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Source : Singpao newspaper - July 6, 2003; Translated by Dawn; Posted on July 19 and August 3, 2003
* THANKS to Mac and Kathy for typing the Chinese article so that I could translate the article.
** THANKS to
Suki for taking digital pictures of the newspaper and THANKS to ILoveUOhYesIDo for some of the picture scans.
Part 2 - Translation posted August 3, 2003

Joe is caring, personally picking up Vivian; Vivian's married lifestyle is exposed

1.  This is the "Baby Blue Cafe & Bar" restaurant, which Joe and Vivian went to for dinner.

2.  While having dinner, Joe's phone suddenly rang. He went outside to talk on his phone so that he wouldn't disturb the other people in the restaurant. After talking on the phone, he quickly went back inside to his seat, so as not to let Vivian be lonely by herself.

3.  Both of them were at the restaurant for two hours and left the restaurant at 8:30pm.


Vivian Chow and Joe Ngai have been a couple for 13 years. During that time period, there were constant rumors about them separating and getting back together. When everyone thought they were going to separate, they would appear together again, in love.

A relationship needs some time to grow in order to be strong. Even though the majority of people have the impression that the female sacrifices more, but after catching Joe shopping at the supermarket while Vivian was roaming around, we know what the real facts are!

It's believed that a famous relative, who watched Joe grow up, revealed that Joe and Vivian had already gotten married, which should be true.

Overall, people think that the words of an elderly person are about 90% believable. Grandma had a saying, "If you're a woman, you have to remember to tolerate things, especially for the family, and for the man you love."

For Vivian, this saying is true. In 1997, this 'Jade Girl Master' was at the highest point in her career. She went to Atlantic City to have a concert and announced her retirement from the entertainment circle. Then she and Joe went to Vancouver, Canada to live secretly. For the past 7 years, Vivian tried to be low key, and when she was in Hong Kong, she would also stay at home most of the time. She learned how to paint from a painting instructor, and after she finished learning, she put her paintings in a painting exhibition but didn't appear in person. She hasn't appeared in public ever since 2000 when she helped to promote SAA (Society for Abandoned Animals).

Vivian and Joe loved each other for 13 years. Vivian's love was foolish and also real, however, there were rumors about Joe and the "ball princess" Ruby Yiu Lok Bik (she often went to evening balls), plus Ruby's ex-husband came out to testify about this "affair." Afterwards, there were rumors again regarding the most talked about former Miss Hong Kong, Monica Chan Fat Yung, with news about Vivian and Joe separating, and at that time, this rumor was widely known by many people. Even though the 3rd, 4th, and 5th party had all these actions, Vivian would still be calm confronting these rumors and was able to keep her face and body in good shape for so many years. Every time she appeared in public, she would be walking behind Joe, like a clever and well-behaved young girl. She wouldn't say a word and would dress casually, with a composed smile and was full of confidence. No matter how many rumors there were, she believed that if she could be calm, the situation would definitely become stable, and the facts prove this, as Joe is still by her side. By seeing their actions at the supermarket and how they got along like an old married couple, it's no wonder that one of Joe's older relatives would say this, "Both of them have already gotten married in Canada. They are a real married couple, but what's strange is that whenever someone asks if they're married, they would deny it! Young people nowadays are like this!"

Vivian was born in 1967 and is already 35 years old. In the pictures, her body shape is even better than before she stepped out of showbiz. Joe is very caring and attentive towards Vivian, which reassures the thoughts of the fans who like her. Vivian has always liked animals, and she's full of kindness. She came from a single parent family and hopes to have several children to make the house lively, with laughter filling every corner of the house. This happy and sweet picture would seem to happen in the near future.

4.  Joe was like a househusband when he was carefully selecting the food items.   5.  Joe bought 6 bottles of Coke which were on sale, as well as 2 bottles of sauce, a few packs of meat, some seasoning, and a big box of insect killer.   6.  Joe and Vivian were wandering around the supermarket where ordinary people shop, and they bought everyday items.

