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Source : The Star Online, Malaysia - April 9, 2006 ; Posted on August 6, 2007
English article written by Li Ee Kee

HK screen beauty dismisses demure label

Chow: "I know people have this sweet girl-next-door image of me but I'm actually an adventurous sort. I love trying new things."



KUALA LUMPUR: Hong Kong screen beauty of the 1990s, Vivian Chow Wai Man, whose wholesome looks attracted the media label of Yuk Lui Jeong Moon Yan (literally jade girl master), says she is not as quiet and demure as she has been made out to be.

"I know people have this sweet girl-next-door image of me but I'm actually an adventurous sort. I love trying new things.

"And I love to exercise and dance. That's when I feel alive and energetic," enthused the 38-year-old beauty, looking gorgeous in an emerald-white halter-neck dress.

Chow was in town on Friday to promote Phillip Wain International's unique dance fitness routine called Dance Across Asia. She is the 2006 brand ambassador for the fitness and beauty club in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

According to Phillip Wain senior vice-president Louisa Li, Chow was picked as this year's brand ambassador because she had the qualities of the modern woman - confidence and independence.

"She's dedicated to perfection when it comes to her work and life, yet never compromises her health and body. She knows what she wants and she knows how to strike a balance," said Li.

Chow started out in the entertainment industry in 1987 as a radio deejay before moving into singing and acting.

In 1997, at the height of her career, she shocked fans and the media alike by retiring from showbiz. No reason was given.

Now, nine years later, fans will be delighted to know that Chow will be staging two concerts at the Hong Kong Coliseum on May 25 and 26, and all proceeds will go to Hong Kong's non-profit Veterinary Service Society.

English article written by Li Ee Kee

Source : - April 9, 2006 ; Translated by Dawn; Posted on August 6, 2007

Vivian won't get married or have children

Vivian is the spokesperson for Phillip Wain women's fitness club and came to Malaysia to promote the fitness club. It's been said that Vivian had taken over Charlie Yeung Choi Lei's position as the spokesperson, but Vivian feels there's no cause for criticism, because the company has a new theme every year, so they would try to find different celebrities to be the spokesperson.


Vivian Chow is the spokesperson for Phillip Wain women's fitness and beauty club and came to Malaysia to promote the fitness club. It's already been more than 10 years since she's been to Malaysia. She still looks as beautiful as before. She was happy to reply to all questions asked by the media.

When Vivian was asked when she would be officially married to Joe Ngai Jan, she lauged saying, "It's not necessary. I might look like a traditional woman, but I'm not. I don't need a marriage certificate to prove the relationship between two people. Our relationship right now is better than some married couples with a marriage certificate."

Would Vivian have a child? She said, "We both have a consensus on not having children. At home, I have 4 cats and 1 dog, and they are my children. Actually, taking care of them already requires a lot of energy, and when they're sick, I would be very worried. I already miss them a lot just coming to Malaysia this time for promotional work. That's why I'm not able to have children. But if I accidentally get pregnant, then I would keep the child!"

Vivian also clarified about the Hong Kong media reporting earlier on Joe's father, Ngai Hong, hating them for not having children. She said it's actually a 'beautiful misunderstanding,' because her boyfriend's father has always enjoyed freedom very much, and he accepted the way his son and her lived their life since a long time ago.

Vivian also said that right now, her family is the most important to her. As for her accepting the job of being the spokesperson for Phillip Wain, she regarded it as a gathering with old friends, and also so that she wouldn't let herself be separated from society.

There were rumors that she was getting paid HK$4 million (US$513,479) for being the spokesperson. She said, "I won't talk about whether the salary is big or small. I'll just say I'm satisfied with the amount. Actually, the salary is just secondary. What's most important is that I'm very happy working. During the working process, I felt Phillip Wain treated me with courtesy and respect. It was a very good experience. After fans saw my TV commercial, they praised that it's one of my best commercials in recent years. I believe my fans also liked it, so it should have been very successful."

She said before she became the spokesperson, she had already gone to Phillip Wain to exercise, but she mostly focused on playing ball activities. However, she currently plans on participating more in dance classes and other fitness exercises in order to increase her energy. This would be helpful for her upcoming concert. She's most happy about Phillip Wain showing another side of her.

