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Source : 3 Weekly magazine #220 - December 27, 2003; Translated by Dawn; Posted on January 23, 2004
* THANKS to Mac for typing the Chinese article so that I could translate the article.

Joe is speeding late at night while driving Vivian

There's only 15 minutes until the radio program starts. This time Joe is going to be late for sure.

Joe had dinner with Vivian before hosting his radio program, so as not to leave his girlfriend by herself again.



Joe's been very busy ever since he started hosting the radio program 'Cool Valley' at the radio station from Monday through Friday. It's rumored that he doesn't spend as much time with his girlfriend anymore! The reporters heard that at the beginning, Miss Chow (Vivian) didn't mind about her boyfriend not being able to be with her every night, and she even said earning money is important for a man. She said she also needs her own space. She was very understanding. But after a short time, Miss Chow started to have complaints and frequently got angry, making Joe feel very annoyed. Rumor has it that currently Vivian wants Joe to eat dinner with her every night before he goes to work at the radio station.

Last Tuesday (12/16?), the reporter was at SOHO in Central and saw Vivian and Joe getting the car after they ate dinner. The reporter saw how Vivian looked as she was following Joe. She looked just like a happy housewife; it was quite a warm feeling!

The reporter wanted to talk with Joe, but he immediately got into the car and said he's in a rush to go to the radio station to do his program. The reporter looked at the watch. It was actually already 11:45PM. Joe took Vivian back home to Happy Valley before going to the radio station. Joe's radio program is supposed to start at 12:00AM, which means there's only 15 minutes left before show time. Even if Joe was speeding while driving, there's no way he would be able to make it to work on time that night. It really wouldn't be good if an accident were to happen just because he had to spend a little more time with his girlfriend.

Miss Chow, next time remember to eat dinner a little faster!

(Note : Don't believe everything you read!)

Source : Apple Daily newspaper - December 27, 2003; Translated by Dawn; Posted on December 29, 2003

Leo Ku and Joe Ngai are playing pool, talking about children

Leo Ku expressed he often played pool with Joe and Vivian, and their relationship is very good.


Leo Ku Kui Kei used to be one of TVB's hosts for the TV program "Eye on Entertainment." A few days ago, Leo was the guest host for "Jade Starbiz" and interviewed his friend Joe Ngai.

Leo and Joe's friendship was established while playing pool. On the day of the interview, Leo quickly suggested both of them play a game of pool to warm up. Joe defeated Leo in the first game.

Surpassed the stage of getting married
During the interview, Leo seized the chance to ask Joe about his love relationship lifestyle with his girlfriend Vivian Chow. Leo even asked when they were getting married. Joe replied, "Family members want grandchildren. They've tried to clearly reveal and drop hints that they want grandchildren. But Vivian and I have a consensus, and in addition, we've already surpassed this stage. Having kids requires responsibility, and we don't want to suffer. If there's a day we really get married, then you'll have to be the flower boy!"

After Leo finished the interview, Leo said, "Actually I'm close friends with Joe. We often see each other. Most of the time we would play pool together, and Vivian would also be here, too. Vivian's pool playing skills are similar to mine, and we've played for 10 hours straight before."

Joe (left picture) and Leo (right picture) are playing pool. Leo lost the first game.

Source : Sudden Weekly magazine #439 - December 26, 2003; Translated by Dawn & Mac; Posted on December 29, 2003

Coordinate with Joe's hobby; Vivian and a handsome man practice pool late at night

Vivian was walking with a handsome man late at night. When she saw the reporter, she immediately smiled and was not being secretive, showing that she has nothing to hide.


In the field of love, how many professionals used love to steal the hearts?

In the race for love, if you only use the "heart" as a weapon, you could hurt yourself at any time. Only those who deal with love using their brain have their winning ticket strongly secured.

Look at Vivian, she started to date Joe Ngai in 1991, and for more than 10 years, Joe had rumors with Athena Chu Yan, Monica Chan Fat Yung, Ruby Yiu Lok Bik, etc. After several times of separating and getting back together, in the end, Joe still embraced Vivian.

