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Source : MingPao Daily newspaper - Oct. 30, 2002; Translated by Dawn; Posted on Oct. 30, 2002

Vivian Chow appears at Roman Tam's viewing and bows
(abridged version of actual article)

Vivian Chow and Linda Wong (left) were previously taught by Roman Tam.

Last night at the HK Funeral Home, there were many celebrities who came to Roman Tam's viewing (wake), and many of them seldom appear in public, such as Vivian Chow, Linda Wong, Tsui Siu Fung, etc. Couples included Carol Cheng and Lui Fong, Eason Chan and Hilary Tsui Ho Ying, and others. These couples were hardly ever seen together publicly, but they all broke this rule just to say farewell to their friend Roman.

Source : SingPao Daily newspaper - Oct. 29, 2002; Translated by Dawn; Posted on Oct. 29, 2002

Roman Tam's viewing (wake) ...
(abridged version of actual article)

Linda Wong is pregnant; Vivian Chow is by her side
Last night, Linda Wong went with Vivian Chow to Roman Tam's viewing. Linda was wearing a loose fitting dress. Vivian was there to give Linda a helping hand for support whenever Linda moved about, and Linda even used a jacket to cover up the top of her body. It seemed like Linda might be pregnant.

Last year, Linda Wong got married to her boyfriend who was not in the entertainment business. Afterwards, she has been very low-key. This was the first time Linda was seen in public after there were rumors of her being pregnant. Vivian and Linda's friendship came about when they were working together at Polygram Records.

Source : Apple Daily newspaper - Oct. 29, 2002; Translated by Dawn; Posted on Oct. 29, 2002

Roman Tam's viewing (wake) ....
(abridged version of actual article)

Retiring from the entertainment circle for quite some time, Linda Wong (left) and Vivian Chow came together to mourn the death of Roman Tam. They were holding Roman's commemorative book as they left.

Source : MingPao Daily newspaper - Oct. 28, 2002; Translated by Dawn; Posted on Oct. 28, 2002

Jade Girl artists are coming back?
(abridged version of actual article)

Jade Girls are coming back (to showbiz)? On the same day, this newspaper had news about two past Jade Girls. Vivian Chow went by herself to the HK Coliseum to watch 'Safety Zone' in concert, while Charlie Yeung was in Beijing making an education related commercial which was directed by Chan Hoi Koh. Vivian and Charlie had Jade Girl images in the past, and now both have retired from the entertainment circle. The reason both of them left showbiz was because of love.

Vivian Chow and Joe Ngai are in love with each other. When Vivian stepped out from the entertainment circle, she didn't have any kind of press conference to announce that she was retiring from showbiz, but after all her work assignments were finished, she stopped working from then on. From news reports obtained, it's known she and Joe would often fly back and forth from Hong Kong to Canada, and Vivian is currently learning how to paint. Joe used to be active in publishing writings, but now he seldom appears, and it's rumored Vivian and Joe are living a leisurely lifestyle.

In the past, Vivian was given the title of Jade Girl Master, mainly because of her pure looks and her healthy image. In one of her movies, she acted as a bad girl, but she never tried any daring performances. In the hearts of the audience, she has given them a very good memory.

Not possible to walk the Jade Girl path again
Charlie was also previously known as a Jade Girl. Before Charlie stopped acting in movies, she had tried really hard to get rid of her Jade Girl image. In Charlie's last film, she acted as a prostitute.

If both Jade Girls came back out to work in showbiz, they could not be a Jade Girl anymore.

Gigi Leung came into showbiz slightly after they did. Gigi is now focused on acting in mature roles, and has tried acting in a rather complex role.

Female artists seem to be accepted by the people more than male artists. If the female artist is lucky, she can become famous really fast. No matter how young the female artist is when she comes into showbiz, by the time she's 25 years old, she will have to act in more mature roles.

Need to advance in singing and acting
Not only does the artist need to change their image, they also need to advance more in their singing and acting. Their talent can be extended by acting in movies. For example, Maggie Cheung Man Yuk was also a Jade Girl artist many years ago, and today she is already at the level of a 'best actress,' and nobody doubts her acting skills.

In the entertainment circle these past few years, there have been many new young female artists. The mature actresses who can act well are becoming less and less. If Vivian and Charlie came back to the entertainment circle, then the audience would definitely be looking forward to their appearance.


Source : - Oct. 30, 2002; Translated by Dawn; Posted on Nov. 1, 2002

The view below the stage at "Safety Zone's" concert
(abridged version of actual article)

Vivian Chow at "Safety Zone's" concert.

