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Source : MingPao Daily newspaper - March 14, 2003; Translated by Dawn; Posted on March 18, 2003

Lisa Wong plans to invite Vivian Chow to be a special guest at her concert
(abridged version of actual article)

Lisa Wong Ming Chuen said if Vivian is in Hong Kong during the time she has her concert, then she would invite Vivian to watch the show. But in regards to Vivian being a special guest performer at the concert, Lisa said she would have to see if Vivian wants to do it. Lisa doesn't want to force Vivian to doing something she doesn't want to do.

Source : Express Weekly magazine #237 - March 6, 2003; Translated by Dawn and Mac;
1st Posted on March 12, 2003; Updated on March 18, 2003

Vivian Chow and a coal version of William So Wing Hong sang karaoke for 5 hours in the same room late into the night

2/25/03 - Downstairs at Windsor Plaza in Causeway Bay at 3:00am.
Closer picture

2/25/02 - Generously handing out lucky money (picture from Apple Daily newspaper) ;
Last year in mid-February, the talented couple Joe Ngai and Vivian Chow had a rare photo taken when they were out on a date together. When reporters asked Joe for lucky money, Joe didn't refuse, which then started rumors again that both of them were getting married, but this year both of them haven't been seen together out in public.

Leaving with an angry face (male);
Looking happy (Vivian)
Around 3:00am that night, Vivian and a male companion came out of Windsor Plaza. The male companion looked similar to William So Wing Hong. As soon as he saw the reporter, he became angry, and walked quickly down the stairs. Vivian, however, had a smile on her face and looked great.

Sending the guest out with a paper bag (male);
Smiling sweetly (Vivian)
When the male saw the reporter who wouldn't go away, he held up the name brand paper bag to cover his face, but Vivian still had a smile on her face. The jade girl definitely has the power to make people feel good.

Using the index finger to cover his face (male);
Taking a picture of her back (Vivian)
When the two of them were walking on the street, Vivian asked the reporter to stop taking pictures, but since that didn't work, she decided to show her back. Her slim sexy body was just like many years ago.


Jade Girl Vivian Chow has been away from showbiz for 7 years. For several years, she was rarely seen at public places. However, since last year, she's appeared several times at places which had lots of people, but it seems to be a coincidence that the 'chosen one' Joe Ngai is missing by her side each time. Early in 1998, there were rumors that Joe and Vivian had secretly gotten married in Canada, but during last year, both of them have strongly denied these rumors.

Last week, Vivian was seen out in public, but there was a new male companion by her side. The reporter saw Vivian with a man who looked similar to William So Wing Hong, but he had darker skin and was muscular. Vivian and the man were seen singing karaoke in the same room at a karaoke place in the upper floors of Windsor Plaza, and they sang for 5 hours. It's still a mystery as to who had the luck of staying with a jade girl in a tiny room, but everyone is worried about what would happen if Joe Ngai found out.

This year Vivian is 35 years old. She stepped out of the entertainment circle in 1996. She was able to captivate many males with her jade girl image in her singing and acting. She and Joe have been together for 7 years, making many people envious and jealous. But there have been some set backs in Vivian and Joe's relationship, as both have had rumors with other celebrities before and after they dated each other.

Talented guy and jade girl have many rumors
When Vivian first entered showbiz, she was rumored to have dated the past singer Thomas Chan Tak Cheung for several years. Before Vivian entered showbiz and became a DJ, she had rumors with other male singers, such as Hacken Lee Hak Kan, Chris Wong Hoi Kan, and George Lam Ji Cheung. Most people remember the love rumors between Vivian and Canti Lau Sek Ming, and it was always rumored that Canti was the targeted subject of a magazine which was owned by his rival suitor, Joe Ngai.

Many years ago, Joe Ngai and Siu Kwok Wah worked together to create Yes!" magazine, and Joe was praised for being a talented person. Before Joe dated Vivian, it was rumored he had a relationship with Michelle Lee Ka Yan, and later, Monica Chan Fat Yung and Ruby Yiu Lok Bik were both rumored to be the third party in Joe and Vivian's relationship. Even though Joe and Vivian had many rumors around them, in the end, they became lovers, and there was widely spread news about them both immigrating to Canada a few years ago.

Vivian, who is talented and beautiful, gave up her entertainment career and is now concentrating on practicing how to paint and is hoping to develop her interest of many years. This year during mid-February, Vivian's painting was displayed at an exhibition at City Hall in Central, which showed her talent in painting. Overall, it's already become a reality that Vivian has stepped out of showbiz, but there are people in the entertainment circle who are still very interested in her.

