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Source : The Sun newspaper - April 10, 2004; Translated by Dawn; Posted on April 10, 2004

Joe scolded that 90% of the article was fake
Vivian denies receiving HK$4,000,000 to have a concert

Chan Chi Kwong volunteered to be Vivian's manager because he's familiar with her. (picture taken October 2003).



Recently there has been constant news saying Jade Girl Master Vivian Chow is returning to showbiz. However, she's mainly focusing on acting in advertisements to make some real money. She also invited the current general manager of Warner Music, Gary Chan Chi Kwong, to be her manager. "Sudden Weekly" magazine stated Vivian would receive HK$800,000 (US$102,696) for each concert show, and 5 shows have to be sold-out before she agrees to perform at the concert. This newspaper called Gary for confirmation, and he said, "There's absolutely no such thing. Honestly speaking, the market today is so bad. How could there be such a price? Right now we're still in the middle of discussing about doing an advertisement. The contract has been sent to a lawyer to handle. An announcement will be made when it's the appropriate time." When the reporter asked if Vivian will be returning to showbiz, Gary said, "For all these years, she's never said she was retiring from showbiz. She just didn't want to do work and was resting! Recently more people have had contact with her, and Joe Ngai (Vivian's boyfriend) feels it's not very convenient for an artist to come out to speak so much. Also, I'm familiar with both of them, so that's why I'm volunteering to be her manager, but we won't have a contract." The reporter asked if she would be making a new album with Warner Music. Gary said, "No, not at the moment. She will mainly be working on doing advertisements and movies. We're still discussing with many of them. As for having a concert, we won't be thinking about this at the moment, because it takes a lot of time to prepare for a concert."

Also, the reporter called Joe Ngai to inquire, and he said, "The recent reports from the magazines are about 90% made up by the writers. There's only about 10% that's true. Even though there have been advertising companies looking for Vivian, she still hasn't confirmed anything."


Source : SingTao Daily newspaper - April 6, 2004; Translated by Dawn; Posted on April 9, 2004

Leo Ku revealed Vivian Chow was already married

When Leo was doing his interview, he talked too fast and let it slip out that Vivian was already married!



Yesterday Leo Ku Kui Kei performed some songs during his press conference for his upcoming Commercial Radio concert. Leo hoped to invite his 2 idols Sam Hui Koon Kit and Jacky Cheung Hok Yau to see his show, and also husband and wife Joe Ngai and Vivian Chow! When Leo knew he said the wrong words, he immediately changed his words and said Vivian and her boyfriend Joe. Leo hopes Vivian would return to showbiz and decided he will sing her song 'Ji Jok Doh Ching' at his concert. He laughed saying, "When Vivian found out I was planning to sing this song, she seemed like she really didn't want me to sing it. Maybe it's because she's afraid I will sing the song better than her, ha ha!"


Source : Oriental Daily newspaper - April 6, 2004; Translated by Dawn; Posted on April 9, 2004

Leo Ku used 'husband and wife' to describe Joe Ngai and Vivian Chow

Leo Ku.



Leo Ku Kui Kei will be having his Commercial Radio concert on May 15th. Yesterday he performed 3 songs at the press conference. Leo hoped that his 2 idols, Sam Hui Koon Kit and Jacky Cheung Hok Yau, could attend his show. Also, he described Joe Ngai and Vivian Chow as being 'husband and wife,' but then said he was joking. He wished this couple could come to his show because Vivian said a long time ago that she wanted to see his concert. Vivian even prohibited him from singing 'Ji Jok Doh Ching,' but Leo insists on singing it.

Source : Apple Daily newspaper - April 6, 2004; Translated by Dawn; Posted on April 9, 2004

Leo Ku exposed Joe Ngai and Vivian Chow are married?

Leo Ku Kui Kei will be having his Commercial Radio concert next month on the 5th. Yesterday at the press conference, he even did a live performance. However, when reporters asked who he hoped would watch his concert, he said on stage, "I really hope to invite Joe Ngai and his wife (Vivian) to see the show." Afterwards, he corrected himself saying both of them are only boyfriend and girlfriend.

Later on when reporters asked if Leo had accidentally revealed that both of them had secretly gotten married, Leo nervously explained, "No, please don't misunderstand. Both of them are only boyfriend and girlfriend. Joe and Vivian are my very good pool playing friends, so that's why I want to invite them to see the show."