The Japanese band "Safety Zone" had 2 concert shows in HK, and the last show was two days ago. They attracted many artists to watch their show. If you weren't paying close attention and you were sitting in the audience, you might possibly be sitting next to the 'best actor' Tony Leung, or the 'big sister' of the singing industry Anita Mui, or Jade Girl Master Vivian Chow. A celebrity might have brushed passed you while being dressed like your neighbor, such as Andy Hui or Hacken Lee. Safety Zone's concert was splendid both onstage and below the stage.

Source : Apple Daily newspaper - Oct. 27, 2002; Translated by Dawn; Posted on Oct. 27, 2002

Jade Girl Master gets addicted to watching concerts; Vivian Chow comes out to watch "Safety Zone" in concert
(abridged version of actual article)

Vivian Chow was dressed casually to watch the concert of Anzenchitai (Japanese band 'Safety Zone').

Ever since Vivian Chow stepped out of the singing industry, she would rarely leave her home and would be whole-heartedly focused on the dating lifestyle w/ her boyfriend Joe Ngai. Vivian is known as the 'Jade Girl Master' and she didn't want to be lonely, so she came out. Recently Vivian has frequently been seen in public places. Earlier, Vivian was invited to watch her good friend Chris Wong's concert, and last night, she came out again to the HK Coliseum to watch the Japanese band "Safety Zone" in concert.

Driving her BMW
Last night around 8pm, Vivian was seen driving her BMW to the HK Coliseum. Vivian was dressed casually and had a pure look. When she saw the reporters were taking pictures, she was very generous and stood still to let the reporters take as many pictures as they wanted, and she didn't get mad.

Source : MingPao Daily newspaper - Oct. 27, 2002; Translated by Dawn; Posted on Oct. 27, 2002

Vivian did not get mad, letting reporters take as many pictures as they wanted
(abridged version of actual article)

The Japanese band "Safety Zone" had two concert shows in HK, and there were many artists who went to see their shows. During the first show, there was Tony Leung, Carina Lau, Anita Mui and others. Last night during the final show, there was Jade Girl Master Vivian Chow, Andy Hui, and others in the audience. Last night Vivian drove her own car to the concert. When she was spotted by reporters, she was generous and stood still to let the reporters take pictures, but she didn't accept any interviews.

Source : World Journal newspaper (NY edition) - Oct. 24, 2002; Translated by Bear; Posted on Oct. 25, 2002

Decca Records Trying to Invite Vivian Chow To Meet Fans At Taiwan

To let the "old" fans re-enjoy their old days, Decca Records silently made a best collection compilation album which is called "Lost and Found." It gathered songs from Faye Wong, Hong Jang Hing, Vivian Chow, Sun Hiu Kei, Samuel Toi Jing Siu, Lam Lung Suen, and Cheung Chung Lap. At the time they release this compilation, Decca Records is also trying to invite Vivian Chow to meet those "old" fans at Taiwan via some secret connections.

Vivian Chow can be called the head of "The Young Boy's Killer." Back then, after Decca introduced Vivian to the audience at Taiwan, her Jade Girl image touched the hearts of a lot of boys. Her song, "Rumors" was a hit back then. She chose to retire from the entertainment business when she's still on top of her business. In the last few years, she has a really good life with her boyfriend, Joe Ngai. After she put down the microphone, she picked up the paint brush; she won a few awards on the painting exhibitions in the last few years.

Decca wants to invite Vivian to Taiwan to help promote this "Lost and Found" compilation. But after the initial contact, the head of Decca Records said, "It's a really difficult task!" This is because Vivian won't sing again after she retired. Yet, Decca is asking her friends to help convince Vivian. They found out that if the function is charity related, or if they invite Vivian to hold a painting exhibition at Taiwan, there would be a bigger chance for Vivian to show up. Decca is trying to convince Vivian in this direction.

Note: This Vivian news is NOT true.... the reporter of this Taiwan article made up the story.

Source : Sudden Weekly magazine # 377 - Oct. 18, 2002; Translated by Dawn and Mac; Posted on Nov. 15, 2002

Chris Wong's concert

1. watching the show quietly
2. when she was discovered
3. intimate hug
4. singing a duet song

Chris Wong has been away from the singing industry for 7 years, and he finally performs again at the HK Coliseum. Not only did Chris have support from his group of fans who have matured these years, he also had support from his good friend of more than 10 years, Vivian Chow, who rarely leaves her home nowadays. Chris was on stage singing and dancing and showing what he got, while Vivian was sitting quietly in the audience focused on the concert and quietly showing support. Then Chris and Vivian sang their old duet song "Endless Love."

