from the hands of Jet Li at the event in Shanghai, and said she will be doing more charity work in the future.


Yesterday, Vivian and Leo were in Central shooting a promotional clip for the government. (Picture from

Source : Apple Daily, The Sun, and Oriental Daily newspapers - March 4, 2008 ; Translated by Dawn; Posted on June 14, 2008

Leo Ku and Vivian Chow eating boxed lunches
(abridged version of actual articles)

It's rare for good friends Leo Ku and Vivian Chow to be working together. (Picture from Apple Daily)

Leo and Vivian are very good friends. They especially had a tacit understanding when they worked together. (Picture from The Sun)


Vivian Chow and Leo Ku Kui Kei have been good friends for a long time. Yesterday (3/3), they were at Chater Garden in Central shooting a new voting promotional clip for the government. Even though they needed to work under the hot sun, they were still very happy filming together. Actually, the both of them have known each other since 1993, but this was the first time since '93 that they've worked together on-screen again. Vivian said, "It's been 15 years since we have acted together on-screen. Back then, both of us were in Taiwan filming the TV series 'Justice Pao.' I was making a guest appearance on the drama acting as a princess. At that time, I already felt that Leo was the same as he is today, being a very well-behaved and very righteous person. Later we became good friends, but it's hard for us to meet for a meal together, because we're always so busy. Who would have guessed that today we would be able to eat our boxed lunches together. Although we're just eating a lunch box, it still feels very good."


Vivian and Leo. (Picture from Apple Daily)

Leo and Vivian's friendship is not superficial. They especially had a tacit understanding when they worked together. (Picture from Oriental Daily)

Source : Next magazine #845 - May 18, 2006 ; Translated by Dawn; Posted on June 14, 2008

Doesn't wish to earn money; Vivian says, "I don't have to please anyone!"

Doing good deeds is a precondition for Vivian to hold the microphone again. Vivian said, "It doesn't necessarily have to be for animals. When I have the chance, I will help to do fundraising for people. Right now, there have been different charitable organizations who have contacted me."


Vivian Chow will soon be making her comeback with 3 concert shows. All of her concert earnings will be donated to the "Non-Profit making Veterinary clinic" (NPV) to help fund their services. Performing on stage again is for love, and not money.

While Vivian is performing voluntarily, the ticket sales for her concert have been a success, and some people have been trying to suggest the idea to Vivian about having more shows to earn some real money. One concert organizer said if she agrees to do a world concert tour, which includes places like the USA, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Mainland China etc., then she could easily pocket HK$10 million (US$ 1,279,508). However, Vivian has 'stress phobia' and would rather not earn the money. Vivian said, "I won't think of myself as being a star or artist again. I already don't need to please anyone. I'd rather save some time to accompany the people I like and do the things I like. I will only sing again for charity. My lifestyle requirements are very simple. If I have the '3 pan-fried treasures' (pan-fried eggplant, green bell pepper, and tofu stuffed with minced fish meat) or a coffee cake roll as a meal, then I'm already very happy."

Easily feels stressed
In 2004, Vivian performed at Sam Hui's concert for free, and since then, there have constantly been people suggesting to Vivian to come back and have a concert. She said, "I've already been preparing for this concert since a year ago, and at the same time, I also wanted to help NPV raise money, because their organization hasn't officially been established, so that's why I decided to make use of my popularity to bring about people's attention, and thus decided to have a concert."

Vivian said, "After I've completed this show and have waited for the money to be transferred, then my dream will be accomplished. The operation of the clinic afterwards will depend upon themselves (NPV)."

The minute Vivian said she was making a comeback, a group of concert organizers were one by one suggesting that she should have another concert again and have a world concert tour, with her being offered as high as HK$10 million (US$1,279,508) for these concerts. However, Vivian wasn't interested in the money and didn't want to have the concerts. She said, "I won't let myself be under a lot of stress again. Although this hasn't caused any specific symptoms, but because I become stressed easily, I would feel a lot of pressure everytime I do something. I won't allow myself to do a bad job on anything."

For this meaningful concert, Vivian decided she would do this concert before telling her boyfriend, Joe Ngai Jan, because she was afraid he would be opposed to her decision. She said, "I knew he would be opposed to it, so I told him about it after I had already decided everything, because then he wouldn't have any chance to persuade me to not do it. He would be thinking, 'Why should you need to work so hard?' However, he would surely support me in my decision."

  In April at Vivian's concert press conference, Vivian's weight had dropped to 98 pounds. Reporters pointed out that Vivian's chest area became smaller, and Vivian quickly tried to eat more food to gain weight.
  Even though Vivian is able to earn a lot of money, she still loves to eat things that the common people eat. Her favorite foods are curry fish balls and mini-egg waffles.

I make the decision
Until now, the outside world believed firmly that Joe was Vivian's advisor, like if the boyfriend said 'no,' then the girlfriend wouldn't dare to say 'yes.' But this is actually a glaring mistake. Vivian said, "Many people thought that Joe helped me make a lot of my decisions, but actually, I make my own decisions on everything. I'm a very stubborn person! I was trained like this since my childhood. I was the only daughter at home (only child), and my mother suffered and worked very hard to raise me. But my mom is much older than me. She's 82 years old this year. That's why I already started helping myself to make all my decisions when I was very young, and if I had any problems, I would solve them myself."