Source : Ta Kung Pao newspaper - April 6, 2004; Translated by Dawn; Posted on April 9, 2004

Leo Ku hopes to work with Vivian Chow
(abridged version of actual article)

When reporters asked Leo Ku Kui Kei who he really wanted to invite to see his concert, Leo said he really wanted to invite Mr. and Mrs. Ngai (Joe and Vivian) and also Jacky Cheung and Sam Hui.

When Leo revealed Joe and Vivian were married, he quickly made a clarification saying both of them have a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. Reporters continued to ask if he invited Mr. and Mrs. Ngai. Leo emphasized again that they are boyfriend and girlfriend. He said he plays pool with Joe and Vivian often, and Jacky Cheung and Sam Hui are his idols, so that's why he really wants to invite them to his show.

Leo also said he played pool with Vivian earlier, and she said to him that if he has a concert and invites her to go, she would definitely go. Is Leo worried Vivian would take away his spotlight? Leo said he absolutely doesn't mind. Leo laughed saying he hopes to make Vivian feel so touched that she would return to singing. He's planning to sing her famous song 'Ji Jok Doh Ching.' When reporters asked Leo if he would invite her to sing a new song with him, he said he doesn't dare to bother her. Inviting her to watch his concert is already hard to come by.

Source : Wen Wei Po newspaper - April 6, 2004; Translated by Dawn; Posted on April 9, 2004

Leo Ku wants to invite Vivian Chow to return to showbiz
(abridged version of actual article)

Yesterday Leo Ku Kui Kei held a press conference for his upcoming Commercial Radio concert. When reporters asked Leo who he really wanted to invite to go see his concert, he quickly said, "I'd really like to invite Mr. and Mrs. Ngai (Joe Ngai and Vivian Chow), and also Jacky Cheung Hok Yau and Sam Hui Koon Kit." Afterwards, Leo knew he said the wrong words and immediately corrected himself saying, "It should be Vivian and her boyfriend Joe." When reporters continued to ask him if he invited Vivian and her husband to see his concert, Leo reiterated, "I said they are boyfriend and girlfriend. Vivian and Joe often play pool with me. Both of them are my pool playing friends. Singing gods Jacky Cheung and Sam Hui are both of my idols, so that's why I really want to invite them to see my show."

Leo also said, "Vivian said to me if I have a concert and I invite her, then she will definitely come see it." If Leo invited Vivian to go on stage to sing a song with him, would he be worried that she would steal his spotlight? Leo honestly said he's not worried at all. As for Vivian going on stage to sing, does she have to ask for her boyfriend's permission? Leo laughed saying, "She really has to ask Joe for permission." (Leo is just joking.)

In order to make Vivian feel touched so that she returns to sing again, Leo openheartedly said he has a big responsibility that night. During the concert, he decided he will sing her famous song "Ji Jok Doh Ching," hoping he will be successful in touching her heart.

Would Leo invite her to sing a new duet song with him? Leo laughed saying, "I really don't dare to bother her. Inviting her to watch my concert is hard to come by. It's already very good."

Source : The Sun newspaper - April 6, 2004; Translated by Dawn; Posted on April 9, 2004

Leo Ku sings love song, trying to get Vivian Chow to return to showbiz
(abridged version of actual article)

Leo Ku Kui Kei laughed saying he would invite husband and wife, Joe Ngai and Vivian Chow, to watch his concert. But after he said this, he was afraid his friends would get mad, so he immediately corrected his words and said they (Joe and Vivian) were just boyfriend and girlfriend. But Leo stated he really did ask Vivian to go watch his show. He would also sing her famous song "Ji Jok Doh Ching," too! Leo hoped that by singing her song, he could incite her craving to sing and return to showbiz!

Source : MingPao newspaper - April 6, 2004; Translated by Dawn; Posted on April 9, 2004

Leo Ku used a lot of strength to invite Vivian Chow to be a guest performer
(abridged version of actual article)

Leo Ku Kui Kei will have his Commercial Radio concert on May 15th at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Yesterday he had a mini-concert for his press conference. When he was on stage, he said he hoped to invite the married couple Joe Ngai and Vivian Chow to be guest performers at his upcoming concert, but later he said he was just joking, saying they are just boyfriend and girlfriend. Reporters asked if Vivian and Joe were really married already. Leo said he was just trying to make some atmosphere. Joe and Vivian are his good pool playing friends. He believes both of them won't mind. He said he will use all methods to try to get Vivian up on stage to perform at his concert. He also hopes to invite the 2 singing gods (Jacky Cheung and Sam Hui) to be his guest performers. If they can't go on stage, then he hopes they will come to watch his show.

