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Source : The Sun Newspaper - August 24, 2002; Translated by Dawn; Posted on August 25, 2002

Joe Ngai celebrates Bak Wan Kam's 58th birthday w/ Paul Tse
(abridged version of actual article)

Bak Wan Kam (middle) ate Japanese food with Joe Ngai (right) and Paul Tse (left) to celebrate her birthday.

Last year, Bak Wan Kam was sent to jail for 3 months for not paying her taxes and had to celebrate her birthday all alone in a jail. This year for her 58th birthday, she's not alone, and plus there's 2 men that are with her to celebrate her birthday.

Last year during Bak Wan Kam's birthday, her boyfriend, Paul Tse Wai Jun, was only able to celebrate her birthday through an iron window, while her good friend Joe Ngai Jan was only able to write her a letter to give her support to stay strong. This year, her situation is totally different. She not only has her caring boyfriend Paul, but she's also able to be with her good friend Joe.

Yesterday night, Bak Wan Kam, her boyfriend Paul, and her good friend Joe went to a Japanese restaurant in Wan Chai to celebrate her 58th birthday. The reporter saw 2 men with Sister Bak. She was in a very happy mood. The reporter went up to her to say happy birthday, and she happily said thank you. The reporter asked her what other gift did her boyfriend, Paul, give her besides flowers? She smiled and said, "The flowers were given by Joe. Paul gave me a watch. "

When Joe mentioned Vivian, he kept on smiling
Last night at the restaurant, Vivian Chow didn't appear beside Joe. When Joe mentioned Vivian, he kept on smiling, and then said, "She's in Hong Kong. We often see each other. I only came back to HK just recently." The reporter asked, "What are you planning to do in HK?" Joe said, "Visit relatives." Paul sees this and quickly helps Joe to say, "He specifically came back to HK to celebrate Sister Bak's birthday."

Source : Oriental Daily newspaper - August 23, 2002; Translated by Dawn; Posted on August 25, 2002

Chris Wong Hoi Kan returns to singing and will hold a concert; Vivian Chow is willing to help
(abridged version of actual article)

Chris Wong Hoi Kan is returning to the singing industry and is planning to have a concert in October. Chris invited Vivian Chow to be his special guest at his concert. Chris and Vivian will have the opportunity to sing a new duet song together. It's difficult for Vivian to decline the invitation from her good friend, so she agreed to work with Chris, but she also smiled and said, "But then wait until I ask my family (Joe Ngai) first!"

Note: This news is not true. Vivian won't be appearing on stage as the guest at Chris's concert. Also, Vivian doesn't have to ask Joe for permission to perform on stage or appear at public functions that have news media present. She would just ask Joe for suggestions, but she makes the final decision on whether she wants to do the event or not.

Source : Oriental Daily newspaper - August 18, 2002; Translated by Dawn; Posted on August 25, 2002

Anthony Wong Yiu Ming wants to find Vivian to make an MV (music video)
(abridged version of actual article)

Anthony Wong will be making 2 MVs (music videos) later on. One of them is "Typhoon Warning 10," which is originally sung by Leslie Cheung Gwok Wing, and the other is "If You Knew My Reason," which is sung by Vivian Chow. (Anthony is resinging Vivian's song). Anthony hopes his record company's big boss Chan Siu Bo could help him contact Vivian and ask her to be a special guest in the MV.

Source : The Sun newspaper - August 18, 2002; Translated by Dawn; Posted on August 25, 2002

Anthony Wong Yiu Ming wants Vivian to return to act in an MV
(abridged version of actual article)

Anthony Wong is preparing to film the music videos for the new songs "Typhoon Warning 10" and for "If You Knew My Reason." Anthony revealed that he's trying to find the original singer of "If You Knew My Reason," Vivian Chow, to act in the music video. Chan Siu Bo (big boss at Universal Music) agreed to help Anthony try to contact Vivian. Anthony said, "If Vivian is willing to act in the video, I hope she will act as my character, and I will act as Leslie Cheung's character."

Source : SingPao Daily newspaper - August 18, 2002; Translated by Dawn; Posted on August 25, 2002

Leslie Cheung and Anthony Wong want Vivian to return to act in an MV
(abridged version of actual article)

Leslie Cheung and Anthony Wong's new CD not only has new songs, but also songs that they resang, such as Vivian Chow's old song, "If You Knew My Reason." Anthony also suggests that the record company help him to contact Vivian to return to showbiz to help act in the song's music video.

Source : Sina News (Taiwan) - August 15, 2002; Translated by Dawn and Mac; Posted on August 25, 2002

Vivian Chow wants to hold a painting exhibition in Canada

Vivian Chow has retired from showbiz for many years already. Vivian and Joe Ngai are living in Canada, enjoying living with each other. Vivian is successful in painting after a long time of practice, and she is recently planning on having a painting exhibition in Canada so that her friends can share her achievement with her.

