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Source : RTHK2 "Those Were the Days" radio program - July 21, 2002; Translated by Dawn and Mac on July 27, 2002

Chris Wong talks about Vivian Chow on "Those Were the Days" radio program...

partial clip of Chris Wong's interview on RTHK2 program w/ DJ Che Suk Mui (in Cantonese) - 7/21/02

Chris: I still keep in contact w/ Vivian Chow quite often.
Suk Mui: Yes.. actually back then you two were known as the 'Golden Boy' and 'Jade Girl.'
Chris: No, not really.
Suk Mui: You two were really a matching pair.
Chris: Most people said I bullied her a lot.
Suk Mui: Really?
Chris: No.. it's ah Long who misunderstood me the most. He always said I screamed at her when I was teaching her how to use the radio control panel. But I had just talked about how I could easily get angry even when I'm teaching things to my little brother.
Suk Mui: But you shouldn't be like that when you're teaching a beautiful girl.
Chris: ehmm..but back then it seemed like her reactions were a little slow..hehehe.. especially when she's using the equipment in the studio or during production. Her mouth would keep saying, 'Ok, ok, ok...' (as if she understood) but when she was using the equipment, she was kind of slow. So that's why my voice was a little loud when talking to her.
Suk Mui: ooohh...
Chris: But it's nothing. This just shows that we have....
Suk Mui: true feelings towards each other
Chris: We're truthful to each other. That's why after so many years, we would just say what's on our minds.
Suk Mui: So your friendship slowly grew stronger as time passed?
Chris: Well, we worked on a radio program together. You could say that both of us would cover each other's weaknesses, such as whatever I'm not able to do, she can do..and what she isn't able to do, I can do.
Suk Mui: And what would that be? What weaknesses do you guys cover for each other?
Chris: Ehmm.. although it seems like her reaction is kind of slow, but she's intelligent in some areas that I'm not. She's smart in how she deals with people..she's better at me in this area. Even though she says she's not smart, but I feel that there's many basic things that she does and after she does them, I would tell her, 'You really know what to say.' Sometimes although you might be saying the same words to one person, but when she says it, it sounds much better..she would say it a different way rather than straight forward...making a person feel more comfortable.. such as if someone made a mistake or did something bad, then the person would feel better and not take as much blame for what they did. When I say it, I would just say, 'No' and that's it..hehe
Suk Mui: haha...
Chris: But when she says it, she would say, 'ehm, excuse me?'... and she would say this first. Then she would say, 'Would this be ok?'...or something similiar to that. It's just whatever she says, if it's the same words, she would say them in a better way. So that's why I think she's better than me at dealing w/ people.. and this is why in the entertainment circle, most people think she's nice and a good girl..and people think of me as being very conceited...hehehe
Suk Mui: haha...
Chris: Hmm..let me think of one of her negative aspects that I can cover for her... I'd say covering for time.. cuz back then when she was starting to be more famous while we were still working on the "World of 2 People" radio program, a lot of times when we were preparing for the show or going to the radio station to record the show, she would be rather busy and might arrive a little late, so I would help cover for her for a little bit. But although she was really busy, I can still compliment her on matter if she's working on a movie or working on something else and is really busy, she would still try her best to do her part of the work for our show, such as cutting out newspaper articles. She would cut out a lot of information and bring it to the radio station.. and she'd say, "See Chris, I did some work too!"..hehehe. There was a lot of info to talk about during our radio program, but sometimes, what's kind of funny, is she would be so busy that she'd make a mistake ... she would put all the articles together..and she was rushing cuz the show was about to start. She would be reading the articles on the show.. and you know how newspaper articles are sometimes split into 2 parts and the 2nd part is on a different page.. well, she didn't when she was reading the article, she's only got the beginning and not the ending..and she doesn't stop reading..she just continues to read on.. but that article was actually the 2nd part of the article and she missed the first part.
Suk Mui: hahaha..
Chris: I feel that during the morning radio program, she's my best partner. On stage, for all these years, I still think she's my best partner.. cuz there are a lot of things that we don't have to say to each other, yet we're still a good match. The strangest thing was the clothes we wore...we don't know why.. but every time we don't even tell each other beforehand on what clothes we would wear..and yet the colors of our clothes always matched... I don't know why. Then when we're talking during a show..maybe it's because of the radio training we got before.. we have a tacit understanding on what we'd say.. it's pretty good.

Suk Mui: During the "World of 2 People," most people would ask if Chris was going to woo Vivian...hehehe
Chris: hehe.. at the beginning... at the the beginning when I saw her, I would think she was quite special.
Suk Mui: So you thought about it?
Chris: ehh.. I thought about it.
Suk Mui: eeeya...hehe...
Chris: No no...what I meant to say was that I only thought she was quite special.
Suk Mui: hahaha.. don't try to explain.
Chris: No, what I meant was that I think she's quite a good person, but that's all.
Suk Mui: Why is that?
Chris: Maybe it's because of the ribbon that was tied to her head?..hehehe..
Suk Mui: haha..
Chris: I don't know..and also we're both very busy. We've had arguments before.. so when we're closely working together, we've become good friends instead.
Suk Mui: Oh really? Then later when you saw her dating someone....
Chris: I didn't see anything! Don't ask me!..hehe..
Suk Mui: hehe.. so would you feel it's too bad someone else was able to woo her?.. no?
Suk Mui: no, I wouldn't. I feel if you think the person is your friend, then you wouldn't feel that way. You would feel... if she's happy, then I'm happy... or the friend's happy..and it's not just about a person's love life. So that's all.. there's nothing else.

