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Source : various newspapers / radio programs - April 19, 2002; Translated by Dawn on April 20, 2002

Chris Wong Hoi Kan returns to HK to be Vivian Lai Sui Yan's special guest at her concert

Chris Wong at the HK airport on 4/18/02.(picture from Apple Daily newspaper)

partial clip of Chris Wong's interview on RTHK's program "Morning Suite" (in Cantonese) - 4/18/02

DJ Che Suk Mui: So have you seen some of your past DJ partners, such as Vivian Chow or Chan Hoi Kei?
Chris: I often keep in contact w/ Vivian by phone or by e-mail...after she taught me how to use e-mail... haha.
DJ Che Suk Mui: haha
DJ2: oh, so Vivian taught you how to use e-mail?
Chris: yes, she taught me.
DJ Che Suk Mui: oh, she's a teacher.
Chris: And she has to teach me how to buy a computer later on.
DJ Che Suk Mui: oh really?
DJs: waahhh...

partial clip of Chris Wong's interview on RTHK's program "Showbiz" (in Cantonese) - 4/19/02

DJ Chow Kwok Fung: This time you return back to HK, who do you want to see the most?
Chris: My mom... my relatives.
DJ Chow Kwok Fung: yes.. besides your relatives, how about your friends?
Chris:'s still the same bunch of people.. such as Vivian Chow...
DJ Chow Kwok Fung: yes..
Chris: and.. uh... Vivian Chow..haha..
DJ Chow Kwok Fung: haha.. thanks..haha..
Chris: haha.. it's really difficult for me to count the people.
DJ Chow Kwok Fung: So have you contacted Vivian (Chow) today (4/18) already?
Chris: Yes, I've contacted her, because she's responsible in helping me buy a computer.
DJ Chow Kwok Fung: oooh..that's why. Then when do you plan to meet her?
Chris: uhm.. I don't want to make such a serious decision before the concert (Vivian Lai's concert), so it will be after the concert.
DJ Chow Kwok Fung: When you said serious decision, do you mean buying the computer?
Chris: Yes.
DJ Chow Kwok Fung: ooh, ok...haha.
Chris: I've already asked a lot of people to help me look for a computer.
DJ Chow Kwok Fung: I see. So why do you really want to see Vivian?
Chris: Because she knows someone who sells PCs at a cheaper price..haha.
DJs: hahaha
DJ Chow Kwok Fung: But to tell you the truth, you and Vivian look just about the same. That's really good. Both of you are still in such good shape. really haven't changed.
Chris: That's hard to tell. Maybe it's from the heart... good people have good looks?..hehe.

Note: Here's a tiny bit of background info on Chris... Chris and Vivian Chow worked together at Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) back in the late 1980s. They had their own radio show. Chris has written many songs for Vivian and has sung a duet song w/ her, "Endless Love" (track #12 on Viv's 1993 "New Songs + Compilation" cd or track #4 on Viv's 1994 "Knowing Yourself" duets compilation cd.)

Source : UDN Newspaper (Taiwan newspaper) - April 5, 2002; Translated by Dawn and Mac on April 10, 2002
(Note: Vivian did NOT have an interview with this newspaper. She did NOT speak to any reporter from this paper. This whole article is completely made up!!)

Vivian - Being married was actually a misunderstanding;
Her drawing skills is as good as her singing.

This is one of Vivian's rather recent pictures, taken w/ her cute dog "Ju Jai." (Note: This pix is not that recent. It was taken in 2000.)
"Jade Girl Master" Vivian Chow has been in retirement for about 5 to 6 years. A while ago, the entertainment circle was circulating a rumor about Vivian getting married silently to Joe Ngai, her long time boyfriend. When Vivian was going back to HK from Canada to visit her mother, the reporter of this newspaper tried to ask her to clarify this rumor. Vivian's voice was still soft and kind and said, "Being married? That didn't happen. It's just a misunderstanding."

Vivian laughed and explained how this misunderstanding came about. It all started with the passing out of lucky money. Hiding for several years, Vivian and Joe have spent most of their time living in Canada. Before Chinese New Years, because Vivian's mom's health was not very good, she and Joe specifically flew from Canada back to HK. Vivian could then stay w/ her mom and also use the Chinese New Years time period to visit her friends.

One day, when Vivian and Joe were going to visit a celebrity friend and were out on the street, they happened to bump into the HK 'dog team' (paparazzi). The reporters were wishing Joe a Happy New Year, and tried to ask him, "Do you want lucky money?" It's a Hong Kong custom for married couples to give out lucky money. As a result, Joe replied to the reporters in a relaxed manner, "Sure, if you want lucky money, I can give it to you right now!" Because of the action of giving out lucky money, there were rumors that Vivian and Joe silently got married overseas.

Being retired for several years, Vivian turned from a glorious life to a peaceful/normal lifestyle. Friends from inside the entertainment circle tried to convince her to return to the entertainment business. There's even a person who wanted her to do a concert tour in China. But Vivian said no to all of them. There are many friends who see her clean and smooth face, while she dresses up casually, and they're very curious to know, "You were once very famous. Do you feel lonely now?" Vivian laughed, "No, I'm not lonely. My lifestyle right now is not lonely at all."

