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Source : Sudden Weekly magazine #653 - February 1, 2008 ; Translated by Dawn; Posted on February 28, 2008

Vivian appearing at George Lam Chi Cheung's Guangzhou concert...
(abridged version of actual article)

It's been known early on that Vivian has a good body shape, but who would have guessed that she would still wear a low cut dress showing off her body shape when it was only 6 degrees Celcius (42.8 F) that night at Lam's concert.

Besides a close up shot of Lam, there was also a big and pretty picture of Vivian on Lam's concert promotion poster.


George Lam Chi Cheung (Lam) has said before that he would never retire from singing. Last Saturday (January 26), he held a concert at the Tianhe Stadium in Guangzhou, China. During the show, it was drizzling rain and windy. The temperature was only 6 degrees Celcius (42.8F). It was a wet and cold night, and the audience even had to wear raincoats to watch the show. Vivian Chow was one of the guest performers at Lam's concert.

Gave her first time to Lam
Lam's concert reached its climax when Vivian appeared on stage. Vivian didn't fear the cold wind and wore a low cut dress. The minute she appeared on stage, the audience went wild. Seeing the warm response from the audience, Vivian screamed, "If everyone is a little more enthusiastic, then I would feel warmer!" Vivian and Lam sang the duet song "Still In Love After Separating" After this song, Vivian even said, "I gave Lam a lot of my 'first time' experiences, such as the first time to act in a movie, the first time I bought a male singer's album, and the first time I let a man with a moustache kiss me on the cheek... his moustache is very prickly!" Then she sang "When the Red Leaf Falls" and "A Long and Lasting Love."


In 1988, Vivian and Lam got to know each other by working together in the movie "Heart to Hearts," and there were even rumors about them. During Vivian's 2006 concert, she had invited Lam to be a guest performer.

Source :,,, - January 28, 2008 ; Translated by Dawn; Posted on February 28, 2008

Vivian appearing at George Lam Chi Cheung's Guangzhou concert...
(abridged version of actual articles)

Vivian and George Lam. (Picture from

Vivian was wearing a low cut dress at Lam's concert. (Picture from


On January 26th, the temperature at night in Guangzhou, China was only 7 degrees Celcius (44.6 F). There was cold wind and rain, but at the Tianhe Stadium, the people were very enthusiastic and high as 60-year-old George Lam Chi Cheung (Lam) was putting forth a lot of energy while singing on stage. Close to 10,000 audience members were watching Lam's concert while wearing raincoats and trying to withstand the bitter cold.

Vivian Chow and Lowell Lo Kung Ting were guest performers
For Lam's Guangzhou concert this time, it was announced earlier that there would be guest performers at his concert, and that the two guest performers seldom appear in Guangzhou.

Although it was the first time for Lowell Lo and Vivian Chow to perform at an outdoor concert venue in Guangzhou, Vivian was more well-known and more popular compared to Lowell. Lam's concert reached its climax when Vivian appeared on stage. When Lam introduced Vivian on stage at 9:50PM, the audience applauded loudly. Vivian yelled to the audience, "If everyone is a little more enthusiastic, then I would feel warmer!" Vivian already looked very beautiful just wearing a low cut dress and a black coat. Although she's 40 years old, she still looked as good as many years ago. Vivian said she was a faithful fan of Lam. When she was on stage, she joked about how she gave Lam a lot of her 'first time' experiences. She said, "This is the first time I've performed outside in such cold weather. The first time I bought a concert ticket, it was to see your (Lam) show. The first time I bought a male singer's album was your (Lam) album." Lam gave Vivian a hug, and Vivian jokingly said, "He just gave me another 'first time,' the first time my face was pricked by his moustache, which was quite painful." Lam and Vivian sang the duet song "Still In Love After Separating," and the fans screamed endlessly. It's been more than 10 years since Vivian has performed in Guangzhou. The concert reached its climax when she sang her songs "When the Red Leaf Falls" and "A Long and Lasting Love".

