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Source : Apple Daily newspaper - October 7, 2004; Translated by Dawn; Posted on October 12, 2004

Vivian will get married anytime if she got pregnant


Yesterday, Vivian went on a TV program in Taiwan. The media in Taiwan has a very strong interest in her relationship and kept asking her if she and Joe had already secretly gotten married. Vivian immediately denied this and said a marriage certificate isn't important. The TV program host, Cheung Siu Yin, then asked her if she would get married if she got pregnant. Vivian nodded, but emphasized that she and her boyfriend don't want to have children.

Source : MingPao Daily newspaper - October 7, 2004; Translated by Dawn; Posted on October 12, 2004

Vivian: Maybe I will suddenly get married with Joe

Earlier, Vivian went to Taiwan to do some promotional work. She found A-Mei Cheung Wai Mui's hair stylist to do her hair. She first had to attend the taped TV show "Happy Sunday" and then "Hong Hei is Coming," but A-Mei needed to tape "Hong Hei is Coming" before Vivian, and as a result, the stylist was too busy and caused A-Mei to be late for the taping.

During the program, Vivian openly talked about her relationship with Joe. She said it was her own decision to leave the entertainment circle many years ago. During the time when both of them were developing their careers, they were separated for 2 to 3 years. When the time is right, Vivian might suddenly get married. Although they don't currently plan on having children, if she unexpectedly becomes pregnant, she would have the baby.

Source : Oriental Daily newspaper - October 7, 2004; Translated by Dawn; Posted on October 12, 2004

Vivian goes to Taiwan and sees her good friends again and is so touched she cried

Yesterday, Vivian went to Taiwan to do promotional activities for being the spokesperson of a skincare company. On a TV program, she was able to see Lam Lung Suen, who she had sung a duet with many years ago, and also many friends who love her. Vivian was so touched that she cried. It's been a long time since Vivian appeared in Taiwan, so that's why many reporters were there to cover this news, but the public relations of the skincare company blocked the reporters. However, in the end, the media was able to smoothly cover the story. Vivian was happy to know that she was the number one female artist that the Taiwan audience wanted to return to showbiz. She said that her relationship with Joe is stable.

Source : The Sun newspaper - October 7, 2004; Translated by Dawn; Posted on October 12, 2004

Vivian dislikes the world for being chaotic and won't have children

It's been 8 years since Vivian went to Taiwan. Yesterday, she finally went to Taiwan again. She appeared on the TV program "Happy Sunday." When she saw the fans who have continuously supported her for all these years, she was very touched and cried on the spot. During the show, she was asked why she still didn't have children after dating her boyfriend Joe for 15 years. Vivian said a marriage certificate is just a piece of paper, and right now she still doesn't want children, because the world is too chaotic. If she has a child, then maybe the child won't be able to be happy.

Source : - October 7, 2004; Translated by Dawn; Posted on October 12, 2004

Forever Jade Girl Master Vivian appears on 'Hong Hei is Coming,' looking as beautiful as in the past.
Vivian wasn't defensive when talking about her relationship; talking about her 15 year relationship with Joe

Vivian and Small S


Forever Jade Girl Master Vivian hasn't stepped foot in Taiwan for 8 years. Yesterday (10/6), Vivian appeared for a taping of 'Hong Hei is Coming' on CTI TV. She looked as beautiful as in the past, which made everyone surprised. Vivian's graceful jade girl aura was still there and made the strong and lively TV host Small S go down. Small S always has confidence in herself, but she couldn't avoid being intimidated by Vivian's temperament and voluntarily surrendered without objection.

It was rumored that Vivian left the entertainment circle 8 years ago because of love. Vivian especially used this chance of coming to Taiwan to clarify this news. Vivian said, "Actually Joe and I were already in love before I left! At that time, I had decided to leave the entertainment circle because I felt I've already been a jade girl for 10 years and had been separated too much from society, so that's why when my contract happened to be ending, I wanted to change my life and seize the opportunity to rest for a while. I've rested for 8 years. All of this was my own decision and has nothing to do with Joe."

As for the 15 year relationship with Joe, Vivian wasn't defensive when talking about this and boldly said, "Joe and I met in 1989 when we took part in Radio Television Hong Kong's program 'Modern Era.' At that time when we first saw each other, we had a feeling like we were old friends. But during that time, we were young and put our careers first, and later we separated! We separated for two to three years, and when we saw each other again, we discovered that we still had feelings for each other, so then we continued to keep in contact. In 1996, when the media had pictures of us being together, we openly made our relationship public!" As for how they currently get along with each other, Vivian's words inside would often reveal sweetness, and Vivian laughed saying, "This is the second time we're together. Both of us have matured a lot. We understand how to sacrifice for each other and how to forgive and share with each other. So that's why both of us currently really enjoy our simple happiness!"