7.  The young married couple walked around the supermarket for 15 minutes and then went to the cash register to pay for their items.   8.  Joe was very caring towards Vivian and had a smile on his face even when he was carrying 2 big bags of items.


9.  When leaving Windsor Plaza, Vivian gently put her hand on Joe's shoulder, and she showed a happy smile, making a person envious and jealous.

10.  Even though both of them didn't hold hands while walking on the street, they still looked very much in love.

11.  Both of them walked to the parking garage to get the car.

12.  Vivian was responsible for paying for the parking fee. When the reporter appeared, she was a little surprised.

13.  Joe first went to push the elevator button. Right when he saw the reporter, he immediately went into the elevator to go and get the car.


Going on a date to have dinner and walking around in the supermarket; sweet and happy
It was rumored Vivian retired from the entertainment industry many years ago because of her boyfriend, Joe, who has a dominant male characteristic. They have loved each other for more than 10 years, with Joe having rumors more than once about there being a third person involved, plus these past few years, Joe and Vivian were seldom seen together at public events, so then there were rumors about them separating. But in reality, their relationship is very stable. Yesterday (July 3rd), the reporter spotted Vivian and Joe having dinner together at Causeway Bay and also saw them go to a nearby supermarket to buy food and everyday items. Both of them didn't hold hands while walking on the street, but just by looking at the smile on Vivian's face, you could see the word 'happy' written on her face.

Eating dinner for two hours
On July 3rd at 6:30pm, Vivian drove her BMW, which she bought many years ago, to the crowded and lively Causeway Bay. Vivian parked her car in a parking garage across the street from Windsor Plaza. Then she quickly walked to a Western restaurant at the back street. Even though Vivian wore light makeup and dressed very casually, there were still many people who recognized her. Vivian arrived at the restaurant for no more than 2 minutes, then Joe, who was wearing an almond colored cap, came running from a distance to the restaurant. It seems he was worried Vivian might have been waiting for a long time.

After going into the restaurant, the two of them started to order their food. Although there was a time when Joe went outside the restaurant to talk on the phone, he just talked for a few minutes and then went back inside the restaurant to continue having dinner with Vivian. At the restaurant, the two of them were eating and talking, and the atmosphere was rather pleasant. It's kind of hard to believe that a couple who has been together for more than 10 years would still have such a good relationship and would still be able to talk non-stop about things.

It took 2 hours for them to finish their dinner. They left the restaurant at 8:30pm. Afterwards, Vivian and Joe went to the supermarket at the basement of Windsor Plaza. As Joe was walking on the steps in front of Windsor Plaza, he almost tripped and fell on the ground, and Vivian quickly held on to him and gently asked him if he was ok.

Vivian's phone suddenly rang when they were in the supermarket. She was at the seafood area and talked on the phone for 5 minutes. Meanwhile, her boyfriend Joe was doing what a househusband does, going everywhere to look for any everyday items that needed to be replenished. A lot of insects have been coming out recently, probably because of the weather change, so Joe went to the shelf which had insect killer. He picked up several different kinds of insect killers to examine, and he was so careful that it was kind of hard to believe.

Vivian finally finished her phone call and then started to look around for her boyfriend. After they found each other, they continued with their shopping. Fifteen minutes later, both of them pushed the cart of items to the cash register to pay for the items. They had bought Coke which was on sale, some seasoning, several packs of meat, and the insect killer which Joe had previously looked over. After paying for the items, Joe put the items they bought into the bags, and then he carried the bags and they left.

While they were walking out of Windsor Plaza, they were recalling something in their minds which made both of them laugh, and Vivian gently put her hand on Joe's shoulder. Her smile at that moment completely showed the word 'happy' engraved on her forehead, which made many women both envious and jealous. Both of them walked and laughed to the parking garage, and then Vivian took out the parking ticket and went to pay for the parking fee, while Joe pressed the elevator button and waited for Vivian.

