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Source : MingPao Daily newspaper, 3 Weekly magazine, - 4/19/06, 4/22/06; Translated by Dawn; Posted on August 13, 2007

Vivian and Joe appear at the funeral for Vincent Kuk's mother...
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Vincent Kuk Tak Chiu. (Picture from 3 Weekly)

Joe and Vivian have seldom attended funerals, but because they have a good relationship with Jo Kuk Jo Lam (Vincent's niece), they both appeared together at the funeral to show their respect. (Picture from 3 Weekly)


Yesterday, there were many people from the entertainment circle who came to pay their respects for Vincent Kuk Tak Chiu's mother, including Vincent's rumored girlfriend Kiki Lam Chi Suen, Stephen Chow Sing Chi, Connie Chan Bo Chu, Chapman To Man Jak and his wife Crystal Tin Yui Nei, Cheung Tat Ming and his wife, Jan Lamb Hoi Fung, Chet Lam Yat Fung, Joe Ngai Jan and Vivian Chow, Lee Lik Chi, Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Sam Lee Chan Sam, and others. It can clearly be seen that Vincent has very good relations with others in the entertainment circle.


Joe and Vivian appear together at the funeral hall. (Picture from MingPao)

(Picture from

Entertainment news from Commercial Radio 881 (in Cantonese) - April 17, 2006; Posted on August 13, 2007

Cha Siu Yan and Jerry Lam Hiu Fung talked about Vivian losing a lot of weight recently and her having an additional concert show on May 27th.

Source : The Sun newspaper - April 17, 2006 ; Translated by Dawn; Posted on August 13, 2007

Concert schedule extended; losing weight from feeling nervous

Vivian is so busy with her concert that she can't get away from the stress, making her lose a lot of weight, and now only weighing less than 100 lbs. (Picture on file)


Jade Girl Master Vivian Chow will be having her concert late next month at the HK Coliseum, but it's not known if she's recently lost a lot of weight because she's excessively nervous. Her weight was less than 100 lbs. Now her friends are each trying different ways to help her gain weight.

Vivian hasn't performed on the HK Coliseum stage for 10 years. Next month (May) on the 25th and 26th, she will be having 2 shows "Goodway Lighting - Vivian Chow Back for Love concert" at the HK Coliseum. Since people were enthusiastic about the concert, the internal tickets were already sold out early on. For this reason, the concert organizer has announced that an additional show will be held on May 27th. Fans can buy tickets by credit card starting this month on the 18th, and public ticket sales will start on the 25th.

Doing everything herself to make every effort for perfection
Vivian placed great importance on her concert, because it's been many years since she's stepped on stage at the HK Coliseum. She would do everything herself in order to get the best results. She would personally take into consideration the song arrangements and the costume designs, and at the same time, she's also repeatedly having meetings to discuss about the concert details and content, which has made her workload increase tremendously. Even when she returned home, she would still be thinking about the concert, and she's feeling very stressed. It's not known if Vivian lost a lot of weight recently because she's too nervous. Her weight is usually around 108 lbs., but now her weight dropped to less than 100 lbs. The 'jade girl' has now become 'bony girl', making the concert organizer and her good friends feel quite scared, because for all these years, she's never been so skinny, making people worry about her health. For this reason, Vivian's friends have decided to fatten her up and have told her that she needs to eat night snacks and cakes, and she has to eat a meal every 2 hours, so that she'll gain weight and develop more meat, making her look more photogenic and making it easier to match her concert costume and accessories.

Also, there have been many sponsors paying close attention to Vivian's concert, like a tiger eyeing its prey. Currently, there has already been a mattress company and an electrical appliance company who have been competing to be a concert sponsor. It can be seen that Vivian's jade girl appeal is quite amazing. According to reports, Vivian will be dancing at her concert, and Bruce Yu Ka On will be the costume designer for her concert.


Vivian would often have meetings with the concert organizer to discuss the details and the rate of progress for her concert, in order to make her concert the best it can be.

Vivian is completely focused during the meetings, proving that she places great importance on this concert.

