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Source : CR903 "Wah! Wah! It's Here!" radio program - Sept. 19, 2002; Translated by Dawn; Posted on Sept. 20, 2002

Chris Wong talks about Vivian Chow on "Wah! Wah! Wah! It's Here!" radio program...

partial clip of Chris Wong's interview on CR903 program w/ DJ Sandra Ng and DJ To Man Jak (in Cantonese) - 9/19/02
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Chris: The uniqueness of my concert this time is that all the special guests actually know how to sing. This is different from many other concerts.
Sandra: Can you reveal who the guests are?
Chris: There will be Hacken Lee.. and there will be a 99% chance of having Alan Tam...
Sandra:Will there be Vivian Chow (as a guest performer)?
Chris: No...
Sandra: She's still in HK though. She's your friend..
Chris: But why does everyone have to ask if she's going to be a guest?
Sandra: Well, I just remembered that you're good friends w/ her.
Chris: Yes, we're good friends, but she's...ok, this is my 'model' answer...she has already retired from the entertainment circle, so I don't want to force her to do something she doesn't want to do. If I see her sitting offstage in the audience, then I'm already very happy.
Sandra: hahaha... that was great! Next time when I reply to reporters, I know what to do...I'll just say what Chris said.. "ok, this is a model answer." Just don't make anyone mad...haha..
Chris: Each time I just say that same answer now.
Sandra: hahaha...
Man Jak: You definitely wouldn't remember it incorrectly..haha..
Chris: yeah, I definitely wouldn't remember it incorrectly....and actually, I was hoping to photocopy this statement for make sure everyone doesn't write the wrong words... and no words will be missing.
Sandra and Man Jak: hahaha!...
Sandra: ok ok.. well I hope your concert is successful.
Chris: I hope so, too... ok, I've gotta go now.

Source : TVB program Jade Starbiz - August 30, 2002; Translated by Dawn; Posted on Sept. 17, 2002

Asking if Vivian Chow will appear w/ Hacken Lee and Chris Wong at Hacken's concert

video clip of Chris Wong and Hacken Lee on Jade Starbiz TVB program (in Cantonese) - 8/30/02.
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Partial Translation:
Program announcer: Hacken Lee and Chris Wong are going to be working together again. Since this happens very rarely, they should invite their good friend Vivian Chow to be on stage with them. Then that would really make the show exciting!
Hacken: She (Vivian) went to Joe Ngai's place (house)....hahahaha...
Chris: WAH!!! It wasn't me who said it!

Source : RTHK1 "Happy Daily" radio program - Sept. 10, 2002; Translated by Dawn; Posted on Sept. 15, 2002

Chris Wong talks about Vivian Chow on "Happy Daily " radio program...