Small smile saying good-bye
Now, the reporter walked up to Vivian and stated his reason for being there. Vivian was very polite and looked towards the reporter. At the same time, Joe saw what was happening and immediately got into the elevator to get the car, leaving Vivian by herself to talk to the reporter. The reporter mentioned to Vivian about her good friends who recently returned from retirement to have concerts and asked her if she would have the same plans. She said "uhm..." and it seemed like she wasn't able to think of an answer yet, but then she quickly got into the elevator. But right when the doors were about to close, she showed a sweet smile and said good-bye to the reporter!

Actually, someone was willing to pay a high price to invite Vivian to come out of retirement, but she's still not moved by this, because Vivian has finally got what she waited for after the 10 year relationship, which has had its good and bad times. Vivian finally has what a woman wants the most, 'happiness.'

14.  When asking Vivian about returning to showbiz, she only said "uhm.." and then smiled while saying good-bye.
15.  "Thrifty girl" is still driving her red-colored BMW car until now. She hasn't changed her car for many years.

Part 2 - Translation posted August 3, 2003

Vivian rarely appeared in public, but she helped to promote the Society for Abandoned Animals.

Earlier, she appeared at Chris Wong's concert and sang a song with him.

Even though Vivian left showbiz for many years, she is still loved by the audience.



A $600,000 reason to have a concert; Vivian decides not to come out of retirement

Recently many veteran singers have been coming out of retirement to have a concert and release a new album to earn some quick money. Priscilla Chan Wai Han, Chris Wong Hoi Kan, and Vivian Lai Sui Yan are good examples of this.

Vivian Chow, the 'Jade Girl Master,' has retired for many years. Earlier, she attended Chris Wong's concert and even sang a duet song, "Endless Love," with him. The entire audience applauded after their song.

Actually, there was recently a promoter who was willing to pay a high price of HK$600,000 (US$77,022) for Vivian to come out of retirement to have one concert. This price is close to what Jacky Cheung is paid, but even when Vivian was offered such a high price, she still wasn't moved by this and would rather continue living her peaceful lifestyle. This is the power of love!

The trend nowadays is to be nostalgic, whether it be fashion, furniture, decorating, cars, and even liking to listen to older songs. Because of this reason, there have been many veteran singers and singers who retired for many years that are releasing new CDs and are having concerts, such as Priscilla Chan, Chris Wong, Vivian Lai, etc. They're trying to earn big money for the last time.

But with all these singers who are coming back from retirement, there's still 'Jade Girl Master' Vivian Chow who hasn't been seen. Earlier, Ko Chi Sum tried to invite Vivian to do a play. Recently, there was a concert promoter who was willing to pay HK$600,000 to invite Vivian to have a concert, but she still wasn't moved by this price.

It's known that the 3 singers who came back from retirement were paid between HK$300,000-HK$400,000 to have their concerts. Of the three, Chris had an album that sold very well, and his concerts had very good ticket sales. Vivian Lai's farewell concert was her commemoration before her wedding, so it's normal to have a full house concert. On the other hand, when Priscilla came out of retirement, she signed with a new manager in order to restart her career, and with 3 concert shows, she would be receiving about HK$1,000,000 (US$128,370), which is pretty good.

So this is why the promoters are willing to pay double or higher than HK$600,000 to invite the jade girl Vivian Chow to come out of retirement. They strongly believe her appeal will be great, but Vivian was determined to retire for love and wasn't interested anymore to have fame and wealth, so she wasn't moved at all by this offer and has become the "Hong Kong Momoe Yamaguchi (Saan Hau Baak Wai)."

(1994 HK concert)

When she first came out to work as a DJ.

She looks pure when wearing a school uniform.


Vivian Chow's profile

Vivian was born on November 11, 1967. She grew up in a single-parent family and is a devoted child. After graduating from middle school, she entered showbiz after participating in the RTHK part-time DJ contest in 1986. Since she had a 'girl next door' (pure) look, she would later have the chance to appear in front of the camera, sing songs, act in movies, act in TV series, advertisements, and work as a DJ. She's very talented and has lots of skills.

