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Source : - March 3, 2008 ; Translated by Dawn; Posted on May 11, 2008

Peter Ho Yun Dung became shy when he saw his idol Vivian Chow
(abridged version of actual article)

Peter Ho (left) and Vivian.


Two nights ago (3/1), Peter Ho Yun Dung was invited to Shanghai to attend the "Lightening Touches Charity Evening Party" and walked down the red carpet with his dream jade girl Vivian Chow.

Peter said that when he had entered the entertainment industry, Vivian was just retiring, so for many years, he never had the chance to see his dream idol. After he saw Vivian two nights ago, he said, "She hasn't changed at all. She still has a very pure jade girl look."

Source : Oriental Daily and The Sun newspapers - March 3, 2008 ; Translated by Dawn; Posted on May 11, 2008

Vivian could make a comeback at any time
(abridged version of actual articles)

Vivian became the focal point when she appeared in a splendid dress to attend a big charity event in Shanghai. (Picture from Oriental Daily)


Two nights ago (3/1), the "Love Me China 2008 New Entertainment Charity Stars Event" took place in Shanghai. Female stars from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan all wore splendid clothes to attend the event. Vivian Chow, who hasn't appeared in the Mainland for a long time, wore a tube dress to the event. Her beautiful looks nearly covered up all the other female stars!

During the awards ceremony two nights ago, Vivian won the "Most Influential Charitable Star" award. She said she's a sponsor of 4 children in the Congo and said that even though they're very poor, their hearts are very rich. She also said that money is not the most important thing when it comes to doing good deeds; showing that you care is already sufficient. When a reporter asked how she felt about carrying the 'jade girl' name, she said, "The 'jade girl' name has followed me for many years, but I don't feel any pressure. I just treat it with an ordinary mindset and it's good enough." She was asked if she had any interest in taking on any new jobs. She said, "I'll let fate decide. If I come across a good project, then I'll consider it."


Vivian looked glamorous wearing a low cut evening dress to attend the charity event. (Picture from The Sun)

Source : - March 2, 2008 ; Translated by Dawn; Posted on May 11, 2008

Vivian pays close attention to charity work; entered showbiz for 20 years and plans to celebrate with fans

Vivian Chow.


Vivian Chow has always paid close attention to doing charity work for the community. Regarding celebrities doing charity work, Vivian has her own opinion about this and said, "An artist is able to obtain fate with the audience, because the audience approves of this artist's influence. Therefore, an artist should use their influence and put it into doing charity work, as it's also their most obligatory responsibility. I'm a sponsor of 4 children. To me, it seems very simple to help them. You don't need to have a lot of power or have a lot of money. You only need to care, and then it's possible."

The year 2008 is the 20th anniversary of Vivian being in the entertainment circle. Regarding this special day, she's planning on having an activity to celebrate together with her fans. As for Vivian always having the nickname of 'Jade Girl' ever since she entered showbiz, she laughed saying she's never felt any pressure and said, "I maintain an ordinary mindset. Let everything be decided by fate. This year I will be spending even more time doing community work. As for whether I'll act or sing again, I'll let fate decide."


Vivian at the charity awards ceremony in Shanghai.

Source : The Sun and Oriental Daily newspapers, - March 2, 2008 ; Translated by Dawn; Posted on May 11, 2008

Vivian Chow going all out to reveal some skin, beating Vivian Hsu
(abridged version of actual articles)

Vivian wore a tube dress showing off her shoulders and succeeded in grabbing everyone's attention. (Picture from The Sun)

Vivian wore a tube dress and looked beautiful and glamorous. (Picture from Oriental Daily)

(Picture from


Vivian Chow has actively participated in charity events after leaving the entertainment industry. Last night, she was in Shanghai to attend the "2008 New Entertainment Charity Stars Event." This charity awards ceremony included stars from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, such as Vivian Chow, Fan Bing Bing, Vivian Hsu, Peter Ho Yun Tung, Irene Wan Bik Ha, Nicky Wu, Jimmy Lin and others. Every time there's a big event, most of the female stars would battle to show off their figure, but this time, they all unexpectedly put away their sexy dresses. The only star who was rather eye-catching was Vivian Chow, who wore a long dress that revealed her shoulders. Vivian Hsu's low cut dress was also no match against Vivian Chow's dress. All the stars walked on the red carpet together with the people who received assistance from the charity organizations. Vivian walked on the red carpet while holding hands with one of the children. At the awards ceremony, Jet Li presented Vivian with the "Most Influential Charitable Star" award.