Vivian said she and Joe are very satisfied with their relationship with each other at the present stage, so that's why they don't really care about when they will get married. But she and Joe won't resist to getting married. Maybe one day when both of them feel the time is right, they might immediately get married. Would both of them want to have children? Vivian firmly said, "At the present stage, I don't plan on having children. Our cats and dog are our children. But if I unexpectedly become pregnant, then of course I would definitely have the child." Vivian laughed saying, "Actually my current beloved is my cat Pal Chow! On the day that I left him for this trip, I was already extremely missing him!" As for in the future, if there is a suitable script, Vivian might come back, but she laughed saying, "If there's a really good script, I would think about coming back, but I won't go overseas to act in a movie, because then I would have to leave my beloved cat and I certainly wouldn't be able to part with him!" Seeing Vivian's current lifestyle, it's really a comfortable and sweet life!"

Source : - October 7, 2004; Translated by Dawn; Posted on October 12, 2004

Forever Jade Girl Master - Vivian Chow

Vivian and Small S


Vivian isn't scared of rumors! Eight years later, she appears on TV again, and her beauty and jade girl feel hasn't changed a bit.

Vivian was known as the 'Jade Girl Master' many years ago. Yesterday, she appeared on 'Hong Hei is Coming!' Vivian has been away from Taiwan for 8 years. Vivian's flowing long hair and her slim body are her trademarks. Her beauty hasn't diminished the slightest amount.

Hong Kong's jade girl Vivian had left the entertainment circle. When she was asked about her 15 year relationship with her boyfriend Joe Ngai on why she hasn't gotten married and had children, she said, "A marriage certificate is only a piece of paper. At this moment, we don't want to have children, because the world is too chaotic. If we had a child, we don't know if the child would be happy or not..."

The Hong Kong media frequently had news that she and Joe have already gotten married earlier. On the TV program 'Hong Hei is Coming,' Vivian accepted an interview with Small S and Choi Hong Wing, and she denied that she was already married. She said that currently the two of them are very happy together and that's good enough. She doesn't want to get married just to be married!

On the program, Vivian also revealed that she and Joe first met in 1989 on one of Radio Television Hong Kong's programs. When they first saw each other, they felt like old friends, but at that time, both of them were young, and they put their careers first. As a result, they naturally separated. Two to three years later, they met again and discovered that they still had feelings for each other, so they continued to keep in contact with each other. In 1996, the media was able to get a picture of them together, and then they openly admitted to their relationship. Vivian said, "Both of us are very satisfied with our current situation. We won't reject to getting married."

Source : - October 7, 2004; Translated by Dawn; Posted on October 12, 2004

"Jade Girl Master" Vivian Chow appears and has a competition with Small S on who has the prettiest legs


"Jade Girl Master," long time no see!

Leaving the entertainment circle for 8 years, "Jade Girl Master" Vivian apppeared yesterday (10/6) in Taiwan and attended Small S's TV program "Hong Hei is Coming." Small S has always admitted that she herself has two beautiful legs. Since it's so rare to see this Jade Girl, during the program, Small S couldn't refrain from competing against Vivian. Vivian's name really lived up to her reputation. Vivian's white and beautiful legs made Small S surrender without objection. During the show, the funniest part was when Small S was learning how to pose like Vivian. Then the other host of the show, Choi Hong Wing, brought out Vivian's photo collection book which was made 10 years ago. Inside the book, there was one sexy and pure photo of Vivian. This photo is Vivian's sexiest photo. Because Small S lost in the prettiest legs competition, she was a bit mad and wanted to win by doing a sexy pose. Small S did several funny poses, which even made Vivian laugh.


Source : - October 7, 2004; Translated by Dawn; Posted on October 12, 2004

Vivian appeared on "Happy Sunday" and reporters were arguing


Vivian has always been known as the "Jade Girl Master." Yesterday, she appeared on the TV program "Happy Sunday" and accepted an interview from Cheung Siu Yin. Shiseido's public relations representative repeatedly tried to obstruct the reporters from covering the story, and for a time, the reporters were arguing with the public relations representative, making the whole place really heated. According to reports, Shiseido's PR had earlier requested that the TV production unit not let any of the media friends get close when covering the story and wouldn't allow them to take pictures. But the reporters came by when they got the news, and all asked to take the best photos.