Vivian decided to leave the entertainment circle when she was at her top peak in her career. It took Vivian courage and sacrifice to make this decision. This became a talking topic at once. When people think about her, it's unavoidable to say "it's too bad" (it's such a loss). With her long flowing hair and her charisma, and with her duet song "Rumors," she was able to kindly touch the hearts of her fans in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. In her fan's hearts, she was definitely the "forever Jade Girl," and was the 6th grade student's #1 idol.

Vivian right now is 34 years old. Vivian and her boyfriend Joe Ngai's relationship, from separating to getting back together again, is now very stable. These past few years, they have lived together in Canada, having a leisurely and cozy lifestyle. Vivian's biggest leisurely pasttime is to paint/draw. Not only can she paint a professional looking painting, beforehand she had learned mountain water color painting from a master painter in China. With the eastern and western cultures combined together, this let her feel the joy of creating art using the colors. Maybe this kind of lifestyle is what she wants the most.

Fans might be curious to know if Vivian's current body shape and looks have changed. Fans don't need to worry. One person revealed that her looks today is still the same as back then when she had the image of a sweet girl next door. The person also revealed that Vivian's black long hair is still the same and said Vivian's white skin still looks great even without makeup. Fans are also concerned about whether or not she's married to Joe yet. From what is known, she's not married yet. The relationship between her boyfriend has lasted for 7 years, and it's based upon their mutual trust and mutual love, and support for each other. Vivian said, "If I'm going to get married, I wouldn't choose to get married in Hong Kong or Malaysia."

Note: The news about her holding a painting exhibition in Canada is NOT true.... the reporter of this Taiwan article made up the entire story. (Posted August 28, 2002).

Source : Next magazine #649 - August 15, 2002; Translated by Dawn and Mac; Posted on August 25, 2002

Chris Wong interview w/ Next Magazine:
Vivian Chow is just like the character Chow Ji Yeuk
(abridged version of actual article)

In 1988, Chris started to work w/ Vivian Chow, being the DJs for the radio station's program "World of Two People." Later on, they sang a duet song, "Endless Love," which Chris wrote the music and lyrics for.

From what Chris Wong said, today's music company EEG (w/ singers Joey Yung, Twins, Nicholas Tse, Eason Chen, Ekin Cheng, Edison Chen, Dave Wong...etc.) is as strong as Polygram Records back then (in the 1990s). Chris used to be a singer at PolyGram Records (now known as Universal Music). Back in those days, Polygram practically dominated the entire music industry. Many years later, the past singers who were the nucleus of the company, such as Jacky Cheung, Leon Lai, Vivian Lai, Linda Wong, Winnie Lau, Shirley Kwan, Priscilla Chan, the Grasshoppers..etc... they all left the company, either to get married, or they've simply already disappeared from the scene. Only Hacken Lee is still active w/ this company.

Of course, there's one other person who can't be left out, Vivian Chow. Chris said that no matter if it's work or if it's about feelings, Vivian is still Chris's close friend.

Chris said, "Chow Wai Man (not ah Man or Man Man) is very similar to Chow Ji Yeuk. Although it seems like Vivian is easy to get along with and is positive, but she's actually an intelligent person. Regarding her career or her lifestyle, she has her own way, but it's not as simple as everyone thinks."

The reporter said, "Chow Ji Yeuk? You mean the girl who would do anything to get the Dragon Sabre sword?"

Chris said, "You could say that Chow Ji Yeuk is a villainous character, but from her character's point of view, in the end, all that she did was for the glory of the clan. It's the right thing to do, so how can you say she's villainous?"

The reporter said, "hey, so then is she villainous or not villainous?"

Note: background info on Chow Ji Yeuk - she is a character in Louis Cha (Kam Yung)'s novel, "Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre" (Yi Tin Tou Lung Gei). TVB made several versions of this story. Actresses who have played the role of Chow Ji Yeuk include Charmaine Sheh Si Man, Sheren Tang Sui Man, and Gigi Chiu Nga Chi.

Source : Sudden Weekly magazine #364 - July 19, 2002; Translated by Dawn; Posted on August 25, 2002

Athena Chu Yan's photo book isn't looked at by the old men in the park
(abridged version of actual article)

Sexy goddess Athena Chu Yan's first ever photo book is finally released to the public. The book is selling at HK$68 (another female's photo book sells at more than HK$200).

The reporter for this magazine did a little test. The reporter left Athena's photo book "Jump Up," Christy Chung Lai Tai's photo book "Feel," and Jade Girl Master Vivian Chow's photo book "Dreams" at the park and let anyone look at the books and flip through the pages.

And the results.. more people wanted to look at Christy's photo book compared to Athena's photo book. Even Vivian's photo book was looked at more than Athena's book.