Appearing in Shanghai for the first time in 15 years
It's been 15 years since Vivian came to Shanghai. Last night, she was being pursued by the media and her fans. Everywhere she went, she was being surrounded by a crowd of people. She's still a 'Jade Girl.' After she stepped away from the entertainment circle, she has been enthusiastic about doing charity work all over the place. Last year, she went to the Congo to visit the local impoverished people and also became the sponsor of a 2-year-old girl. Vivian has always appealed to have more friends become a child sponsor, to allow the poor children to enjoy the warmth of a family. She felt that she's a woman who has been cared for by God, so she wanted to give back to society. She said, "It's just like being able to use the attention that we give to ourselves, and use this strength to pay close attention to society and give back to society." Currently, Vivian is a sponsor of 4 children. When asked if she likes children and if she's thought about giving birth to her own child, she laughed saying, "Besides the children that I sponsor, I already have many 'children' at home, and they are my cats and dog. The love that we give to these 'children' is no different than what a father and mother would give to their children." Besides doing charity work this year, it's also the 20th year of Vivian being in showbiz. Regarding her plans for acting again, she said, "As long as it's fun and interesting, then I'll think about doing it."

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Vivian's dress with prism shapes was eye-catching. (Picture from

Vivian looked beautiful and glamorous. (Picture from

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Source : Oriental Daily and The Sun newspapers - May 16, 2006 ; Translated by Dawn; Posted on May 11, 2008

Vivian giving the ultimate shiny idol card to fans

Years ago, Vivian's sexy palace dress shiny idol cards were a hot selling item at Sino Centre and started the popular craze of collecting shiny idol cards. (Picture from Oriental Daily)



Vivian Chow's concert will take place starting next Thursday at the Hong Kong Coliseum. Vivian's sponsor has printed a limited number of ultimate shiny idol cards to give to the fans to repay them for supporting Vivian and to coordinate with the "Shiny Idol Card Queen's" return to the stage. This is bound to create a trend again of collecting shiny idol cards.

This newspaper is the first one to expose the image of Vivian's ultimate shiny idol card. The image of the card is taken from Vivian's concert poster, which was created by the famous master Wong Chung Hoi. The back of the shiny idol card has information about the HK Non-Profit making Veterinary clinic, since Vivian is making her comeback in order to help raise money for them. The concert sponsor has printed more than 30,000 shiny idol cards and will be passing them out for free to the audience at the 3 concert shows.

Palace dress shiny idol card was a hot selling item
Vivian is called the "Jade Girl Master." Years ago, Vivian was famous for being the "Shiny Idol Card Queen," and for a long period of time at Sino Centre, she would maintain the highest sales volume record for shiny idol cards. As for her sexy palace dress shiny idol cards which were shot during her "Wedding of Feelings" MV, these idol cards were a hot selling item, and for a time, there even appeared to be a rush to buy these cards. But according to sources, Vivian didn't like those idol cards the most, because she felt her image was too sexy and she didn't look good, so every time a fan asked her for her autograph on this type of idol card, she would specifically sign on her chest area to cover up her well-developed figure. Regarding the design of the 'ultimate shiny idol card,' Vivian really appreciates it, because it's just the right thing to serve as a testimony of Vivian's era.

Getting a headache deciding the order of the guest performers
Since there are only a few days left until Vivian's concert, she's not only busy rehearsing, she also has to try on all of her concert costumes again, because Vivian had lost a lot of weight earlier while preparing for her concert, so all of her clothes have to be altered. But each costume will make Vivian's beautiful figure stand out. As for her concert guest performers, there will be Leo Ku Kui Kei, Hacken Lee Hak Kan, Chris Wong Hoi Kan, Jo Kuk Jo Lam and others. The concert sponsor is getting a headache deciding what their performing order will be.