Vivian, who doesn't sing anymore, rarely has a chance to meet with Lam Lung Suen. With Lam Lung Suen guiding her, she couldn't resist and starting to sing ('Rumors'), yet, Shiseido's PR also requested that the production unit cut Vivian's singing part on the show. The PR was below the stage when making this request, and Vivian was singing an English song ('Sometimes When We Touch') with Samuel Toi Jing Siu, and at that moment, the PR's face got even madder.


Source : - October 7, 2004; Translated by Dawn; Posted on October 12, 2004

Vivian denies being married; She cried when she remembered past events that made her heart flutter


"Jade Girl Master" Vivian Chow hasn't come to Taiwan for 8 years. Vivian cried during the taping of Chinese Television System's program "Happy Sunday." She didn't cry because she was forced to answer questions about her relationship with Joe, but because she was reunited with Lam Lung Suen and Samuel Toi Jing Siu, who she hasn't seen for many years. Plus her fans gave her flowers and her past collections, allowing her to immerse in the memories. Her mood momentarily went up and down, and she repeatedly had to wipe her tears.

At the beginning of the show, she clarified the rumors about her and Joe. She laughed saying, "We really aren't married!" Vivian said, "At the present stage, we don't feel we need to get married. When the timing is right, we won't resist in this possibility."

Source : - October 6, 2004; Translated by Dawn; Posted on October 12, 2004

Being away for 8 years, Vivian returns to the TV screen

video clip


Hong Kong singer Vivian Chow is the dream lover of many 5th and 6th grade students, and is also regarded as the Mandarin music industry's first jade girl idol. Eight years ago, she left the entertainment circle because of love. Today eight years later, she returns to the TV screen and sings again. Let's watch together, after 8 years, how Vivian currently looks.

Do you remember when you heard this song? This song ('Rumors') is one of jade girl Vivian's popular songs many years ago. She's still the same with her shiny and smooth long hair, clear skin and elegant face, and her body is also still slim. Her singing voice is sweet and touching. Many years ago, she left the TV screen because of her boyfriend Joe Ngai. Eight years of her life doesn't seem to have changed her looks. As long as the fans who like her can continue to see their idol perform and sing, then anything else isn't important!

Source : - October 6, 2004; Translated by Dawn; Posted on October 10, 2004

Vivian doing a concealed type of TV promotion

'Forever Jade Girl Master' Vivian Chow is coming back to the entertainment circle. It's her first time coming back to Taiwan to do TV appearances and her schedule is arranged one after the other. The TV and print media were not allowed to do interviews or take pictures. Even the TV station wasn't allowed to publicize about Vivian being on their show! The Shiseido public relations manager, Shum Yi Kwan, was in charge of the promotional activities and said, "First of all, Vivian's Mandarin has degenerated and is afraid that when she makes a statement, the media might not understand her meaning. Secondly, she's worried the media would continuously ask about her rumors. Therefore, this is a 'concealed type' of TV promotion."

This year Vivian is 36 years old. Because she properly took good care of her looks, there have been many companies who are looking for her. The other day, she signed a 7 figure contract worth a million with Shiseido to be their spokesperson. This morning, Vivian took an airplane from Hong Kong to Taiwan for promotional work. At 12:00PM, she will attend Chinese Television System's program "Happy Sunday" and their famous section "Happy Lion Club" for an interview.

Because Vivian is doing promotional work and because of Cheung Siu Yin's great hospitality for inviting Vivian on the show, Vivian asked for the "friendship" (discounted) price to come on the show. She and Lam Lung Shuen will perform together on stage again, and maybe there's hope that she will sing her famous love song 'Rumors.' But an unusual thing happened. Last night, Vivian's agent company requested that they won't accept interviews and take pictures for the news media at the taping of the show. The TV show production unit also can't make any announcements to the outside media about this. The other TV show which Vivian will be appearing on, "Hong Hei is Coming," also received the same request from Vivian's agent company.

Vivian, who has a doll-like face, had said before, "I believe that with my current condition, if I made a come back to the entertainment circle, it would be very strenuous. I'm already used to living a simple life for these past few years. Right now, I might not be physically and mentally able to cope with so much work." As for the status of her relationship with her boyfriend Joe Ngai, Vivian said there's currently no plans for getting married. But she emphasized that this doesn't mean she refuses to get married.

Source : - October 5, 2004; Translated by Dawn; Posted on October 10, 2004

It's rare for the Jade Girl to show her face; people continuously making noise for her to come back

Vivian will forever be the jade girl idol in the hearts of many males. She will be arriving in Taiwan tomorrow. Earlier, people made continuous noise for Vivian to come back to showbiz, but all along, she still hasn't said yes. This time she's coming to Taiwan to be the spokesperson for a skincare product. Vivian will be able to reunite with some of her old friends, and at the same time, her old friends hope to persuade her to sing again.