Source : Oriental Daily newspaper - April 17, 2006 ; Translated by Dawn; Posted on August 13, 2007

Vivian eating night snacks to gain weight to tempt fans

Vivian lost a lot of weight from being overstressed. (Picture on file)


"Jade Girl Master" Vivian Chow will be coming back for a concert at the end of next month. Recently, her mind is tense because she's under a lot of stress. Her weight even dropped to less than 100 lbs., and she changed from a 'jade girl' to a 'skinny girl.' The state of her health has people worried. The only thing Vivian could do was to eat lots of night snacks to gain weight.

On May 25th and 26th, she will be having 2 shows "Goodway Lighting - Vivian Chow Back for Love concert" at the Hong Kong Coliseum in order to raise money to build the "HK Non-Profit making Veterinary Clinic." People were enthusiastic about buying the internal tickets for her concert, so the tickets were sold out. For this reason, an additional show will be held on May 27th. Tickets can be bought by credit card starting this month on the 18th, and public ticket sales will start on the 25th.

Bruce Yu Ka On is the concert costume designer
For days on end, Vivian has been having meetings with her company colleagues, discussing about the concert details. Vivian requests for everything to be perfect. There are still many details which haven't been decided yet, but she's already found Bruce Yu Ka On to be the costume designer. Ever since Vivian retired from showbiz, she's been living in comfort. This time she's reappearing on stage, and she'll also be dancing at the concert, so that's why she's feeling rather tense. Even when she's at home, she would still be thinking about planning her concert. Maybe it's all the stress which has caused Vivian's weight to drop from her average weight of 106-108 lbs. to less than 100 lbs. She's been urged by her friends to immediately eat night snacks, cakes, and other fatty foods, and she's eating a meal almost every 2 hours so that she can quickly gain weight for her concert.

Also, there have been many companies who were fighting to be a sponsor for Vivian's concert. Sponsors include a mattress company and an electrical appliance company. Vivian's appeal really hasn't decreased after all these years.

Source : The Malay Mail, Malaysia - April 13, 2006 ; Posted on August 6, 2007
English article written by Chow Ee-Tan

Entertainment: Vivian charts her own course

Vivian Chow: Sees her upcoming concerts not as a 'comeback' attempt but more of a gathering of friends and fans.



YOU can't judge a book by its cover and Vivian Chow Wai Man is one example. Beneath that genteel, demure and reserved appearance is someone with an independent, outgoing and carefree spirit who does not subscribe to traditional norms.

For one thing, the 38-year-old doesn't believe there's a need to get married.

Chow, a former Hong Kong singer/actress who has been dubbed the ultimate 'Jade Girl' for her angelic and virginal look, had been going out with Joe Ngai, son of famous author Ngai Hong for more than 10 years.

"I really feel there is no such need," she replied when asked whether she is getting married at a press conference in Kuala Lumpur.

"Although by looking at me you might think I'm a traditional Chinese woman, I'm actually not," she laughed.

"I don't think we need a paper to justify our relationship. Because I feel the relationship between my boyfriend and me is really good, in fact, it is better than some married couples'. "

Chow also clarified that her boyfriend's father does not oppose their decision not to marry, as reported by some media.

"He is actually someone who loves freedom so he respects our wish and accepts our decision."

"We also have an understanding that we don't want children. Already our pets are like our babies as I need to spend much effort and time taking care of them," said the animal lover, and a doting 'mom' to one dog and four cats.

Chow was in Kuala Lumpur recently to promote Phillip Wain International's new dance fitness routine called Dance Across Asia. She is the 2006 brand ambassador for the fitness and beauty club in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Amiable and sincere, Chow said people had always seen her as quiet and demure.

"Actually I am outgoing and adventurous, and this commercial is able to bring out this side of me."

She added that she felt Philip Wain supported the idea of a holistic, modern woman, which was why she was happy to be in its campaign.

Chow has always been into sports and to now train in dance was a bonus.

And it is good timing too since she is now preparing for her two concerts next month.

But there won't be that much dancing in her concerts at Hong Kong Coliseum on May 25 and 26 as there would be more slow songs than fast ones.

The proceeds of the concert would go to Hong Kong's non-profit Veterinary Service Society.