Cha Siu Yan entertainment news from Commercial Radio 881 (in Cantonese) - March 23, 2004

Chris Wong talks about Vivian Chow on radio program...

partial clip of Chris Wong's interview on CR881 program w/ Jerry Lam Hiu Fung and Wong Yin Ji (in Cantonese)
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Jerry: Will you (Chris) be inviting any guest performers [for his concert]?...such as Vivian Chow or others.
Chris: oh, they (reporters) ask me this question each time.
Jerry: They ask you each time... it's all because of the timing situation, since earlier the reporters were writing about whether Vivian would return to showbiz or not.
Chris: to do a movie and other things?
Jerry: yeah.
Wong Yin Ji: Would Vivian start her return to showbiz by performing at your concert?
Chris: I haven't heard any news about it..hehe.
Jerry: because you're keeping your mouth shut
Chris: no.. well, I hope she can come to watch my concert, but this time in my rundown, I didn't plan on having guest performers, not just speaking of Vivian, but for any other guests, I don't know if there will be time for them.
Jerry: So then you're still open, such as if you saw whoever (friend) in the audience and you said, "Hey, you came. How about coming on stage to sing a song?"
Chris: eh, this concert isn't that type of a concert.
Jerry: It's not..haha.. so this [concert] has style.
Chris: Everything should go in order. We can't add such impromptu parts to the show. Maybe during the encore part, if there are really some of my friends in the audience, then we could talk a little and it wouldn't hurt. Otherwise, I'm afraid I can't do impromptu things during the rest of the show.

Source : Sudden Weekly magazine #451 - March 19, 2004; Translated by Dawn; Posted on March 21, 2004

Bouncing Vivian taking care of a bare-chested Joe

Vivian didn't mind being the woman behind Joe for all these years. She even learned how to play pool because of her boyfriend. Earlier, they were on a date and went to the 'Hong Kong Pool Club' in Central to play American pool.



Will the retired Vivian actually return to showbiz? Everyone should take a look at the 2 pictures below and you can see the reality.

Actually Miss Chow quite seldomly goes out in her everyday life. Besides going out to walk her dogs everyday, she likes to stay at home. Nowadays, her boyfriend Joe Ngai hosts a radio program in the evening. After work, he would sometimes buy a late night meal and bring it back to the Jade Girl's home at San Francisco Towers. It's already early in the morning (after 2am), however, Jade Girl Vivian would wait for her boyfriend to get off work and return home. On that night, when Vivian saw her boyfriend return home, she immediately got up to welcome him home. Afterwards, she kept walking back and forth in front of the refrigerator, serving a late night meal to her boyfriend. And when Joe returned to his girlfriend's home, he immediately took off his clothes, showing a bare-chest and only wearing a pair of shorts.

Jade Girl Vivian is already 36 years old, but when she's in front of her boyfriend, she actually changed back to being a young girl. Not only was she bouncing around and being vivacious, she would also move her arms and legs when she spoke, and Joe would be enjoying his late night meal while talking to his girlfriend.

When seeing such a warm scene, you can fully feel Vivian's happiness of being a small woman. This reporter doesn't feel Vivian wants to return to showbiz!






From outside the window, we can see Jade Girl Vivian and Joe. It can be seen that they're very friendly to each other. What's rare to see is Jade Girl Vivian being cute in front of her boyfriend. It's been said that love can make a person young!


Source : MingPao Weekly magazine #1844 - March 13, 2004; Translated by Dawn and Mac; Posted on March 21, 2004
* THANKS to Kathy for typing the Chinese article so that I could translate the article.

Vivian is returning to showbiz for Zhang Yimou (director of the movie "Hero")

Will Vivian act in Zhang Yimou's new movie? We should know very soon.

Not only will Vivian return to act in a movie, she's also going to release a book this year in April called, "Chow Wai Paau (Pal)."