partial clip of Chris Wong's interview on RTHK1 program w/ DJ Che Suk Mui and DJ Choi Ho Leung (in Cantonese) - 9/10/02
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Suk Mui: When Chris returned to HK, all his friends were asking him when he's going to have a concert. And then they asked if the concert is going to be w/ Vivian Chow.
Ho Leung: Yeah, usually talk is about the same few people together..Hacken Lee, Vivian Chow, Chris Wong, etc..
Suk Mui: yes..yes
Chris: You'd better be careful. The longer you work, the more chance there will be in the future of people mentioning Che Suk Mui when they talk about you.
Ho Leung: ha..ha..
Suk Mui: that's nothing...haha..
Chris: like best working partners. Back in those days, the radio program "World of Two People" was kind of popular, so a lot of people remember this program. If there's me mentioned, then there's Vivian..if there's Vivian, then there's me.
Ho Leung: yeah..everyone remembers..
Suk Mui: This time there's talk about her (Vivian) again.
Chris: I don't know if she's going to be there (at the concert).
Suk Mui: No, really?!?...everyone outside said there's going to be her (performing at the concert).
Chris: They're all dreaming..hehehe..
Suk Mui: Ha?!?
Ho Leung: Really?? she might not be there??
Chris: They're dreaming a very good dream.
Suk Mui: So it's not true??
Ho Leung: But if you just called her, she would appear at the concert.
Chris: ehm... let me say this.. I welcome her if she appears below the stage in the audience. It's really easy for everyone to bump into her.. the best thing to do is go to every show I have and try to bump into for sure you'd bump into her. But on stage, I don't think she will appear.
Suk Mui: Why not?
Chris: because she's the same as me..she retired from the entertainment circle.
Suk Mui: No you didn''re coming back right now.
Chris: I'm just looking (at the entertainment biz) when I came back (to HK)...hehe.
Suk Mui: hehe..
Ho Leung: But after you have your concert, then you're going to continue on with other things.
Suk Mui: you're releasing new songs and stuff..
Chris: We can talk about those things in the future. But right now, Vivian feels that she has left the entertainment circle and she hopes to be low key. So I respect her decision. I don't want to force her to do something she doesn't want to do. But if I really forced/pulled her to appear on stage, she would probably agree to do it...I think.
Suk Mui: But did you contact her to tell her that you're having a concert on October 10th?
Chris: yes, she knows.. she wishes that my concert is a success and hopes that I do a good job. But I don't really want to force her to appear.
Suk Mui: Did she voluntarily contact you first to wish that you have a successful concert, or did you voluntarily contact her first to tell her that you're having a concert?
Chris: We've always kept in contact w/ each other ever since.
Suk Mui: yes..yes.
Chris: Whenever I wrote some songs, I always liked to force people to listen to them...hahaha. I would be calling her long distance to tell her to listen to the new songs I she would hear them first. So she already knows that I've been writing songs all these years. Then when I came back to HK to be a special guest at Vivian Lai's concert, Vivian (Chow) was sitting in the audience watching. After the show, Vivian (Chow) said, "It's fine!'s fine!.. you definitely got to have your own concert." So there's not much surprise.
Suk Mui: Then she gave you some encouragement..
Chris: She guessed right, not encouraged me...haha.
Suk Mui: hahaha...yes. Then did you actually decide to invite her to be a guest at your concert? You have to speak up..
Chris: aiy..
Suk Mui: aiy... you know, you can't just sit around and wait.
Chris: I've already written a list of people I want to invite. There's actually a lot of friends.
Suk Mui: oh yeah?..such as who??
Chris: Can I say who?
Suk Mui: yes, you can say who..hehehe
Chris: I've actually invited all the past PolyGram artists..all the way from Alan Tam to the new singers. So I don't need to say each person's name. I've invited everyone. But when it's time for the concert, I'm not sure what the singing order will be...or some of them may be sitting in the audience.
Suk Mui: Wah, it's Chris Wong's "Night of Good Friends" concert.
Chris: What?
Suk Mui & Ho Leung: "Night of Good Friends" concert
Chris: sounds like 'Enjoy Yourself Tonight' (TVB show)...haha..
Suk Mui & Ho Leung: hahaha..
Chris: but then that wouldn't work... I might have to separate them a little.
Suk Mui: What's the name of your concert?
Chris: "Long Time No See"
Suk Mui: So it's called "Long Time No See" concert.
Chris: yes, we're using English as the show that I came back from another country...hahaha.
Suk Mui: "Long Time No See"
Chris: "Long Time No See"

Suk Mui: Chris, could you please tell us what you wrote in your will?
Chris: aiy..
Ho Leung: haha.. it says, "Please give all my songs to Ken Chan Kai Tai"
Suk Mui & Chris: hahaha..
Ho Leung: "..and let Vivian Chow listen to the songs first"
Suk Mui: hahaha... and then put all those songs onto CD.
Chris: wow, this guy is really's really Happy Daily.
Ho Leung: I'm just being curious... but, what did you really write in your will?
Chris: nothing much.. just to divide up all my money and assets to my family.
Suk Mui: Is Vivian included?
Chris: No, no that's not possible. What does it have to do with her?
Suk Mui: What about Chan Hoi Kei.
Chris: No, that's not possible
Suk Mui: Chris, actually Vivian knows how to draw/paint really well.
Chris: I'm very good at painting, too.
Suk Mui: Really?
Chris: oh, you've never seen me draw before? I had drawings in the books I wrote back then.
Suk Mui: oh yeah..that's right.
Chris: I've done some drawings before, but I didn't practice as much as they did.
Suk Mui: Did you influence Vivian to learn drawing/painting?
Chris: oh no, she's liked painting ever since she was little. Her mom said that she was very easy to take care just give her a piece of paper and a pen and she can draw all day long.
Suk Mui & Ho Leung: ooooh..
Suk Mui: so that's why.
Chris: She's that type of child...she drew cartoon characters.
Suk Mui: yes...

Source : The Sun newspaper - Sept. 11, 2002; Translated by Dawn; Posted on Sept. 11, 2002

After '911', Chris Wong wrote his will

Being away from the music industry for a long time, Chris Wong went to sing karaoke w/ Vivian Chow when he returned to HK.

Being away from the music industry for 7 years, Chris Wong returned to Hong Kong a few months ago to be the special guest at Vivian Lai's concert. Chris's appearance at the concert attracted several production companies to invite him to have his own concert.

Chris will be holding his concert early next month. Yesterday, he was interviewed on the radio and has invited Alan Tam Wing Lun and Hacken Lee to be the special guest at his concert. Earlier there was news that Vivian Chow would also be the special guest at his concert, but Chris said, "This is everyone's beautiful dream. Vivian has already retired from the entertainment circle, so I don't want to force her to do something she doesn't want to do. You guys can try to find her offstage in the audience!"