Vivian stepped out of the singing business in 1997 because of love. She went with her boyfriend Joe to Canada and lived a leisurely life. Decca Records, who had released Vivian's album "Rumors" and other albums, was already hoping that it didn't matter if Vivian didn't show up. Decca tried to persuade Vivian to release another album by just recording one or two new songs, but she declined. Decca had released the "My Star" compilation album a few years ago and had tried to invite her to show her face again, but Vivian emphasized that she only hopes to release a book, have a painting exhibition, or appear for charity purposes. At last, they still left this matter unsettled.

However, recently Vivian has appeared quite often in Hong Kong. She loves cats. Not only did she write a book called "My Cat Son Pal Chow" about her beloved cat, she was even a guest performer at Sam Hui's comeback concert. There were rumors that SK-II had originally wanted to invite Vivian to be a spokeperson for one of their new products, but that she asked for too high a price, so in the end, SK-II turned to inviting Sandy Lam Yik Lin instead. However, Vivian was still able to make a high price deal in the end, by turning to Shiseido to do their ad.

Tomorrow Vivian will arrive in Taiwan. Not only will she be recording the TV program "Happy Sunday," Shiseido will also be holding a big press conference for her on the day after. It's already been 8 years since Vivian has come to Taiwan to work. This time, she will be working and will also see her old friends.

Source : - October 5, 2004; Translated by Dawn; Posted on October 10, 2004

Vivian will arrive in Taiwan tomorrow; she will only appear on the TV show "Happy Sunday"

Vivian will forever be the 'dream lover' in the eyes of many of her fans. (Picture on file)


Vivian Chow, the 'first generation jade girl,' left the entertainment business for many years. This week, she will come to Taiwan to do activities for being the spokesperson for a cosmetic company. This is also the first time she has come to Taiwan since 8 years ago. Because Vivian is only going to be participating in the "Happy Sunday" TV show, the other TV shows were not able to grab this 'forever jade girl master' to be on their show, making the production unit standby. This Wednesday, the host of the show Cheung Siu Yin and the substitute host Pang Hap Hap have communicated with this beauty earlier on what they were planning to do during the show in order to interview this dream lover of men. Vivian will be reunited with some of her old Taiwan friends during the program, and she'll also have a song list to let her choose from. The producer Wong Yue Sing said Vivian has not yet replied on whether she will sing or not, but they have Vivian's music videos from many years ago and hope that she would remember the happy memories of the past.

Vivian hasn't seen her Taiwan fans for 8 years. Vivian has always been the 'forever Jade Girl Master' in the hearts of Taiwan men. No matter how many beautiful girls in showbiz appeared afterwards, none of them were able to replace Vivian's position. Vivian was also voted on the web as the number one female artist that people most wanted to see return to showbiz. During this time period, when Vivian had the chance to appear on the HK news, her looks almost haven't changed. With her shoulder length hair and her gentle and soft and graceful looking face, she's even more attractive than the singing queens who constantly change their looks. Cheung Siu Yin and the production unit of "Happy Sunday" said that they have found Vivian's music video "Rumors," the song which made her famous many years ago, and also her "In Unspeakable Terms" music video. When looking at her right now, they feel she's still very beautiful. The filming technique for these MVs is an old-fashioned style. It's no wonder that Cheung Siu Yin said, "The forever jade girl can withstand the test of time."

Producer Wong Yue Sing said that in order to welcome this beautiful guest Vivian, the production unit worked very hard to find the people that Vivian had worked with before. It was easy to find Lam Lung Suen and Samuel Toi Jing Siu, who have both sang duet songs with her. There were also many people who worked behind the camera that this beauty wanted to see and was on her list of names, but because it's been so many years, some of those people have already left the record industry and entertainment circle, and the data wasn't complete, so it was very difficult to find these people for this 'super mission.' Also, it's not known if Vivian is willing to sing for her fans and friends. Her current reply is "I'll see what the situation is like." Wong Yue Sing said they're ready now and are just waiting for Vivian to attend and give her fans a big surprise.