When talking about looks, body shape, and popularity, Vivian is almost similar with her competitors, so how did she become the winner in the end? Vivian, who has a pure and graceful outward appearance, knows how to use her 'brain' to follow her boyfriend's interests. Joe plays pool well, and she also follows. She's a woman who follows her man by his side.

Last Monday (Dec. 15th), late at night 12am.
On the quiet street of Hollywood Road, there was a red colored BMW 318 casually parked on the street. After looking at the license plate, it was discovered to belong to Jade Girl Master Vivian Chow, who has retired from showbiz.

Hey! Jade Girl is out late at night?
When the reporter was going along Hollywood Road towards Lan Kwai Fong to search for Vivian's whereabouts, he coincidentally saw Vivian with a middle-aged handsome man come out from the Hilltop Plaza.

Hey! Hey! Hey!! Vivian and a handsome man are going out alone late at night? Vivian was dressed all in black and was looking beautiful. When she saw the reporter, she was a bit startled, but then she smiled sweetly and openly greeted the reporter, obviously showing to the reporter that she and the man beside her do not have a secretive relationship. She let the reporter take as many pictures as he wanted and didn't get mad.

The reporter asked Vivian, "Where are you going? Out so late?"

Vivian said in a cute manner, "Going to play ball!"

The reporter said, "Play ball? At this time of night, what kind of ball is there to play in Central?"

Vivian was not in a good mood replying, "Play pool! American pool!" Afterwards, she and the handsome man got into the BMW.

The reporter then asked if she had something else to do next. She sweetly replied, "I'm going to the radio station!" Oh, so she's going to pick up Joe from work, which proves even more that she and the handsome man were playing ball and that Joe can be allowed to know about it.

Actually, Vivian doesn't really love to exercise, but previously in order to accompany Joe, she played badminton and tennis many times. It's seldom heard that Vivian plays American pool, however, when everyone knows Joe loves playing American pool and has won first place in competitions, then you'll understand why Vivian plays pool!

Imagine this, when Vivian sees Joe, she could say, "Earlier I hit such and such a ball..." talking a lot about how to play ball, as compared to, "Earlier I bought such and such a clothing." The first phrase increases the love and interest and makes the boyfriend happy!

- Joe : You're smart! (Words created by reporter)
- Vivian : I use my brain! (Words created by reporter)



Vivian and the handsome man got into the BMW. Vivian sweetly said she was going to the radio station to pick up Joe from work.

The handsome man seems to be about 30 years old and looks a little like he's a person of mixed blood. He didn't say anything, but both of them seemed to have a tacit understanding. They're probably familiar friends.
At the pool hall "Hong Kong Pool" in the Hilltop Plaza, only members are allowed in. The entrance fee is HK$30, with the minimum consumption per person at HK$70. The area isn't too big, only about 300 feet. Members are mostly foreign people and the atmosphere is good. Vivian chose this place to play ball since it's not very expensive, and also she won't be scared of being recognized.

I am crazy for the guy
Love is a woman's lifetime career. For love, a woman would not hesitate to sacrifice her career or friends.

Look at Vivian, as the Jade Girl master, her career was at the highest peak, but for the gifted scholar Joe Ngai, she gave up her fame and money and was only looking to be with her lover.

Joe created Yes Station, which sells idol products. At that time it was very popular. Vivian's pictures were the number one seller. Not only did she let Yes Station sell her own idol products, she also opened a Vivian Yes Station shop to show her full support for Joe.

Vivian and Joe separated when Monica Chan Fat Yung came between them in 1994-1996. In the end of 1996, Vivian was successful in putting the relationship back together. In early 1997, Vivian spent HK$7,000,000. At that time, she was living with her mother in an apartment at San Francisco Towers, but then she bought another apartment at San Francisco Towers to be the love nest for her and Joe, and it would also be convenient for her to take care of her mom.


Joe, who loves to exercise, would play badminton and tennis. The little-sized Vivian basically had to be a "woman who follows the man by his side" and would often play ball with Joe. (picture from "Next Magazine")


Joe goes back to Canada to return to studying a short course. Vivian gives up her career and immigrates to Canada, only looking to be with Joe at any time. Afterwards, she admitted she would do housework everyday and cook dinner, waiting for Joe's class to be over.
(picture from "Next Magazine")

Joe returns to Hong Kong. Vivian accompanies him and is his chauffeur, driving him places. (picture from "Apple Daily" newspaper)


Vivian suddenly becomes high-key and attends the "Dragon Loaded 2003" movie premiere with Joe. Coincidentally, Joe was getting ready to return to showbiz. Later on, Joe would be hosting a radio program on Commercial Radio.