Suk Mui: So have you seen Vivian from time to time?
Chris: I've seen her. When I came back to HK, I would often see her.
Suk Mui: How is she right now? There's still lots of people who care about her.
Chris: ehmm..well it's not very appropriate for me to speak for her, but I can help her say to all the people who care about her..her fans and friends.. she's living a very happy lifestyle. She's learned a lot of new things..because she's the type of person who always wants to learn new things. She's learned how to paint/draw...she's progressed quite well in this area. So I think she's found her interest. She really enjoys her free lifestyle you don't have to worry about her.
Suk Mui: What's different about her now compared to the past?
Chris: There's no difference.. she looks exactly the same..her looks didn't change. Sometimes when I see her, she looks a little bit too skinny, but she says she eats a lot. Ehmm... regarding her personality..she says she changed.. she doesn't take things as seriously now. She says she hopes to be a happy person. So I hope that the people in HK, especially the reporters and the media, if you could make her happy, then that would be good...because sometimes when she goes out, there would still be lots of people following her.

Source : The Sun newspaper - July 22, 2002; Translated by Dawn

Many years ago, Chris Wong thought about wooing Vivian Chow
(abridged version of actual article)

Chris Wong (right) started his career as a DJ. Yesterday, he had an interview with Che Suk Mui (left).

Yesterday, Chris Wong Hoi Kan went to RTHK to be interviewed by Che Suk Mui. When Chris talked about how the music industry was like back then (in the early 1990s), he smiled and said, "Back then the music industry only had 4 spaces. It's just like if you went to a restaurant to 'drink tea' (have dim sam) and you knew the restaurant only had 4 seats, but yet those 4 people (referring to the 4 'Heavenly Sky Kings'..Leon Lai, Aaron Kwok, Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau) wouldn't ask for the check and leave, then why shouldn't I go outside and look for something else to eat?"

Also, Chris revealed that he has kept in contact with Vivian Chow for many years. Back then (in the late 1980s), Chris and Vivian were known as the 'Golden Boy' and 'Jade Girl.' Did Chris ever think about wooing Vivian? Chris quickly said, "I thought of that! I mean I thought....I could be friends with this girl." Chris also said that Vivian's lifestyle right now is very good and helped her to say thanks to everyone.

Source : Singpao newspaper - July 22, 2002; Translated by Dawn

Chris Wong once thought of wooing Vivian Chow
(abridged version of actual article)

When Chris Wong was interviewed by Che Suk Mui, he said Vivian Chow was very intelligent.

Chris Wong and Vivian Chow, whether it be working as DJs in the past or in their real lives right now, they would give a person a feeling that they're very good friends. Did Chris ever think about wooing Vivian? When Chris was interviewed by Che Suk Mui yesterday on her radio show "Those Were the Days," he seemed to have revealed an answer to this question. During the interview, Chris said that after he left HK, he really missed three of his RTHK co-workers, and one of them was Vivian. Chris has still kept in contact w/ Vivian till now. Chris revealed that Vivian was his best partner on stage. Both never planned ahead on what they would say during their radio show or tell each other what clothes they would be wearing to work. But even the color of their clothes would match, and what they would say would be a good match. They really have a tacit understanding. Che Suk Mui then asked if he ever thought back then about wooing Vivian? Chris laughed and said, "At first I thought she was quite special. (Che Suk Mui: 'So you thought about it?') I thought about it. (Che Shui Mui immediately laughed at him.) No no..I only thought that she was quite special. (Che Suk Mui: 'Don't try to explain!') I think that Vivian is quite a good person, but that's all. I'm not sure if it's because of the ribbon that was tied to her head? We're both very busy, so that's why we're just friends."

Source : Dogs Monthly Magazine Volume 100 - May 2002; Translated by Dawn and Mac on June 17, 2002

Vivian Chow writes an article for the animals;
"Dogs Monthly" magazine has the exclusive article

More Vivian pictures here .

Although Vivian Chow has retired from the entertainment circle for many years, she would still make a public appearance for the helpless animals. From this, we know that Vivian loves animals. Recently, Vivian wrote an article for the abandoned animals for SAA (Society for Abandoned Animals). She hopes that everyone is eager to support SAA's sponsorship program, and we (the magazine) are very honored to have exclusive publication of this article; we hope that with Vivian's appeal, SAA's sponsorship program would be able to be successful!

Vivian Chow's Appeal (Call) for Love
To all the animal lovers, how are you? I am Vivian.

How are your pets? Even though I haven't been in HK this year for a long period of time, I am still concerned with SAA's affairs, and I care very much about some of the suffering animals. Although I don't have that much power, I would still wholeheartedly support them .

One day I made time to visit SAA's cats and dogs. After I got out of the car, I was immediately welcomed by big dogs and small dogs who surrounded me. I could see 10 tails that were wagging non-stop, and they were barking and jumping. Some dogs even jumped towards me and licked my face. They were so happy even though I wasn't prepared to take out the doggy snacks. Afterwards, the scene was out of control; you could imagine what happened. As for me, I could see the simplicity of their happiness, and I was very excited like they were. A little bit of love and care would make them so happy. I think if an animal is given an owner, a family, then the animal would be fortunate.

This time when visiting SAA, I saw the facilities on the inside, and the surroundings have changed a lot. Some of the abandoned cats and dogs with disabilities are kindly taken care of.   EL has told me that many cats and dogs who have physical or mental problems would possibly be euthanized by SAA, so this is why they created a sponsorship program. As long as everyone donates HK$99 each month, this could help support one animal and allow that animal to enjoy their golden years. I think this is a very good plan. I hope everyone is eager to support this.

SAA Animal Sponsor Form:

English translation of Animal Sponsor Form

Note: The SAA website also has this form available online. You could find out more information about the animals listed on the sponsor form at their website.

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