She ended her DJ career in 1991 to pursue a career in performing arts. She concentrated on acting in movies and singing. The results of her singing career went up another level. Not only did she have a solo concert at the HK Coliseum, she also won big and small awards at several of the music award shows. She also tried to develop her career in Japan and released an EP, and the record sales were not bad. Vivian always had a pure image, and the news media gave her a nickname of 'Jade Girl Master.' Actually, her body shape is well-developed. Many years ago when she acted in her "Wedding of Feelings" music video, the low-cut palace dress she wore made a person's blood boil when they saw this.

In 1997, Vivian began to step out of showbiz. After having concerts in the USA, she announced her retirement. That year, she quickly stepped back and concentrated on her relationship with Joe Ngai Jan. Both of them left Hong Kong and went to Canada to live.


Having long hair was her own characteristic.

She previously released an EP in Japan.

When she was acting in movies, she was married on screen a few times.


Joe Ngai's profile

Joe is the son of Ngai Hong, the famous sci-fi novelist, and is the nephew of Yik Shu. Joe inherited his writing talent from his father and aunt. He really had a business feel for a publishing career. In the 1990s, Joe and Siu Gwok Wa, etc. launched their focus on attacking the student market, mainly young people, by creating the "Yes" magazine. This magazine quickly became the best selling bi-monthly magazine in Hong Kong. It's rumored they earned more than HK$10,000,000 (US$1,283,697). Joe was 20something years old, but he was already mature for his age. He sold his "Yes" stocks at a high price, receiving more than HK$100,000,000 (US$12,836,970) in cash and then left Hong Kong. That year, people talked a lot about this event of Joe selling his stocks, and he became known as the youngest person to retire.

Sometimes Joe would write articles for magazines and would be fearless in what he wrote, as he would write about people and things which he didn't like and would not be kind with his words. He has a straight-forward personality and would seldom be in contact with people in the cultural circle or entertainment circle.


Thomas Chan and Vivian.

Vivian is a faithful girlfriend

When Vivian was working as a DJ at RTHK, she was dating Raidas group member, Thomas Chan Dak Jeung. They were together for several years, but then her boyfriend's career was at a standstill, which caused distance between them, so they separated. Then Vivian had rumors about being together with Chris Wong, Hacken Lee, etc. Afterwards, she met Joe, and they quickly fell in love. During that time period, Canti Lau Sek Ming tried to step in between them, which is how the nickname 'Cancer Ming' came about, but in the end Joe was successful in taking Vivian's heart. Because her boyfriend hopes that his girlfriend doesn't work in the entertainment circle, Vivian went along with his wishes and retired honorably. For many years, she didn't think about appearing on screen, and during this period, she peacefully followed Joe and would fly to Canada, USA, and Hong Kong. Whenever there were rumors about them separating, getting married, or her being pregnant, she would kindly deny these rumors. It looks like it's not easy to have a stable relationship for 13 years.



Joe is a player in the game of love

When compared to Vivian, Joe's road of love is quite interesting. He was Michelle Lee Ka Yan's boyfriend when she was participating in the Miss Hong Kong pageant, and after Michelle won the Miss Hong Kong title, they separated and then Michelle started to date Lau Luen Hung. Joe worked hard to establish his business and became successful with "Yes" magazine, and also the relationship of him and Vivian went one step further, as Vivian's news and beautiful pictures would often appear in this magazine. At the same time, Canti Lau was trying to woo Vivian, but Joe quickly got rid of him. Because of what happened, Canti tried to hide and went to Taiwan. After Joe was dating Vivian, there were rumors about Joe having close relations with other women. Joe wrote the prologue to Ruby Yiu's book "Follow a Thought, Follow a Heart, Love Revealed." There was one sentence in the book that said, "During moments of speech, it reached a high point/level," which made people say wow. Afterwards, Ruby revealed that Joe took her to look at stars, but Joe's reaction to this news was quite fierce, as he announced to everyone that his friendship with Ruby was over in order to end this messy relationship.