(Pictures from

Source :, - April 26, 2006 ; Translated by Dawn; Posted on February 28, 2008

Finally coming back, Back for Love
Vivian will be performing at the HK Coliseum

Vivian has finally lined up to make a comeback after Chris Wong, Sam Hui, Paula Tsui, and Shirley Kwan. (Picture from

Vivian is trying to gain weight for her concert. (Picture from

Vivian laughed saying she would think about making a 2006 version of the palace dress. (Picture from

She still looks pretty when leaning her head to the side. (Picture from

Vivian is currently thinking of a way to bring her cat son Pal by her side and be together with her during her concert. (Picture from


When counting the big events in the entertainment circle within the past 2 years, there was the category of 'singers making a comeback and having a concert,' which included Chris Wong Hoi Kan, Sam Hui Koon Kit, Paula Tsui Siu Fung, Shirley Kwan Suk Yi, and Donald Cheung Wai Man. But in 2006, it's finally Vivian Chow's turn to be the lead.

It's said to be "finally," because after Jade Girl Master returned to HK, there were constant rumors about her having a concert again, but Vivian didn't take any action, up until the person responsible for the 'HK Non-Profit making Veterinary Service Society' found her. This was the first time after she left showbiz that her heart was moved to having a concert. She will be having three 'Vivian Chow Back for Love Concert' shows from May 25th through May 27th at the HK Coliseum.

'100 pound' shock
VIvian said, "Animals are more significant than any other thing to me. The quickest way to raise money and to let everyone know about this veterinary clinic is to have a concert!" Vivian considered for a very short time before deciding to have a concert at the HK Coliseum, because she knows that she's a master of feeling stressed, and if she thought about it anymore, then it would only drag on the matter for a longer period of time and she'd feel more apprehension the longer she thought about it.

Vivian said, "My thoughts are to act first and then tell others afterwards. I would only dare to tell my boyfriend (Joe Ngai Jan) about it after I've discussed this over with other people. He most clearly knows my character. By having a concert again, he's afraid I'll be very stressed and that it would be very exhausting for me. He would definitely tell me to think clearly before deciding!"

Joe was right. Once the preparation work began, Vivian was busy everyday with meetings and having to think of ideas, practice singing, dance rehearsals, and doing exercises. Even when she's lying in bed, her brain still doesn't want to stop working, and everytime she thought of something good, she would get up out of bed and write down her thoughts. As a result of all this, she unknowingly lost 10 pounds of meat.

Vivian said, "I've always told everyone that I was 110 pounds. Actually, I don't have a habit of getting on the scale often; one day, I suddenly had the impulse to get on the scale and saw my weight and thought, 'hey, what happened?' I weighed 100 pounds! It's been more than 10 years since I was below 105 lbs. The last time was when I was in middle school, and that was when I had tuberculosis and weighed only 100 pounds!"

Vivian knows that having a concert requires a great amount of strength and energy. The '100 pound' shock made her immediately begin her plan of gaining weight. Besides eating lots of ice cream and having night snacks, there was also another way to gain weight. She said, "The thing I like to eat most is cake, especially coffee cake roll. I would eat one roll everyday(!), up until my weight reached 106 lbs. and then I would stop!" It's easy to gain weight and hard to lose weight. After 7 days, Vivian's weight increased to 106 lbs. and she was no longer a bony beautiful lady!

Doesn't want to force Joe
People reminisce the most about the very revealing classic palace dress Vivian wore years ago. Will we have the honor of seeing this dress again at the concert this time? She laughed saying, "When we were discussing about the concert costumes, we didn't plan on adding a palace dress. But after the announcement of me having a concert, there were lots of people asking this question! Maybe we'll think about it and create a 2006 version of this dress, because the old dress was already sold a long time ago, so it's not possible to wear it again!"

Wearing a palace dress isn't a problem, but instead, choosing the songs for her concert is a mental juncture for her. After Vivian stepped away from showbiz, she still loved to sing karaoke, but she would never choose her own classic songs. In order to avoid getting herself into a difficult situation, she would only sing her songs to her good friends. Now that she's having a concert again, there's no reason she should be singing only other people's songs, right?

She said, "The rundown has already been decided. I would be singing about 40 songs, but the time is still too long, so I have to cut a few of the songs. Actually, there's a few classic songs that I've sung so much that I'm afraid to sing them and secretly decided not to sing them again, but now I've given in to the crowd's request and have passed my mental juncture. One of those songs will be the opening song for my concert!"

In order to keep a mysterious feel, she was determined not to leak out any information. Is her opening song going to be "One-sided Love," or "If You Knew My Motive?" That all depends on you finding out the answer.