Fans were cheering as jade girl appears
For the past 2 years, there have been several singers who have returned to the music industry, such as Chris Wong Hoi Kan, Sally Yeh (Yip Sin Man), and Samantha Lam Chi Mei, and they've had good results. Last year, there were rumors about Universal Records trying to have Vivian come out from retirement in a grand manner. But even though she's 35 years old, when compared to other singers nowadays, Vivian's body shape, appearance, and even her popularity still looks good. For example, remember last year when Vivian appeared in the audience during Chris Wong's concert and the fans were immediately cheering. Chris even invited her to go on stage to sing a song with him, and Vivian still had good stage presence. It's no wonder why all of the record companies want to sign her.

It's also because of this reason that Vivian would seldom be seen in public places for several years, as she wants a peaceful and normal life. Last year, she appeared at several public events, which was quite rare. Not only did she meet with her good friend of many years, Chris Wong, on stage, Vivian also went to see a few other concerts, such as Sandy Lam Yik Lin's concert last May and the Japanese band, Safety Zone's, concert last October. But her beloved Joe Ngai still wasn't seen with her. Last month at the wedding of the executive of EEG Records, Vivian attended this event, and her looks and style were still attractive. Because of this, there was a rumor that Vivian doesn't like being lonely, and therefore, she wanted to be under the spotlight again in the entertainment circle.

Staying in the same room w/ a male companion for 5 hours
Last Monday night (3/3), Vivian was once again out in public and appeared in Causeway Bay with a male friend and went to the Green Box Karaoke on the 9th floor of Windsor Plaza to sing karaoke for fun. This certainly caused an immediate commotion of the fans who were there. Maybe Vivian didn't expect that she was still so popular. She frowned right on the spot and asked for help from the manager. In the end, Vivian and her friend went to a different karaoke room on the 8th floor, room V37, and continued to have fun.

The two of them were alone in a 30 square feet karaoke room, and they ordered healthy drinks and had fun singing from 11:00pm until 3:00am. When the reporter saw the two of them leaving, the reporter went to the front to take pictures and saw that the man next to Vivian looked similar to William So Wing Hong, except his body was rather muscular and he had darker skin. He didn't refuse to take pictures, but he used the name brand paper bag he was holding to cover his face, and he appeared to be embarrassed. On the other hand, Vivian, who had been an artist for many years and was used to such situations, didn't purposely try to avoid the cameras. The reporter then asked her :

Reporter: "What a coincidence to see you. Were you singing karaoke with your friend?"
Vivian spoke calmly: "Yes, I was singing with my friend just now."
Reporter: "Oh, what have you been doing recently?"
Vivian: "Nothing much. I was recently studying overseas and just came back to Hong Kong for Chinese New Year. I will be leaving in a few days."
Reporter: "Have you ever thought about coming back to the music industry?"
Vivian : "I won't. I have to study. Sorry, it's really late. I must go home. Please don't take anymore pictures."

After talking with Vivian, there's a feeling that she didn't want to talk much about what's been happening to her recently. Now people would be guessing if Vivian's "late night walk" was to plan for her relationship or for her career. If you want to see the progress of this, then you have to keep watching.


Looking into the V37 room.

Revealing the 30 square feet karaoke room.


Showing thrifty girl style when going out to sing karaoke
Vivian and the male companion stayed in the V37 karaoke room for 5 hours. The V37 room is a small karaoke room, with an area of about 30 square feet, which is suitable for a 'two person world.' On that night, both of them ordered healthy drinks and sang for 5 hours. When calculating the bill, each person costs HK$49 and the fruit plate costs HK$45. The total cost was HK$143 (US$18.35) , but they were singing for 5 hours, so the cost of having fun was really cheap. It's apparent that the jade girl's 'thrifty girl' style hasn't changed for many years.

Recently Windsor Plaza was very crowded. Every night there were celebrities who went to Windsor Plaza. A few days ago, Paco Wong, Miriam Yeung, Andy Hui, and Cookies appeared there, and this week, there was Vivian and her new male companion who came to have fun in the middle of the night. Windsor Plaza's California Red Karaoke Box has become the new karaoke hangout for celebrities.