Source : Hong Kong Daily News newspaper - November 20, 2003; Translated by Dawn; Posted on November 22, 2003

2R gives the birthday boy, Chris Wong, a kiss
(abridged version of actual article)

Last night (November 18) on Chris Wong's birthday, some of his showbiz friends and his fans held a party for him at a bar in Tsim Sha Tsui. The girl group 2R even gave the birthday boy, Chris, a kiss.

Chris was asked if his good friends Vivian Chow and Vivian Lai gave him any gifts. Chris said, "We talked to each other on the phone. Everyone understands it's not necessary to give gifts."

Source : Oriental Daily newspaper - November 20, 2003; Translated by Dawn; Posted on November 22, 2003

Chris Wong's birthday
(abridged version of actual article)

Last night (November 18), Chris Wong celebrated his birthday in Tsim Sha Tsui with more than 100 of his fans and the girl group 2R (Race and Rosanne). Chris said, "My birthday is just a few days apart from Vivian Chow's birthday. She called me to say happy birthday. But we usually don't give each other gifts."

Source : Oriental Daily newspaper - November 15, 2003; Translated by Dawn; Posted on November 17, 2003

Chris Wong isn't mad at Joe Ngai
(abridged version of actual article)

On Joe and Nicola's radio show, Chris Wong was chosen as the artist who looked the most like a virgin and was made fun of for being short-tempered. But Chris wasn't mad about what they said. He was just worried radio listeners thought it was true.

Chris frankly said, "I know he (Joe) was just joking. When I say this, you know I'm not short-tempered. I don't feel there's any problem. If this stuff was talked about in private, then it doesn't matter, however, when it's said on the radio, then I'm afraid the listeners would think it's true, and this wouldn't be too good. If he mentions my name on the radio every night to help me with my promotions, then I would be really happy." Does Chris feel he was being used? He said, "It's better to be used by someone than not at all. In a word, Joe and I don't have any problems between us and no conflicts with each other. We're just regular friends."

Also, Priscilla Chan Wai Han had a mini-concert last night and invited Chan Fai Yeung and Chris to be her guests. Priscilla had revealed that Vivian Chow had cut Chris's hair before. Chris was embarrassed and admitted to it saying, "Regarding this information, someone betrayed Vivian, but I don't want to talk about it. I'd rather not involve Miss Chow and her friends. I wouldn't want people to think I'm using someone to promote myself."

Source : Singpao newspaper - November 15, 2003; Translated by Dawn; Posted on November 17, 2003

Priscilla Chan's mini concert
(abridged version of actual article)

During Priscilla Chan's mini concert last night, she had invited Chris Wong as one of her guests. Priscilla asked Chris, "Did you ever date Vivian Chow? I heard from someone that Vivian helped to cut your hair once, is it?" The host of the show said, "He believes he had dated Vivian before." Chris was very embarrassed and did not deny or admit to this. Chris said Vivian had probably cut hair for lots of other people before and said he didn't want to talk about this subject matter because he didn't want people to misunderstand that he was using someone to promote himself.

Source : Apple Daily newspaper - November 9, 2003; Translated by Dawn; Posted on November 11, 2003

"Vivian and I have major ups and downs in our emotions"
(abridged version of actual article)

In 1989, Joe madly pursued Vivian. Both of them separated and came back together again a few times. During these past few years, their relationship has become stable. (picture on file)


On the day of the interview, Joe told the reporter about his lifestyle with Vivian. Joe said, "Vivian and I had major ups and downs in our emotions these past 2 weeks. It's not because we're having relationship problems. It's because of our 3 year old cat, Pal. Last month, we took Pal to see the doctor, and the doctor diagnosed him with a terminal illness, cat leukemia.