Source : - October 3, 2004; Translated by Dawn; Posted on October 10, 2004

Hiding for 8 years; Vivian is coming soon to Taiwan to be a sweet talking spokesperson

Last year, Vivian and Joe attended a movie premiere in HK. (Picture on file)


The music industry's "Jade Girl Master" Vivian Chow left the music industry 8 years ago. It's estimated that she will be coming to Taiwan in early October to participate in events for a cosmetic company as their spokesperson. This is the first time she's coming to Taiwan since 8 years ago. This time when coming to Taiwan, she will only be appearing on one entertainment TV program. Vivian's travel route was very secretive in order to avoid other entertainment programs from coming to snatch her away. The program planned for Vivian to reunite with some of her old friends from Taiwan, such as Lam Lung Suen, who sang the duet "Rumors" with Vivian, and also her good friend Samuel Toi Jing Siu. The boss of Decca Records, Cheung Gang Yue is also on the invitation list.

Decca Records Cheung Gang Yue has already declined the invitation from the entertainment program. He said, "At my age, going on TV would torment people too much, so please don't ask me to go. However, it's no problem for me to invite Vivian for dinner!" When Cheung Gang Yue invites Vivian to dinner, he also wants to persuade her to sing again and record a couple songs.

Eight years ago after her concert in Atlantic City, USA, 'Jade Girl Master' Vivian announced she would be leaving the music industry. These past few years, she and her boyfriend Joe Ngai lived together in Canada for several years. They've loved each other for many years. A few years ago, they returned to Hong Kong. Vivian lives a simple life. These past few years, she concentrated on painting. A few years ago, she held her own painting exhibition in Hong Kong. This past year, she wrote a book about her cute cat, Pal Chow.

Maybe her feeling has calmed down. For the past 8 years, Vivian's looks didn't change that much. She still has soft long hair and looks sweet. Many years ago, Vivian had a graceful jade girl look and captured the hearts of many boys and girls. Vivian is the idol of some singers in the entertainment business, such as Singapore's ah Do, and Wong Sue Juen and other creative and talented musicians.

"Rumors never stop, rumors keep going.." These lyrics represent one of Vivian's songs, "Rumors." This song is still being sung today. Last year, Decca Records released the compilation albums called "My Star," which included Vivian, Samuel Toi, Lam Lung Suen, and other singer's popular songs. Decca's supervisor Ng Yi Fan said, "I never thought that it's still tough to ask Vivian questions!"

Source : various newspapers - August 29, 2004; Translated by Dawn; Posted on October 6, 2004

Joe denies Vivian is pregnant...
(abridged version of actual articles)

Joe Ngai and Jo Kuk were together to do some promotional work. Joe strongly supported his girlfriend Vivian by saying that her body is fit, and that being too skinny is actually not so beautiful. (Picture from The Sun)


The Sun newspaper:
Joe denies Vivian is pregnant; Joe laughs at his father for being happy for nothing

Earlier there were rumors that Vivian Chow was pregnant. Yesterday when Joe Ngai Jan and Jo Kuk Cho Lam attended a public event, Joe praised his girlfriend for still having a very fit body and said, "The dress she wore gave you a wrong impression! She has always been slim. She has no weight problems. Actually, when she was really busy many years ago, she was too skinny. Now she looks just right." Joe said he and Vivian have a consensus on not having children and reiterated that the Ngai family ends after his generation. Joe said, "My sister and I don't plan on having children. If we want children, then we'll adopt, but we don't have plans right now. But when my father heard the news that Vivian was pregnant, he was so happy."

MingPao Daily newspaper:
Joe clarifies Vivian isn't pregnant
There were rumors that Joe Ngai's girlfriend, Vivian Chow, was pregnant because she had a slightly raised belly when she attended a recent event. Yesterday, Joe clarified that there was no such thing, and even highly praised his girlfriend for having a fit and healthy body. But the news made his father mistakenly believe that Vivian was really pregnant and made his father happy for nothing. Joe said, "We don't plan on having our own children. We might consider adopting children."

Oriental Daily newspaper:
Joe said he won't have children
Yesterday, Joe Ngai and Jo Kuk Cho Lam were the judges at a slimming event. But Joe doesn't really support the idea of modern age girls blindly losing weight in a crazy manner. He laughed saying, "I personally don't like girls who are so skinny that their bones are sticking out. The most important thing is that the girl has to be mentally in good shape, and then she would be pretty. It's not to say that a person is pretty when they look skinny enough."

Recently, his girlfriend Vivian is in good shape and is really beautiful. She had a slight belly, causing speculations that she might be pregnant. Joe laughed at this saying, "You guys made my father (Ngai Hong) so happy. Now he's just like those old Chinese men in San Francisco, believing everything he reads in the newspapers. But my sister and I both decided that we won't have children. Our 'Ngai' family ends with our generation!"


Joe Ngai and Jo Kuk. (Picture from MingPao Daily)

Joe Ngai and Jo Kuk were the judges at a slimming event yesterday. (Picture from The Sun)

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