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Source : Oriental Daily newspaper - February 25, 2002; Translated by Dawn and Mac on February 26, 2002

Joe Ngai kindly said he could give lucky money at any time;
Vivian and Joe appeared near Law Siu Fai's house

When Vivian's car passed by yesterday, reporters chased after them to get an interview. Joe was willing to speak, while Vivian didn't say one word.
Law Siu Fai has been in the news again lately, and for that reason, there were many reporters waiting below at Hoh Man Tin. Yesterday at around 4pm, the rarely seen Vivian and Joe drove by in Vivian's car, and when reporters spotted them, the reporters chased after them for an interview. Joe changed his attitude towards the reporters and was smiling when he was being interviewed. He was so kind that he let the reporters take as many pictures as they wanted. On the other hand, Viv seemed to be a bit upset and didn't say one word the whole time.

Although Joe was a bit startled when he first discovered reporters were taking pictures, he didn't act in a negative manner. Not only did he roll down the car window, he even opened the car door to talk to the reporters. He said he returned to HK for Chinese New Year and has been in HK for some time already. He also said he and Viv were going to visit a friend that day. Reporters asked if Joe would be passing out lucky money. After reporters asked this question, Joe and Viv immediately smiled. Joe smiled and said, "If you want it (the lucky money), I can give it to you right now!" (but in the end, he didn't give any lucky money) Then, Joe was smiling and asked the reporters if they had taken enough pictures. If they had taken enough pictures, then he and Vivian needed to go. He said this in a kind manner.

Source : The Sun newspaper - February 25, 2002; Translated by Dawn on February 24, 2002

Returning to HK for Chinese New Year, agreeing to give out lucky money;
Vivian Chow and Joe Ngai are close (to getting married)

Vivian was the driver, taking Joe to his friend's house for a Chinese New Year's visit.
Vivian and Joe have been dating for many years. Both of them seldom appear in public places together, and therefore they were rumored to have separated. Earlier Vivian attended her god-brother, Hacken Lee's, concert and left the concert by herself. But recently, Vivian and Joe returned to HK for Chinese New Year. Yesterday at Hoh Man Tin, the rumor of them being separated has been cleared up.

When reporters were trying to interview them, Vivian would always try to avoid the camera, but when reporters asked Joe if he would be passing out lucky money, Vivian suddenly smiled sweetly, so it looks like the 2 of them are very close (to getting married).

Yesterday at 4pm, there were a lot of reporters at Hoh Man Tin waiting for another story to develop, but suddenly they saw a rarely seen Vivian driving her red BMW, and next to her was the rumored person who broke up w/ her, Joe! At first, they were startled by the reporters. Vivian would try to avoid the camera and wouldn't answer any of the reporter's questions. Her boyfriend Joe politely smiled, and then rolled down the car window to be interviewed by the reporters. He said, "I returned to HK for Chinese New Year and will be staying for some time. Right now I'm going to my friend's house for a Chinese New Year's visit!"

Vivian and Joe have been dating for several years. When reporters asked when they would be getting married and giving out lucky money, Vivian smiled sweetly. Joe smiled and said, "Give out lucky money? Ok, I'll give it out right now!" But he didn't actually give out any lucky money, because he was in a rush to go to his friend's house, so reporters had to let them go.

Source : - February 19, 2002; Translated by Dawn on February 19, 2002

Hacken Lee cries at his concert
(abridged version of actual article)

The low-key Vivian came out to support her god-brother.
People who attended Hacken's concert last night included his parents, as well as his god-sister, Vivian Chow, who rarely appears in public. Hacken's father was on stage playing a chinese instrument and thanked everyone for supporting Hacken.

Source : several newspapers - February 19, 2002; Translated by Dawn on February 18, 2002

Hacken Lee's concert...
(abridged version of actual articles)

Since Vivian is Hacken's god-sister, she specifically went to the Hong Kong Coliseum to watch his concert.

Apple Daily newspaper
God-sister Vivian went to Hacken's show
Hacken's god-sister, Vivian Chow, seldom appears in public. Last night Vivian went to the HK Coliseum to support her god-brother by watching his concert.

Vivian went to her god-brother's show.

Mingpao Daily newspaper
Hacken Lee's last show; he was so touched he cried
Hacken Lee's concert series ended last night. Kenny B (Jung Jan To) was the special guest at the concert. Usually Vivian rarely leaves her home, but last night she went to see her god-brother's show. Also at the show were Hacken's parents, William So, Alex Fong, Nat Chan and Wong Hang Sau and others.

Vivian rarely goes out, but this time she went out to support her old friend.

SingPao Daily newspaper
Hacken risks having to pay a fine; show was overtime 15 minutes
Hacken Lee's concert series ended last night. This concert attracted many stars, and the long missed Vivian Chow came to support her old friend.

Source : Oriental Daily newspaper - February 19, 2002; Translated by Dawn on February 18, 2002

Hacken was touched by the moment, tears in his eyes
(abridged version of actual article)

Vivian doing 'the wave' w/ the audience
Since the fans were so high-spirited, Hacken did an encore. He was so touched he cried. Hacken said, "During my concerts in '95, every night there would only be about 60-70% people in attendance. Every night when I got on stage, I would see the empty seats and it would make me feel very unhappy. Finally today, I have been accepted by all of you. This time, there are no tickets left for my concert...." Hacken had tears in his eyes, and when he sang "Mo Yin Gam Gik," he couldn't sing some of the lyrics while having tears falling. In the audience, Hacken's mom was also so touched she cried. It was a very touching moment.

Vivian seldom appears in public, but this time she specifically came out to support her god-brother, Hacken. Not only did Vivian watch the entire concert, she also did 'the wave' with the rest of the audience.

Source : Tai Kung Po newspaper - February 19, 2002; Translated by Dawn on February 18, 2002

Hacken cries when singing "Mo Yin Gam Gik"
(abridged version of actual article)

Hacken Lee's god-sister Vivian went to the concert, but she stood firm in remaining low-key, as she tried to avoid the cameras.


Other media sources which mentioned Vivian appearing at the concert include: Singtao newspaper, The Sun newspaper, Wen Wei Po and HK Daily News.   

Picture from "The Sun" newspaper

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