It seems the real crisis for the two people is the rumored girlfriend Monica Chan Fat Yung. Even though the paparazzi took pictures of them being in contact with each other, the three people still didn't clarify anything and seemed undisturbed by this news, which was an unusual attitude. Then there was news that Joe would break up with Vivian, but in the end, Monica wasn't able to take Vivian's place. After being put through this test, it made Joe and Vivian's relationship of more than 10 years even stronger, as this relationship has passed many changes over the years.


The 'Thrifty Girl' nickname came from the TV series "Greed of Man."

First generation 'Thrifty Girl'

Starting from the TV series 'Greed of Man,' Vivian was given the nickname of 'Thrifty Girl.' Actually, ever since Vivian started working as a DJ, she was already very thrifty, no matter if it's what she wears, eats, lives, or the transportation she takes, Vivian still wouldn't be too exquisite, as long as the clothing she usually wears is comfortable and natural-looking, then that's ok. Even when she was popular and earned lots of money in one day and was also sponsored by several clothing brands, she would still wear the same clothes to several public functions, which shows her level of thriftiness.

Even the transportation which Vivian uses isn't too exquisite. Vivian still drives the BMW car which she had bought many years ago. Although the many years have caused some damage to the car, Vivian still treats her car well, as long as it could take her to the places she wants to go.

As for eating, she's not like other celebrities. She doesn't like to eat at high-class restaurants. She would go to a supermarket where 'normal' people go shopping to buy her everyday items and the food she eats, because there's a sale on some items during the week, which is a good way to let everyone save even more! We can see Vivian's beautiful reputation of being a 'thrifty girl' by all these examples, and she definitely deserves this nickname.

(Note: Don't believe everything you read in this article. There are a few parts which aren't true.)


Source : Sudden Weekly magazine #415 - July 11, 2003; Translated by Dawn; Posted on July 11, 2003

Vivian Chow is still very fit

Vivian tried on several items and finally decided to buy the least expensive scarf!


Two months ago, the reporter's friend said she saw Vivian Chow at a supermarket in Happy Valley. The friend had described Vivian as having a larger waist and also had gained some weight. However, two weeks ago, another reporter had seen Vivian in Central at the Landmark shopping center and discovered that Vivian already returned back to a bottle gourd (wu lo) body shape.

Even though Vivian only wore light makeup and very casual clothes that day, her appearance and body shape still looked quite good. She went by herself into the INDIVI shop to try on some clothing. She tried on two pieces of clothing and was there for about 30 minutes, but she didn't buy it. Finally she chose a scarf that was about HK$200, which displayed her 'thrifty girl' characteristic. However, her V-neck T-shirt showed her beautiful body shape. In only a short period of less than two months, Vivian was able to change back to a skinny body figure. This reporter would like to ask her what's her method of keeping fit.

Jade Girl Vivian is 36 years old and still looks great... what else do you want?!

After Vivian knew there was a reporter at the doorway, she immediately put the scarf in her purse.

Source : MingPao newspaper - July 10, 2003; Translated by Dawn; Posted on July 10, 2003

Joe hasn't decided yet when to marry Vivian
(abridged version of actual article)

Last night, Joe Ngai went to a fashion show which was held by the trade development department. He went by himself to the show. He said Vivian was originally planning to come to this evening event with him, but Vivian was not feeling well, so she couldn't come. When reporters asked Joe if he would mind if they took his picture, he said, "It doesn't matter." Earlier, there was news which described Joe and Vivian as being a married couple. Joe said he didn't see this news article before. The reporter asked Joe when he plans to marry Vivian. Joe replied, "I'm currently working hard on it." The reporter asked if there was a possible wedding date. Joe said yes, but he's currently still working hard on it.

