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Source : Sudden Weekly #445 - February 6, 2004; Translated by Dawn; Posted on February 14, 2004

Vivian followed up and took advantage of the opportunity

"Jade Girl Master" Vivian usually waits for a big sale to buy clothes. Last year in February, this magazine took pictures of her wearing a tight-fitting top while shopping at the Pacific Place shopping center in Admiralty. Vivian knows how to save money, so it's no wonder why Joe loves her so much! (Picture taken February 2003)



Vivian is known for being 'thrifty.' She compares prices before buying, and a few times, the reporters discovered that when she goes into a clothing store, she would leave the store if she found out there's no sale. However Miss Chow can think of other ways to save money!

Rumor has it that a few days ago, Vivian went by herself to 'Esprit' in Causeway Bay. She was wearing light makeup. Although there were many different styles of pretty clothes at the store, the regular priced items were rather expensive for the 'thrifty class' people like herself.

At first she was just walking around the store looking at the items and didn't seem to be interested in buying anything. But then a female salesperson politely said, "Miss Chow, buying clothes? Feel free to look around. I used to be a member of your fanclub!" Then the two of them talked a little, and an idea flashed into Vivian's head, and she said, "Oh! Do employees get a cheaper price when buying things?" The staff member then immediately replied, "Yes!" Vivian wouldn't let this opportunity pass, and in one breath she chose 2 dresses and 1 top. The original price was HK$800 (US$103), but when paying the bill with the employee discount, Vivian only had to pay HK$400 (US$51). The deal is so good it's unbelievable!

She really knew how to take advantage of this opportunity. There's definitely nobody else who could match her thrifty personality! The reporter admires her!

Source : Sudden Weekly magazine #442 - January 16, 2004; Translated by Dawn; Posted on January 28, 2004

Meeting a reporter while playing pool on a date; Vivian was friendly; Joe scolded the reporter

On Joe's radio program, Joe said when he scolded the reporter, he purposely smiled and didn't want the reporter to take a picture of him being mad and then make up news about him, so that's why he smiled the entire time. His meanest photo was just this one.







"No way...I thought to myself that I have to look at some Buddha religious books; my anger tonight is very big, and I even feel like hitting someone!" On January 9th at 1:00AM, Joe kept repeating those words on Nicola's and his radio program "Cool Valley."

On the night of January 8th, he and his girlfriend Vivian went to a private place in Lan Kwai Fong to play American pool. The reporter was constantly chasing after them to get more information about their dating situation, which made Joe 'want to hit someone' and scolded the reporter, saying the reporter was 'shameless.' When he was leaving, he screamed in English to the reporter, "You are loser!" (yes, the phrase was missing an 'a' in between 'are' and 'loser'... maybe this was a typing mistake by the reporter).

Joe said on his radio program that it was difficult for him to understand why the reporter was taking pictures non-stop. They had already stood still to let the reporter take a picture of them together, but after the reporter took the picture, he was still following them and taking their pictures, which was very annoying and had no meaning. The fact is that the gifted scholar's girlfriend, Vivian, has seldom been seen in public these past few years, so of course the reporters would rush to cover her dating lifestyle news. After taking a picture of them together, everyone still wants to know what else they have planned for their date.

Vivian knew what Joe was about to do (scold reporter) and why he did it. She was very embarrassed. At the beginning she said to the reporter, "Sorry about that," but later she walked first to go get the car, not caring about Joe 'going crazy' by scolding the reporter.

Vivian and Joe have been in love since 1989. Their dating lifestyle was seldom ever made public. Last year in September, both of them appeared together at the "Dragon Loaded 2003" movie premiere and became the main focus at the event. On January 8th at 9:00PM, the reporter was at Central on Hollywood Road and noticed Vivian's red BMW car. The reporter was guessing she might be playing pool again like she had done last month on the 15th with a handsome male friend, playing American pool at the nearby Hilltop Plaza. The reporter went up to the Hong Kong Pool Club to try and see if he could find her.

When the reporter opened the door to the Pool Club, he saw Vivian at the big hall standing next to the pool table, relaxing and holding a big beverage and seemed to be resting. The reporter didn't see any friends next to her. Everyone at the club was Caucasian (white) people. It seemed like nobody recognized Vivian as being a celebrity. After the reporter took 2 photos, there was a staff member who immediately came over and put his hand over the reporter's camera lense. Also, there were 2 foreign men who told the reporter he couldn't be there because it's a private club, so they escorted the reporter to leave. But when the reporter was being driven away to the inside of the elevator, Vivian ran to the elevator opening and asked the reporter in English, "Do you want to take a photo?" After the reporter replied "Yes!" (in Chinese), she spoke in English asking the staff members to wait a little. She stopped at the entrance of the pool club and let the reporter take pictures. At that time, Joe also came outside to understand the situation. The reporter then knew she and Joe were there to play pool. The reporter asked if he could take a picture of both of them together. Both of them were very cooperative, as Joe put his hand on her shoulder and let the reporter take pictures. As they were having their picture taken, they asked the reporter which magazine he belonged to. The reporter said he was from 'Sudden Weekly' magazine. Joe immediately laughed coldly and rudely said, "ah! I really hate that magazine!" (the magazine wrote false info about Joe a few months ago)