The type of work she had to do as the spokesperson was to make a print ad and a TV commercial. In the TV commercial, she showed her dancing side of her, since the theme this time was "Dance Across Asia." Earlier, she learned 8 simple steps, and joked with the teacher saying she would use the steps at her concert.

She also said that her concert won't be focused mainly on dancing, and that she might add a few rhythmic moves, but she wouldn't plan on doing a completely new vigorous dance at her concert. However, she has a big interest to practice dancing, especially the new Phillip Wain "Latin Rhythm" dance. But she's shy. She would have no problem dancing at the fitness center, but if she had to dance at a public event in front of people, then she would only do it if she became the dance teacher at the fitness center.

Having a concert doesn't mean she's making a comeback to singing
Vivian stated she already ended her pursuit of working in the entertainment circle 9 years ago. She's currently very satisfied and enjoys her lifestyle.

She will soon be having a fundraising concert in HK for the Non-Profit making Veterinary Service Society (NPV). She will be donating all of her concert earnings to the non-profit veterinary clinic, and she hopes that through her actions, this would let other people be more familiar with this organization. It could be said that this concert is only a music party gathering with everyone, and definitely doesn't mean she's 'returning to showbiz.'

Vivian said, "I mainly accept jobs which interest me, and most importantly, jobs which do not affect my current lifestyle. When talking about some of the front line artists, maybe my current lifestyle is very simple, but for me, it's good enough. If I have more work, then I would have stress."

The reporter asked, "Would you act in movies?" She said, "I dare not make a promise. A person wants different things when they're at a different age. I'm currently very happy. I haven't thought about doing the work that I used to do again (releasing CDs and acting in movies). I've already had that type of exciting life 10 years ago. I'm happy now having an ordinary life. I'll do some work as a spokesperson once in a while to balance my life."

Even though Vivian isn't active in the entertainment circle, the paparazzi still love to chase after her. She helplessly said, "There's nothing I can do. I understand that there are some people who want to know how my private life is like. Actually, I already quietly accepted this. I don't mind if they take pictures of me going out on the street, and I'm cooperative so that they can get their work done for their boss, but I'm afraid of when they take pictures of my family and friends. I also can't accept their actions of secretly taking pictures of an entertainer's home, because I'm most relaxed when I return home. I'm not afraid that the paparazzi would take ugly pictures of me at home, but it's very unhealthy if I still have to close all my window curtains in my home and have no freedom. I wish society would join together to make some noise about this matter, as this is also another way of showing some influence so that the government would follow this issue more closely."

Tip on looking beautiful: don't talk gossip
It's been said that one of the conditions Vivian stated before accepting to be the spokesperson for Phillip Wain was that she wouldn't need to wear a bikini or have a sexy image for the advertisement. Although she didn't admit to this, she openly said that she saw the advertisement was healthy enough, and that the advertiser didn't purposely package her image to follow the sexy route; they're not similar to other slimming companies, so these are the reasons why she accepted this job.

Vivian is already 38 years old, but she's still as good looking as before. She laughed saying she pays close attention to taking care of her skin. She would choose some suitable skin care products and would use them at home instead of going out to do facials, because she's the type of person who doesn't have much patience and isn't able to stay at the beauty parlor or hair salon for several hours. Taking care of the soul is also very important. You need to exercise often to keep the body healthy, and maintain a carefree mood, and also need to have normal living and eating habits.

Vivian said, "In order to be a beautiful woman, you first need to have a carefree character, be good-natured, and not talk gossip about other people, have confidence, and then you'll be especially pretty!"

Source : MingPao Daily newspaper - April 9, 2006 ; Translated by Dawn; Posted on August 6, 2007

Vivian would keep the child if she accidentally got pregnant

Vivian Chow went to Malaysia to attend an event for a fitness and beauty club which she's the spokesperson for. Although it's been more than 10 years since she's attended a public event in Malaysia, she's still given the title as the 'forever jade girl.' During the event, Vivian was asked about her marriage plans with Joe Ngai Jan. She said she and her boyfriend already have a consensus on not getting married, and that they currently get along with each other very well. She also said she believes their current relationship is better than a married couple.