Source : CR881 "Entertainment news" radio program - July 7, 2003; Translated by Dawn; Posted on July 7, 2003

Vivian and Joe having dinner and shopping

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Cha Siu Yan was talking about the Vivian Chow and Joe Ngai news that was on the Sunday, July 6th, Singtao newspaper. She said a reporter secretly took pictures of Vivian and Joe having dinner at a restaurant and shopping at a supermarket. They were buying everyday items.. soy sauce.. and meat. They looked very happy together. After the reporter finished secretly taking their pictures, the reporter tried to approach Vivian and Joe for an interview. But once Joe saw the reporter, Joe quickly left to get the car, leaving Vivian there to answer the reporter's questions. Vivian still looks great even after retiring for so many years. Would Vivian come back from retirement like Priscilla Chan Wai Han?

Source : CR881 "Entertainment news" radio program - July 1, 2003; Translated by Dawn; Posted on July 3, 2003

Chris Wong talks about Vivian Chow on "Entertainment news" radio program...

partial clip of Chris Wong's interview on CR881 program w/ Cha Siu Yan and Cheng Ging Gei (in Cantonese) - 7/01/03
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Cha Siu Yan: Hacken Lee and Alan Tam just had a concert together. Chris, if you were to find a partner to have a concert with, then who would you choose?..male or female?
Chris: I once saw in a newspaper that a reporter wrote my goatee (beard) looks very similar to Jacky Cheung's goatee...
Cheng Ging Gei: oh yeah..
Chris: both of us could have a goatee concert together..hehehe..
Cha Siu Yan: Chris Wong and Jacky Cheung in concert together would be pretty good!
Chris: I wouldn't dare to be compared with Jacky, because Jacky is a superstar singer and everyone knows him in China, so if I were to choose a partner for a concert, I think I would still choose someone who entered showbiz about the same time as me, male or female singer is fine.
Cha Siu Yan: Then who? Vivian Chow?
Cheng Ging Gei: Vivian Chow...
Chris: Vivian doesn't sing anymore.
Cheng Ging Gei: oh...
Cha Siu Yan: You already asked her?
Chris: I once thought about asking her to be a guest performer at my concert, but she had declined. So you would think if she declined to sing just for a few minutes, then you would think that for a whole concert, she probably wouldn't....
Cha Siu Yan: Of course she would decline to sing just for a few minutes. If she was one of the main concert performers, then that's different! If she just appeared for a short time, then what's the point?
Chris: uhm...then I hope there are some entertainment companies who would take the initiative to contact her.
Cha Siu Yan: hahaha
Cheng Ging Gei: Yes..yes
Chris: I think if they made a good offer, then she might consider it.
Cha Siu Yan: ok.. so getting Vivian for a concert is kind of like a small dream. If it's not her, then who else would you choose, Chris?
Chris: If it's not her, then who else would I choose?
Cha Siu Yan: yeah..
Chris: Do you have any good suggestions?
Cha Siu Yan: I'll tell you tomorrow.
Chris: I'll go home and think about it.

Source : The Sun newspaper and Singtao newspaper (SF edition) - June 25, 2003; Translated by Dawn and Mac; Posted on June 27, 2003

Successfully fought off lung cancer; Going to have tea with nephew;
Vivian Chow and Joe Ngai went together to see how James Wong was doing

When Vivian was facing the camera, she didn't know how to react. James then said, "I am dating with Vivian, and you guys are able to take our picture."


After James Wong Jim successfully fought off lung cancer, many of his good friends have been asking him how he's been doing lately. Vivian Chow, who hasn't been seen in public for a long time, went with her boyfriend, Joe Ngai Jan, to meet with James on June 23rd. Joe, who was shy, quickly avoided the reporters when he saw them and left Vivian and James to deal with them.

James has many good friends in the entertainment circle. Vivian and her boyfriend Joe are two of his long time old friends, and they were very concerned about their mentor who was both a teacher and a friend. On the night of June 23rd, both of them met with James in Happy Valley at the Pacific Coffee Company located at the Perfect Club to drink some coffee.