Yesterday, the reporter held the test at the To Gwah Waan park in Jordan. Two times there were a total of 30 old men who passed by the park and looked at the books. Eighteen of those old men looked at Christy's photo book first, while eight of the old men looked at Vivian's photo book. There were only four old men who looked at Athena's book.

The old men then gave comments about the books they saw. Most of the old men said that Athena's photo book is conservative and there's not much to see. But then Christy's photo book has something good to see on every page (revealing her 'points' on some of those photos).

This old man chose Vivian's photo book. He said Vivian looks pure/young enough; the Jade Girl's photo book is rare.

Old Man said the photography (of Athena's book) was bad
One of the old men who looked at Vivian's photo book first, Mr. Chan, said that Athena's photos were taken badly. He said when he saw the photos in Vivian's photo book, the photographing theme attracted him to immediately flip through the book. But Athena's photo book cover was blurry looking and not sharp. Mr. Chan said, "One look at Athena's photos and you already know it doesn't look good." Mr. Chan is most concerned w/ the photos having a subject (main body) and the background in the photos. He said there were many photos in Athena's book that didn't have a subject, or the subject wasn't too clear.


1992: Vivian's "Dreams" photo book

Jade Girl Vivian is going for the sexy look, and even when she's wearing lots of clothing and not showing much skin, it's still enough to attract a lot of guys.


Source : RTHK2 "Showbiz" radio program - July 16, 2002; Translated by Dawn; Posted on August 25, 2002

Sammi Cheng talks about Vivian Chow on "Showbiz" radio program...

partial clip of Sammi Cheng's interview on RTHK2 program w/ DJ Chow Gwok Fung and DJ Sheila Chan Suk Lan (in Cantonese) - 7/16/02
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Sammi: I like to draw/paint, so when I retire I'll have more time to do this.
DJ Chow Gwok Fung: Really? You like to paint?
DJ Sheila Chan Suk Lan: Yeah, Erica Li Man has a book in which Sammi was the artist (painter) of the cover. Erica gave it to her own daughter. It's really pretty.
DJ Chow Gwok Fung: said Li Man.
DJ Sheila Chan Suk Lan: yes, Lee Man.
DJ Chow Gwok Fung: Lee Man (Coco) is another person.
DJ Sheila Chan Suk Lan: oh yes..sorry..hehe..
DJ Chow Gwok Fung: oh really? So you enjoy painting?
Sammi: Yes.
DJ Chow Gwok Fung: When did you start to like painting?
Sammi: I usually like looking at paintings, but I didn't think I would actually pick up a brush and paint. But about 2 years ago, my nieces and nephews came over to my house and would always draw things w/ colored pencils by themselves. And then I started to like drawing. As I drew and drew, I began using colored pencils along with water color on the painting. And now I'm using acrylic to paint and slowly progressing. Yes, I really like to paint.
DJ Chow Gwok Fung: Up to this point, how does your favorite painting that you created look like? What did you draw?
Sammi: There are several paintings that I really like. Even my personal assistant received one of those paintings.
DJ Chow Gwok Fung: really?..haha
Sammi:'s a scenic painting. My paintings are all abstract. I don't know how to paint objects... I don't paint those very well. I'm just trying to express my feelings inside in my paintings.
DJ Chow Gwok Fung: Then your case is similar to Vivian Chow.
Sammi: Wah! She's a lot more prettier.
DJ Chow Gwok Fung: Yes, she's pretty. But she also likes to paint lots of things.
DJ Sheila Chan Suk Lan: She paints Chinese paintings...
Sammi: and people.. I've seen her painting of an old's so pretty!
DJ Chow Gwok Fung: Her freehand drawing (using pencil or chalk) is very pretty.
Sammi: Wah! I can't compare to her! I really can't compare.
DJ Chow Gwok Fung: yeah....haha!
DJ Sheila Chan Suk Lan: She started to paint because she had rested for a period of time and went elsewhere to absorb more...
DJ Chow Gwok Fung: No, she liked to paint even before (before she was in the entertainment industry)
DJ Sheila Chan Suk Lan: oh yeah?
DJ Chow Gwok Fung: yes, she liked it even before.
DJ Sheila Chan Suk Lan: But do you think it's really necessary to travel abroad in order to get more inspiration to paint?
Sammi: ehm..I think it would be better.. because creativity often requires you to feel how life is like and feel how things around you are traveling to different places would be helpful.
DJ Chow Gwok Fung: yes
Sammi: But Vivian's painting skills are much better than me.
DJ Chow Gwok Fung: yes..hehe.
Sammi: Wah!..her paintings are so beautiful!
DJ Chow Gwok Fung: You've seen her painting before?
Sammi: yes, I've seen it... in the newspaper.
DJ Chow Gwok Fung: oh, the painting that won an award.
Sammi: it's really pretty.
DJ Chow Gwok Fung: yeah.

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