Recently, there have been many different versions of the rumors about Vivian returning to showbiz. There's even been rumors that she has already agreed to act in the 3 Hui brother's new movie, however, a reporter has investigated this matter and found out that Vivian's first movie after returning to showbiz will be for director Zhang Yimou.

Vivian has always loved reading books. Recently she was interested in a controversial novel from China called "Porcelain Doll." This novel has also been looked at by the big director Zhang Yimou and he's about to make a movie out of this novel. According to sources, the movie company made a connection between Vivian and Zhang Yimou and talked about working together . Nobody would have thought that the deal could be made without any problems. In addition, this movie will be an important first step to her return to the movie business. In the book, the main character Echo is a beautiful girl who is about 30 years old and is a role which is full of caring of the heart. The producers believe Vivian could totally handle this role. Of course they also considered Vivian's power to influence and her popularity. You could say this is tailor made for her. It's believed if this is carried out, then Vivian's first movie after returning to showbiz would definitely make some sparks. From what the reporter knows, in Hong Kong, there are already several movie distributing companies who are planning to buy Vivian's first movie that she does after returning to showbiz. The reporter called her boyfriend, and he didn't deny this. He just said to the reporter, "I can't speak for her. You should go find her yourself!"

Gary, Vivian's friend, is accepting job offers on her behalf. He said, "There's been many big directors who have contacted her, however there wasn't Zhang Yimou. Besides, Miss Chow is very stringent about her work. She currently doesn't have any plans that are set."

Actually, Vivian is not only returning to showbiz to act in a movie, she's also currently preparing to release a book about pets. The book's name is just called "Chow Wai Paau" because the cat she loves is named Paau (meaning bengal cat). This book will be released in April. You could say this is a warm up to her return to showbiz.

Source : various newspapers - March 15, 2004; Translated by Dawn; Posted on March 16, 2004

Charlie Yeung mentions Vivian....
(abridged version of actual articles)

Charlie Yeung.



SingTao newspaper:
Charlie Yeung supports Vivian to come out of retirement to make a movie
Rumors have spread saying Jade Girl Master Vivian Chow will be returning to showbiz to act in a movie with Sam Hui Koon Kit. Charlie Yeung Choi Nei, who was the Jade Girl successor many years ago, said she hasn't heard this news, but she still feels excited. She revealed that she bumped into Vivian on the street earlier and feels Vivian is still attractive.

MingPao Daily newspaper:
Charlie Yeung praises Vivian for being beautiful
It's been said that Vivian Chow, who was Jade Girl Master at the same time as Charlie Yeung Choi Nei, would be returning to showbiz. Charlie said she once saw Vivian on the street and feels Vivian is still very pretty.

Wen Wei Po and Ta Kung Pao newspapers:
Feeling happy colleagues are returning to showbiz
It's been said that Sam Hui Koon Kit is returning to showbiz and will be having a concert, and it's also rumored Vivian Chow will be returning to showbiz. Regarding this news, Charlie Yeung Choi Nei stated if this was really true, then this is something to be happy about. One time, she saw Vivian from far away on the street, and she feels Vivian still looks beautiful. Even when she sees news from newspapers about her colleagues, she would wholeheartedly wish them well.

The Sun newspaper:
Charlie Yeung said, "I've heard about Sam Hui Koon Kit returning to showbiz, but I'm not clear about Vivian Chow returning to showbiz. But I saw her on the street once and she still looks very beautiful and very sharp!"

Oriental Daily newspaper:
Regarding news about Sam Hui returning to showbiz, Charlie Yeung stated, "I haven't heard about it, but if it's true, then I feel happy for him." As for her good friend Vivian Chow, who is rumored to be interested in returning to showbiz, Charlie said, "One time I saw Vivian on the street. She still looks very pretty."

Cha Siu Yan news from Commercial Radio 881 (in Cantonese) - March 15, 2004
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- Cha Siu Yan said Vivian probably won't return to showbiz yet and said the name of Vivian's new book is called Chow Wai Paau. (Paau meaning bengal cat... also the name of Vivian's cat), Pal Chow. The book is about her cat.

Source : Express Weekly magazine #290 - March 9, 2004; Translated by Dawn; Posted on August 8, 2004
* THANKS to Kathy for typing the Chinese article so that I could translate the article.