For the concert this time, Vivian's weight dropped from 118 pounds to 98 pounds. After going through a compressed form of gaining weight, her weight has returned to 105 pounds. She said, "If I was only responsible for singing and dancing, then it would be easy. But I'm a person who easily stresses out. I would participate in every part, and I would even make a telephone call to ask about the progress, which is giving me a lot of pressure. It's been a long time since I've been with my cats. I really want to thank Joe. He's helping me during this time period to take care of the cats, and if they're not feeling well, then he would take them to see the veterinarian, which let's me to be able to keep my mind on preparing for my concert."

  Besides doing good deeds, the concert this time has also given Vivian the chance to get to know some new friends that are responsible for playing the music at her concert, including this foreigner who plays the saxophone.
  When the band members asked to take pictures together, Vivian satisfied all band members by taking a picture with each of them, and not showing any arrogance.
  Vivian describes Joe as being a big kid. To make his girfriend happy, he once took a picture while using their beloved cat Pal to cover up the bottom part of his body.
  The palace dress Vivian wore in 1994 for her "Wedding of Feelings" MV was very shocking. For her concert this time, she will also be wearing a queen palace dress, and many people are looking forward to it.

Low-priced entertainment
In order to gain weight, Vivian has been crazily eating her favorite foods, such as the '3 pan-fried treasures' and curry fish balls. She hasn't avoided eating these foods in order to protect her voice. She said, "For this aspect, I'm really relaxed. These kinds of foods won't affect my voice. My lifestyle requirements are very simple. As long as I can eat the coffee cake roll that I like everyday (eaten everyday for 10 years), then I'm already very satisfied!"

Vivian's 'thrifty girl' nickname is well supported by fact. Some people enjoy going to a hotel for high tea, but Vivian instead likes to go to Cafe de Coral to drink a cup of milk tea that costs a few dollars.

She said, "I would sit there and finish my drink before leaving. When the people see me sitting there, they would think it's very strange, but I don't feel there's a problem."

Vivian could eat a lot, but she wouldn't become fat, and that's just natural for her. She said, "I've been about 110 pounds for many years. I weighed the most when I was studying in A Level. I came down with tuberculosis at that time, and then after I recovered, I would be eating tonics everyday and drinking milk, and I gained weight. The most I weighed was 128 pounds."

Vivian isn't afraid to eat fried foods. In the past, Vivian would eat one cup of ice cream everyday, but because of her concert, she has already avoided eating cold things. She said, "I don't eat ice cream nowadays and seldom have cold drinks. I've changed to drinking warm water. I would also drink Cordyceps sinensis, and I would go see a traditional Chinese medicine doctor to recuperate my body, because women have always been a little weaker!"

     This year during February, Vivian became the 'walking billboard' for the pool hall that Joe opened, so Joe went to one of the food stalls to buy food for Vivian as a recognition for her work, putting into practice the style of the thrifty family.
  Although Vivian saves money on many things, she doesn't mind spending money on dinner with her father-in-law Ngai Hong (far right).

Hasn't changed her appearance
After all these years, Vivian hasn't lost her original shape. Actually, food helps her appearance, and she also doesn't mind revealing her secret recipe to staying fit.

She said, "I think about things in a very simple way. Joe and I are like big kids. It's very easy for us to be happy. We have 4 cats at home. Actually, both of us are cats, so that should be a total of 6 cats."

She also said, "The most important thing is to be happy. Money can't buy happiness. In the past, I had binding contracts which would sometimes require me to do things that I didn't want to do. But now I can make my own choices and I won't force myself to do things that I don't want to do. I already don't need to please anyone, but I also won't make a person feel uncomfortable! This is my objective for how I conduct myself today!"

  For Vivian's concert this time, she will be playing on a transparent grand piano that's worth more than HK$1 million (US$127,944) . She will be playing and singing 3 songs on this piano, showing off her level 8 piano skills.
  Vivian hasn't practiced playing the piano for many years, because her cat Pal doesn't like the sound of a piano. Recently, she had to practice at her mom's home to get ready for her concert. Even her piano sheet music was copied by herself and not written by another person..

Rich Thrifty Girl
Vivian's nickname is 'Thrifty Girl' (from her character on the TV series "The Greed of Man"). She's been cautious about her finances all along. In 1997 during the financial storm, everyone lost most of their assets. But Vivian never invested in real estate or stocks. Back in '97, she only owned 2 units at San Francisco Tower which was worth a total of HK$15 million (US$1,919,164), plus she had her retirement concert during that year, and it was rumored she had HK$50 million (US$6,397,215) in cash saved in the bank. It's said that even though she doesn't have any worries in life, she still puts her thrifty style into practice. She doesn't love to wear designer clothes. When buying clothes, she would only choose the clothes from last season. Her favorite food is the curry fish balls from the street-side stalls and the common people's milk tea. The biggest investment would be Vivian and Joe's cars, which are a HK$200,000 (US$25,589) Volkswagen and a HK$300,000+ (US$38,383+) BMW 320i.

  Vivian drove her previous BMW for more than 10 years. She was only willing to part with it last year and changed to a new style.
  As the Asia spokesperson for Shiseido, Vivian earned HK$8,000,000 (US$1,023,554) in 2 years.

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