"Shiny Idol Card Queen" Vivian Chow will be giving out her 'ultimate shiny idol card' at her concert. (Picture from The Sun)

Years ago, this type of shiny idol card with Vivian wearing the palace dress was the sales champion for some time at Sino Centre. (Picture from The Sun)

Source : Sudden Weekly magazine #563 - May 12, 2006 ; Translated by Dawn; Posted on May 11, 2008

"Perverted tall man" made a surprise attack on Vivian

During the event, "perverted tall man" (yellow circle) constantly watched Vivian through the window.


Recently, Jade Girl Master Vivian Chow came upon a despicable man. But everyone doesn't need to worry. The despicable man isn't Joe Ngai Jan, but instead is another "perverted tall man."

Last Thursday (5/4), Vivian was at the Parsons Music shop at Times Square in Causeway Bay for a promotional event. The shop was filled with reporters, and there were many people outside the shop looking in.

When the event was over, a reporter was chasing after Vivian for an interview, but suddenly, Vivian screamed loudly and turned her head to look; there was a tall man who was sneakily walking away. It turns out that this "perverted tall man" mixed in with the large group of reporters and suddenly squat down and touched Vivian's back one time. None of the reporters noticed the "perverted tall man's" evil conduct, because every reporter was busy looking at Vivian only.

Afterwards, Vivian had no choice but to say that whoever touched her knew what he did, but she didn't see who it was with her own eyes, and there wasn't anyone else who could confirm who did it, so the incident wasn't further looked into.

Alas, being a woman is difficult, and women are on the losing end. We could only blame the countless despicable men of the world!

  Vivian was walking while talking with a fan, and "perverted tall man" was following behind them.
  "Perverted tall man" suddenly squatted down, avoiding the reporter's camera, and then made a surprise attack on Vivian.
  After Vivian was attacked, she immediately turned her head to look for the criminal. She could only see the "perverted tall man" who had already stood up and was sneakily smiling as he walked away.
  Reporter: "How despicable; he won't have a good outcome!"


Source : MingPao Daily and Apple Daily newspapers - May 12, 2006 ; Translated by Dawn; Posted on May 11, 2008

Peter So Man Fung teaching Vivian and Joe how to rearrange furniture to enhance their chances of getting married
(abridged version of actual articles)

Peter So Man Fung and Natalie Ng. Peter indicated that Vivian and Joe will have a greater chance of getting married in 2008 or 2009. (Picture from Apple Daily)

Vivian Chow. (Picture on file from Apple Daily)


Feng Shui master Peter So Man Fung will be hosting a TV program "Feng Shui Lecture Of Master So" with Natalie Ng Man Yan for the I-cable Entertainment channel. Tomorrow, Peter will be teaching Vivian Chow and Joe Ngai Jan how to rearrange their furniture to hasten their feelings of getting married.

Earlier there were rumors that a 3rd party became involved in Vivian and Joe's relationship, which changed Vivian and Joe's feelings for each other, but Vivian already clarified that she trusted her boyfriend 100%. Peter pointed out that both of them will have a difficult year in 2006 and 2007. He said that they will especially argue a lot and easily provoke a dispute, and as a result, this will cause a crisis in their relationship. Peter said, "They should rearrange their home furniture to hasten their feelings of getting married. With this arrangement, it will enhance the romance between people who are already married, and it will hasten the feelings of unmarried people to get married. The method is to put a flower pot in the southwest part of the home with 9 red flowers that surround 4 green plants. Even if they don't want to get married, this can still hasten their relationship to prosper." Peter predicts that Vivian and Joe will have a greater chance of getting married in 2008 or 2009.


There are rumors that Vivian and Joe's feelings for each other have changed. It looks like they need to rearrange their furniture to seek luck and avoid calamity. (Picture on file from MingPao Daily)

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