Vivian has one dog and four cats, and she laughed saying she and Joe think of them as their own children, so they don't have the ability to take care of a child. However, if she accidentally gets pregnant, then she would keep the baby. Earlier, there were rumors about Ngai Hong (Joe's father) rushing them to get married so he could have grandchildren. Vivian said those rumors were just a misunderstanding, and that Joe's father is very open and accepts their way of life together.

Vivian will soon be having two charity concert shows. She said after she left showbiz in 1997, it was impossible for her to return to perform. She just wanted to spend more time with her family, because she's happy having an ordinary life. As for her still being the target of the paparazzi, she said she accepts being secretly photographed on the streets, because after all, she was a celebrity before, but it's crossing the line if she's secretly photographed in her home.

Source : - April 9, 2006 ; Translated by Dawn; Posted on August 6, 2007

Vivian resists marriage, saying she's not a traditional woman; wishes to raise cats and dog and treat them as her children


A few days ago (April 7), Vivian Chow went to Malaysia to attend an event for a fitness and beauty club which she's the spokesperson for. During the event, she was asked about when she would be getting married with her boyfriend who she's dated for the past 15 years. She said both of them already have a consensus on not getting married, and said she's not a traditional woman, and that a marriage certificate doesn't represent anything. She feels her relationship with her boyfriend is truly better than many married couples.

There's no need to speak of having children. Vivian said they treat their 4 cats and 1 dog that they have at home as their children, but if she accidentally gets pregnant, then she would keep the baby. It's rumored her boyfriend's father has always wanted to have grandchildren and is rushing them to get married. She laughed saying it's a beautiful misunderstanding. Her boyfriend's father completely accepts their way of life together, because he's just like a young person who loves to do the things he likes to do.

Source : - April 8, 2006 ; Translated by Dawn; Posted on August 6, 2007

Vivian won't get married, won't show skin, and won't return to singing

The beautiful Vivian Chow said, "Women are especially beautiful when they're carefree, confident, and when they don't gossip about others.


In the past, Jade Girl Vivian Chow was the 'dream lover' for many young men. She didn't keep her love for the bright life of working in front of the cameras and said, "Since 1997 (the year she stepped out of the entertainment circle), I ended my pursuit of my entertainment career, and hoped that my current lifestyle would return back to normal. I'm happy having an ordinary life."

Although Vivian returned to HK in 2003 and 'came back' to the entertainment circle, she didn't want to set foot in the business of television, movies, or music albums. She would only do advertisements and serve as a spokesperson, while continuing to enjoy her life. Vivian said, "I enjoy the work load that I have now. If I had a little more work to do, then I would feel pressure. The values I have now are different than before. I don't want to promise anything (to act in movies or to sing). My past lifestyle can be regarded as a beautiful memory. The exciting lifestyle for the past 10 years is already good enough."

Vivian openly said that she treats her comeback this time as a gathering of good friends, and to maintain contact with society and not be disconnected. She said, "That's why I don't think of myself as a celebrity, and also don't think of this as a career. I just want to be able to work and also have the ability to spend more time together with my family, and to cherish the things I have now."

Vivian hasn't seen her Malaysian fans for more than 10 years. This time she's in Malaysia as the spokesperson for the "Phillip Wain female fitness and beauty club." You can't see that she's close to 40 years old, with her beautiful face, thin body, and her long black hair. It seems like God especially favors this "Jade Girl Master."

Cats and dog are her children
One magazine indicated that Vivian's price for "coming back" this time as a spokesperson was as high as HK$4,000,000 (US$513,479). She laughed saying, "It's inconvenient for me to say how much my salary is. I can just say that I'm very satisfied." The article also indicated that Vivian only agreed to do this advertisement because she didn't need to wear sexy clothes or wear a swimsuit. Vivian said she personally didn't have any particular restrictions, and Phillip Wain also isn't similar to a slimming company advertisement, so there's no need to deliberately sell a sexy image, but rather to make a specialized field and to know about the female image.

Vivian and Joe Ngai Jan have been in a relationship for many years, but they believe it's not necessary for them to get married. Vivian laughed saying, "Although I look very traditional, I don't think it's necessary to have a marriage certificate to prove the relationship between two people. The reporter asked, "Do you plan on having children?" Vivian said, "We both have a consensus on not planning to have children. Furthermore, the cats and dog we have at home are our children. It requires a lot of energy just to take care of them, so how could we have a child? But if I accidentally get pregnant, then I would keep the child."