After Chris returned to HK, Chris and Vivian both seemed to have disappeared. Chris said, "After I returned, I went to sing karaoke w/ her two times. I think her singing has improved. She told me I should listen to more of the new songs nowadays."

Also, today is the first year anniversary of the '911' event. Chris said that after the event happened, he wrote his will before he had to fly to the USA for business. When asked whether or not he included Vivian and Chan Hoi Kei's names in his will, Chris said, "This has nothing to do w/ them!"

Source : Sing Tao newspaper - Sept. 11, 2002; Translated by Dawn; Posted on Sept. 11, 2002

Chris Wong wrote his will after '911'
(abridged version of actual article)

Looking back at the '911' event, last year Chris Wong was in Toronto and at the time when New York was hit, Chris was brushing his teeth and then suddenly saw the news live on TV. This gave him quite a scare. Two weeks after the event, Chris had to fly to the USA, but Chris was psychologically intimidated by the event and had to write his will before he took the trip. In his will, he divided his money and assets among his family. When asked if he gave any part of his savings to Vivian Chow or Cha Hoi Kei, both of whom Chris was rumored with before, Chris had quite a big reaction and said, "That's not possible. What does it have to do with them? I've always kept in contact w/ Vivian. However, it's very difficult to find Chan Hoi Kei because she can only dial out w/ her phone and outside people can't call her."

From the beginning, it's been said that Vivian would be the special guest at Chris's concert, but Chris laughed and said, "Everyone is dreaming a beautiful dream. Vivian won't be seen on stage, but will she be seen in the audience watching the show? Well, let's see if everyone is lucky enough to spot her, because she has already retired from the entertainment circle and wants to be low key." So this is why he doesn't want to force her to do something she doesn't want to do. Chris was hoping to invite past "PolyGram" singers to be the special guests at his concert, but the singers back in those days have already either gotten married, or have retired from showbiz, and a few have changed record companies, which might make it difficult for them to go on stage w/ Chris because of contract issues.

Source : Oriental Daily newspaper - Sept. 11, 2002; Translated by Dawn; Posted on Sept. 11, 2002

Chris Wong's will is kept under his pillow

Chris Wong Hoi Kan's concert is coming up soon. Yesterday he went to the radio station for an interview to promote his concert. Chris revealed that after he returned to HK, Vivian Chow went two times w/ him to karaoke so he could practice singing and also to help him choose his songs (for his upcoming concert). Chris highly praised Vivian, saying her singing has advanced greatly.

Today is the first anniversary of America's '911' event. Last year when the event took place, Chris was in Toronto. Later on, when Chris needed to fly to the USA, he wrote his will, dividing his assets among his family. He laughed and said he didn't want his family to fight over the HK$10 (US $1.28) royalty for his written songs and lyrics. Chris's past female friend Chan Hoi Kei and Vivian Chow were not part of his will. Chris's will is currently kept under his pillow.

Source : SingPao Daily newspaper - Sept. 3, 2002; Translated by Dawn; Posted on Sept. 3, 2002

Vivian Chow denies having a painting exhibition; fans shouldn't take the bait;
Photocopying from a book of paintings, still being a 'thrifty girl'

Even though Vivian has retired from the entertainment business, she still looks beautiful.

Vivian Chow has the nickname of being a "Thrifty Girl." Even though she has already earned enough money to retire and live a peaceful lifestyle, her thrifty virtues have not changed. Vivian was trying to do more research on painting, so yesterday, she was carrying a thick book of paintings to make color photocopies of some of them. Even though holding the book made her hands hurt, she was still happy. She even clarified that she has no plans of holding a painting exhibition, and told her fans not to take the bait.

For the past few years, Vivian has started to fall in love with painting/drawing, painting with water colors, and also has an interest in painting Chinese paintings. Earlier, one of her paintings appeared at a painting exhibition. Her teacher praised her for having a lot of talent. Recently, there were rumors that she would hold a painting exhibition in Canada, making fans very happy, but actually, there's no such thing. Yesterday, Vivian appeared at a photocopying shop in the North Point area. She was by herself and was holding a big bag which seemed quite heavy that she could barely handle it. Vivian was doing some research and needed to find a few 1940s, 1950s generations of pictures of Hong Kong. But because that book of paintings was very rare, it's not easy to buy it, so she borrowed 4-5 books of paintings and then made a special trip to North Point to make color photocopies. She flipped and turned the pages of the books and finally photocopied 13 pictures, which each had a very distinguishing quality. Since the lady owner of the store recognized Vivian as a frequent customer, she gave Vivian 25% off the original price. The total cost was only HK$39 (US$5), a very low price.