Source : Express Weekly magazine # 217 - Oct. 16, 2002; Translated by Dawn and Mac; Posted on Nov. 15, 2002

Chris Wong has a concert...
(abridged version of actual article)

Chris and Vivian have been working partners many years ago, and when they met, they immediately gave each other a hug.

After Vivian performed in Atlantic City in 1997, this is her first time singing again in public. She's really giving Chris a lot of face.


Chris Wong held his first of two concert shows "Long Time No See" at the HK Coliseum. Even though Chris was sexy during the concert by showing his '2 points' and shaking his bottom, his spotlight was stolen by some of the female guest performers. Some of the guests included Jade Girl Master Vivian Chow, who retired from showbiz, and also the previous '3 small flowers' of PolyGram Vivian Lai, Winnie Lau, and Karen Tong.

Vivian Chow makes an exception and sings again
Even though Chris gave a very good performance during his concert, the pretty female guest performers were able to take some of his spotlight. During the first night, some of his spotlight was taken by Vivian Chow, who has been retired from showbiz for several years and was Chris's good friend and previous working partner. Chris said hello to Vivian when he was on stage, and then hugged her two times at the edge of the stage. Vivian hasn't been seen in public for a while, but she still looked great. It was hard for Vivian to decline the invitation from Chris and the audience to sing a song, so she finally decided to make an exception and sang the duet song "Endless Love" with Chris.

Source : East Week magazine # 519 - Oct. 16, 2002; Translated by Dawn and Mac; Posted on Nov. 15, 2002

Vivian Chow shows her antique watch, destroying the 'Thrifty Girl' image

Vivian is already Joe Ngai's girlfriend. No matter how she hugs Chris, there wouldn't be any rumors about them.

When Vivian first started singing, she sounded kind of nervous, but after the 2nd sentence, she wasn't nervous anymore.

After Vivian Chow left the entertainment circle lifestyle, she became very low-key. The reporter of this magazine went to Chris Wong's "Long Time No See" concert at the HK Coliseum last Thursday (Oct. 10th). Chris's good friend Vivian Chow also went to see the show. Vivian wanted to be low-key and declined to be the special guest performer at Chris's concert, so she just sat with the audience to watch the show.

Vivian retired so early, and of course she still looks great. Not only are her looks and her hair style unchanged, she even has a look of being noble. On that night, Jade Girl Vivian wore some diamond jewelry. When she was waving to Chris, her arm was shimmering because of the diamond watch she was wearing. The reporter heard from others that the watch Vivian was wearing was an antique watch which is no longer produced now. The watch band was full of diamonds, and it's estimated this watch costs more than HK$100,000. It's hard to imagine Vivian, who was given a nickname of "Thrifty Girl," would be willing to spend so much money!

The antique watch on Vivian's left hand is so shimmering. It seems Joe Ngai treats her very well.

The watch shown on the right is almost the same type of watch Vivian was wearing that night.


Source : MingPao Weekly magazine # 1770 - Oct. 12, 2002; Translated by Dawn and Mac; Posted on Nov. 15, 2002

Chris Wong "Long Time No See" Concert
(abridged version of actual article)

Chris wanted to invite Vivian to be a special guest at his concert, but she declined. When the audience discovered that she was sitting below the stage, of course they wouldn't let her go, but she still didn't want to go on stage. She stood next to the railing and sang half a duet song, and after she gave Chris a hug, the audience was finally willing to let this matter drop.

People who bought tickets to watch Chris Wong's concert were likely to be students 10 years ago. Chris's biggest wish was supposed to be a reunion of the PolyGram singers, but this arrangement wasn't what the audience was hoping for. Karen Tong, Vivian Lai, and Winnie Lau didn't appear on stage (for the show on Oct. 10th). The only guests who appeared were Yue Gim Ming, who sang a duet song w/ Chris, and a few new singers such as Edwin Siu, Chan Si Wai, and 2R. The atmosphere was cooled down; the audience wasn't able to figure out what kind of relationship Chris had w/ these special guest performers; everyone was confused.

Instead, the moment which had the most 'reunion' kind of feeling was not pre-scheduled in the concert run-down. Every time Chris was introducing the next guest performer, the audience would scream loudly, "Chow Wai Man (Vivian)!" And every time they would be disappointed. During the middle of the concert, everyone discovered that Vivian Chow was sitting with the audience. The audience wanted her to sing a duet song "Endless Love" with Chris, but Vivian didn't want to. After everyone was applauding and screaming, she finally agreed to sing half of the song. Since Vivian didn't sing in public for a long time, her voice that night didn't sound so clear. But that didn't matter, because everyone just wanted to reminisce. The DJ singers, who once made school kids go crazy, were singing a puppy love song, and this moment made everyone remember the days when they were young.

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