Guest performers at her concert include her good friends Leo Ku Kui Kei, Chris Wong Hoi Kan, Hacken Lee Hak Kan, Samuel Toi Jing Siu, and Kevin Lam Lung Suen. Of course, everyone is wondering whether her boyfriend Joe would make an exception and go on stage to give his first performance at the HK Coliseum. She said, "Joe going on stage? What are you talking about? He doesn't sing!" The reporter said, "He can do stand-up comedy!" She said, "Actually, he's not an extroverted person. He doesn't feel comfortable on stage, and I don't want to force him on stage. I'd rather he silently support me by sitting in the audience!"

Definitely won't make a complete comeback
As for another important male in her life, her 'cat son' Pal, she's still thinking hard about how to get Pal into the HK Coliseum. She said, "Last time at Sam's concert, I saw him bring his dog at first, but later the HK Coliseum wouldn't allow it, and he had to carry his dog out of the venue. So now I'm thinking about how I can bring Pal by my side and be together with me during my concert."

Vivian and Joe sincerely look upon Pal as if he's their son, so they both already have a consensus on not having children and hope to wholeheartedly take care of all their pets. She said, "A pet's life is limited. We already forsee having to face the separation of us and our beloved pets after their death, but it's no reason to give up taking care of them just to avoid feeling some sadness, right? I want to ensure that they have a healthy and happy life!"

How about marriage? It's not contradicting to be taking care of Pal, right? Maybe Pal also wishes to be the 'flower boy!' Vivian said, "I highly respect marriage, and I'm not really against it. But we currently have a good relationship and also firmly believe the important position we have in each other's heart. It's not necessary to use a marriage certificate to prove anything. Maybe one day we'll suddenly have an impulse to get married!"

Right now, Vivian only has one thing in mind, and that is to have a good concert, because she won't rule out the possibility of this concert being the last time she performs on stage. She said, "After my concert, I would first rest for a while, and then decide what to do. But I definitely won't be making a complete comeback to be a full-time entertainer!"

She's back because of love; Vivian, we're looking forward to "Beloved."

Source : Ta Kung Pao, MingPao Daily, SingPao, SingTao, and Wen Wei Po newspapers - April 25, 2006 ;
Translated by Dawn; Posted on February 28, 2008

Vivian is back on stage again; her body shape has shrunk

Vivian needs to work hard to gain weight. (Picture from Ta Kung Pao)

Vivian's Armani clothes and jewelry are worth about HK $220,000. (Picture from MingPao Daily)

Vivian was wearing a Giorgio Armani evening gown worth HK$89,000. The dress would often slip down because of all the crystals sewn on the dress. (Picture from SingPao)


Vivian Chow's 2006 "Back for Love" concert will take place at the Hong Kong Coliseum on May 25th through May 27th for 3 shows. This time Vivian is coming back on stage not only to see her fans that she hasn't seen for a long time, but also for charity, and she will be donating all of her 7-figure concert earnings for the 3 concerts to the HK Non-Profit making Veterinary Service Society to raise money for establishing a veterinary clinic. Vivian indicated that she wouldn't use her own name as the name of the clinic, because the clinic isn't a registered charity, so if the Inland Revenue Department were to pursue her to pay taxes on her concert earnings, then it would be tragic if she had to give money and hard work for charity but still have to take out money from her own pocket to cover the taxes.

Yesterday (4/24) at Vivian's concert press conference, she wore a Girgio Armani evening gown which was shipped from Milan and worth HK$89,000 (US$11,425). She also wore Armani earrings, necklace, shoes, ring, and head piece. The total cost of everything was close to HK$220,000 (US$28,241). Vivian has lost a lot of weight recently because she was very stressed out about her concert performance this time. Her weight dropped as low as 98 lbs. at one point.