Poyang Mansion in Tai Koo Shing

San Francisco Towers in Happy Valley


Rich Jade Girl
Even though Vivian stepped out of the entertainment circle since 1996, she still has her own business. She currently has stock shares in two companies. In 1998, she used the name of one of the companies to buy an apartment at the Poyang Mansion in Tai Koo Shing. She later sold this flat and earned close to HK$800,000 (US$ 102,695). Also, Vivian used the name of another company to buy two apartments at San Francisco Towers in Happy Valley, which is worth about HK$10,000,000 (US$1,283,697). Last year she put one of these apartments under the name of another company she owned and lost HK$2,000,000 (US$ 256,740) on the balance sheet, but overall, Vivian is still considered as a rich lady. Actually Vivian has already retired for 7 years and should have rested enough and enjoyed enough; she still has a chance to earn more money since she's still young. Maybe it's time for her to return to showbiz and make the fans excited.


Poor victimized third party
The jade girl (Vivian) and Canti Lau worked together on a TVB series "The Hunter's Prey," and then rumors started about them. But Canti's image was harmed from being attacked in the magazine by Joe Ngai, his rival suitor.


Different kinds of rumors surround Jade Girl
Several years ago when Vivian was a young jade girl, her body shape was outstanding and she was lovely; because of this, there were many rumors about her and some men. Last year at Chris Wong Hoi Kan's concert, Vivian and Chris hugged each other on stage. Chris also admitted that he and Vivian have always 'matched!' Many years ago, there were rumors between Vivian and Hacken Lee Hak Kan, and after Vivian worked w/ George Lam Ji Cheung in the movie "Heart to Hearts," there were also rumors between Vivian and George. But the most exciting rumor has to be with the past TVB artist and singer, Canti Lau Sek Ming.

Breaking up w/ her boyfriend
When Vivian first entered showbiz, she had a chubby body shape, but after a short time, she lost weight and her body became beautifully curved. She was definitely the 'sexiest in the entertainment circle,' and at the same time, there were rumors that she broke up with her boyfriend Thomas Chan Tak Cheung.

Working together w/ strong men
Almost all the men that the jade girl (Vivian) worked with were powerful people. When Leon Lai (right) first entered showbiz, he acted in a movie "Fruit Punch" with Vivian. George Lam (left) acted with the jade girl in the movie "Heart to Hearts," and Hacken Lee (middle) worked together with the jade girl in singing. There has to be some "feeling" about these men.


Appearing in light makeup; Still looking great
This year on February 23rd, Vivian attended the wedding banquet of EEG executive, Lam Wai Hon, at the JW Marriott Hotel in Admiralty. She was wearing a low cut V-neck casual top, which showed her great body shape and tall figure. Her jade girl looks haven't changed for many years.

Joe became successful at an early age, and with his huge self confidence, it's understandable that there's many pretty women by his side accompanying him. (Joe Ngai and Gloria Yip pictured)

Joe is one of the executives of three companies. The business includes creating animation and the company which publishes the Yes! magazine.



Talented Joe Ngai playing his rival suitor
In one of the love episodes of Vivian and Joe Ngai, there were arguments between Joe and Canti Lau Sek Ming. Out of all the love rumors, Canti was the one who suffered the most. Many years ago, it was rumored about a love triangle between Vivian, Joe, and Canti. Joe was the chief editor of a magazine for young people and made Canti as the targeted subject and created a nickname for Canti. Joe wrote some really harsh words about Canti, which made Canti feel so mad and troublesome, and it also affected Canti's image. Canti then went to Taiwan to continue his career and then came back to HK to act in a TV series. He recently got married and had a son already. He's planning to publish a magazine and books about fate and fortune telling. His career is changing.

Joe, who was the winner of the love triangle, had good standings on his career and his relationship. According to the records of the companies who are registered, Joe was the executive of three companies in a two year timespan. The three companies are Athens Animation Limited, Yes Communications, and Yes Express Limited. Joe owns 20% of the stocks for Athens Animation Limited. He's definitely a busy person. Although he has Vivian, who is a perfect lover, it's difficult for him to spare some free time to accompany her often, so it's understandable that when Vivian goes to public places, Joe isn't accompanying her.

Many years ago, jade girl (Vivian)
and Chris Wong sang a duet on stage.


Jade Girl master still looking great
Last year during October, Chris Wong had a concert. Since Vivian was his good friend of many years, she was passionate in watching his show, and was even 'put on the table' (betrayed) by Chris. She also sang a duet song "Endless Love" with Chris. Their eyes showed that the relationship between them hasn't changed at all.

