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Entertainment news from Commercial Radio 881 (in Cantonese) - 1/09/06 ; Translated by Dawn; Posted on 1/15/06

Cha Siu Yan and Jerry Lam Hiu Fung talked about Joe and Vivian opening a high-class pool hall and said that the pool hall doesn't allow smoking. Jerry and Cha Siu Yan also talked about the grand opening of the pool hall.

Source : SingPao Daily, The Sun, & Oriental Daily newspapers & other websites - 1/09/06 ; Translated by Dawn; Posted on 1/15/06

Vivian hard-selling Joe's new pool hall;
Vivian said, "If fans want to see me, then they can come here."

Vivian said the new pool hall is big and pretty, trying to hard-sell the place. (Picture from SingPao Daily)

The celebrities participating in the invitational pool tournament took a group photo before the competition. (Picture from SingPao Daily)

Vivian loves playing American pool, but she's not used to competing with strangers. (Picture from The Sun)

Vivian dressed beautifully to congratulate her boyfriend for opening his pool hall. (Picture from Oriental Daily)


Joe Ngai Jan and two of his friends invested together in an American pool hall. Yesterday (1/8) was the grand opening of the pool hall, and there was a ribbon cutting ceremony. Also, there was an All-Stars Invitational pool tournament, which included Vivian Chow, Leo Ku, Mark Lui, Edmund Leung, Emme Wong and others. There were two celebrities on each team for the competition. In the end, Edmund defeated Joe to be the winner of the tournament. Joe and his girlfriend Vivian had to compete against each other during the first round. Vivian highly praised Joe for having better pool skills than her and said Joe was her first pool instructor. Joe said Vivian would have a great performance when playing pool in front of a crowd, while he was the opposite, as both of them praised each other.

Joe revealed that he invested a 6 figure amount of money, and the total investment was a 7 figure amount. He currently isn't thinking about the problem of making back the money. The most important thing is to keep the place up and running and not lose money. Besides the pool hall, the place also has an American style restaurant and a bar, and it's all open to the public. He hopes his place becomes a spot where celebrities are seen at and said he's not worried that the place would become complicated (like attract bad people to the place). It seems Vivian is even happier for the opening of the pool hall. Joe said, "Vivian didn't see this place until a much later period. She was as happy as if she was opening a present. I gave her a very big surprise. We had happy times with our social interaction in Canada, and about 70% of our friends were made while playing pool, so this year I will quickly be organizing an American pool competition and everyone can make friends while playing pool. An award will be given at the end of the year."

Playing pool with Leo Ku from morning till late night
Vivian acted as the hostess at the event to greet the guests. She was constantly being called 'boss' by her friends to congratulate her for the opening of the new pool hall. She clarified that she didn't make an investment in the pool hall and was just there to show support, but she didn't deny that she was very happy and praised the place for being spacious, and she could play pool and eat. She said, "This place feels just like when we're back in Canada. A lot of my friends also play American pool. This is the perfect place for them!" The entire place was designed by her boyfriend. She was only responsible for choosing the photos of some cats and dogs playing pool. She also said in the past, she and Leo Ku Kui Kei played pool all night and didn't go to sleep. She admitted that one time she and Leo played pool from morning till dinner time and then continued to play pool after dinner, playing for more than 10 hours straight. Joe's pool hall closes at 5:00AM, which is most suitable for her, since she's a night owl. She and Joe don't sleep until morning, so their whole living cycle is delayed.

In order to increase business, Vivian made a big promise saying, "If fans want to see me, this would be a good place." The reporter asked, "Aren't you scared of being disturbed or needing to socialize with other people?" Vivian said, "I seldom socialize with others. I can play pool by myself. I seldom play pool with people I'm not familiar with. I'm a shy person. When I play pool, I'm really serious. When I was with Joe in a pool competition, the other people thought we had an argument, because we didn't say anything to each other. We would talk after the competition."


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Vivian and Leo Ku. (Picture from


Source : MingPao Daily, Apple Daily, Ta Kung Pao, and Wen Wei Po newspapers - 1/09/06 ; Translated by Dawn; Posted on 1/15/06

Joe defeated Vivian but was no match for Edmund Leung;
Grand opening of pool hall and All-Stars Invitational pool tournament

Vivian definitely has the look of a professional pool player. Nowadays her hands aren't being used to play the piano but to play pool instead. (Picture from MingPao Daily)

Joe loves playing American pool. (Picture from MingPao Daily)

Vivian's boyfriend Joe is opening a pool hall and restaurant, and Vivian will have another place to hang out, so of course she's very supportive. (Picture from MingPao Daily)