Lowest weight at 98 pounds
Yesterday, Vivian wore a low-cut and sexy evening gown to attend the press conference. Since there were many crystals sewn on her dress, and because of her skinny body shape, her dress would sometimes look like it was about to slip down, which was rather dangerous. The sponsor of Vivian's concert gave Vivian a gold light bulb as a gift. Vivian's previous concert was back in 1994. This time she's having a concert again, and she's feeling very stressed, which has caused her to automatically become thin. Vivian's usual weight is about 108 lbs., but earlier her weight dropped all the way down to 98 lbs. She worked very hard to gain some weight, and is now at 105 lbs. Reporters asked if her chest also became skinnier. She said, "Ha ha! My entire body became skinny." Reporters asked if her cup size decreased. She said, "I don't know, but I hope to gain two more pounds, and that should be good enough! When I was studying during my preparatory courses for college, I had tuberculosis and lost a lot of weight. After that, I haven't been below 100 lbs. until just recently."

Doesn't dare to ask Sam Hui
When talking about the costumes for Vivian's concert this time, she has given some suggestions for her costumes, but there won't be any styles that are too revealing. Vivian was asked if she would be wearing the sexy palace dress she wore years ago. She said, "The costumes are being designed by Bruce Yu Ka On. This time there will be some gorgeous clothes. I'll be dressed up like a graceful queen, but it won't be low-cut dresses. The sexy look would be healthy." She also said she wouldn't wear sexy clothes on purpose. This time she invited her good friends to be guest performers at her concert, including Jo Kuk Jo Lam, Hacken Lee Hak Kan, Leo Ku Kui Kei, Samuel Toi Jing Siu, Kevin Lam Lung Suen, and Chris Wong Hoi Kan. There's also a secret guest, but she can't reveal who the guest is at the moment. A few years ago, Vivian was a guest performer at Sam Hui's concert. Would she invite Sam to be a guest at her concert this time? Vivian laughed saying, "I don't dare to bother Sam, because he's always very low-key. I usually don't see him, besides for his concert last time. If I was so lucky that he actually agreed to be my guest, then I'm afraid there would be many other singers looking for him for their concerts next time. I will be inviting Sam to come see my concert, but I don't dare to invite him on stage." Also, Vivian said she would rather sing a few less of her own songs and sing more songs from other singers.

Personal wish to donate her concert earnings
As for her boyfriend Joe Ngai Jan, Vivian said he would certainly come to watch her concert, but he will not be going on stage, because he doesn't sing or dance. Her boyfriend said early on not to bother him, and not to ask him to sing. She also said that most people think that Joe usually has a lot to say, but when he's on stage, he would be very introverted. Actually, she's afraid he would be sitting too close to watch her at the concert, and said, "I'm most afraid of seeing him or my mom sitting in the audience, because it would definitely affect my performance and I would sing unnaturally." Would she be bringing her beloved cat Pal on stage? She said, "There are many people who are looking forward to seeing Pal, but the HK Coliseum doesn't allow animals inside. Last time Sam Hui tried to bring his dog into the Coliseum for his concert, but they wouldn't let him. I'm thinking about a solution which would let everyone see Pal but also wouldn't scare him. Pal gets scared even when he's at home and he hears me singing or practicing my piano. I'm afraid he would become uncontrollable if he was brought to my concert." Vivian said it was her personal wish to donate all of her concert earnings. This donation is enough to establish the Non-Profit making Veterinary Clinic and to pay for the first year's expenses.


Yesterday, Vivian wore Armani clothes and jewelry worth about HK $210,000 to attend the press conference. (Picture from SingTao)


Vivian is donating her concert earnings for her 3 shows to charity. (Picture from Wen Wei Po)


Source : Apple Daily, The Sun, and Oriental Daily newspapers - April 25, 2006 ; Translated by Dawn; Posted on February 28, 2008

Donating HK$1,000,000 concert earnings to help the animals;
Vivian's cup size decreased because of the concert

One day a jade girl, always a jade girl. Vivian would cover her mouth with her pair of hands when she laughed loudly to make sure she didn't have a failure of etiquette. (Picture from Apple Daily)

Vivian's dress, jewelry, head piece, and shoes were sponsored by Giorgio Armani and was worth more than HK$200,000 (US$25,674).
Head piece - HK$15,900 (US$2,041)
Earrings - HK$49,000 (US$6,290)
Neckace - HK$15,900 (US$2,041)
Dress - HK$89,000 (US$11,425)
Ring - HK$37,000 (US$4,750)
Shoes - HK$5,500 (US$706)

(Picture from Apple Daily)

1994's low-cut revealing palace dress. (Picture from Apple Daily)

Last year's cleavage appearance. (Picture from Apple Daily)


After Vivian Chow's 1994 concert, Vivian slowly started to step away from the music industry. She has always shown lots of love towards others. In order to help raise money for the Non-Profit making Veterinary Service Society to establish a veterinary clinic, Vivian decided she would step on stage again at the HK Coliseum. Vivian is feeling very stressed about this concert and started losing a lot of weight. Unfortunately, even her chest size was affected.