Vivian has no interest in the entertainment circle
The reporter asked Vivian if she was preparing to hold a painting exhibition. Vivian denied this news, and she asked the reporter to help her clarify this news. She said, "Recently fans have asked me when I will be holding a painting exhibition in Canada. I just found out this news when fans told me they needed to buy a plane ticket to go and see the exhibition. Actually I currently don't have any plans to hold my own painting exhibition. I'll wait until I have enough paintings first. I hope fans don't believe the news, or else, it would be bad to lose money." Vivian said that she used to be too busy with her work and didn't have any time to discover other interests she might have. Vivian thinks that learning how to paint is really fun. She has taken about 20 classes. The more she learns, the more she thinks it's fun. As for whether or not she plans on putting together all her paintings to make a book for charity purposes, Vivian smiled and said she doesn't have any plans yet, but says it's not a bad suggestion.

Also, regarding Chris Wong having a concert in October and Chris wanting to invite her to be the special guest, Vivian said she has no interest in the entertainment circle, so she didn't accept Chris's invitation. When talking about how Vivian's been doing lately, she said she spends most of her time outside of HK and doesn't spend that much time in HK. She's really enjoying her lifestyle right now.

Source : SingPao Daily newspaper - Sept. 3, 2002; Translated by Dawn; Posted on Sept. 3, 2002

Vivian clarifies she's not secretly married to Joe

Vivian and Joe's relationship is steady; it shouldn't be long before they get married. (picture taken Feb. 2002)

Vivian Chow and Joe Ngai have been dating for many years and their relationship is steady. Earlier, there were rumors that they had gotten secretly married. Yesterday, the reporter asked Vivian if this news was true. Vivian smiled very sweetly and said, "Not yet. There's always someone spreading these rumors, but I really haven't gotten married yet. When we do get married, we'll definitely tell you guys!"

Boyfriend teaches her to play pool
Even though Vivian didn't openly talk about the sweet things that happen w/ her boyfriend, when the reporter mentioned Joe, she would smile from her heart. For example, Vivian said she is interested in all kinds of ball-type games. Recently, she's been addicted to playing American pool; she smiled and said she plays pretty good; she frequently beats her opponents. When asked if she's ever won against her boyfriend, Vivian revealed that it was her boyfriend who taught her how to play pool. She smiled very beautifully and said, "of course I don't play as good as him; it's not easy to win against him, so he wins most of the time, but once in a while I might win one game."

Cha Siu Yan news from Commercial Radio 881 (in Cantonese) - Sept. 3, 2002
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- Vivian Chow denies having a painting exhibition; fans shouldn't take the bait

Source : Apple Daily newspaper - August 30, 2002; Translated by Dawn; Posted on August 30, 2002

Hacken Lee meets Chris Wong again

Hacken Lee (left) and Chris Wong (right) were rehearsing for the concert.

Yesterday, Hacken Lee and Chris Wong Hoi Kan were rehearsing for Metro Radio's "Hacken Sing Your Best Big Music Party." At the concert, Chris will be one of Hacken's guest performers, as well as two female guest performers. One of them will be Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi, but Hacken wants to keep the other female guest's identity a secret until the concert. Hacken said, "I found this guest by myself. I've never worked with this person before. I don't want to say who she is yet because I want to give everyone a big surprise. Cecilia is the 'little sister' (in the same record company, Universal Music) that I care about the most, and Chris is my good friend that I've lost contact w/ for many years. Earlier it was rumored that Chris and I were not on good terms. With two men, the rumors would always either be that they were on bad terms and not friends, or they were gay. If we were really on bad terms with each other, then there wouldn't be today (rehearsing together for the concert)!"

Chris Wong's concert is currently scheduled for sometime in October. Chris said, "Just opening one show is already a dream come true. Regarding the guest performers at my concert, I've contacted Vivian Chow, but she already declined to be the guest, and I don't want to force her to do something she doesn't want to do."

Source : Oriental Daily newspaper - August 30, 2002; Translated by Dawn; Posted on August 30, 2002

Hacken Lee and Chris Wong
(abridged version of actual article)

Tomorrow night, Hacken Lee will be having his concert "Hacken Sing Your Best Music Party" for Metro Radio at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center in Wanchai. Chris Wong will be the special guest at Hacken's concert. Many years ago, there were rumors that Chris and Hacken were on bad terms and were not friends. Hacken said, "Chris and I aren't on bad terms. Back then, PolyGram Record company was just like a family and our relationships were very good."

Around October 10th or so, Chris Wong will be having his own concert. Chris said he had originally invited Vivian Chow to be his special guest at the concert, but Vivian has officially declined to be the guest.

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