Vivian bitterly smiles and then walks away
The reporter then continued to wait below. After 1 hour, they came down. When Vivian immediately saw the reporter, she said, "You're still here? Sorry about what happened earlier!" The reporter promptly apologized, "No, it's us who are disturbing you! Sorry about that!" Then the reporter came up front to take some pictures and do an interview. The reporter asked them if they were going to the radio station. Joe was dissatisfied and said, "You're still taking pictures? We already let you take lots of pictures earlier. What do you want?" The reporter explained saying because of his work, he needs to continue taking pictures. Joe became even more dissatisfied, but he still had a smile on his face as he scolded the reporter, "Is the economy so bad right now? You don't have any other work to do? You need to do this kind of stuff? Are you shameless?" When Joe was continuously scolding the reporter, Vivian was very embarrassed, but she didn't want to publicly persuade her angry boyfriend, so she just bitterly smiled and then left first to walk to the car. The reporter was helpless and continued to take pictures. Joe's anger couldn't be stopped, continuously scolding the reporter non-stop; up until the time when he and Vivian got into the car, he still wanted to open the car door to scream to the reporter who didn't open his mouth all along, "You are loser!" and then left.

Joe was very dissatified with the reporter following them the whole time. On his radio show that night, he talked about this incident, as he was still very angry!

Vivian hasn't been seen for a long time. She was holding a big beverage at a private club and was playing pool. She seemed carefree. When she was approached by the reporter, she didn't get angry and actually smiled instead. She took the initiative to ask the pool club workers to leave, so as to let the reporter take pictures. She was very friendly.



Joe put his hand on Vivian's shoulder to take a picture together. He appeared to be kind, but afterwards, he revealed his temper.



The reporter waited for 1 hour until both of them came down. When Joe saw the reporter, he immediately smiled, but his tone was very disdain saying, "You already took pictures earlier! What do you want?!" His girlfriend Vivian also immediately looked at him, anticipating that he would have a reaction.


The reporter kept following as they were leaving. Joe said, "You want to take pictures? I'll stand still again so you can take the picture!" He became angry and put both hands behind himself and stood still and told the reporter to take a picture. Once Vivian knew there would be an argument, she bitterly smiled and then walked away.

The reporter's target is actually Vivian. When she turned around to walk away, the reporter was only taking pictures of her. Joe could only start walking, but his mouth was still trying to say something, constantly scolding the reporter.

Vivian was quite embarrassed as her boyfriend kept scolding the reporter. She might even have a confused heart. She was originally the driver of the car, but when she was getting the car, she made the mistake of sitting in the passenger seat. She was in a very difficult situation.


Source : Oriental Sunday magazine #318 - January 14, 2004; Translated by Dawn; Posted on March 7, 2004
* THANKS to Mac for typing the Chinese article so that I could translate the article.

Joe was helping Vivian buy Chinese New Year items

Joe was carrying a bag full of candy and was choosing a calendar together with the lady boss. Are they trying to find a scenery picture that Vivian would like?



Vivian has been in hiding for many years because of Joe. Since Joe was able to find a girlfriend who was willing to sacrifice so much for him, of course he loves her so much. It's almost Chinese New Year. Joe doesn't want his girlfriend to work so hard, so he helped out by buying Chinese New Year items. Last week on Friday night (January 9th) at 8:30PM, this reporter saw Joe at Happy Valley. At that time, he was by himself carrying lots of bags and walking into a stationery shop. He bought a file and draft paper, and he even looked at the calendars with the lady boss, trying to decide which calendar looks pretty. Who would have guessed Joe could be so attentive, even doing everything by himself, like buying the calendar. At that time, he was also carrying a big plastic bag filled with candy. It looks like he just bought a whole bunch of snacks and was definitely getting ready for the Chinese New Year candy box. This reporter really admires Vivian for not having to work. It's no wonder why she can keep her looks so great!

Joe was bending over to pick up the draft paper. He really is a scholar.


When Joe was about to leave, he happily said good-bye to the lady boss. A lot of times, people have said he's conceited, but it doesn't seem like it.

Afterwards, Joe carried the bags back to his and Vivian's love nest.