Secretly making a comeback; attitude was very unusual;
Vivian let the reporter take lots of pictures and didn't get mad

After Joe and Vivian got out of the car, they originally wanted to go play pool, but when they saw the reporter, Joe turned and went to drink some herbal tea.

Joe picked up the tea and immediately drank a couple of sips. It seems he needed to quickly cool down.

Even though Joe told Vivian several times to drink a cup, she proved to be 'Thrifty Girl' and didn't want to spend the money to drink it.

Joe turned around towards the reporter. He didn't get mad easily like he did previously and also warmly complimented his new working partner, Jo Kuk Cho Lam, for her performance on his radio program.

Vivian usually likes to hide from the camera lense, but on that day, she let the reporter take lots of pictures and she didn't get mad. Plus, she was smiling at the reporter.

Joe was following from behind and was smiling and didn't yell at the reporter. It seems like he needs to promote his girlfriend for coming back to showbiz.

Later, the two of them finally arrived at their hangout to play American pool. It looks like playing pool is one of their recent hobbies.


Artists treat reporters like 'fat pork meat.' When artists need to do promotions, it means they're 'hungry' and they won't reject anything from the reporters. But once an artist becomes popular enough, then they're 'full from eating' and would show a loathing expression towards reporters, or they would ignore a reporter and would sometimes even have angry words towards the reporter.

Joe Ngai and Vivian Chow have been in the entertainment business for many years, and they are no exception. Recently, there were rumors that Joe was in financial trouble and that he was failing in everything he did when he returned to HK. There were also rumors that he needed his girlfriend, Vivian, to return to showbiz to earn HK$10,000,000. Afterwards, Joe had denied all these rumors. Joe was usually impolite towards reporters, but last week, he had an unusual attitude when he saw a reporter secretly taking pictures. He didn't get mad, and actually smiled and greeted the reporter. Vivian let the reporter take as many pictures as he wanted and didn't get mad at all. It seems both of them really have to plan their path towards returning to showbiz.

In 1997, Joe claimed he already earned enough money and retired. Last year in July, he came back to HK and later began hosting the radio program, "Cool Valley." Then there were rumors that his investment failed in a technology company in Canada and he lost money in the stock market. Rumors said he was having financial difficulty, so that's why he was forced to end his youthful retirement lifestyle and had to come back to HK to work a lot, and after earning enough money, he could go back to retiring.

Hindrance in the development
However, Joe's plans were not making any noise. He returned to HK for half a year and had lots of big plans. Recently, it was revealed that he wasn't doing well in everything. Planning the Wesley online game, doing a stage play, and opening a pool hall were all just talk but no action. There hasn't been good results seen yet even from his familiar job of making a magazine or writing articles. The radio show he hosts, "Cool Valley," didn't have ideal listener ratings, and last month, they even changed the female host of the show Nicola Cheung Sat Yuet and found Jo Kuk Cho Lam to help save the show.

Having an unusual attitude towards reporters
Just recently, there's been reports revealing that Vivian would return to showbiz. She would be doing advertisements and would be having her own concert so she can earn money fast. Although her boyfriend Joe has always denied this news, but recently it seems like he hopes to increase his exposure frequency.

Last week on Thursday, the reporter discovered Joe and Vivian appearing downstairs at the pool hall they frequently go to in Lan Kwai Fong. They originally wanted to go upstairs to play ball, but right when they saw the reporter, Joe immediately went to a tea shop nearby to drink herbal tea. Joe was 'afraid' the reporter wouldn't be able to 'turn in his homework.' Vivian usually loves to avoid the camera. When the two of them were leaving, Vivian actually let the reporter take as many pictures as he wanted and didn't refuse. Joe was beside Vivian and even talked to the reporter by praising his new working partner on his radio show, Jo Kuk. He said her performance was very good. It could be said he was doing sufficient publicity for his show.

Crazy about playing pool and isn't practicing her singing
There has been recent rumors that Vivian would have a concert in September and would be working together with Sam Hui in his new movie and sing the main theme song of the movie. However, it looks like Vivian isn't being vigorous in her preparation. The reporter discovered she would go to the "Hong Kong Pool Club" three times a week to play American pool, and when she plays, she plays for half the day. She's still having fun everyday. Could it be that Miss Chow wants to make a comeback by playing pool?

Earlier, this magazine took pictures of Vivian going up to the pool hall to play ball. She looks like she can really play well.


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