Leo Ku and Vivian could play pool all night until the morning. (Picture from MingPao Daily)


Joe Ngai Jan and two of his good friends had a joint venture of a 7 figure amount to open a traditional American pool hall with a bar and an American style restaurant. The name of the place is "Joe's Billiards & Bar." Opening a pool hall was Joe's dream for many years. Yesterday (1/8) was the grand opening of the pool hall, which is located in Wan Chai at the King's Hotel. Vivian Chow was the guest for the ribbon cutting ceremony. Joe invited some of his good friends to participate in "The First All-Stars Invitational" pool tournament. Participants included Vivian, Emme Wong Yi Man, Leo Ku Kui Kei, Mark Lui Chung Tak, Edmund Leung Hon Man, Wong Yuk Man, Vincent Kuk Tak Chiu, and the boss Joe. Vivian and her boyfriend Joe were the first to compete against each other and neither gave in easily. In the end, Joe defeated Vivian, but during the final match, Joe couldn't defeat Edmund, and Edmund was the champion.

Invested 6 figure amount and didn't think about making money
Joe revealed that he invested a 6 figure amount of money, and his girlfriend Vivian didn't make any investment. He said his girlfriend is only responsible for playing. During the time when the pool hall was being built, he didn't let Vivian see how the place looked, because he wanted to give his girlfriend a surprise.

When Vivian saw the completed pool hall, it was like opening up a present and was better than what she expected. They had some happy times when they were living overseas, and also 70% of their friends were made when they played pool, so she wanted to cherish these memories.

Joe was asked if he thought of when he would be making money. He said he hasn't thought of making money, because this investment is a long-term investment. The most important thing is to keep the place up and running and to make American pool more popular. Joe said the pool hall won't require membership and said, "I don't mind if fans come here to see celebrities. If the celebrities come here, then they shouldn't mind being looked at by other people. It would be great if the pool hall became a place to see celebrities."

Vivian playing pool for 10 hours straight and still isn't tired
Yesterday, people were calling Vivian as the boss, but she sweetly denied this. She laughed saying she didn't make any investment for the pool hall, but she really supports Joe for making his dream come true. She said that even if she goes there to play pool, she would still have to pay, just that she'll be given a discount. She highly praised the pool hall for looking just like the pool halls in the USA/Canada. This pool hall is Joe's dream, and a large part of the place was designed by Joe. Some of the cartoon paintings of the cats and dogs were Vivian's suggestion. Vivian said she's very happy that Joe was able to make his dream come true.

She said Joe was her first pool instructor, so Joe's pool skills are better than hers. When they're in a competition, both of them are very serious and wouldn't speak to each other, so other people would think that they had an argument. She loves to play pool so much that she could play till early morning before leaving. Vivian often meets with Leo Ku to play pool, and they could play for more than 10 hours in one day and not go to sleep. Joe's pool hall opens until 5:00AM, so now she could play even longer. She admitted that she and Joe are both night owls and are more active at night compared to the daytime. They would usually leave when the sun comes up. Vivian feels very happy to have another place where she could play.

Vivian loves playing pool. She revealed that she would play pool with Leo Ku for more than 10 hours on an ordinary day. (Picture from Apple Daily)

Joe has become the boss of the pool hall, while his girlfriend Vivian naturally becomes his selling point. (Picture from Apple Daily)

Joe and Vivian are cutting the ribbon for the grand opening of the new pool hall. (Picture from Ta Kung Pao)

Joe and Vivian are very serious when they're playing pool. (Picture from Wen Wei Po)

Source : SingTao newspaper and other websites - January 9, 2006 ; Translated by Dawn; Posted on January 15, 2006

Vivian becomes a boss without spending any money

When Vivian plays pool, she has the look of a professional pool player and her playing skills are pretty good. (Picture from SingTao Daily)

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Vivian Chow's boyfriend opened a pool hall together with 2 of his friends. The pool hall also has a restaurant and bar. During the grand opening yesterday (1/8), Joe invited some of his good friends in the entertainment circle to compete in a celebrity pool tournament, which included Vincent Kuk Tak Chiu, Leo Ku Kui Kei, Edmund Leung Hon Man, Emme Wong Yi Man and others. In the end, Edmund was the winner.

Although Vivian acted as the hostess working hard to greet the guests, when someone congratulated her as being the boss, she kept saying that she just came to give support to her boyfriend. Overall, there was a 7 figure amount of money invested in the pool hall, and her boyfriend contributed a 6 figure amount, but she didn't invest any money. Even if she goes to the pool hall to have fun, she would still need to pay.