"She admires my talent"
"Luckily afterwards a friend introduced us to a different veterinarian who was from Australia. The doctor tested Pal's blood again and found out Pal was having a strong reaction to the vaccine which he had to take when we migrated back to HK, so that's why the earlier blood tests were wrong. But for Vivian and me, as long as Pal is ok, then that's fine! We've been through so much together, sharing these moments face to face, and sharing the responsibility at the same time."

The reporter asked Joe if he knew what his girlfriend of 14 years likes about him. Joe laughed saying, "There's no need to consult with her. I asked her, and she told me, at first she admired my talent, and now she would rather not bother looking for someone else, because it's really difficult to find someone who fits her so well. As for me? At the beginning, it was because she's pretty, and now it's the same, as I would rather not bother looking for someone else! We might not be a match made in heaven (perfect couple), but we've experienced so many things together, and we needed to go through these experiences together before we could get to this stage."

Source : The Sun newspaper - October 20, 2003; Translated by Dawn; Posted on November 5, 2003

Gigi Leung interview on winning HK Top 10 Outstanding Youth award
(abridged version of actual article)

Gigi Leung was asked who she would nominate for the Hong Kong Top Ten Outstanding Youth award. She thought Josephine Siu Fong Fong, Anita Mui Yim Fong, and Vivian Chow would be good choices.


Yesterday, Gigi Leung Wing Kei did an interview on the RTHK radio program, "Those Were the Days" and talked about her feelings of being one of winners of the "Hong Kong Top Ten Outstanding Youth" awards. Candy Che Suk Mui asked Gigi who she thought would be a good choice to nominate for the "Outstanding Youth" award. Gigi said, "Josephine Siu Fong Fong is a very distinguished actress." Candy said, "But Josephine is older than 40 years old!" (the 'Outstanding Youth' nominee must be younger than 40). Gigi said, "ok, then Anita Mui Yim Fong! She did a lot of hard work organizing the '1:99 Charity Concert' this year." But when Gigi found out Anita just had her 40th birthday and was passed the age limit for being nominated, Gigi was a bit disappointed and said, "She should have been nominated last year!" Gigi then chose 'Jade Girl master' Vivian Chow as a nominee. Gigi said, "Earlier, Vivian was an ambassador for the Society for Abandoned Animals. She's done a lot of charity work and is polite. If she won the award, I believe everyone would agree on this choice."

Source : Singpao newspaper - October 17, 2003; Translated by Dawn; Posted on November 5, 2003

Joe's positive energy
(abridged version of actual article)

Vivian and Mark worked together to host a radio show, which gave a very fresh feeling.


Vivian's EQ is higher than Joe's
The reporter said to Joe, "It's definitely good to be together with Vivian!" The reporter said this statement without a question mark at the end, and after Joe heard this, he said, "Good! Good! Her EQ (Emotional Quotient) is higher than me. Sometimes I obviously knew there were a few things which someone else said about her that wasn't fair, or it was something which someone did to her which wasn't fair, and I thought she needed to speak up about it, but she didn't do that and instead was able to be calm so she could analyze how to handle it. She deals with outside stress very well." After hearing this, you definitely know her position in Joe's heart.

Previously separated as a test
Joe said there was nothing he would avoid talking about and told the reporter to ask any question the reporter liked. The reporter talked about the matter of Joe and Vivian separating previously, and Joe still had a smile on his face when he said, "At that time, the decision was suitable. We separated under happy circumstances. Both of us had space to breathe, and it also gave us a short period to really think about our relationship." The reporter asked, "Did you cry at one time?" Joe, sensible yet trying to pretend to be tough, said, "At that time, I wasn't very sad. I just felt a little insipid. I am happy because I am living today." We never know how good the other person is if the love story is too perfect. Perhaps, it's a test!

Earlier, Commercial Radio was promoting the first day of the radio show "Cool Valley" and had previously said they were able to find Vivian and Mark Lui to be the host for that night. At first, it was thought to be a gimmick to create some attention. Then on the night of October 13th, listeners really heard Vivian and Mark on the radio. Vivian hasn't been seen for a long time. Both of them were appearing because of their other halves, and they were successful in 'warming up' the show, as listeners were also hoping to hear Joe and Nicola's voices. When you love someone and think what's best for the other person, the arrangement is still worth it.

Created by Janice Lo (nickname Dawn)
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