When talking about the rumor that her boyfriend's father Ngai Hong was not happy with the two of them not getting married or having children, the 'daughter-in-law' quickly defended him saying, "No, he (Ngai Hong) really loves freedom, and completely accepts our decision. He has always encouraged young people to do what they like, so he definitely wouldn't oppose. The rumors were just a beautiful misunderstanding."

Source : The Electric New Paper, Singapore - April 6, 2006 ; Posted on June 21, 2007
English article written by Chang May Choon

Back on stage

(Photo by Kelvin Chng)



THE long-retired Vivian Chow will finally return to the stage. But only for two solo concerts at the Hong Kong Coliseum on 26 and 27 May.

The proceeds are to help start a vet clinic - a cause close to the animal lover's heart.

Vivian is adamant about staying away from showbiz. 'Since retiring, I've been spending time to discover myself and pursuing interests like painting. I just want to live like an normal person,' she said.

From 1988, when she played Carol Cheng's teenage daughter in the movie Heart To Hearts, till she quit in 1997, Vivian had enjoyed a smooth career.

Her first job was as a radio deejay, but with her Bambi-eyed sweet looks, she soon crossed over to TV.

Her debut on the big screen brought her instant fame and plum offers, such as Fun And Fury opposite Leon Lai in 1992.

She eventually branched into music, releasing the first of 16 solo Cantonese albums in 1990. Then, she she broke into the Mandopop market in 1993 with her biggest hit to date, Rumour.

In 2004 she endorsed Shiseido's anti-ageing skincare range and she continues to do product endorsements.

Source : The Electric New Paper, Singapore - April 6, 2006 ; Posted on June 21, 2007
English article written by Desmond Ng

Marry me, Vivian...

Vivian and Desmond Ng. (Photo by Kelvin Chng)



Should he? Or shouldn't he? The odds are 50-50, so here goes. A smitten DESMOND NG 'gets down on bended knee' and proposes to retired HK singer-actress Vivian Chow. Her answer is...

WILL you marry me?

And hey, you know what guys? She didn't say no.

Well, I have to admit, she didn't exactly nod her head either.

There she was in the flesh - Vivian Chow, one of the most desirable pin-up girls of the 1990s and the top NSman-killer then.

The retired Hong Kong singer-actress was the original yu nu (pure virginal girl) when today's sweetie-pies Cyndi Wang and Rainie Yang were still in diapers.

Now, surely you don't expect her to say yes to my proposal, right?

Since I used to think she was quite 'jute' (local slang for pretty) - okay, okay, I admit I had a poster of her - I thought, 'Why not propose to her since I have this one chance?'

As part of a group of reporters who got to interview her, I thought many people would kill to be in my shoes.

In her heyday, many NS guys probably had posters of her in their lockers and fantasised about marrying her too.

I mean I had a 50 per cent chance of success - she could either say 'yes' or 'no' and 'I'm taking a personal protection order against you immediately'.

Anyway, there was no wedding ring on her finger.

With a deep breath, I asked: 'I'm a fan of yours. What would you say if I asked if you would marry me?'

For a moment, the room went quiet and everyone else looked at me like I was some crazed fan who had slipped in with a fake press pass.

Vivian was taken aback, but quickly regained her composure and started laughing. She replied: 'I'll think it's a joke. I won't take it seriously.'

Damn. I should have bought that 24-carat diamond ring and a bouquet of nice, red roses.

Dubbed the 'celestial fairy' by the media for her ethereal, dreamy look, Vivian sashayed into town yesterday as the 2006 brand ambassador for Phillip Wain fitness club.

She quit showbiz in 1997 but re-emerged in 2004 doing charity work, endorsements and magazine covers.

Blessed with good looks and a charismatic smile that could melt a thousand Royce chocolates, you would think Vivian has had many proposals - decent or otherwise.

'No. I've never received any proposals from any fans before. I've got many love letters though,' she said in Mandarin.

She may be 39 this year but Vivian doesn't look it. With not a wrinkle on her face, her skin is almost flawless.