Vivian will be having concert shows next month (May) from the 25th-27th at the HK Coliseum. She's making a comeback because she wants to help the HK Non-Profit making Veterinary Service Society (NPV) to establish a veterinary clinic, and will be donating all of her concert earnings from the 3 shows to the HK NPV. Her total earnings is more than HK$1,000,000 (US$128,370). This amount of money is enough to start up the veterinary clinic and to pay for the expenses for one year.

Can't sleep well
Yesterday, Vivian wore Giorgio Armani from head to toe to attend her 'Back for Love' concert press conference in Admiralty. Her dress was flown in from Milan and there's only 1 of this dress in HK. Vivian has always been full-figured, but recently she's been feeling very stressed worrying about all the details of her concert and lost a lot of weight, and even her chest became smaller. You can see her sacrifice is quite big.

Since Vivian's dress weighed 10 pounds and her body shape was very skinny, it's believed she put on some double-sided tape at the top of her dress in order to avoid the danger of having her dress slip down. She didn't dare to sit down during the press conference in order to avoid being exposed. Vivian looked so skinny that her bones were showing. Vivian revealed that her weight had dropped to 98 lbs. at one point, and then she continuously ate for 6 days and successfully gained back 7 lbs, but she still wants to gain 2 more pounds. She said, "I've always maintained a weight of 108 lbs., but I'm known for being the master of feeling stressed. I've been very stressed lately because of the concert. The last time I was 100 lbs. was during my A Level, but at that time I had tuberculosis!" She also said, "Sometimes when I'm sleeping, my brain is still constantly thinking about my concert, and when an idea comes, I would immediately wake up and write it down."

One reporter asked Vivian if her chest size shrunk from a C cup to a B cup. She said she didn't know the measurements of her chest and said, "I don't know what cup I am now. I just know my entire body is thin. Luckily my face didn't become especially thin. My clothes are constantly being altered."

Many years ago, Vivian wore a sexy palace dress. Today, there are still many people who hope that she would wear the same palace dress at her concert. But Vivian said she wouldn't purposely wear sexy clothes for her concert. She laughed saying, "A lot of people are wondering whether I would be wearing the palace dress again. This time I will be wearing very gorgeous costumes. I would say the costumes look like something a queen would wear, and it's a healthy type of sexy look, not a low cut queen dress." A reporter asked if she would be dancing during her concert. She was modest when saying her dancing skills were not as good as Aaron Kwok and said, "My dance moves won't be very difficult. I'm not Aaron Kwok. I wish I could become Aaron and be able to dance like him, but it's too bad I can't!"

Not daring to invite Sam
As for the guest performers at Vivian's concert, she said Jo Kuk Jo Lam, Hacken Lee Hak Kan, Chris Wong Hoi Kan, Leo Ku Kui Kei, and Taiwan singer Kevin Lam Lung Suen have agreed to perform. Vivian was asked if her boyfriend Joe Ngai Jan would go on stage. She said, "He said not to bother him. He doesn't like to sing or dance. It's good enough that he comes to watch my show." But there's one guest who she still doesn't dare to invite. She said, "Actually I really want to invite Sam Hui Koon Kit, but he's very low-key, so I don't want to bother him. I'll probably invite him to come see the show. I'm also thinking about how I can bring my cat Pal on stage. But the HK Coliseum doesn't allow animals inside."


At the press conference yesterday, Vivian looked very thin. When looking at Vivian from the side, her chest looks smaller. (Picture from Apple Daily)

Vivian is so skinny her shoulder blades are sticking out, and the reporter also feels it's a pity to see this. (Picture from Apple Daily)

Jade Girl Master Vivian Chow was so skinny that her shoulder blades were showing. (Picture from The Sun)

Vivian was sponsored by Giorgio Armani from head to toe, wearing clothes and jewelry worth HK$212,300. (US$27,253)
(Picture from Oriental Daily)

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