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Source : Sudden Weekly magazine #396 - Feb. 28, 2003; Translated by Dawn and Mac; Posted on Mar. 3, 2003

Thrifty style doesn't change after 10 years; Vivian Chow, in perfect shape, buys low-priced items

Yesterday, "Thrifty Girl" Vivian was wearing a pair of tight flare(?) jeans that were out of style and went to Max & Co at Pacific Place to go shopping. When she went to the store, it was obvious that she wasn't given any special VIP treatment.

After choosing what Vivian wanted to buy, she was "holding back the pain" and paid HK$2,300 (US$295) to buy a skirt that was on sale for 30% off, but she left the skirt at the store to have it altered.

Vivian left the music industry for almost 10 years (should be about 6 years), but her looks and her body shape haven't changed. She's wearing a tight-fitting top which shows her cruise missile body.

In the past, Vivian was known as the "Jade Girl Master." When she was shopping for shoes that were on sale, she didn't try to avoid the crowd of "married women." She was serious when trying on the shoes and would try to walk a few steps with the shoes. This showed her thrifty personality.

On that day, Vivian tried on one pair of shoes after another, and during that time, she asked her friend for advice on what she thought about the shoes. Women have too many things to think about!

Vivian and her friend then went to the store, Jessica, to look at some clothing. When they went into the store, they discovered there was no sale, and then turned around immediately and left.


In the past, Vivian Chow was the dream lover 'Jade Girl Master' of thousands and thousands of young boys. Vivian stepped out of the entertainment circle for close to 10 years (should be about 6 years... her last CD was in '97). Recently, she's appeared at several public places; she still looked as beautiful as before, from her hair style to her "Aphrodai" ("Ngoi Mei San" - Japanese animation character) cruise missile body shape. Her looks haven't changed at all. Other ladies would just say God didn't treat them well!

Vivian's body shape hasn't changed for some twenty years, and her "thrifty style" is practiced all the time. Yesterday (2/22), Vivian went with a female friend to Pacific Place (shopping center) in Admiralty and were looking to buy low-priced items at the big sales. Vivian is thrifty and beautiful; it's no wonder why Joe Ngai likes her!

This year Vivian will turn 36 years old. Her jade girl image is unforgettable. But as everyone knows, Vivian, who used to hide her flesh well, actually belongs to the "Aphrodai" group. Last Saturday on 2/22, Vivian, who hasn't been seen in public for a long time, was seen holding the arm of a good female friend and walking around Pacific Place. She was dressed just like any other ordinary person. She was wearing a tight-fitting top, which already showed off her 'cruise missile' body shape. People should compliment her on keeping her body so fit.

Vivian's hair style and makeup haven't changed for a really long time. On that day, she and her friend walked around several clothing stores. Most of those stores sold middle priced items, but what's coincidental is that the stores which Vivian went to all had big sales. This really conforms to her economic principle of knowing how to save money.

Vivian went to Max & Co and walked around for close to one hour. She bought a skirt that was on sale. Afterwards, she and her friend went to Seibu Department Store to try on some shoes. On that day, there weren't any store workers who took the initiative to promote the sales of items, possibly because those items were in the special promotion area, and instead, it was Vivian's female friend who was constantly getting shoes for Vivian to try on. Vivian couldn't decide what shoes to pick and took about half an hour to try on 5 pairs of shoes. Finally, she decided to buy one pair of polite looking high heeled shoes, which completely fits her jade girl image, which hasn't changed for some twenty years.

Afterwards, Vivian then went to another name brand store, Jessica, to look at some clothing. This store mostly sold middle-priced OL (office lady) class clothing. Vivian and her friend didn't stay in the store for very long. They left quite quickly, maybe because there wasn't a big sale at the store on that day? She really deserves to have "Thrifty Girl" as her nickname.

Jade Girl Cruise Missile
With a good looking face, Vivian became the "Jade Girl Master" when she started her career. Although she stepped out of the entertainment circle for several years, she's still beautiful, especially her devil-like body, which hasn't changed for some twenty years. Now that Vivian is enjoying her life, she has a better looking body compared to her baby fat look when she was 18 years old.




Hiding the good thing with something not so good
Vivian worked as a DJ at RTHK when she was 18 years old. During those years, she would dress very simply, wearing a t-shirt, which still couldn't disguise her 'cruise missile' body.



Student's lover
Not long after she entered the entertainment business, she became the "male student's lover." When she's wearing a student uniform, she could be compared with "sexy goddess" Athena Chu Yan.



Jade Girl matures
Vivian was successful in getting rid of the 'old fashioned' style, and during this time period, she would often be wearing thin-strap tank top dresses when she's out in public. With her great body, she changed from the "student's lover" to the "killer of all men."



Nose-bleed sexy girl time period
There's a saying, "a true person doesn't reveal anything." When pictures of Vivian wearing this palace series dress first came out, she became the number 1 photo seller at Sino Centre (shopping center which sells many idol photos); the nose-bleed level was apparent.



Source : Apple Daily newspaper - Feb. 26, 2003; Translated by Dawn; Posted on Feb. 27, 2003

Sister Apple's Diary:
Vivian Chow strolls around Lane Crawford, not tired of trying on many items

(Picture taken on Feb. 23, 2003)



I, Sister Apple, am the same as any other married woman. I have to take care of the family, and when I have free time, I spend some money by going shopping. Lately, the best entertainment was to stay at home to watch TV. Speaking about TV, recently the TV series "Square Pegs" and "The King of Yesterday and Tomorrow" are really worth watching every episode, but in my mind, the classic TV character has to be Vivian Chow's character 'Thrifty Girl' (Haan Mui).