Passionate handshake


Even though Vivian had stated at first that she would not go up on stage and would only be watching the show, the audience was continuously calling her name. The jade girl (Vivian) finally agreed and went on stage to give Chris a hug and a handshake.


'Thrifty Girl' breaks the rules
Vivian has the nickname of 'Thrifty Girl' (from her TVB series "Greed of Man"). For the past few years, she started to be focused on 'the look,' however, when talking about this rich lady, wearing a diamond watch is just a small matter.

Happy boss
When the boss was asked about Vivian's photos, his face turned red (embarrassed). Perhaps he's also a super fan of the jade girl!

nose bleed level 99% : princess who forced the clothing to burst
For the first time ever, the jade girl finally showed her stuff, revealing her strongest point. She's absolutely unbeatable!

nose bleed level 89% : the ultimate 'bra'
Even if she sets her hair, it still won't steal the camera lenses like her ultimate 'bra' see-through T-shirt. It's so exciting!



Popularity still going strong at Sino Centre
Even though Vivian has stepped out of the music industry for close to 7 years, her jade girl image was in a class by herself many years ago. Later on, she gave her male fans a treat by wearing the palace dress, and during her concert, she wore a low-cut V bunny look which showed her legs. Just thinking about it makes the blood flow rapidly (nose bleed). The reporter specifically went to Sino Centre and talked to a boss who used the profit he got from selling photos to open several other photo shops in the same area. After talking to him, the reporter found out that the amount of Vivian photos sold has not decreased during all these years. This is because those palace dress photos have never happened before. There's no female artist who could be like Vivian, as it's so exciting to see a jade girl change to a 'flesh/meat girl.'

nose bleed level 70% : chubby DJ


When she first entered showbiz, she was more pure than purified water. But just by looking at this photo, you know she's 'got stuff.'

nose bleed level 99% : low-cut V outfit w/ long legs


When the jade girl was starting, she wore a low-cut V outfit and showed her legs, making all the males in the world show respect for her.

nose bleed level 80% : see-through clothing
Back then when she didn't keep fit and she wore this big see-through cover dress, it would still make a person's blood boil.

Max & Co. - bought a skirt that was on sale;
Jessica - no sale, so nothing to buy


Vivian, in perfect shape, buys a lot of items
This year on February 22, Vivian came out again in public wearing a tight-fitting top and having a perfect image. She went to Pacific Place in Admiralty to go shopping. With her 'Thrifty Girl' style, it's rare for her to be seen in these name brand stores, but on that day, there were several stores which had big sales, so it's understandable that the jade girl couldn't resist and had to come out. First Vivian went to the "M" shop (Max & Co.) to buy a skirt that was on sale. Then she went to the "J" shop (Jessica) to walk around for a few minutes, but since there was no sale at this store, she left empty-handed.


(Note : Don't believe everything you read in this magazine!!)

Source : China Times magazine #1304 - Feb. 20, 2003; Translated by Dawn; Posted on March 18, 2003

Vivian wants to be a housewife; it's good to go shopping everyday

"I'm just like every other female. I love to go out and shop and love to be dressed up!" (quote created by magazine)



Vivian Chow, who is the ex-Jade Girl Master, hasn't been seen by this reporter for 10 years. She still has a jade girl body shape and look. There's proof that her 'housewife' kind of lifestyle is really worryless and stress-free.

Last week at the Hong Kong high class department store Lane Crawford, the reporter of this magazine saw Vivian shopping by herself. She walked around for close to 2 hours, and then carried lots of bags and went home happily. When Vivian was contacted face to face, the reporter discovered that Vivian's body was still skinny. She was wearing light make-up and still looked beautiful; Vivian was dressed casually, so if you didn't look closely, in a crowd of people, she wouldn't be noticeable very easily.

In the past few years, Vivian has been learning how to paint. She's showed her hard work in her paintings that were on display at painting exhibitions. Even though Vivian and her boyfriend Joe Ngai have a steady relationship, both of them still haven't thought about getting married. Although the HK media was courageous to predict that Vivian was getting ready to return to showbiz after Vivian appeared in public places these past few years, according to what some of Vivian's close friends said, Vivian feels thankful of recently having a lifestyle where she's not bothered by anyone or anything. She doesn't have any desire of returning to showbiz. Everyone is just thinking too much!


Created by Janice Lo (nickname Dawn)
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