Vivian revealed that she liked to draw/paint ever since she was a kid. She really wanted to draw, but after entering the singing business, her schedule was just so busy, she couldn't stop working and didn't have any time to enjoy the lifestyle that she wanted to have. It wasn't until after she retired from showbiz that she was able to chase after another goal that she had.

After being famous in her singing career, Vivian felt that it's good to have such a wonderful memory during her childhood. She felt that at different periods in life, she could chase after a different dream. By picking up a brush, she was able to make the drawing as another stage. This was Vivian's dream at this point in her life. The thing that surprised her most was that she had a lot of natural talent when it came to drawing/painting. After learning from a painting instructor, in 2001, her drawing "Old Man from San Geung" won the "New Vision Award" at the Hong Kong Visual Arts Festival "New Vision: Water Based Media Paintings" exhibition. Then in December of 2001, another one of Vivian's paintings was chosen to be in the first "China Water Color Painting of People Exhibition."

Regarding the relationship w/ Joe, Vivian wants to have a long lasting love. Her love for Joe is just like her drawings; every stroke has feeling. Vivian really likes children. But since she's not married yet, she doesn't want to have a child and be a single mother. Currently, she has a cute dog as a companion. Vivian gave the dog a cute name. The dog's name is "Ju Jai" (Piggy Boy).

(Note: "Oriental Daily Newspaper" copied part of this article and posted it on April 6, 2002. Again, Vivian did NOT have any interview w/ any newspaper regarding this, so don't believe everything you read.)

Source : Sudden Weekly magazine #349 - April 5, 2002; Translated by Dawn and Mac on April 7, 2002

Joe Ngai doesn't want to accompany Vivian; Vivian takes the dog out to not feel bored

March 18th, 4:00 pm
Vivian was very friendly when she saw the reporter. She stood still to let the reporter take a picture.
Vivian is 34 years old. After retiring from the entertainment circle in '96, she's had a peaceful/normal life.

Since her boyfriend wasn't at her side, she would walk her dog to pass the time or go shopping.

In the afternoon on March 18th, the reporter saw Vivian, who wasn't wearing makeup, with her maid walking her dogs near her house in Happy Valley. It's a good thing she didn't gain a big tummy after living a peaceful lifestyle. She wore a tight t-shirt, and it showed her body was still in good shape.

Keeping fit is a woman's lifelong career. "Jade Girl Master" Vivian understands this reasoning very much, especially since her boyfriend is the talented Joe Ngai; how could she not keep an eye out!

There's been rumors that Joe and Vivian got married in Canada in 1998. Up until February of this year, when the 2 of them were out on a date joyriding in Vivian's car and reporters spotted them, Joe openly spoke and said he wouldn't mind giving out lucky money to the reporters. His words seemed to be hinting that they have already gotten married.

The boyfriend knows his position, however with Joe being busy with his things to do, Joe can't always accompany Vivian and was not with her for the 2 days that reporters took pictures of her. Vivian took her dog out to walk by herself. But after retiring, Vivian seems to always stay at home. She was only out on the streets for about half an hour and then went back to her home. Most of her activities take place around the Happy Valley area where she lives.

In front of her dog, Vivian was like a commander. From what the reporter could see, the dog was very obedient and wouldn't run or jump all over the place.   When Vivian was talking to the reporter about her 2 dogs, the dogs kept on circling around their owner (Vivian).
Vivian and her Pomeranian dog were walking around for about 20 minutes and then went back home.    

Talking a lot about her dogs
On March 18th, at about 4pm, Vivian and her maid came out of the apartment building, and walking with them were 2 of Vivian's beloved Pomeranian dogs. That day, Vivian was in a good mood, and when she saw the reporter, she politely greeted the reporter, and smiled asking the reporter if the reporter was scared of dogs. While talking about her dogs that she loves, she seemed so happy, "I've had this dog for 9 years, he's the most obedient!" Then she pointed to the dog next to her side.

Vivian and her maid circled around near her home and then returned home. The trip lasted less than 20 minutes. But, Vivian is seldom seen in public, and when she was outside walking, a lot of people were looking at her and praising her that her body was fit.

On March 29th at around 5pm, this reporter saw Vivian again, this time at the photo shop. Vivian was wearing sunglasses and looked beautiful. She was at the photo shop developing film. Afterwards, she went to a clothing shop nearby to do some shopping. However, she left in less than 30 minutes and went back to her home.

Joe wasn't with her at that time. Vivian was by herself walking around near her home. It would seem boring to those who had a busy lifestyle, but for Vivian, who wanted to have peace and quiet, it's a gift.

In late February, Joe and Viv were on a date joyriding in Viv's car. When asked about when they're getting married, both of them smiled. Joe even said he wouldn't mind giving out lucky money. (Apple Daily pix)   Vivian has a good body shape. In '94 when she was wearing the palace dress for her new MTV "Wedding of Feelings", this was another hot topic.
March 29th, 5pm
Developing photos

That day, Vivian was dressed more formal than usual. When she went into the photo shop, she attracted many admiring eyes.

  Going to the ATM -
After developing photos, Viv went to a nearby ATM to get money. She's always had the nickname of "Haan Mui" ('Thrifty Girl'.. her character in "The Greed of Man" TVB series). She only took HK$400 (US$51) out of the ATM.

Looking at clothing -
After getting money, Vivian went to a nearby clothing shop to look at some clothes, but she couldn't find anything she liked, so she left w/ nothing.



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