Seldom seen in public
Last week, I (Sister Apple) went shopping at Lane Crawford in Central and saw Vivian Chow, who is seldom seen in public. That day, Vivian was wearing light makeup and was still a beautiful woman. "Thrifty Girl's" desire to shop must have been strong that day, as I saw her constantly trying on things. She tried on all kinds of items, asking the shop worker to give her clothes, shoes, and purses to try out, and she even tried on scarves; she tried them all.

Source : Oriental Daily and The Sun newspapers - 2/24/03; MingPao Weekly #1790 - 3/01/03; Translated by Dawn; 1st Posted on 2/25/03

Manager at EEG records gets married; Andy Lau and Vivian Chow came to congratulate
(abridged version of actual articles)

Andy Lau with Chan Ka Wai (bride) and Lam Wai Hon (groom).

Vivian Chow (right) and Linda Wong (left) went to the banquet at the JW Marriott Hotel.



Yesterday Lam Wai Hon (one of the managers at EEG Records) married Chan Ka Wai, the niece of Alan Tam's wife. Last night, they held a 60-table wedding banquet at the JW Marriott Hotel in Admiralty, Hong Kong. Four tables were set for friends who were from the entertainment business. The new couple were acquainted with many artists in the entertainment circle. Many celebrities appeared at the banquet, such as Anita Mui, Alan Tam, Sandra Ng Kwan Yu, Connie Chan Bo Chu, Twins, Boy'z, Edison Chan, Joey Yung, Nic Tse, etc... Vivian Chow and Linda Wong, who both rarely appear in public, came to the banquet together, but they only stayed for a short time and then left.

Linda Wong, Vivian Chow, and DJ Cheng Ka Fai went to the banquet and congratulated the new couple.


Source : Apple Daily newspaper - Feb. 17, 2003; Translated by Dawn; Posted on Feb. 17, 2003

Vivian's painting was praised by her teacher

Shum Ping highly praised Vivian for having her own style in her painting "Chong Song."

After Vivian left the music industry, she was rarely seen in public. Besides going out on dates with her boyfriend Joe Ngai, she would study how to paint during her spare time. Yesterday, Vivian's painting instructor, Shum Ping, started the "Looking back on the road of an entertainment career - Shum Ping and his student's painting exhibition" at City Hall in Central. Vivian had 4 paintings on display at the event. Her painting "Chong Song" was one of her new paintings. ('Chong Song' is difficult to basically describes the many experiences in life...usually describing old people.)

Theme is 'Real Life'
Shum Ping said Vivian would make time to come and enjoy the painting exhibition later. He also highly praised Vivian's paintings and said, "Her paintings really have her own style. Usually when she's painting, she would use her heart and be deeply involved in her work, and when she chose a theme for her paintings, she would choose some themes which are about real life."

Source : Oriental Sunday magazine #270 - Feb. 12, 2003; Translated by Dawn and Bear; Posted on Feb. 17, 2003

'Thrifty Girl' style; Vivian won't buy clothes even during a big sale

Vivian was looking and choosing clothes that were on the sales rack, but she still didn't want to spend the money to buy anything.

Recently Vivian seemed to look a bit slimmer. Did she go on a diet to get ready to be a bride?


Many of the name brand clothing stores were having big sales because of the new year and the changing of the seasons. Items were priced so low that most people would waste their money to buy them all. There were many things that were so cheap in price, it would make you laugh. When the reporter went to Causeway Bay yesterday to buy the cheap stuff, the reporter bumped into Vivian Chow, who had left the entertainment circle for a long time. Vivian was most famous for being 'Thrifty Girl' (the character "Haan Mui" in the TVB series 'Greed of Man'), and seeing that the price of the clothes were 80% off or 90% off, this was a good time to buy stuff.

Vivian and her friend first went to the store K2, which had acceptable prices. The clothing in that store was mostly for young people and didn't quite seem to be suitable for her, so she just looked around for a few minutes, and then left the store. Afterwards, Vivian went to the store called I.T., which was opened by Yau Suk Jing's husband, Shum Ga Wai. Most of the clothing in the store was 70% off the original price. Vivian tried on several shirts and pants; her friend and the store worker said she looked good, and Vivian seemed to be somewhat satisfied, but she still decided not to buy the clothes. Finally, Vivian went to the Seibu Department Store, and her friend was finally able to buy some clothes, but again, Vivian was only looking at the clothes. In the end, she left with nothing. When the reporter went up to her for an interview, Vivian said, "Today I didn't buy anything. I only came out to walk around. There wasn't anything special I wanted to buy." Actually, if the clothes were on sale for 80% or 90% off and this couldn't get her to open her wallet, then it seems it would be really difficult for her to buy something good.

Source : The Sun newspaper - Jan. 20, 2003; Translated by Dawn; Posted on January 20, 2003

Miriam Yeung's teddy bear drawing sold for HK$3000
(abridged version of actual article)

Yesterday, Miriam Yeung Chin Wa attended a charity auction called "My Most Beloved Teddy Bear." The event was held to raise money for the Children's Cancer Foundation. Miriam's drawing of a teddy bear sold for HK$3100. Miriam was asked if she had any plans to publish a book of her drawings, and she said, "I never thought about it. It's just my interest! I'll see if there's a chance in the future. But I feel Vivian Chow's paintings are really beautiful."

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