The three of them talked at the coffee shop for one hour. They arrived at 10:40pm and left at 11:40pm. From what can be seen at the shop, the three of them were talking and laughing, and it was a happy atmosphere. When they were leaving, they discovered reporters were there. Joe had a big reaction and quickly avoided the reporters and even left his girlfriend and James alone and walked away. Vivian didn't know how to react. James made a big laugh and said, "I am dating with Vivian, and you guys are able to take our picture." Vivian was embarrassed and she laughed. James then said, "This is just an ordinary small gathering. We were talking about usual things."

Vivian not invited to be a guest at concert
When talking about James's health condition, James raised his voice and said, "My health is very good! Thank-you for everyone's concern." When asked if he was worried about his upcoming concert, he said, "I'm not worried at all. There will be two shows. Next week we start rehearsing!" The reporter then asked James, "Will you invite Vivian to be a guest performer at your concert?" James said, "She didn't request to come. I didn't say I invited her. I don't know if she would come." Vivian was standing next to James and coordinated with him to keep a secret and said, "Guest performer? Let's talk about it later when the time comes." After saying this, they left.

Source : Sudden Weekly magazine #412 - June 20, 2003; Translated by Dawn and Mac; Posted on June 22, 2003

Charlie Yeung Choi Nei asked for a big price
(abridged version of actual article)

Vivian will be 36 years old this year, and recently she's gained some weight. But to ask for HK$7,000,000 would just drive away the client (the slimming company)!
(picture taken in 2002)



A few months ago, the beauty salon which had used Ada Choi Siu Fan as their spokesperson in the past was originally interested in asking Charlie Yeung Choi Nei to do an advertisement for them. But Charlie asked for HK$5,000,000 to do the ad and specifically stated that she would handle her own image and also had many demands. Charlie thinks she's still at the superstar level. Of course the advertisement company decided not to sign Charlie.

Perhaps Jade Girls think they are especially valuable. Another 'Jade Girl Master' Vivian Chow also doesn't seem to know what the current asking price is for doing advertisements. There was a slimming company which tried to find her to do an advertisement for them and to sign a 1 year contract to be their celebrity spokesperson, but Vivian asked for HK$7,000,000 ( US$898,588) , which is even more expensive than the top female singers nowadays. However, Vivian is resting well now, and she's in no rush to do work, so she's able to ask for a higher price. But if Charlie wants to earn back her retirement money in these next few years, then she really has to lower her asking price!

(Note : Don't believe everything you read in this magazine! This article was specifically under the 'rumors' section of the magazine, meaning this article has no real facts to prove anything.)

Source : Monday magazine #141 - June 13, 2003; Translated by Dawn; Posted on June 22, 2003

Chris Wong interview
(abridged version of actual article)

Most compatible with Vivian Chow
Reporter : If you had to choose 3 females from the entertainment circle that you're most compatible with and are your best friends, who would you choose?
Chris Wong : The first person would definitely be Vivian Chow. I have been friends with her ever since she started working at the radio station (RTHK). You can count the years... she joined RTHK in 1985, so we've known each other for 18 years. I wonder would someone find us two years later to have a '20 year anniversary of knowing each other Concert?'...haha. Honestly, I chose Vivian first because she's really my intimate friend. We both have similar backgrounds and have gone through things together, so that's why our friendship could last so long. Nowadays, we still contact each other by phone, but we don't meet each other in person that often, because Vivian recently got a few more pets and is very busy.

The second person would be Vivian Lai Sui Yan.... (talks more about Vivian Lai). The last person would be Winnie Lau Siu Wai...(talks about Winnie).

Bad investment in relationships
Reporter : If you didn't get to know Vivian, then what type of girl would you be with?
Chris : Actually from the beginning, Vivian and I never started a relationship, but since we were such good friends, the outside people continuously spread rumors about us!" Aiy... I can say that I'm a failed investor in my love life, otherwise, I wouldn't be like this right now...haha. In a person's life, it's not as easy as you think to find a happy relationship. It's rather difficult for the perfect girl to appear right in front of your eyes.

Created by Janice Lo (nickname Dawn)
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