Taiwanese TV host Matilda Tao even asked her once: 'Do you live in a freezer?'

Today, she is best compared to top model Lin Chi-ling - the Taiwanese poster girl for many a pimply teenager. And probably quite a few beer-bellied men as well.

The consummate professional that she is, Vivian carried herself with poise, never once flinching or showing her annoyance when personal questions were thrown at her.


On marriage, she said she has no intention of tying the knot with deejay-compere Joe Ni, whom she has been dating for over 10 years.

'I'm not against marriage. But I don't see why I've to follow the norm. I'm very happy with the relationship now.'

After her retirement from showbiz, she moved to Canada for a period of self-discovery but eventually returned to Hong Kong in 2003, and is now living there with her four cats and a dog.

Most of her time is spent doing commercials, painting and playing tennis or pool. We hear she plays competitive pool and was once ranked 17 out of 70 in a tournament.

There, we do have something in common after all, I thought.

And while she may have once been the queen of Cantopop, one of her cats - nicknamed Ah Bao - can't stand her singing and piano-playing.

'Whenever I sing or play the piano, she'll scratch the door or me. I think she can't stand the pitch. But the cat's okay when I play my CD,' she said, laughing.

Stupid cat. You don't know how lucky you are, I thought.

Vivian said she has since decided to confine her singing to the studio.

As the interview wrapped up, I couldn't help thinking that even though some may dismiss her as a has-been, Vivian is still quite a heart-stopper.

She was friendly and approachable and agreed to take pictures with me.

This despite her minders - I counted at least four hovering around - being very protective and not wanting to allow photographers into the room at first.

My stomach felt like a butterfly park.

At one point, her bracelet got entangled with her dress and I, of course, did not help.

Are you crazy? I'm sure any sudden movement on my part and her minders would've started bashing me up.

Strangely enough, Vivian asked for my business card.

I'm sure that was a precaution. So that she knows where she can send her lawyer's letter, in case she catches me lurking around her home in Hong Kong.

Sadly for her fans, Vivian said she'll not be doing movies or cutting an album anytime soon - unlike Rosamund Kwan and Charlie Young, who have returned to the screen in recent years.

For me, all I can say is that Vivian is the first person I've proposed to. And I've not received a straight no yet.

As they say, hope springs eternal.

English article written by Desmond Ng

Source : - April 5, 2006 ; Translated by Dawn; Posted on June 21, 2007

Being in a relationship for 16 years; Vivian doesn't want to get married

Yesterday, Vivian Chow appeared in Singapore. During the interview, she shattered the rumors about her getting married.



"Jade Girl Master" Vivian Chow has been in a relationship for 16 years, but she admitted she's "not a person who can't live without love," and shattered all the rumors about them getting married this year.

Yesterday, Vivian appeared at the Phillip Wain female fitness and beauty club press conference (in Singapore) as Phillip Wain's 2006 image ambassador for the Asia region. Vivian wore a casual yet elegant long skirt, revealing her white and smooth shoulders and her back, and looked sexy and classy. Even though she retired from the entertainment circle for 10 years, when she appeared at the event, she still looked glowing, and her body shape is still the same as before.

About 10 years ago, Vivian gave up on her career and willingly withdrew from the flashy entertainment circle in order to pursue love without any complaints nor regrets. Nowadays after she returned to showbiz, there's been constant rumors that she would be getting married to her boyfriend Joe Ngai Jan this June.

When Vivian was being interviewed by the reporter, she said that both of them have not thought about getting married and said, "We don't feel it's necessary, and won't get married just because of traditional thoughts. But I'm not against marriage."

As for how she and Joe get along with each other and how they maintain their relationship for 16 years, she said, "He (Joe) is a very responsible person, reliable, attentive, and knows how to forgive. Nowadays, we really cherish each other. As long as both people love each other and live a comfortable life, then it's already good enough. Getting married is just a piece of paper. It's my own choice to not get married, but I wouldn't encourage others to do the same thing that I did, because even though it's suitable for me, it might not be suitable for others."

Vivian was asked if there were any crazy fans who had proposed to her before. She laughed saying, "None have proposed to me, but they have written love letters to me. I'm guessing they don't have the courage to propose to me! I think they write love letters to me so that they could release some of their emotions and feelings."

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