"The concert is more like a gathering where my friends and fans - old and new - can come together for a party," she said, dismissing it as a comeback attempt.

In fact, Chow said her entertainment career had ended in 1997, where she quit and emigrated to Canada at the height of her stardom.

She began as a deejay before venturing into acting and singing. Her debut movie was Heart to Hearts in 1988, where she played Carol Cheng's teenage daughter. She went on to many more screen appearances such as Fun And Fury opposite Leon Lai in 1992.

Chow released the first of 16 solo Cantonese albums in 1990, and had her biggest hit, Rumour in 1993.

After returning to Hong Kong three years ago, she said she'd rather take up project-based jobs such as appearing in commercials, so as not to affect her carefree lifestyle.

"My current life is fulfilling enough. I'd rather do things that I am interested in, or spend time with my family or do something to benefit society."

She has no wish to go back to the past. "My values and priorities in life are different now. I've already experienced 10 exciting years. Now I just want to live a simple and carefree life. I am happy."

But once a celebrity, always a celebrity. Chow is still getting her share of limelight thanks to the relentless Hong Kong paparazzi.

"I understand the paparazzi are doing their job. So I don't mind if I am captured on camera in the streets. But if they try to shoot me in my own home, I think it's something I can't accept."

"Your home is supposed to be your own private place where you can relax and let down your guard. It is unfair to us to step across this boundary."

To Chow, her family is most important - and that includes her pets and her friends as well.

"When I was an artiste, I didn't have much space of my own. So now, I enjoy and treasure what I have."

English article written by Chow Ee-Tan

Source : Apple Daily newspaper - April 11, 2006 ; Translated by Dawn; Posted on August 6, 2007

Vivian highly praised Ngai Hong for being open-minded

Vivian wore a shoulder-revealing dress and looked young, steadily sitting on the jade girl master throne.


A few days ago (April 7), Vivian Chow went to Malaysia to do promotional work for a fitness club. It's already been more than 10 years since she visited Malaysia. She appeared that day looking like a jade girl and received a warm welcome from the people at the event.

Not a traditional woman
Vivian and Joe Ngai Jan have been dating for many years. Their relationship is stable. When the reporters asked her when they would be getting married, she replied in Mandarin, "I'm actually not a traditional woman. I believe that a wedding certificate can't prove the relationship between 2 people. My boyfriend and I currently get along with each other very well. I believe our relationship is even better than some married couples. Besides, we both had a consensus early on that we wouldn't have children. I don't plan on getting married and having children, but if I accidentally get pregnant, then I would definitely keep the child."

Vivian treats her cats at home as if they're her children. Joe's father, Ngai Hong, also accepts their plans of not getting married or having children.

Vivian said, "Actually my boyfriend's father really loves freedom. He's also similiar to a young person in that he thinks they should be able to do the things they like. There's always been rumors about Joe's father rushing us to get married or to have children, but it's just a beautiful misunderstanding. He completely accepts the way my boyfriend and I get along with each other."

Source : The Star Online, Malaysia - April 11, 2006 ; Posted on August 6, 2007
English article written by Li Ee Kee

Vivian Chow is still a star

Vivian Chow: "I think people see the gentle side of me more." - Pic by Norafifi Ehsan



Vivian Chow left show business at the height of fame 10 years ago. Now, more mature but not looking any older, the Hong Kong singer-actress is back in the limelight.

"SHE hasn't changed one bit," my colleague pointed out incredulously. "She looks just the same." He should know. After all, she was his, and countless other young boys' dream girl when they were growing up.

So, there we were, along with other Malaysian media, staring hypnotically at the star in front of us. If we had not seen her with our own eyes, we wouldn't have believed it. But he was right. It seemed time had graciously stopped for 1990s Hong Kong beauty Vivian Chow Wai Man.

Later, seated across her for our interview, I had the chance to study her up-close. Apart from being a lot thinner, time has indeed been kind to Chow. Her skin is enviously supple and you have to be exceedingly meticulous to pick out any fine lines on her face.

When complimented on her youthful good looks, she blushed and said that she has changed.