Vivian also indicated that the pool hall was her boyfriend's dream. He designed the pool hall all by himself. The only suggestions she made for the decoration of the pool hall were for some of the cartoon paintings of cats and dogs playing pool. She also revealed that every time she and her boyfriend were in a pool competition, they would be very serious and wouldn't speak to each other, and the people beside them would misunderstand that they just had an argument.

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Source : Sudden Weekly magazine #545 - January 6, 2006 ; Translated by Dawn; Posted on January 9, 2006

Joe is opening a pool hall; Vivian shows up to attract customers

Joe's dream pool hall has 8 American pool tables and 1 snooker table. The tables were bought from the USA and Taiwan and cost between HK$20,000-HK$40,000 (US$2,567-$5,135).


Actually, everyone knows Joe Ngai Jan and his girlfriend Vivian Chow love to play American pool. Recently, Joe has even become a boss, and working together with K.C. City, he will be opening a pool hall "Joe's Billiards & Bar" at the 2nd floor of the King's Hotel in Wan Chai and will be implementing an investment with entertainment.

Joe invested a 6 figure amount of money. On Wednesday (1/4) this week, he accepted an interview with this magazine. He laughed saying, "Pursuing Vivian was the first dream in my life. Opening a pool hall was my second dream." He honestly said that after the grand opening this Sunday (1/8), his girlfriend Vivian would often be at the pool hall playing pool, but he's definitely not worried about Vivian's male fans coming to the place to admire her and just to see their idol. He said, "That would be even better. Then there would be more business! Besides, Vivian plays even better when more people are watching her!"

On Wednesday (1/4) this week at 3:00 in the afternoon, Joe went to the pool hall which isn't open yet to see how everything was. Joe was exposed to American pool ever since he had studied in the USA more than 10 years ago, and at that time, he would spend at least 4 hours everyday playing pool. After returning to HK, he always wanted to open a pool hall, but unfortunately he didn't have this chance. It wasn't until half a year ago when his friend introduced him to the boss of K.C. City, and the two of them instantly clicked.

Joe said, "I like the atmosphere of having a big gathering of friends, but in HK, it's hard to find this kind of place. It was a coincidence that K.C. City had experience in teaching others how to open a snooker's pool hall, and I had no experience in this and didn't want to pay the tuition fee, so this was the best type of collaboration. They're responsible for operating the business, while I'm responsible for the abstract things, such as promoting and publicizing!"

  Picture of Vivian playing pool
Although Vivian has often been photographed going to a pool hall, there's never been a photo exposed of her playing pool. This photo of how Vivian looks when playing pool was provided by Joe. This is a very precious photo.
  Being the team captain for a public tournament
In October 2004, Vivian participated in the "First Official Pool Billiards Team League in Hong Kong" and was a team captain, but it's too bad she was just setting the balls for her team members and didn't play pool that day.

Give his girlfriend a pleasant surprise
More than 2 months ago, Joe started to make preparations for his 4,000 square foot pool hall. Besides showing in his pool hall the American pool materials and rare photos he collected over the years, he also helped to select the pool tables and lightbulbs, and made sure everything was ok. On the day of the interview, Joe had just went around HK and Kowloon to buy lightbulbs for the lights above the pool tables. Although American pool has already become a common interest for Joe and his girlfriend Vivian, Vivian didn't give him any suggestions when he was making preparations for the pool hall.

Joe explained, "First of all, I wanted to give her a pleasant surprise, and secondly, she's been very busy lately. She came here to the pool hall for the first time just 3 days ago. When she saw the place, she said it was better than what she expected and was more beautiful than what she imagined it would be. She said she really liked it! Afterwards, she came everyday to play pool!" The reporter indicated that Vivian would definitely attract her male fans to come and see her play pool. Joe laughed saying, "That would be even better. Then there would be more business! Besides, Vivian plays even better when more people are watching her!"

The boyfriend is working hard to promote, while the girlfriend Vivian is also working hard to coordinate with him. On Wednesday night, the reporter called Joe, and Vivian was with Joe, and she replied to the reporter saying, "I really like this sport. I can exercise and don't have to be in the sun." The reporter asked, "Are you worried that you'll be watched by your fans when you're playing pool at the pool hall?" Vivian said, "I'm not scared. We can play together!"

  Joe decorated the pool hall with his collection of American pool posters and movie photos which he collected for many years. He said, "When I bought these items, I knew that one day I would have some use for them."
  The pool hall has 60 lockers which is only offered to friends and regular customers for their use. Joe and Vivian's private lockers are #12 (right) and #10. Inside the lockers are both of their beloved cue stick leather bags.
  Joe found a professional person to custom-make this bar chair. On the armrest of the chair is a specially designed indentation for placing a cue stick.
  Joe's dream pool hall must have a bar. He said, "Then this would be like a real American pool hall. If you don't play pool, then you could go to the bar table to chat."
  After Vivian had moved to Vancouver with Joe, she was influenced into falling in love with playing pool. This photo was taken a few years ago with their friend Tony while they were playing pool in Vancouver.