Source : Singtao and MingPao newspapers, - January 12, 2004; Translated by Dawn; Posted on January 12, 2004

Jacky Cheung, Vivian Chow cry as they bid farewell to Anita Mui
(abridged version of actual article)

James Wong (far left) and Vivian Chow enter the funeral hall. They looked very sad. (Singtao newspaper - 1/11/04)

Vivian Chow, who seldom appears in public, went with her boyfriend Joe Ngai (right) and with James Wong (left) to pay their respects. (Singtao newspaper)

Vivian and Joe went together to pay their respects. (Mingpao newspaper)


During Anita Mui Yim Fong's final moment, she said she had one wish. She wished everyone did not cry or yell out her name at the funeral hall and to let her go in peace. Yesterday was Anita's memorial service. Her good friends and thousands of her fans came to pay their final respects. Even though everyone remembered Anita's words, when seeing Anita's funeral portrait at the funeral hall, how could a person hold back the sorrowful tears?

Thousands of her fans went to the Hong Kong Funeral Home yesterday to bid farewell to Anita. Some of Anita's friends from the entertainment circle who came to pay their respects included: Jackie Chan, Michelle Yeoh, Sammi Cheng Sau Man, Jacky Cheung Hok Yau and May Lo Mei Mei, Maggie Cheung Man Yuk, Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Andy Hui Chi On, Joey Yung Tso Yi, Vivian Chow, Joe Ngai Jan, James Wong Jim, Gigi Leung Wing Kei, Cookies, William So Wing Hong, Aaron Kwok Fu Sing, Grasshoppers, Jordan Chan Siu Chun, etc.

Although Anita had said before that she wishes her family, friends, and fans don't cry or yell out her name at the funeral hall, but the majority of guests who came to pay their respects expressed deep sorrow. Jacky Cheung, Sammi Cheng, and Vivian Chow cried at the funeral hall. Vivian and Sammi were sitting in their seats sobbing continuously with sorrowful faces.

Source : Apple Daily newspaper - January 10, 2004; Translated by Dawn; Posted on January 12, 2004

Joe studied sex styles in order to increase the fun
(abridged version of actual article)

Joe laughed saying it's already good enough to look at strange sex styles and isn't necessary for him to personally practice it. (Nicola Cheung on the right.)


Last night Joe Ngai and Nicola Cheung San Yuet went to Causeway Bay to attend an event for Corum watches, called "Hours of Love."

Easy to get injured when doing difficult movements
Joe said his father Ngai Hong collected some antiques which showed sex styles in it. Joe laughed saying, "My dad collected it, so I have the chance to look at it." Joe indicated that he received a western education and previously studied courses related to this. He said, "So that's why I know which styles you can do and which ones you can't do. Some of those difficult styles can't be used. I'm a simple person and don't have to use these styles, however it's good to know more, and just looking makes it more fun."

Joe said, "It's easy to get hurt when doing these difficult movements. I have a friend who looked at a Japanese cartoon and tried to do one of those moves, and as a result got injured." The reporter asked Joe when he's going to marry his girlfriend, Vivian Chow. He said, "We have an agreement." The reporter then asked if both of them also had an agreement in their sex life. He said, "You should ask her. This is too private."

Source : Next magazine #722 - January 8, 2004; Translated by Dawn; Posted on February 7, 2004
* THANKS to Mac for typing the Chinese article so that I could translate the article.

Vivian gets special treatment

36 year old Jade Girl -
On the day Vivian was changing her ID card to the smart ID card, she took about 7 to 8 photos. It seems there's not many other people who could break this record. (picture on file)



It's time for the reporter '25' to change to the smart ID card. On the day of making the ID card, '25' bumped into the retired Jade Girl Vivian Chow, who was sitting right next to her and having her picture taken for her ID.

Vivian belonged to the group of people born in 1967 and needed to change her ID card. On December 12th at around 5pm, Vivian arrived at the Hong Kong Smart Identity Card Centre at Elizabeth House in Wan Chai. Vivian had on light makeup and wore a tight-fitting long sleeve top with a vest and jeans. She was pretty and her slim body really 'stood out.' She didn't look one bit like she was 36 years old. She immediately became the focus of everyone there.

According to the new rules by the government, when a person is taking their picture for the smart ID card, they can take their picture as many times as they want until they're satisfied with their photo. Therefore, Vivian took advantage of this and continued to take one picture after another. It's estimated she took at least 7 to 8 photos and frequently talked to one of the workers asking what type of camera was being used.

'25' saw how Vivian took her picture several times, and thus tried to do the same thing, but the staff replied with some harsh words saying, "It's ok! You're just as pretty as the person (referring to Vivian) who was next to you. You don't need to take your picture again!" The government said we could take our pictures as many times as we want. How come Vivian could, but when '25' wanted to take another photo, they immediately said no. That's not fair!

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