"I've grown more mature. In the past, the impression I gave was that of a naive, innocent girl. It's a different feeling," said the genteel 38-year-old who was in town last week to promote Phillip Wain International's dance fitness routines called Dance Across Asia. She is the 2006 brand ambassador for the fitness and beauty club in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Her secret is healthy living and she does not drink (alcohol) or smoke.

"And I try to be happy," she added. It appears then that her decision to leave the entertainment industry at the height of her career was the right one.

After participating in the Hong Kong New Singers Competition in 1985, Chow landed a job as a deejay for Radio and TV Hong Kong (RTHK) two years later. She recorded her first album while deejaying.

The album became a hit and she decided to venture into singing and acting full-time. But fame eluded her until she became a pin-up idol on the trading cards for Yes! magazine.

With her wholesome good looks, she soon became the dream lover of all young men and prompted the Hong Kong media to nickname her yuk lui jeong mun yan (Jade Girl Master).

In 1997, after her Las Vegas concert, she announced her retirement. Though some reports claimed that her departure was due to the media's constant invasion on her privacy, Chow said it was a decision she had thought long and hard about.

"It was my decision. I had planned this since 1995. So when I had fulfilled all my contractual obligations, I didn't renew any of them. I felt that I had done all I could in this job. I'm an introvert by nature and life in the entertainment industry is very exciting and I have lived it for 10 years. But I can't continue staying in this tiny circle.

"Being in this industry, you are constantly surrounded by people, who are there to protect you. As a result, there is this gap between the public and myself. I felt I needed to get back to a normal life and learn how to take care of myself.

"After so many years, I realised that I have learned a lot and am more aware of what it is that I need. So in the future, should I come to a crossroads, I will choose wisely and I will love myself more."

But Chow's fans, though respectful of her decision, found it hard to let go. A check on the Internet will reveal numerous active message boards and websites dedicated to her. And there have been no lack of calls urging her to make a comeback.

"Some people need colourful lives but this is who I am. That is why I went to Canada. Hong Kong is a vibrant city, it's exciting but in Vancouver, the people there are very simple. Although there was that one time when a paparazzo managed to take my picture, it wasn't too much a problem and I was able to lead a normal life. I needed it. Emotionally I feel healthier. I have made the right decision."

But has she thought about making a comeback?

"In May, I will be staging two concerts (May 25 and 26 at Hong Kong Coliseum where she will be donating all of her concert earnings to the non-profit Veterinary Service Society). I think fans were ecstatic when they heard the news because they never expected that after so many years they would see me on stage, performing. I'm sure all my fans will be there, including those overseas."

"In terms of acting, at the moment, there aren't any special plans because my schedule is quite packed with doing commercials. I think it's best to leave these things to fate."

"I hope fans will not hold out too much hope. I can't make any guarantees but who knows if I'm offered a really challenging role I'll think about it."

Chow has almost 40 movies and TV serials to her name. But many of them have her typecast as the vulnerable, good girl.

"I know people see me as being polite, mild-mannered and fragile but I'm actually quite strong in character. When I was growing up, I was more of a tomboy. I've always decided on my own affairs. When my mum went to work (her dad passed away when she was just a baby), I was left to fend for myself. And I think that was how I learned about life's principles and philosophy."

"People find it hard to believe that I can be rather obstinate and have a tendency to rush into things. But if I want to do something, no one can stop me, not even my mother, boyfriend or friends."

"I think people see the gentle side of me more but this is how I am really. Even my boyfriend was initially fooled," she said with a laugh.

Chow and Joe Ni were colleagues on RTHK where they were both hosting a youth programme. They have been dating on and off for 15 years. She once said that meeting him was one of the luckiest things to have happened to her.

Recently, there were reports claiming that they would be getting married, as they wanted children. It seemed Ni's father, popular novelist Ni Kuang's, greatest wish is to be a grandfather.

"I do not believe in a marriage certificate. And both (Ni and her) of us have an understanding and we don't intend to have kids. Besides we have lots of pets (four cats and a dog) that are like our children. Taking care of them requires a lot of time and effort, so how can we have a child? In the eventuality that I do get pregnant, we will keep the baby.

"Joe's father is a man who loves freedom and he accepts our decision. He has always encouraged young people to do what they love."

English article written by Li Ee Kee

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