Going for the grand style
The pool hall which Joe invested in is located in Hong Kong, Wan Chai on Jaffe Road at the 2nd floor of the King's Hotel. The King's Hotel opened in 2004. The karaoke lounge at the top floor often has celebrities appearing there. Joe said the customer target of the pool hall is mainly middle class people and every person who enjoys playing American pool. He said, "The fee to play at our pool hall is about 10-20% higher than other places. The cost to play during primetime is about HK$70-$80 (US$9-$10.25) per hour. Happy hour will be about HK$40-$50 (US$5.13-$6.40). We have to be a little grand since we're opening in a hotel."

Celebrity pool friends
On Sunday afternoon (1/8) during the grand opening of the pool hall, Vivian, being the hostess, will be the guest at the ribbon cutting ceremony. She will also be playing in a celebrity pool tournament with her good friends in the entertainment business, such as Leo Ku Kui Kei, Vincent Kuk Tak Chiu, Ronald Cheng Chung Kei, Emme Wong Yi Man, and others. They will be split into two teams to play in the tournament.

Source : MingPao Daily, Apple Daily, and Wen Wei Po newspapers - December 24, 2005 ; Translated by Dawn; Posted on January 9, 2006

Joe cooks and Vivian washes the dishes
(abridged version of actual articles)

Joe Ngai Jan and Jo Kuk Jo Lam accepted an interview from Vincent Kuk Tak Chiu and Sandra Ng Kwan Yu. (Picture from MingPao Daily)


Sandra Ng Kwan Yu and Vincent Kuk Tak Chiu are the hosts of the HK cable entertainment cooking program and invited Joe Ngai Jan and Jo Kuk Jo Lam to be guests on their show. Joe said when his father Ngai Hong came back to HK earlier, he would accompany his father to eat everyday and gained 10 pounds, so now he has to avoid eating carbohydrates to lose weight. Joe has a 'family man' kind of feel. He said he's responsible for cooking in the house. In the past when he and Vivian Chow were living in Canada, he would cook the food while Vivian would wash the dishes, but after returning to HK, they would mostly go out to eat. During the TV program, Joe cooked a chicken dish.

Source : Sudden Weekly magazine #541 - December 9, 2005 ; Translated by Dawn; Posted on January 9, 2006

Vivian scared to receive wedding invitation

Preserved -
Vivian has looked beautiful for many years and hasn't changed. Ngai Hong (Joe's father) joked, "She looks like she took preservatives." Vivian replied with, "Knock on wood. Aren't those things given to dead people?" Actually, being complimented by her future father-in-law like this probably makes her feel very happy.
However, for Vivian's beautiful look, you really can't find any signs of her aging when looking at a closeup picture of her. She's really preserved!"


Vivian Chow, who's enjoying life, has recently been appearing often in newspapers. Last Thursday (12/1), she attended a press conference for a hair care product for the premiere of her TV commercial. Although Vivian doesn't have any plans to get married right now, she still has a big reaction about marriage. When the event ended that day, a crew member handed her a red envelope, and Vivian was immediately startled. She thought it was a 'red bomb' (wedding invitation), which made the crew member very embarrassed and immediately explained that there was a Christmas card inside the envelope. Ha... who knows if Vivian is scared to attend a wedding or if she's afraid to give a wedding gift?"

  Vivian was originally planning to take a rest after doing her promotional work and wasn't expecting to receive a red envelope (wedding invitation), but she got scared for nothing.
  Vivian had 8 people with her to attend the event (manager, assistant, hair dresser, makeup artist, etc.). She really has the look of a big star.
  Vivian has been busy 'making a comeback,' but even if she's busy, she still accompanied Joe to play pool at the South China Athletic Association (on 12/4). She can handle everything. She's super!

Making a comeback
Vivian has returned to HK for a few years. At first she would seldom appear at public events. But ever since Joe stopped working at the radio station, Vivian has often appeared in public and is even busier than some current artists. Is she paving a road to make a comeback? Didn't she already make her comeback?"

November 19 - presented an award at the TVB Anniversary show
November 24 - attended the DTC jewelry show
November 26 - attended the Christmas lighting ceremony at Olympian City
December 1 - attended the 'promise of non-falling beauty' hair care product press conference

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